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from the list of questions answered by the staff at South Park Studios.

Part 35 - Fall 2009

Some commentary is provided in the third column
December 17, 2009
I have a 2 part question: 1. Does the Mayor have a name? 2. Are there any nude pictures of her anywhere? Her name is Mayor McDaniels. And she was really young and naive when she took those photos. (I'm just kidding -- NO, there's no nude pictures of her. Get your mind out of the gutter and watch this.)
December 16, 2009
I sold my South Park DVD's for crack money, but now I have a hugenormous pile of crack, and can afford to buy them again. But I'd prefer uncensored versions. Any plans to release uncenored DVD's of the earlier stuff? Crackedlly yours, Crackenstein Jr. III. Dear Crackenstein Jr. III,

I'm glad to hear your finally back on top. As per your crack-ish request to experience episodes uncensored, there are actually only a few seasons available uncensored - seasons 11 thru the soon-to-be-released season 13! We hope to release more uncensored episodes in the future!

Godspeed with all your future crack-fueled endeavors.

Can you please tell me: what's the name of that freaking lady in the "Dead Celebrities" episode, who speaks about ghosts and other spooky things to the boys? I know she was in a horror movie but i cannot remember it's name nor hers. I laughed my brains out when I saw her!!! U guys r GREAT!!! Her name in "Dead Celebrities" is Doctor Phillips, and she's the resident doctor who specializes in spooky things. I believe what you're looking for, however, is her horror movie roots -- she's a parody of the character Tangina from the 1982 fright-flick Poltergeist.
where is mr. hankey :(?? Wherever there's an abundance Christmas cheer and fiber. Did you check in your toilet?
In the episode "Probably," what is the movie that's playing when Satan and Saddam are in the motel? Looks like some sort of gay porn. Either that, or just a very naughty police officer.
In "Free Willzyx," when the kids are going to get Wilzyx, all of the kids have their faces painted black, except one, correct? (Much love from Iowa, and Nebraska does suck to drive thru btw...Iowa isnt much better:)) Yep! That would be Token rocking some incognito whiteface. And I'm sorry to hear about least it's better than Canada.
December 11, 2009
Hey guys, I have a question regarding this reponse to a person's question on the South Park citizen contest: "Most of the winners have been notified, but we need to get all of them to respond before we can announce the grand prize winner. Stay tuned for more details soon!" So I was a winner, but I don't see a way for me to respond? By redeeming the prize does that mean I responded? If you've already got you're code, then you're all set. Just log onto Xbox and redeem that sucker! We are waiting for the first place and grand prize winners to get back to us so that we can announce who will become an SP citizen.
Hey. I just won second prize in the Alien Contest, but I dont have an xbox. Could you send me one? Oh... a free code isn't enough? Anything else? (And, no, we won't send you one. But you should watch this clip.)
In which episode does Eric sing the "I hate you guys" song? Wow, you almost stumped me on that on. Almost. That's from the Season 3 classic "Jackovasaurs" (305). Sing it with me: "I hate you guys. You guys are assholes. Especially Kenny. I hate him the most..."
Do you know South Park is banned in Singapore? But me and thousands here are still religiously watching it! This is how much awesome-ness the show is! Thank god for internet! Amen to that. Not sure if you can tell, but censorship has never really gotten in our way. Thanks for watching!!
Is Gerald Broflowski supposed to be New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer in "Major Boobage"? Nice catch. It's easy for that kind of reference to get lost in the current Tiger-frenzy, but yes, that's a parody of Spitzer and his wife, post-prostitution scandal.
What's the name of Token's song in the episode "Wing", in Season 9? That moist-towelette of a tune is called "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine," a song made popular the smooth-singing American crooner Lou Rawls. Token's version ain't too shabby either.
December 10, 2009 - In what episode does Stan become gothic?
In what episode does Stan become gothic? After Wendy breaks up with him and starts dating Token, Stan -- I'm sorry, Raven -- turns to his darker side and joins the Goth kids. This happens in Hooters-esque episode "Raisins" (714). Check it out...
Does Homer have a beard? I mean that big brown area around his that a beard???? I think you got the wrong show, buddy.
December 04, 2009 - In Star Trek's episode "The Menagerie," Captain Pi
In Star Trek's episode "The Menagerie," Captain Pike seems like the inspiration of Mrs. Claridge's untimely condition in season 8's episode "Pre-School." Am I correct?? You are correct, Scotty! Miss Claridge and her wheels of steel are an homage of that classic two-parter, right down to her "one beep, two beep" communications system. I was wondering when a Trekkie would discover that gem.
December 03, 2009
What are the lyrics to the "Kyle's Mom's a Bitch" song? Thank you very marklar! Marklar, here is a very special holiday treat from the SP Vaults. The lyrics to "Kyle's Mom is a Stupid Bitch," right from the first season script....


