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from the list of questions answered by the staff at South Park Studios.

Part 36 - Winter 2010

Some commentary is provided in the third column
March 24, 2010
Did Cartman's cat CHANGE SEX?? I mean, when Shelly brings her boyfriend over to Cartman's house in "Cat Orgy," it is a female. On the other hand, in "Major Boobage" it is a male cat. No Mr. kitty! that's a bad kitty!!!! You're right about that, Cartman's cat has been shown swinging both ways. My guess is Mister Kitty is a hermaphrodite, just like Cartman's mom. Little bit of both worlds, with an extra side of cheese.
March 18, 2010
This is my third time asking this question. What do Matt and Trey have against Detroit? Is it the Red Wings? Or do they just hate Detroit as a whole? Screw you guys for making me ask this question again. I will keep asking till i get an answer Calm down sassy-pants. Lots of people ask lots of questions and we do our best to answer all of them. But to address your question: No, Matt and Trey don't have anything against Detroit. However, they're not big fans of the Red Wings, but that's mostly because they're from Colorado and are pretty hardcore Colorado fans. And as you probably know, there's a long-standing rivalry between the Red Wings and the Avalanche. Hence the Red Wings reference in "Stanley's Cup" (1014).

But I wouldn't read any farther into it than that. Detroit is A-OK in our book.

Why wasn't the Winner of the season 14 contest shown??? What are you talking about? He was totally animated into the intro, in the last part where everyone was waving. It's actually pretty sweet. But I'm guessing since you didn't see it, you're watching the episode on SPS. Since we don't play the full show intros before episodes on our site, the only place you can see him is actually in the broadcast version only. In fact, the whole intro to Season 14 is brand new, and you can only see that in the broadcast version. But don't worry, "Sexual Healing" will be playing again on-air tonight (Thursday) and Sunday night at 11PM, so make sure to check it out if you missed it.
Is Nurse Gollum dead? No, but the fetus on her head is.
I loved the new episode from last night. But I have one question about it. When Kyle and Butters were in the Sex Addict class, Who were all the celebrities? I was trying to name them but I only got like 3. We got you dawg. The celebrities at the Karne Institute for Sex Addiction were: Tiger Woods, David Letterman, Ben Roethlisberger, Eliot Spitzer, Charlie Sheen, Michael Douglas, David Duchovny, Billy Bob Thornton, Bill Clinton, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan.
this website is the greatest idea EVER We think so too.
Two questions here. First, in the episode "The Biggest Douche in the Universe," the pot roast at the end is addressed to "Chef McGilroy." I cannot remember, though, anyone ever saying this was his name. Why was his last name included as a minor blip on the screen and never referenced again? Second, while I'm on the topic of last names, why do characters' last names change so much? When Jimmy was first introduced, if memory serves, his last name was Swanson and now it's Volmer. Token's last name used to be Williams and now it's Black. What gives?? P.S. South Park is my favorite show of all time. Keep it up, guys! Chef's name is actually Jerome "Chef" McElroy, a fact that was actually mentioned during his music industry lawsuit way back in "Chef Aid" (214). But you're absolutely correct, on the pot roast in "Biggest Douche" (615), it most certainly says Chef McGilroy (a particularly ironic error, since Chef's parents sent it).

As you mentioned, last names (and even first names, at times) get switched up a lot in this show. To be perfectly honest, that name game is kind of a side effect of the way we make shows. When you're creating a show, start-to-finish in 6 days, most of the time goes into getting the episode finished and on the air before the deadline. And when you've done that almost 200 times, little details slip through the cracks. So Swanson becomes Valmer, and Williams becomes Black, and Mr. Garrison becomes a woman who becomes a lesbian who becomes a man again thanks to a penis mouse. It's pretty simple.

