South Park Studios FAQ

Compiled by Willie Westwood
from the list of questions answered by the staff at South Park Studios.

Part 3 - Fall 2001

Some commentary is provided in the third column
December 19, 2001
Q: What's that stuff that Kenny said about Madonna?He said that Madonna is a stupid aneorexic whore that wore out her welcome years ago, and now she speaks with an English accent and thinks she can play guitar and that she should go fuck herself.
Q: Do Trey and Matt honestly care about they're episodes being made available to download on the internet?A: Matt and Trey love it. Any way you can see the show is cool with them. This question was asked in the "40 questions from Matt and Trey" That you can download from this site by clicking on "The Show" up at the top.
December 18, 2001
Q: When will the new episodes of South Park start airing?A: This date is not set in stone, but the new episodes are schedualed to air March 6th 2002
Q: What does Chinpokomon mean?A: It means "Penis Pocket Monster" in Japanese
December 12, 2001
Q: On Comedy Central, they said that the next episode is going to be about Butters. Is it still going to be a Christmas episode too?A: No. There were plans to make the episode Christmas-themed, put those plans were scraped. The only Christmas reference is a song playing on a car radio.
Q: The character of Butters is great, who does his voice?A: Matt Stone does the voice of Butters
Q: Why can't I download any sounds?A: A Few weeks ago we sufferd from a crash, most of the media we had on our site was misplaced and we're working on getting it all back up ASAP.
December 11, 2001
Q: What is the name of, and who originally sings the song, that Cartman sings in front of Congress?A: "Heat of the Moment" by Asia.
Q: Are Timmy's parents ever going to get their own episode?A: Richard and Helen are busy touring the country with "How's Your News."
Q: What did that old lady on the IT say at the Grand Canyon?A: "Hover-round" It's a parody of an old commercial that was apparently on the air in Colorado during Trey and Matt's formative years.
December 10, 2001
Q: In Episode 101 - "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe," is the song that Cartman and Officer Barbrady sing when they are under the alien's control from Raggedy Ann & Andy?A: No. "I Love to Singa" was sung by "Owl Jolson" on the "Jack Bunny Show" in an old Warner Bros. cartoon directed by Tex Avery. It was originally used in an old Warner Bros. movie called "The Singing Kid" in 1936.
December 7, 2001
Q: Hey hey hey! Will we ever get to see Fat Abbott in a new episode?A: I damn well hope so. I can't get enough of that eatin' the pudding. At least Bill Cosby made a cameo in #512 "Here Comes the Neighborhood."

The NBC show "Scrubs" had a pretty good parody of "Fat Albert" a couple of weeks ago. Biters.

December 6, 2001
Q: Is Kenny really Dead? Forever? I must Know!!!!!!!A: All will be known, next March.
Q: Why is season 5 so much shorter than the other seasons?A: Because we started the year with 8 episodes of "That's My Bush." The first season actually only had 13 episodes, including the Pilot.
December 5, 2001
Q: Was Kyle's hair inspired by Matt's hair?A: Pretty much, though Matt's hair is a lot shorter these days. The scene where Kyle takes off his hat is directly inspired by a scene in "Cannibal: The Musical." Check it!
Q: Will there be a 7th Season?A: As far as we know, though we're not sure whether it will be a full season.Probably a half season, since there are 21 episodes left in the series as of February 2002, and 14 or more of those will go into season 6.
Q: Token's dad is a lawyer, and Token is distressed about his family being rich. But Kyle's dad is a lawyer, so isn't Kyle's family rich?A: Like all prostitutes, not every lawyer charges the same fee for their services.

Kyle's dad made a brief killing when he represented everyone in their sexual harassment lawsuits in #306, but Token's dad is still far more successful. Token's mom also works, while Sheila Broflovski is a homemaker.