...Cartman raises his hand.

Yes, Eric?

How about we sing ‘Kyle's Mom is a Stupid Bitch in D minor'.

I told you NOT to call my mom a bitch, CARTMAN!!


MUSIC kicks in.

Kyle's mom's a bitch!
She a big fat bitch!
She's the biggest bitch
In the whole wide world!
She's a stupid bitch if there ever was
a bitch she's a bitch to all the boys
and girls.

Shut up, Cartman!

As Cartman continues, Mr. Hankey hops out in front of Kyle. Nobody notices except for Kyle.

Howdy ho!

Mr. Hankey!

Monday she's a bitch!
On Tuesday she's a bitch!
And Wednesday through Saturday
She's a bitch!
And then on Sunday
just to be different
She's a super king kamayamaya BITCH!

Golly, that isn't very nice! I'd sure
like to teach him a lesson!

Kyle reaches for Hankey, but Hankey slips through his hands, leaps off the desk and hurls himself at Cartman.

Have you ever met my friend Kyle's mom
She's the biggest bitch in the whole
wide world, She's a mean ol' bitch and
she has stupid hair, she's a bitch....She's a stupid
bitch. Kyle's mom's a bitch and she's
a just a dirty bitch. Kyle's mom is a

The singing and music stops.

Mr. Hankey, NO!

Probably been asked a million times around this part of the year. Why isn't "Christmas Time in Hell" available in the clips? What you talkin' bout, Satan? It's right here. You have to sit through a little Hitler blubbering first, but hey, Hell wouldn't be anything without it.
why does this show not suck? (Great show) Best question ever.
With the holidays coming up, have Matt and Trey given up on Christmas/Thanksgiving/Chanukah themed episodes? I would have thought some of the writers would have exposed the insanity that is "Black Friday" or something to that extent? I don't think "given up" is the proper word. For the last few years, the show runs haven't really coincided that much with the holiday seasons. And you know how much Matt and Trey like to keep it current and topical. In the mean time, may I suggest you wet your whistle with an Iraqi present bomb or a Critter Christmas? And for your Black Friday shopping needs, try this on for size.
Hey guys! I was just wondering when you're going to announce the winner of the alien contest! Most of the winners have been notified, but we need to get all of them to respond before we can announce the grand prize winner. Stay tuned for more details soon!
December 02, 2009
I heard Apple rejected an iPhone app that lets you watch South Park episodes for free. Will you guys try again? Or will you just add iPhone compatible videos to the website? You heard right, friend. We had a super sweet iPhone app ready to go when the app store opened (back in September 2008), but since then it's actually been rejected twice. You can read all about how cool it would have been here and about the rejection here. Rest assured, we will find some way to get South Park streaming on your iPhone. And it will be glorious.
I love you guys sooo much! I was wondering if Cartman's "transformation" in TSST is a nod to the A-Ha video "Take On Me"? Thanks!!!!! I think it's more of a nod to the 1981 cult classic "Altered States." But if you wanna go that A-Ha route, we'll support you.
November 19, 2009
Boobies, YEAHHHH boobies,boobies,boobies,boobies DHEEEUUHHH TIMMY!!! I agree.
I watched "Dances with Smurfs" the other day, and fell asleep in the middle of the episode. Today I tried to watch it again and was unable to watch it... What happened, did Glenn Beck get to you guys?... You fell asleep?! What kind of monster are you?? Well, this question has been answered before, but since it's the end of the run, I figure one more time won't hurt...

After the week they air (Wednesday to Wednesday), new episodes get pulled down for three weeks (due to legal reasons). After those three weeks, the episodes come back online for good, right here. This is why "Dead Celebrities" and "Butters' Bottom Bitch" are back online. "W.T.F." comes back online next week, and so on... "Dances With Smurfs" will be back online December 12, 2009. In the meantime, you can watch all the clips from that episode here.