March 17, 2010
Hello there, oh magical FAQ guy. I'm sure many people are asking this question too about the first episode of season 14... and uhh "spoiler alert" the end with the alien, was it a man tied up? And who was it? Spoiler Alert: That sex-addict-loving alien was actually the turd in the punch bowl. Damn his wizardry!!
March 12, 2010
I was watching behind the scenes of Major Boobage. Who is the actress that played Kenny's hot chick in the 3-D wireframe sequences? That's a fantastic question. It was actually a Columbian porn star named Lisa Daniels. She does great work.
I've been looking at a lot of the FAQ's lately and you've mentioned that Matt and Trey usually have their voice altered for some characters (Satan's voice is pitched down for example). You also mentioned their voices are altered for the kids. What changes do they do for certain characters? And are they any characters that are unaltered? I won't get too technical on you, but for the most of the kids' voices (Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman, Butters, Wendy, etc..), they pitch shift things up to make them higher pitched. And as you mentioned with Satan and a few other characters, they pitch shift things down to give it a deeper, more ominous sound. Obviously, Matt and Trey are still doing voices for these characters (it's not like they pitch shift Matt's normal voice and it sounds like Butters). It's a combo of voice acting and audio fllters. There are A LOT of voices, however, that they just do normally, without any modification. In fact, almost all of the adult male voices are NOT modified, they're done with just Matt and Trey's voice.
In the episode Butt Out, what is Rob Reiner saying when he tries to get out of the car to his butler? Is it butter, or butler? "BUTTER! BUTTER!!!" It's delicious and slippery.
Can somebody tell me in which episodes i can find the classic: "they took our jobs!!" I think it's 2 or 3 episodes... Sure thing, homie. It's actually been in 3 episodes total -- It originally came from "Goobacks" (806), when the future-Americans came back in time and started takin' everyone's jobs. And it then twice since then, in "Margaritaville" (1303) and "W.T.F." (1310). And here's a double-bonus factoid: that redneck with the bushy red mustache (who made this phrase so popular) actually does have a name: Darryl Weathers.
Hey, I clicked on the Season 14 press conference and it was saying that there is only going to be 7 episodes in season 14. Is this true? No, no, no. There's going to be 14 episodes (as always) in Season 14. We just do two show-runs of 7 episodes each; 7 episodes now, 7 episodes in the fall (around October). Don't get those panties in a twist.
March 11, 2010
What was your 100th episode? "I'm A Little Bit Country" got that honor of being our big 1-0-0. You should definitely watch the end of that episode, there's a big get-together on stage with lots of characters from the first 100 episodes. Very cool. Interesting fact though, "Cancelled" (704) was actually supposed to be the 100th episode, but it got shifted around last minute due to a scheduling shuffle. If you watch that episode, there's a lot of self-reflexive references to shows being cancelled and hitting their 100th episode.
Where can I get a Towlie Towel? You actually CAN get a Towelie Towel.
Why won't the the player let me watch full episodes anymore? it will let me watch up to the first ad, and then it wont play anymore. I'm not sure exactly why your computer is doing that, I don't have amazing psychic abilities like Cartman. But I recommend you check out our forums. Start by looking in the "Toubleshooting Episode Player / Clips Player" or the "Site Bugs" forum category, and see if that helps. It should. Also, I always empty my Cache whenever I'm having problems viewing videos or websites. That helps too.
You guys always come up with such kick-ass episode ideas. But tell us. Honestly. Are you....cheesing? Yes, we're cheesin' our f-in brains out. Why? Because it's Fon-to-Due.