Q: Does the guy who plays Towelie's voice also do Mr.Hankey's voice?A: No, Vernon Chatman (a writer) does the voice of Towelie. Trey does the voice of Mr. Hankey.
December 4, 2001
Q: How many Episodes Are Slated For Season 5?A: There will be fourteen episodes in Season Five.
Q: Why are the episodes on VHS and DVD still bleeped out?A: Because we send a copy of the show to Comedy Central with the "naughty words" already censored out. Comedy Central uses the video's we send them when they sell them.
Q: What state does southpark take place in?A: Colorado
Q: I've been hearing rumors that season 5 will be the last. Is that true? Is this the end of South Park?A: South Park will go on all the way until the 7th season. After that we're not sure.Season 5 would have been the last, ending at episode 508 for 73 episodes. But now that the show is extended to 7 seasons they got to finish the rest of season 5 and move on to seasons 6 and 7 - three more seasons, as it were.
December 3, 2001
Q: How exactly was Big Gay Al able to be in the South Park movie and the "Cripple Fight" episode when in his first episode, he disappeared in his suitcase into thin air?A: Who said Big Gay Al had to stay in the suitcase. He found his way out of the closet. Getting out of a suitcase shouldn't be any harder.
Q: If Kyle doesn't like his hair, then why doesn't he get it cut?A: He does, but like Matt, it grows so damn fast. We're talking inches a week. It's freaky.
Q: Is the Marc Shaiman that arranged/composed music for BLU the same Marc Shaiman that worked on films such as "When Harry Met Sally" and "Sleepless in Seattle?" How did he wind up with the SP gang?A: One and the same. And to answer your second question: he obviously did something very bad in a previous lifetime. This was his way of paying off that karmic debt.
Q: Did Matt and Trey do the voices for the Gladiator short (from the 2000 MTV Movie Awards)?A: Yes they did. There was some controversy regarding the last joke in that clip (involving Cartman, of course), so we had to do a quick edit before the "live" program aired on MTV a few days later.
December 1, 2001
Q: If Satan is the prince of darkness, who is the king of darkness?A: Barbra Streisand.
November 30, 2001
Q: I'm having problems downloading pretty much anything. And I can't reply to anyones posts, the chatroom is also fucked. I haven't had this problem before so what's going on?A: The site crashed for a couple of days due to a large RAID disk failure. A good portion of our media went down with the ship and we're working on getting it back ASAP. As for the BBS and the chat room those were also effected. You can connect to the chatroom with out the site by downloading an IRC client from either: (for pc) (for mac)

Install it on your computer and search for the DALnet irc server, then connect to it (click OK). Once you're connected type /join #SPSchat. People in the chatroom will be happy to help you if you're a first time IRCer!

November 29, 2001
Q: In both episodes 201 & 312, there is a mail deliveryman that delivers a letter to Terrance and a blow up doll to Cartman. He however pronounces the word "here" exactly like Cartman. We know Cartman's mom is really his dad, but is it possible this guy is some how connected to Cartman's family? Cartman's real mom dressed as a man perhaps?A: I don't believe there's any connection to Cartman, but Trey has had ongoing facination with the rapid fire dialogue of some of those old movie characters from the 30's, 40's and 50's. You know, "Telegram! Telegram for Mrs. Nora Charles!" They even used it in an episode of "That's My Bush" (#105 - "The First Lady's Persqueeter"). All of those character's had that James Cagney-way of speech. So nyah!
Q: In the Towelie episode -- Cartman says "You shouldn't have done that -- he's just a boy" A bunch of us have been trying to figure where that came from -- please help!! Thanks.A: A couple of people have already brought it up on the BBS. It's from "Slingblade."
Q: What was your favorite episode and why?A: 218 "Prehistoric Ice Man" because Ace of Base rocks!
Q: Why didn't Cartman go to jail for butchering, then cooking Scott Tenorman's parents?A: Mountain justice. It pretty much blows. Check out Jon Benet Ramsey for proof.
November 28, 2001
Q: Are you going to have the Christmas Special episodes on DirecTV this year?A: Last year Matt and Trey filmed several short intros to the Christmas episodes for a pay-per-view event on DirectTV. There are no plans for a similar event this year (so Trey's Glenn Cambell wig gets a breather), but most of the Christmas episodes will be rerun in hour-long blocks during December.
November 27, 2001
Q: What the hell is all that crap Cartman sees when he closes his eyes in #414? Is it clips from "Cannibal"?A: No, they were various stock images and video clips from a variety of sources. Our production manager had a great time hunting those down. The sequence was kind of a play on a scene from "A Clockwork Orange."
Q: Is Mr. Garrison's name Ethan or Herbert?A: Herbert. Herb for short.
Q: Does the title of episode 511, "The Entity", refer to Mr. Garrison's new mode of transportation, or to Kyle's inhuman-seeming cousin Kyle?A: It refers to Mr. Garrison's invention, though if this was "X-files" it would refer to both.