I need your help to clear up this argument my friend and I are having. In "Dances with Smurfs," is Cartman supposed to be Beck, O'Reilly, or Hannity? Or some type of a trifecta of douchebaggery? Cartman was doing his best Glenn Beck schtick. Although that trifecta doesn't sound too far off the mark.
I've heard rumors that Season 13 will be the last South Park season. Ever. Is that true? No, that's not true. Where do you people get your information?! Geez. Don't believe the hype. When you want the real deal, this is where you come. Now here is the gospel truth...

At the very least, South Park has been renewed through Season 15 by Comedy Central. So that's at least TWO MORE full seasons of Park. However, if the network decides to order more seasons of the show, it could very well go past that. Keep your fingers crossed!

I notice that this is the first season where Trey has written and directed every episode. It shows in the style and content of the season. Is there a reason for that, and will it continue into the next few seasons? Actually, Trey has written and directed every single episode since the beginning of Season 7 (from "Cancelled" to current). He also wrote (or co-wrote) and directed a vast majority of the episodes before that. I think what you're trying to say is "South Park is awesome. And it just keeps getting awesomer!"
Was that Kurt Russell in "Pee"...? I think he'd rather you call him "Bull." And yes, that's him. Everyone knows he's the best firefighter to call when you're dealing with a pee meltdown.
In the new episode "Pee," when the helicopters come to rescue the kids, why is Randy holding a baby shoe?? You should watch the ending to the 1993 snowy action flick "Alive." It will make a lot more sense.
Lol. Did you guys rip on the movie "2012" for the episode Pee? That was funny! By the way, are you guys going to make a second movie? Please do! What gave it away? The sea of piss spilling over Mount Everest or New York City being torn down by a tidal wave of urine? Glad you enjoyed that. As for your second question, there are no plans currently underway for a 2nd South Park movie. But you never know...crazier things have happened.
November 18, 2009 - What are the exact lyrics to that lovely song from
What are the exact lyrics to that lovely song from "Good Times With Weapons?" I'll start. "Hey Hey Lets Go Ginkasu(?)..." You ready for this? This is a South Park EXCLUSIVE. Right out of the holy script for "Good TImes With Weapons"...

Suba-ra-shi chin chin mono,
Kintama no kame aru,
Sore no oto saru bo bo,
Iye! Ninja ga imasuuuuuu

Hey Hey Let's Go Kenka Suru
Taisetsu no mono protect my balls
Boku ga warui so let's fighting
Let's fighting love....
Let's fighting love....

Kono uta chotto baka
Wake ga wakaranai
Eigo ga mecha-kucha
Daijobu - we do it all the time
Hey Hey Let's Go Kenka Suru-