March 05, 2010
Why are the aliens there? Like in 0914 in the Randy's car, or in 1308, sitting in the public? Why?? You really want to know?? Watch the episode "Cancelled" (704) and they explain everything.
In the episode "Cow Days", is the guy who announces Tom and Mary's grand prize trip to south park Squeak from BASEketball? It sounds alot like him. Yessir, that's some fine-tuned hearing on your part. His real name is Dian Bachar, and he's actually lended his voice a couple other times. Most notably as the fake Mr. Hankey in "Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!" (216), as well as Satan's gay lover Chris in "Do The Handicapped Go To Hell?" and "Probably".
Don't know if this has already been asked, but just when was the official "Wendy" voice settled on, because it seems it really morphed throughout the years. Has multiple voice actors played her? Wendy has indeed had a few voice actors over the years. Mary Kay Bergman was the original voice of Wendy through Season 3 (she actually did almost all of the female voices in that period). Unfortunately, Mary Kay passed away a just after the feature film came out. After that, Mona Marshall and Eliza J. Schneider lended their talent vocals, and currently April Stewart rocks Wendy's vocals.
OK in SEASON 7 "Its Christmas Time in Canada"' how in the fuck did Saddam Hussein kill kenny from behind the curtain at the end? lol Laser beams dude. Laser beams.
Hey! In the episode "Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes", Kyle states that the Wall-Mart is built where Stark's Pond was. However, I was just watching "The China Probrem", and Stan finds Jimmy sitting alone at Stark's Pond. When and how in the hell did Stark's Pond come back? Did I miss something? Yeah, you definately missed something. Did you not see the Wall Mart crap its pants? It died, dude. Done, kaput, pooped. Stark's Pond re-appeared 4 episodes later, in "Cartman's Incredible Gift" (813). And you know what? it was better than ever.
March 04, 2010
In the 2nd series show "Clubhouses" (when Kenny brings back the chicks for the clubhouse) the blonde haired chick's shirt says "D.V.D.A." on it. What does that stand for, if anything??? ~ "c-NoTe" D.V.D.A. was the name of Matt and Trey's punk-rock-comedy band. They rocked out for a couple years, and even lended a couple tunes to South Park (check out "I Am Chewbacca" over the closing credits of "Starvin' Marvin In Space"). As for what that stands for, I suggest you do a quick search. It's a pretty intense sex position... or so I've heard.
Is there any other instance where they use the actual faces of real celebs (on animated bodies)? I can only think of 2 and they were both Mel Gibson. P.S. Imaginationland is the greatest trilogy ever....ever. CABLAAA Besides Mel, I can think of a couple off hand. Obviously, there's Saddam. There's also a not-so-commonly-remembered Ben Affleck in "How To Eat With Your Butt" (510) -- before he got fully animated in "Fat Butt and Pancake Head" (705). And after his nosejob, Garrison had David Hasselhoff's head for a bit. Oh, and the Christina Aguilera Monster. Oooooo, and if you don't blink, Tony Danza!
February 25, 2010
Any chance for a script release of Kenny's lines? i love when its just solid jiberish and Stan's like 'good point'. Love the show. Props and thanks to everyone involved in making it over the years and dealing with countless complaints. And thanks to you, whoever you are, for answering our questions. I was sorry to see Issac Hayes go, but if you can't make fun of yourself, SP is probably not the show for you. Keep up the good work. Can't wait for March 17th. Blunt at my place for sure. LONG LIVE THE ZIPODS! We can't release any scripts, but I'll do ya one better. Here's the script for one of my favorite Kenny-heavy scenes from last year's "The Ring" (1301). It's always fun to hear exactly what Kenny's saying under that hood...