The episode's original title was "The Ginger Device," but there were some legal issues regarding that name (regarding Kamen's "real" "It," so the title was changed.

Q: In Tweek's first episode "Gnomes", his mom mentions that Tweek suffers from ADD, but as we all know, Timmy suffers from ADD too. So how could they both have ADD when they both don't act the same way from the disorder? Does Timmy like, have to drink coffee to be a little more normal like Tweek?A: Tweek has ADD. Timmy (along with the other children) was misdiagnosed as suffering from ADD, when he was really just retarded. Or rather, suffering from a strange combination of palsy and Tourette's.
November 26, 2001
Q: How come Cartman isn't doing time for killing Scott Tenorman's parents?A: Because he didn't kill Scott Tenorman's parents, the rancher shot them because he thought they were trespassing. Cartman merely chopped them up and put them into chili. So the real question is, why didn't Cartman go to jail for butchering, then cooking Scott Tenorman's parents?
Q: I've seen that the current new episodes have dealt with what is going on in the world and the US recently... How long ago were the scripts written for these episodes?A: Most scripts ideas are pitched in meetings at the beginning of each run of new episodes. The actual scripts are usually written as the show is being animated a week before airdate.

As far as we know, there are no other animated shows, let alone live-action shows, that are written so close to airdate. Which is why many of our episodes are so temporal.

Q: I really love Towelie...can you actually buy real ones online?A: As far a we know, Comedy Central will not be selling copies of everyone's favorite "stone-washed" towel online, or anywhere else.Ah, damnit! You missed a good chance to buy one in mid-February 2002!
Q: I've been looking for WAV files of Towelie, can you help me locate them? I tried doing a search, but it came back with no results.A: Go to the search box and type in "508." You should get all downloads pertaining to that episode, including Towelie sounds.
Q: Is there somewhere that I can find out when an episode will be rerun? I missed the beginning of #509 and I'm dying to see it again....A: Comedy Central usually posts the schedule for the upcoming month on their web site. And you can always ask us. We have the schedule through next April 2002. Unfortunately, there are no plans to rerun #509 in the near future.
November 25, 2001
Q: Who did the voice of Kyle's cousin "Kyle" in Episode 511 "The Entity."A: Trey.
Q: In episode 511 was that the first time they said Mr. Garrison's name was Herbert?A: Yes.
November 24, 2001
Q: What is the most highly rated South Park episode?A: "Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut" (#113) and "Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut." (#202) They received Nielson ratings in the 8.0 range. Pretty freakin' amazing.

"Terrance and Phillip" also did well, but we won't get into the reason why it did, shall we?