Been a South Park fan since I was 6 (regular cartoons failed me) and just saw "Dead Celebrities" again. I was wondering who did the voice for him in "Dead Celebrities" and "the Jeffersons"? I was looking around the internet and no answers so far. So I turn to you people. No, that's...that's're being ignorant. Mr. Jefferson's voice is done by Trey. Shamm-on!
November 12, 2009
When Cartman says "Ha Ha charade you are," is he quoting from the Pink Floyd album Animals (which just so happens to be one of the greatest album's ever)? Hells yeah, it's from that album -- more specifically from the song "Pigs (Three Different Ones)." Just because Cartman hates hippies, doesn't mean he's not down with the Floyd.
Just saw "The Jeffersons" once again, amazing episode by the way that the only time you actually hear Kenny talk without the hood? In the series, yes -- that's Kenny's big hurrah. The only other time you can hear him without the hood is in the SP movie "Bigger, Longer, and Uncut." Fun fact: in the film, Mike Judge (creator of Beavis and Butt-Head and Office Space) did Kenny's voice, but in "The Jeffersons" episode, Eric Stough (SP's Director of Animation, Producer) did the honors.
Who does the voice of Casey Miller in the episode "Dances with Smurfs"?? Casey's voice is done by Trey. It's a nice bit of audible chocolate, huh?
OMG! I couldn't even finish watching the "Dances With Smurfs" episode without coming on here. You have to thank Trey and Matt for me. Its about time they put Glen Beck in his place. Hands down best episode ever! I wish i could thank them personally. As a side note do they think Glen will attack South Park as an "America Hater"? South Park clearly loves America, and if you don't like America, then you can geeeet out!!
I saw that in the new episode "Dances With Smurfs," Cartman is mad about Wendy being the school president. I don't remember seeing a episode where Wendy becomes school president....Is there an episode with Wendy becoming school president? There's not an episode where she BECOMES school President, but in "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society" (610), it's made clear that Wendy is, and has been, the school President for a while. The boys try to overthrow her and replace her with Bebe because of her huge....brains. But that doesn't work out.
November 11, 2009
My friends told me there was a SouthPark movie where all the citizens become Jewish, but I can't find anything like this. Are my friends wrong? Yeah. And tell your friends to stop making things up. This is how the great Canadian Cola Wars got started.
This is bull shit, I can't find the alien in "The F Word". I'm pretty shur the thing about getting your own character on South Park is fake. Besides my friend won and he never saw his character in the episode. Ahhh, so many things wrong with that statement.
  1. The alien is absolutely there. I've seen it (and so have thousands of fans). Again, it's ONLY in the broadcast version--not on the website version.
  2. The contest is most super-cereally real. Don't doubt it.
  3. There is only going to be one grand prize winner who gets animated into the show, and the contest is NOT OVER YET. And the prize is to be animated into the Season 14 opening, which also has not happened yet. Your friend may have "won" one of the weekly prizes, but not the Ultimate Grand Prize. The winner won't be chosen until after next week's season finale.
Look closely this Wednesday night at the broadcast version, cuz this is your last chance to enter.
Awsome..every episode is awsome....!!! Can't wait for next season...when is it starting? season 14? Whoa, buddy...we still got one more episode left of Season 13!! If you get any more ahead of yourself, you're gonna need a Crank Prank Time Phone just to get back to present day. (To answer your question, Season 14 premieres on March 17th, 2010. It's a St. Patrick's Day celebration for all).
What's the episode when cartman drinks kenny's soul or something?? really wanna know :D You mean Kenny's delicious chocolate-milk flavored soul? Cartman guzzles that down in "A Ladder to Heaven" (612).
November 05, 2009
Doodes! I just watched The F-word. Really hilarious episode... But I noticed in the beginning that Mr. Slave and Big Gay Al were holding hands. When did they start dating?? WTF? Haha. What does Mr. (or Mrs.) Garrison think of this?? Homie, you're way behind on your Park. Big Gay Al and Mr. Slave got MARRIED in Season 9's "Follow That Egg" (910). As for Garrison's reaction, let's just say there was some drama.
Baaawahwahwah brooombwawabwabwa? Brub brrrubb BRRRRUUUBBBB. BRRUBBB!!
Does the meaning of word FAG realy changed in English/American dictionaries? I'm not sure if Websters is quite on that yet, but my guess is soon. Once it's changed in Scrabble, it's official. New meanings are added, current meanings are not changed.
I know South Park has a back-story for everything it is making fun of. I was wondering what is the story behind Al Gore and Bear-man-pig. I'm serial Al Gore came out with a documentary called "An Inconvenient Truth" right around the time that episode came out. In it, he preaches about the super-cereal affect of global warming and how he's really serious, and no one is listening to him. In simpler words, Manbearpig is an allegory for Global Warming. Watch this clip, it might make a little more sense now. EXCELSIOR!!
Hey, where can i watch South Park The Movie?? and did you guys have to ask Lady Gaga for "permission" so our Cartman could sing her song? DERP! We just had the SP Movie on our site for the last month for FREE, in HD. Looks like your lazy butt missed out, budday. I guess you're gonna have to go grab that bad boy.

And yes, we licenced the Lady Gaga song to use it in our episode. That's why there's so much legal mumbo-jumbo to go through with trying to get it to you fans as a download (we're still trying!).