The three boys are already standing at the bus stop when Kenny walks up with his head down.

Well, well, well... Here he comes. It's B.J. Makay and his best friend bear.

So how'd it go last night?


Kenny sadly holds up his hand showing off his purity ring. The boys look at each other.

What's that?

A purity ring.

Purity ring?

Yeah, it's a purity ring.

What does that mean?

It means I'm gonna be pure and not have sex until I get married.

Dude, YOU? We thought you really wanted to have a B.J. before you got too old-


Alright, alright, Kenny calm down. You're too young to be getting B.J.s anyway. It's GOOD you and Tammy are making a commitment to each other that isn't based on SEX.

(folding his arms)

Everyone stands there for a bit and then Kenny starts to whine.

(super whiny almost crying)
It isn't FAIR I was so close to getting a blow job and I'll never get one now - this is f***ing bullshit...

Kenny holds down his head and walks away...

When does Timmy learn to say his turkey's name? Gobbles? Timmy?? Timmy Gobbles??? Timmy adds his turkey's name to his vocabulary in Season 4's "Helen Keller! The Musical". Gobbles.
Are all the farts we hear in South Park real or do you use other techniques to create those sounds? We use Spicy Chang Sauce and bean burritos mostly.
My husband and I (both pushing 70 ... real hard!!!) love to catch the midnight show. We fall asleep laughing. But all we're getting lately are reruns. Granted they're still really cool but were's the new stuff? Maggie & Charles First off, Maggie & Charles, you're the coolest 70 year olds ever. As to your question, this has been answered repeatedly, but with your old age and failing memory, I figured I'd answer it one more time: New episodes start MARCH 17th. So set your dohickeys, timepieces, and whatnots...
First off, I love the show. i watch it every day when i get off working the graveyard shift. i was wondering if u guys were thinking about making a Twilight episode to shut up all the little kids, and to show them how stupid the movie really is. Have you see "The Ungroundable"? With those douchey Vamp Kids??
This will be my 5th question to you guys, hopefully the first to be answered: Why in "Canada on Strike" do the initials "WGA" stand for "World Canadian Bureau"? That doesn't make sense! Looks like 5th is your lucky number, hombre! And that's a solid question too. The answer is an inside-joke of sorts if you work in the entertainment biz. Canada went on strike at the same time there was a massive, real-life Writer's Strike. I think you should look up a bit of Hollywood history to see the full answer...check out who went on strike and why they were striking. My guess is this episode will be much better after you do.
Hi.. In the episode 'Major Boobage', there is a piece of music that caught my attention. It plays whenever Cartman is with the cats he is trying to save in his attic. Where was this music taken from? Also, is Cartman impersonating someone? That tune you're talking about wasn't taken from anywhere, it was actually done by our uber-talented in-house music people. In the script is just says this: "TRACK in on the cats looking pitiful as OLD JEWISH STYLE SAD MUSIC PLAYS." Our people take that direction and make it into what you hear in the show.

And yes, Cartman's cat plotline an homage to the Anne Frank story. You never read The Diary of a Young Girl?

Is Dr. Maphesto dead? What?? No! Dr. Mephesto is still alive and well, experimenting on monkeys and trying to get different animals to have sex with one another. In fact, there was a Mephesto cameo recently -- singing his heart out at the end of last season's "Eat, Pray, Queef".
What question should I ask you? How about..."Wow, 13 seasons. How many shows have you done, to be exact??"

First off, what a great question. And topical too!! To date, we've done 195 episodes...which means during this upcoming show run, we will actually be hitting our 200th episode (on April 14th)! Pretty freakin' bad ass, huh?