I just watched the episode "The F Word" (f*cking hilarious by the way)...anyway to my question: Why does one of the bikers chant "chicken spears" when the bikers make their bikes noiser? What does "Chicken Spears" mean? It is really loud, annoying and it certainly got your attention. I'm pretty sure that was the point. It may also be that bikers find these breaded strips of poultry to be irresistible...Just like Kayne loves his fishsticks.
The website seems slightly different, more clean, i like it! Thanks! We actually just relaunched the site interface today (Damn, you've got a good eye!). The search bar is bigger, the menu is cleaner, and hopefully it should be a lot easier to navigate. It's all for you... [2013-2014] A newer version of the site appeared, but isn't finished, not by a long shot.
When I heard about the Balloon Boy from Colorado in the news, It totally reminded me of something I'd expect to see on South Park. Why haven't you guys ripped on this kid yet? Breathe easy, Falcon aficionado. There actually is a little easter egg in "W.T.F." referencing the Balloon Boy. Check out the newspaper headlines in that episode.
November 04, 2009
In "Butter's Bottom Bitch," there's a kid named Scott Malkinson with diabetes...Can you tell me in what episode does Cartman make fun of his illness?? Scott was first introduced in last season's "Elementary School Musical" (1213). In that episode, you'll find all the sugar-free-ribbing you need.
October 30, 2009
On the episode Whale Whores, Cartman, Kyle and Kenny were playing a music game when Stan came in. What game was that and what console were they playing it on?? They're jamming out to some Rock Band. The system isn't shown here, but Cartman probably owns all the game consoles. His mom gets him anything his little heart desires.
In "Scott Tenorman Must Die," Scott's mom was taking off her bra and his dad came out and said something and bunch of people wearing masks run away. Exactly who was running away ? Well, whenever anyone lets the twins out in South Park, there's always gonna be a crowd. Besides Jimbo and Ned, there's Stan's dad (in a fake eyeglass/mustache combo), Kyle's dad (in a rainbow afro and clown nose), and Kenny's dad (with a paper bag over his head). There's also two random townspeople.
In the 1st episode, how come you sort of make the same thing 7 years later? I'm guessing you're talking about "Cancelled" (704), where the boys relive what happened in "Cartman Gets An Anal Probe." This was originally supposed to be South Park's 100th episode -- a big landmark for any television series because it means that you can officially syndicate your show (for those that don't know, that basically means you can sell it to other networks so that they can show it whenever, as much as they want. You know the two-hour South Park block starting at 11pm on your local, independent channel). Shows tend to get repetitive and stale after 100 episodes...So the joke was that it seemed like the boys were in a stale repeat. Turns out, Cartman just needed his ass probe tweaked.
Is there really a TV show about that pirates stopping Japanese whale and dolphin killers??? Anyways that episode is OWNING. REALLY ENJOYED IT. Oh boy, is there. Whale Wars is a real show on Animal Planet and they really have pirate symbols on all their gear and they really try to stop the Japanese (and others) from killing whales. And they also really throw stinky butter. So bad ass, right? Oh, and Deadliest Catch is also a real show on the Discovery Channel. They catch crabs.
Why couldn't Butters keep his gold chain in later episodes? I was really looking forward to seeing that as a staple of his character design from now on. He'll always be a pimp to me. He gave up the pimping game, homie. Kisses are a tough business.
Oh my god! The Whale War episode was hilarious, and I laughed me head off when Cartman sang "Poker Face"!! Is that going to be available for download? Mamama ma... We've gotten a TON of requests for a downloadable version of this song. Obviously, there are a ton of copyright issues were trying to work around, since it's a cover of Lady Gaga's song. We're working on it, you're just gonna have to wait and see.
October 29, 2009
In the episode named "Up The Down Steroid," the boys are playing a board game at the beginning. Who is the bust on the game supposed to represent, and what, if any is the name of the game? The boys are playing the "Investigative Reports With Bill Kurtis Board Game" - and the bust on the game is Kurtis' head. He's a journalist, news anchor and TV personality of sorts, and one of the shows he hosts is called Investigative Reports. It was so exciting they needed to make a home version! You can also see the boys playing it in Season Four's "Cartman Joins NAMBLA" (408).
October 22, 2009
Butters' Bottom Bitch was a great episode. But what did Butters do with all the motherfucking money he made pimping? That's a question for his bottom bitch, Sally Darson. I appreciate you asking that question, but seriously, you should be putting that mouth to work. Don't you want a new lunchbox?
Didn't Butters already kiss a girl??

I know you've probably gotten this email like a 1000 times, but Butters kissed a girl in episode 313, "Hooked on Monkey Phonics." By the home-schooled girl turned slut lol. But still an awesome show!!! My new favorite SP =D

You're right on both accounts. Butters was indeed kissed by the newly-slutified home-school girl Rebecca in "Hooked on Monkey Phonics" (313), and we've gotten a bajillion emails about it. No, it's not a mistake, we're aware of it. And the explanation is simple -- What happens in the Bay of Pigs Memorial Dance stays in the Bay of Pigs Memorial Dance.

Besides if you really look at the clip Butters is the one being kissed in "Hooked on Monkey Phonics", but he stepped up to the plate in "Butters' Bottom Bitch" and became a man!

in W.T.F, what is the name of the guy who has gay porn? I don't think there was any gay porn in that episode, but if you are referring to the wrastling coach, his name is Mr. Conners.
In the new episode "W.T.F." what is it those mexicans in the crowd say when Kenny gets blown up by the rocket? They say "Oh Dios Mio! Matron El Pollo Loco!" / "BASTARDOS!" -- which roughly translates to "Oh my God! They Killed Kenny!" / "You bastards!" in Spanish. I'm feeling extra saucy today, so here's a little behind-the-scenes action. Right from the script:

Kenny picks up the rocket. It starts to spark again in his hand and then SHOOTS OFF AGAIN carrying Kenny up into the sky.


BOOM! It explodes with Kenny but very safely way up in the sky. Cut to the group of nine Mexicans in the audience.

(standing, pointing)
Oh Dios Mio! Mataron El Pollo Loco!

(standing with fist)

BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!! Back to the sky where explosion after explosion goes off. The lights light up the crowd. They all CHEER-

I've been in Spain recently, and I guess Kenny's wrestling name "El Pollo Loco" means "The Crazy Chicken". Am I right? It took a trip to Spain to figure that out?? Damn dude, you're dedicated to your research. And yes, you're right -- it means "crazy chicken."
October 21, 2009
Hey! I was just wondering what the name of the song is in "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe"? The one which Cartman and Barbrady sing when they're under alien control?? Great old-school question. It's called "I Love to Singa" and it's lifted from a 1936 Tex Avery cartoon. Google it, it's pretty cool.
October 15, 2009
Hi, I love the show and I've been waiting ages for the new episodes! And when I saw there was a contest to be South Park'd, I re-watched "Dead Celebrities" 3 times. But i never found the alien! Can you please tell me where he was hidden? Thanks! Did you watch it on TV or on the website? Because the alien is hidden ONLY on the broadcast version on TV, not on the version you see on the website. As for where it's hidden, I can't tell you because that would defeat the point of the contest. But I will say the alien in "Dead Celebrities" was relatively easy to spot. The one in "Butters' Bottom Bitch" is a bit trickier.
I just watched Butters' Bottom Bitch and I was wondering: what is the name of the song playing when the undercover cop dances for the frat boys? That is delicately-titled tune called "F**k the Pain Away" by Peaches. Great for weddings and bar mitzvahs.
October 14, 2009
I LOVED the most recent episode with Butters as a pimp!!! Seriously, I love Butters, it was hilarious. One thing I dont get though....Kyle got kissed in like season 2 or 3, Stan's kissed Wendy, and we all know Kenny's a lovable whore. But when has CARTMAN kissed anyone? Am I missing something here? You definately know your shit, but you must have missed the Season 4 episode "Chef Goes Nanners" (408). Wendy develops a crush on Cartman and they wind up kissing at the end of the episode. You should check it out.
Why was I able to watch Dead Celebrities online last week and now it says it won't be available online until November? And how long after an episode does it become available online? Because of contractual obligations with television networks, we have to take episodes down for a brief period after they air. Here's how it works: We get the new episodes online right after they air on the west coast (around 10:30 pm PST), and it stays on our site for a full week after it airs. Then we have to take it down for three weeks because of aforementioned hella-lame legal reasons. After those three weeks, however, it comes back up on our site FOREVER, for free, in glorious streaming HD. "Dead Celebrities" will be back online in no time.
What song was Towelie trying to play at the talent competiton in the episode Profesor Chaos? He is playing a stoned rendition of Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven." Do you know what I am saying?
Who does Tweek's voice? Or Jimmy's, for that matter? And what about Craig? I can usually figure out who does all the voices, but I've yet to figure these out. Those characters are a bit harder to guess, but luckily for you, that's what we're here for. Tweek and Craig are done by Matt. Jimmy is done b-buh-by Trey.
In the Fatbeard episode, where did you get the Somali language, and who provided the voice? Not to mention the French. Also blow me for never answering my FAQ emails, which I'm sure you won't this time either. Whoa, sailor! You kiss your mother with that mouth?? Both the Somali and French languages in "Fatbeard" were spoken by voice actors fluent in their respective languages. Trey wrote the episode in English and then the voice actors were brought in to read the translation.