February 22, 2010
Hello everyone! My name is Fabrício, I'm from Brazil, live in a town called, Belo Horizonte. I just wanted to say that South Park is the best animation ever. I hope like the Simpsons, South Park still has many, many seasons... My English is not very good ...... sorry ........Success to all! "DON'T FORGET TO BRING A TOWEL" Fabricio, your English is pretty darn good, and your words are like butter. Props to Belo Horizonte, and props to you! Thanks for watching!!
How come Cartman does not go to jail after he kills Scott Tenormen's parents?? It seems the only time cartman goes to jail is in "Whale Whores" when he goes to Japanese jail? Come on, dude. Everyone knows that pube-related crimes are only a misdemeanor in South Park. And actually, Cartman has been to prison way before "Whale Whores" -- like in prison prison in Season 4's "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000." Cartman throws a rock at Token and gets sent to the slammer for a "hate crime." He also gets locked-up in "Die Hippie, Die" for wrongfully imprisoning 63 hippies in his basement -- orange jumpsuit and all.
When you say "the new season is starting March 17", you mean I can watch the new season here @ South Park Studios on March 17 or March 18? We mean the new season premieres on Comedy Central at 10 pm EST, and 9 pm CST. The new episodes will be posted to the site a few hours after the episode premieres on the west coast on the network. For most people that's the middle of the night. Rest assured, when you wake up Thursday morning, the new episode will be here at But don't miss the premiere on Comedy!
I watched Team America today and noticed that the South Park clip on the home page of Stan learning to ski had the same "We're Gonna Need a Montage" song as in Team America. Which did you guys make the song for first, Team America or South Park? The South Park ski montage from "Asspen" (603) came first. Then it got the full, extended treatment in Team America. Both are pretty damn sweet.
February 21, 2010
What different celebrities have you had as cameos on your show? Because I know about George Clooney and stuff, but anyone else? It doesn't happen that often, but there are some cool cameos peppered throughout the 13 seasons. A couple other notable ones would be Cheech and Chong lending their voice as Chief Running Pinto and Carlos Ramirez in "Cherokee Hair Tampons" (407), Jennifer Aniston as Ms. Stevens in "Rainforest Shmainforest" (301), and Natasha Henstridge as the voice of Ms. Ellen in "Tom's Rhinoplasty" (111). Most of the time, however, all celebrity voices are impersonated.....Poorly.
In what episode do the boys wait for KFC and then have to go carry in groceries, and Cartman stays back (being the hilarious fatty that he is) and eats all of the skin off the fried chicken in the bucket? That would be opening to Season 9's "The Death of Eric Cartman." It was a crime so horrific that it caused the boys to totally and completely ignore Cartman altogether. And it made Kenny cry too.
In the episode with mickey mouse and the Jonas Brothers, who voices the Jonas Brothers? Trey and Matt. Kevin and Nick Jonas are voiced Trey, Joe is voiced by Matt (roughly -- they switch it up on a couple lines). Trey does Mr. Mouse's voice as well. Ha ha!
When are we gonna see the episodes that are in between Go God Go and Go God Go VII. I think Go God Go part 4 will be the best. My guess is you won't be seeing them any time soon...maybe not until 2546. The reason that it skips from "Go God Go" to "Go God Go XII" is because Matt and Trey wanted it to seem like a lot of time had passed since the "first" episode. Hence it being "Go God Go 12," not "Go God Go 2." ps - I also think that Part IV would be awesome, but Part X would blow your mind.
February 12, 2010
I'm feeling some major 'I Hate My Younger Sibling' emotions today... So, that made me wonder if there were any episodes I might have missed where Shelly beats the crap out of Stan. I want to live out my rage vicariously through her... Good call, I live vicariously through South Park on a daily basis. Probably the best all-time Shelly-Stan beat up episode is "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig" -- all the way back from Season 1. Watch it and let that anger escape from you like a four-assed monkey....
Was that really Jay Leno's and George Clooney's voice in a couple of the early episodes? Or did they just say that was them? No, that was the real deal alright. You can hear Jay Leno as himself in this Thanksgiving Special and George Clooney as Stan's gay dog Sparky in "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride." Clooney actually did the voice of Dr. Gouache in the South Park Movie as well.
Is there ever football (soccer) in South Park? I watched a lot of episodes, and I couldn't find anything even linked to football. You know that football is a very popular sport in Europe, there is World Cup coming in a few months, so i think you can make a parody, or something about it. Cheers!! Oh, we know all about how popular futbol is in Europe, you freakin' hooligan. (un)Fortunately, there aren't that many times it comes up in South Park, but off the bat, two clips come to mind -- this one with Gary the Mormon from "All About Mormons" (712) and twice (here and here) in "The Ungroundable" (1214).
February 11, 2010
What are the lyrics of the song that Wendy is singing in the "Something You Can Do With Your Finger" episode? You ready for this super-cereal, SPS exclusive?? Right from the holy script for "Something You Can Do With Your Finger":


...Wendy smiles and nods to Schroeder who starts playing.

(Singing and dancing really well)
Mrs. Landers was a health nut
She cooked food in a wok
Mr. Harris was her boyfriend
And had a great big
Cockadoodle doodle
The rooster just won't quit
And I don't want my breakfast
Because it tastes like
Shitzus make good house pets
They're cuddly and sweet
Monkeys aren't good to have
'cause they like to beat their

Stan, Kyle and Kenny all watch on, impressed. Cartman sits slumped over, resting his head on his hand with half-shut eyes.

(Still doing awesome)
Meeting in the office
A meeting in the hall
The boss he wants to see you
So you can suck his
Balzac was a writer
He lived with Alan Funt
Mrs. Roberts didn't like him
But that's 'cause she's a
Contaminated water
Can really make you sick
Your bladder gets infected
And blood comes out your
Dictate what I'm saying
Because it will bring you luck
And if you all don't like it
I don't give a flying ****

She finishes. Stan, Kyle and Kenny applaud loudly.

CARTMAN Thanks Wendy... Don't call us. We won't call you either.

What is Bebe's familly name? and Red's? Bebe's family name is Stevens, which we learn in "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society" (610). Red, however, hasn't made her last name public. At least not yet...
Who answers these questions anyways? Staff members? Or is it just one guy writing responses all day long? I wanna know my source! Greets, loyal SP pawn I'm just one guy who works at South Park Digital -- I've been exposed to roughly a bajillion hours of South Park starting at a young age and continuing into adulthood, so I'm pretty much like Rainman when it comes to the show. Other than answering the FAQs for the US and International sites, I do a bunch of other awesome stuff to keep SPS running smooth. I would equate myself to the Mayor of Imaginationland...or Sexual Harassment Panda.
Who is JD Salinger? Really?? For the love of god, go read a book.
February 02, 2010
So is Wing actually a real singer outside of the world of South Park??? Where did you guys come across her music? She's real, alright. Matt and Trey came across her music via the internet and fell in love with it. Actually all the music you hear in "Wing" (903) is Wing's real music -- she gave us the OK to use her stuff as long as she got to approve the cartoon image of herself (which she did). Wing is originally from New Zealand, although she's achieved world-wide fame at this point. You can check out her music at
Do u guys have a lot of questions to answer? Or you just get one like every week or so? Ha! No, we get A LOT of questions -- anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand a day. Unfortunately, we only get a chance to answer a small percentage of the questions that come in....Which is why you shouldn't bitch and moan if your question doesn't get answered. Doesn't mean we don't love you, just that we didn't get to it that week. We also get a few hundred a week from our international sites too. Keep 'em coming...
Ahola...I was wondering why Mrs. Cartman has glasses when she is driving in the Charlie Manson Christmas episode? Please answer oh South Park gods!! Isn't it obvious?? Because she's a dirty slut... who has bad night vision.
In which episode does Mr. Garrison get rid of Mr. Hat for good? The tragic departure of Mr. Garrison's right-hand-man-puppet occurs in "Death Camp of Tolerance" (614), after Ms. Choksondik dies and Garrison comes back as the boys' 4th grade teacher. Garrison says that 4th grade students are "too old" for Mr. Hat, and instead introduces the very mature, very gay Mr. Slave to take his place.
In the episode "Eek, a Penis", what is the name of the movie Cartman is reenacting? "Mr. Cartmanez" is a parody of Edward James Olmos' character (Jaime Escalante) in the 1988 flick "Stand and Deliver." Olmos plays a high school math teacher in a rough and tough East LA school. Spoiler alert: he reaches those kids.
February 01, 2010
What is the most FAQ? Ahhhh, good question. I would say the most frequently asked FAQ is probably "Who is Mysterion?" I have answered that question like 10 times, but no one seems to care (the answer is: there is no answer, Matt and Trey are the only ones who know). Other very FAQs are "Where can I see a hoodless kenny?", "How does Kenny keep coming back to life?", and "when are Matt and Trey gonna make another South Park movie?" All good questions, but they've also been answered like a bajillion times.
January 29, 2010
Which is the episode where 'Mrs. Garrison' becomes a lesbian? Garrison discovers her feminine side in the appropriately titled "D-Yikes!" from Season 11. In addition to lots of hot scissoring, the episode is also a ripe parody of the movie "300."
I'm a loyal South Park watcher/kid and why don't you guys have that one movie on your website?? I'm not talking about Imaginationland -- Im talking about the one with the Terrance and Philip movie You mean "Bigger, Longer, and Uncut"? That movie doesn't have a permanent home on SPS because it was actually produced by Paramount, so they own it, not us. You can imagine the legal mumbo-jumbo that goes along with that. However, we have -- and will continue to -- make efforts to get BLU here for you all to watch. It was actually featured on our site not that long ago (back in September), and it was glorious. In the mean time, Netflix that bad boy.
I have two questions: 1. Will there ever be an episode to do with Australia? 2. Will Chef ever return or Darth Chef? We all want him back! There has ALREADY been an episode with the fine planet of Australia -- "Starvin' Marvin in Space" (311). Chippy, Chip, Choorah! As for your second question, who knows? When it comes to chocolate salty balls, anything is possible.
January 28, 2010