And as for your teen angst, we get thousands of FAQs a day, so don't throw a hissy fit. We try to answer as many questions as we can.

October 08, 2009
Hey guys. Just watched "Dead Celebrities" for the third time. Great episode, by the way. I was wondering exactly who were all the celebrities that were animated in the episode? Thanks. Keep up the good work. David Glad you enjoyed, budday. Obviously, there were a ton of celebs that made cameos in last night's episode -- I might be missing one or two, but here you go: Michael Jackson, Billy Mays, Ricardo Montalban, Oscar Mayer, Dom DeLuise, Patrick Swayze, B. Aurthur, Ed McMahon, Walter Cronkite, Ted Kennedy, DJ AM, Natasha Richardson, Farrah Fawcett, and David Carradine.
October 07, 2009
I love your show. I know you got this question before, but after the episode you show "Braniff" airlines ad tag. Why and for who? When Matt and Trey delivered the pilot episode to Comedy Central, they didn't have a "bumper" (you know, that card at the end of the show that tells you who created it). Not having an appropriate company name or logo to use, they tossed in the logo of Braniff Airlines - a defunct airline from the 60s and 70s. After the show aired, they were contacted by a company that owned the rights to the Braniff name and logo. An agreement was made to allow them the use of the logo on South Park broadcasts, but not on any other projects in the future.
In the episode "Le Petit Tourette," when Cartmen is singing "I've Got A Golden Ticket" in front of the store, is that a statue of the leader from the Super Adventure Club that Chef was in before? That does indeed look a lot like Head Adventurer William P. Connelly, esquire from "The Return of Chef" (1001). Although it seems he has taken up molesting small monkeys, instead of children.
Hey! I love your super-mega-awesome show! I don't know how many times you've been asked this, but do you still use construction paper for your show? If not, what do you do? It is a popular question, but one worth answering again. We actually haven't used real construction paper since the pilot episode "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe." After that, South Park made the big switch to big 'ol fancy computers. We use a number of programs to make the finished product, but most of the animation is done in Maya (a powerful 3D animation program).

It should be noted, however, that the construction paper used in that pilot episode was then scanned into a massive computer database, which animators now use to create the show. This allowed South Park to continue to animate with construction paper textures, even though they were using computers. And they've used those same textures for the past 13 years.

So basically what you're seeing is digitally reconstructed construction paper. Pretty cool, huh?

Hey! South Park is the best show out there. I had a question though...In the episode in the fourth season "Do the Handicapped Go To Hell", when the boys are in church, Cartman says something to Stan and Kenny and they start laughing. He says it so fast I can't understand. All I got was: "it's a man's obligation to...." Can you help me figure out what else he says? "It's a man's obligation to stick his boneration in a woman's separation. This sort of penetration will increase the population of the younger generation." I believe that's a biblical passage from The Book of Park.
October 06, 2009 - What episode did the children make fun of "Baseket
What episode did the children make fun of "Baseketball"? Steeeeve Perry! After seeing the snuff film "The Passion of the Christ," Stan and Kenny demand their money back, saying "This is about being able to hold bad filmmakers reponsible. This is just like when we got our money back for 'Basketball'." This happens in the Season 8 classic "The Passion of the Jew."
What would happen if a kid who looked exactly like Eric Cartman won the competition to have your own character in South Park? Would there be 2 Eric Cartmans?! You just blew my mind.
October 01, 2009
Is there any episode that spoofs/parodies The Godfather or mafias? There are a few times that the Godfather films have been Parkified throughout the years. Most notably is Season 4's "Tooth Fairy Tats" (401), which actually centers around a Godfather-esque mob boss named Loogie. The other two are not quite as obvious: In "Toilet Paper" (703), Cartman tries to kill Kyle on the lake just like in Godfather II, and in "Wing" (903), Sly Stallone's son's wedding is an homage to the classic scene from the first Godfather flick.
I'm so excited I think I'm going to pee myself, what should I do? Go to the bathroom and sit on the toilet. New episodes are close, but I don't want you blowing a gasket.
Who is Mysterion?! Ahhh, Mysterion. The identity of this superhero is perhaps South Park's greatest mystery. Every week, we get countless fans with countless theories as to exactly which kid it is. Unfortunately, not even the crew knows the answer to that one. Matt and Trey hold the key, and for the time being, they're not talking.
September 30, 2009
In 'Cartman's Silly Hate Crime', who was that girl with the pink furry coat? She reminded me of Kenny...hoods and death... Her name is Lizzy, and you're parallel to Kenny is not all that crazy. She dies in that episode but if you look for her, she can be seen on the playground and in the background of a number of later episodes.
When will you announce what the Mid-Season premiere will be called/be about? This Sunday! Every sunday night before new episodes airs, we post a short preview clip as well as the title of the upcoming episode. It's available only here on SPS, so make sure to tune in!
In the episode when Kyle takes the Homeschool Girl to the prom and then this old Singer is singing on the stage...What is the song's name? That's rock god Dio performing his big solo hit "Holy Diver." The perfect prom song.
September 29, 2009
In what episode did Kenny blow up when holding a stick of dynamite in a flashback? That's a classic clip from Season 2's "Summer Sucks," where Kenny gets blown to bits in a pre-school flashback. It's also the only episode where there's not snow on the ground. Check it out!
September 24, 2009
South Park is awesome, and I had noticed something in the crowd in Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride -- when Uncle Jim and the guy with one arm and a hole in his neck were talking, I thought I saw a white version of Token sitting behind them. Is it?? Look at you, finding a nice little hidden eater egg! Yes, that is indeed a white Token sitting behind Jimbo, Ned, and Mr. Garrison in the bleachers. The animators occasionally throw in these little surprises (like Visitors and background characters) into the show. It's always fun when the fans find them.
I'm amazed that my two favorite characters, Randy and Cartman, have never really had any direct dialog with each other. Why haven't they? You're right, Cartman and Randy haven't had much interaction face-to-face. And I don't blame them, their first big conversation all the way back in "Chickenlover" was pretty painful.
September 23, 2009
Are there any plans to ever make South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut available for free streaming? We've been working our butts off behind the scenes to try and bring you BLU right here on the site. There's a lot of legal mumbo-jumbo we're fighting through, but keep your fingers crossed, it very well might be on SPS very soon...
I may be wrong but it's been a long time since we've seen Mephesto, and if we have seen him, when was the last time we saw him? Or more importantly, his little friend Kevin? Well, it has indeed been a long time since Mephesto's been a main character in a show--and even longer since his little monkey friend has played a huge role. But Mephesto did resurface briefly in this season's "Eat, Pray, Queef" (1305) during the huge sing-a-long. And you know what? He's still got it.
Ohhhh jesuzzzzzzz chrissssstt! Who does the voice of Mr. Slave, and will he be in any upcoming episodes? chris The gaytastic voice of Mr. Slave is done by John Hansen. He been a member the South Park staff for a very long time and is currently the Production Supervisor on the show. As for upcoming cameos, you're just going to have to wait and see.
How come you guys still consider the episodes that will be released in about two weeks to be part of season 13... even though there is a GIANT gap in time between now and the last episode? Because they ARE part of the same season. All new seasons have 14 episodes total--which is divided up into two big "show runs." Seven episodes are made in each show run, one right after the other, seven weeks straight. The staff and crew then go on a long summer hiatus in between show runs, hence that GIANT gap. We call the seven upcoming shows "Season 13B"--the back half of what we started in March. New episodes always come out in March and October.
September 22, 2009
Hi! I've been watching the show now for years, since season two I guess, and I've seen every episode - but, as far as I can remember, DogPoo NEVER says or does anything. Is DogPoo ever going to speak? Or will he even get his own episode or something, like Butters got one? Although he's been in the boys' class forever -- all the way since Season 1 -- Dog Poo has really never been much more than a "prop". However, he has spoken on one occasion, in Season 6's "Professor Chaos". Mostly to express his discontent with being just a prop.
What has been the hardest scene in South Park to animate (so far)? That's a hard question to answer. A lot of scenes and episodes have been particularly challenging for the crew for different reasons. Keep in mind, almost every single episode is animated start-to-finish in 6 days. So the more impressive and massive a scene looks, the more difficult that is to create. Off the cuff, the Imaginationland Trilogy was particularly challenging -- especially the large war and fighting scenes. Not only were their insane quantities of characters that had to be animated, but an entire army of new characters needed to be created and approved. Those Lord of the Rings-esque fight scenes are particularly impressive.

That said, if you ask any one animator, story board artist, or crew member, I bet they'll give you a different answer.