How come Cartman could beat up the midget in episode 1101 but not Wendy in episode 1209? Dr. Nelson's got no reach.
How did South Park start? What was the original idea?? And how did you come up with all the characters? -Sophia South Park started as a stop-motion animated short made my Matt Stone and Trey Parker called "Jesus vs. Frosty." A few years later they produced "The Spirit on Christmas," for a friend who sent it out as a Christmas card. The concept was pretty much the same -- 4 foul-mouthed kids living in a wacky town where things like Jesus battling Santa was an everyday possibility. The characters names were slightly mixed up and the animation was obviously much cruder. As for coming up with all the amazing characters, that's again props to Matt and Trey. They've been with the show since day one and still write/direct/produce every episode.
From the FAQs last week: "Amazingly, yes...that legendary TV writer/creator was on our staff for part of Season 7. Fun fact: He actually does the voice for Ben Franklin in "Cancelled" (704)." (**Don't you mean "I'm A Little Bit Country" ep. 701? **) Yes, you are absolutely correct. Norman Lear does the voice for Ben Franklin in "I'm A Little Bit Country" (701), not in "Cancelled" -- although Lear was a consultant on "Cancelled" as well. Thanks for catching that typo.
Are Timmy and Jimmy still a part of the Crips? Timmy and Jimmy are Crips for life. I mean, come on.
January 22, 2010
Is there an episode that shows somebody doing graffiti in South Park? This might surprise you, but Butters has actually gotten a little bad-ass with graffiti. He's quite the rebel. Check it out in the shit-fueled episode "It Hits the Fan" (502).
When can we see the grand prize Citizen winner on the intro?? The grand prize winner will be shown in the opening credits of Season 14, on March 17!
plz can u tell me in what episode Mr. Garrison writes a novel? Sure thing. Mr. Garrison (pen name: Ethan F. Garrison) writes his best-selling novel "In the Valley of the Penises" in "Cherokee Hair Tampons" (407). It's penis-tastic.
January 21, 2010
Why does the Loch Ness Monster need tree fiddy? So he can buy more girl scout cookies. Der.
Hey! I'm a kid who hopes to get in to animation some day and I was wondering what program you guys use. Hey young whipper-snapper!! This question has been answered a couple times before, but I couldn't ignore such youthful excitement. We use a kick-ass 3D animation program called Autodesk's Maya for most of the animation. Unfortunately we use about 1% of its awesome power to animate the show.
Is the teacher from "Quest for Ratings" also the shop class teacher who has trouble getting over his dead girlfriend? Love the robo-trippin clip, classic. No, they aren't actually. I think you're suffering from what we call ACC (Ancillary Character Confusion) -- it's a mild symptom that can be treated quite easily with higher doses of South Park. The wood shop teacher with the dead girlfriend is Mr. Adler. You can recognize him by his signature band-aid and distaste for people "screwing around." The Audio/Visual teacher is Mr. Meryl. You can recognize him by his signature mustache and addiction to cough syrup.
Do Jennifer Lopez kisses really taste like tacos and burritos? Each kiss is like a #3 combo at La Taco.
January 20, 2010
With Cartman's mom having sex all the time, how is it she never gets pregnant? And if she does get pregnant, would she have an abortion? And if she does have an abortion, would Cartman use the stem cells to make yet another Shakies Pizza? Yes, Yes, and because. Ms. Cartman never gets pregnant because she's a hermaphrodite, as we learned here. Meaning, she's actually Cartman's FATHER. If she did manage to get pregnant, however, she most definitely would have an abortion. I mean, she tried to have Cartman aborted and he was 8 years old. And yes, Cartman would absolutely, without a doubt, use those stem cells to build another Shakey's Pizza. That's a no-brainer. We learned a few months later that Cartman's mom is not a hermaphrodite after all. I guess she stayed thin because of all the sex she's having - everyone else on her side of the family is FAT.
January 15, 2010
In the episode "City on the Edge of Forever", that kid who leaves the bus and gets eaten by the black monster, is he wearing a Star Trek uniform thingy?? Nice eye, Mr. Picard. Yes, he's wearing a red Star Trek uniform -- and if you know the show at all, extras in the red shirts were always the first (and usually only) cast members to die.
Do the rednecks ever get their jobs back? Not as long as people keep taking them.
Hi boys, loyal female fan here... I was just wondering if, other than Wendy on occasion, are you planning on doing any episodes in the future that are based around a female character that isn't a bitch, whore, hideously ugly or previously a man? I'm not sure if that's physically possible. I mean, you just took out all the best things we can write about. I will say, however, that none of the future episodes have been written yet. The crew comes back mid-February to start working on some new ideas, so perhaps, just perhaps, there is a chance...
This kid and I have a bet about the brown noise. He says it's the note, I say it's the noise. I went to and it says that the episode is the "Brown Noise" and they say Cartman found the brown noise, but the kid says that on wikipedia, its the note. I argued that the creators would know and on THE ACTUAL WEBSITE that it says "noise" and that no tags say "note." Who is right?? By the way this show is awesome. If you guys think any harder about this, I think you're both gonna crap your pants. The answer is "brown NOISE." Just to be sure, I searched the entire script for "World Wide Recorder Concert" (317) and there is not one single mention of "brown note" anywhere. You win. Tell your friend he's full of mung.
January 14, 2010
Is it true Norman Lear helped write some episodes for the show? Amazingly, yes...that legendary TV writer/creator was on our staff for part of Season 7. Fun fact: He actually does the voice for Ben Franklin in "Cancelled" (704).
Is there going to be an episode which would be a parody of the new film "Avatar"? That would be such a great episode! As I mentioned, none of the new episodes are written yet, so who knows. But as we already saw, the film pissed Cartman off. Everyone knows the Smurf idea was his. It was actually parodied somewhat in "Dances With Smurfs" last year.
In which episode does Chef say "I wanna make love to your asshole"? Best line ever. Agreed. Chef starts acting all child-molesty in "The Return of Chef" after he joins (and gets brainwashed by) the Super Adventure Club.
What is the episode called with the planetarium and what season? That's an old-school Season 2 episode called "Roger Ebert Should Lay Off the Fatty Foods." And by the way, it's pronounced "plane-arium." The T is silent.
What is the meaning of life???? Snacky S'mores.
January 08, 2010
In what episode does eric cartman smoke crack?????????? Don't be ridiculous. Cartman doesn't smoke crack. His mom smokes crack. And you can see her doing that in "Jackovasaurs" (305).
Will Professor Chaos ever be available to us non winners (losers) for the xbox game? PISS IN THE ASS!!! Oh Yeah! You can get a sweet code to unlock Prof. Chaos when you buy the Season 13 DVD. The DVD comes out in March and contains a code to unlock Chaos and the two challenge levels. Unfortunately, some people never got codes, and others got codes that were already used.
How did Wendy beat up Cartman in "Breast Cancer Show Ever"? I am confused as to how Cartman lost. I figured I could get the real answer here. I don't think Cartman getting his ass kicked should be that much of surprise, considering all the times he's tried to beat up people, only to wind up crying and bloody after the first punch.
January 07, 2010
In the episode where Cartman and the boys start a boy band, Chef mentions an effect where girls scream when they hear other girls screaming. Which effect is this? Durrr...didn't your science professor teach you this in college?? It's called the "Garmlich Effect." The law of physics states that if one girl screams for something, it will make other girls scream, and then it grows exponentially until all girls within a five mile radius are screaming.

I mean, come on! This is simple science we're talking about here.

What's the episode where the man asks the kids "where the man touched you" using the dummy doll?? You're looking for Detective Jarvis and his little grey doll. This is from the episode "The Return of Chef" (1001), where Chef joins the Super Adventure Club and becomes a brain-washed pedophile. And I'll give you this bonus nugget of SP gold, you can see Butters' Uncle Bud here.
Are you guys planing to rip on Twilight because vampires are getting annoying You should check out "The Ungroundable." The Goth kids share your distaste for douchebag vampire wanna-be boners.
In the South Park Lets Go Tower Defense Play game, there's a girl in the game named Red, who you can unlock. But in the show, as in the episode "The List", she's referred to as Rebecca. What gives? Nothing gives. In case you hadn't noticed, names get jumbled up a lot in this show. "Red" is a nickname for Rebecca. She was also referred to as "Bertha" once in "Erection Day" (907). But her name is Red, no need to be confused buddy.