Q: What inspired you to make the best show on the face of the planet, on the best channel on the face of the planet?A: Money.... and chicks.
Q: Where is Kyle from?A: The planet Houston.
Q: Hmm TPS is made up. Is Conjoined Twin Myslexia made up too? What is their fascination w/ making up diseases?A: Yes. Cause we get into enough trouble making fun of people with real diseases.
Q: In "The Entity," is that a 'head shot wound' in Bill Gates's head?A: Yes it is. The bastard survived.
November 22, 2001
Q: Do Trey and Matt laugh to themselves as they write each episode of SP?A: Yep, all the way to the bank, yo!
Q: How do you get the South Park credits font?A: The "South Park" font is a proprietary one, developed specifically for the show. While it's not available to the public, I'm sure someone on the net has a bootlegged copy (from licensees, probably).
Q: When will they put out entire seasons of South Park on DVD?A: When Warner Brothers Home Video decides to get their heads out....
November 21, 2001
Q: Who gets to decide how Kenny dies?A: Kenny's death is usually one of the last scenes to be animated each week. The ultimate decision is Trey's, though Matt, Eric, and others have their input.
Q: In the Osama episode Cartman doesn't want to give $1.00 to the Afghani children cause it buys him his chocolate but regular milk only costs 10 cents. What kind of price gouging is that?A: Regular milk, like school lunches, is partially subsidized by the state of Colorado and the federal government. Chocolate milk is not subsidized, so Cartman must pay full price, which is still pretty steep if you ask me.
Q: What happened to Cartman hitting things with a stick?A: Well, he hit Osama bin Laden with a big wooden mallet in #509.
November 20, 2001
Q: If Kyle's dead grandmother in episode 312 is Sheila's mother, why is her name "Cleo Broflovski"? Shouldn't her last name be Sheila's maiden name?A: Few people know this, but Kyle's parents both have the same last name. They found out they were related after getting married, a scandal, which is why they had to move from the East Coast to South Park five years ago.

Just kidding.

Q: Who does the voice of Towelie?A: Staff Writer Vernon Chatman. He has his own project called "Kid's Show." It rocks. I've never seen him high.
Q: Any talk about another Beefcake episode.....except a little beefier than the last one?A: If it gets any beefier, we won't get FDA approval.
Q: How come Kyle's hair looks just like the fake Kenny's hair from "Fat Camp" (#415)? Also, if Kyle's hair is red, then how come when Rebecca Cotswald cut his hat open (in #313), there was only a bald scalp?A: Kyle's hair pretty much looks like the guy who voices him (Matt Stone), though Matt's hair is a bit more brown. The scene is also a bit reminiscent of the scene in "Cannibal" where Matt's character takes off is Kyle-like hat.

And to answer your second question, the hair on all South Park children is a separate "layer" from the face (all of which are pretty much the same - except for Cartman, hence the joke in "Super Best Friends" Cartman: "Hey guys, guess who I am.") So we either forgot to give Kyle hair in that scene, or Matt and Trey weren't ready for you guys to see Kyle's hair.

Q: What's with the Braniff Airlines bit at the end of each episode? Believe it? A: I believe I've answered this before, but I'll do it again...for laughs. When Matt and Trey delivered the pilot to Comedy Central, they didn't have a bumper (you know, that card at the end of the show that tells you who created it).

Not having an appropriate company name or logo to use (Avenging Conscience notwithstanding), they tossed in the logo of Braniff Airlines - a defunct airline from the 60s and 70s - the music is the melody from "Cannibal." After the show aired, they were contacted by a company that owned the rights to the Braniff name and logo. An agreement was made to allow them the use of the logo on South Park broadcasts, but not on any other projects in the future.

Let that be a lesson to you kids. Always consult your lawyer.

Q: Do you guys accept ideas from the fans for the show?A: No.
Q: Do Trey and Matt plan on starring in anymore movies? Cannibal, Orgazmo, and Basketball kicked ass!!! I want to see more of them!!!A: They have a cameo in the upcoming (and long delayed) "Run, Ronnie, Run" by the "Mr. Show" guys, Bob and David. Besides that, there's nothing in the pipeline.
Q: Is TPS a real deformation or was it just made up?A: It was just made up. Though I've known a couple ass-faces in my time.
November 18, 2001
Q: What are the lyrics of Cartman's "In the Ghetto."A: Actually, it's Elvis' song. Here's a link to the lyrics.

Q: When is DVDA going to release an album?A: There are no plans for a album release at this time, though the band already has several tracks recorded and ready for consumption by former fans of the Backstreet Boys.

In the meantime, pick up the debut album from Tenacious D.

Q: What is Kenny really saying in "The Most Offensive Song" from Hankey's Christmas Classics?A: "You can s*** all the d*** you want and still be a virgin, Mary." Mr. Hankey was originally supposed to sing these lyrics.
Q: How many episodes did Kenny not die in?A: I lost count, but last time I checked there were 8 or 9 of them (mostly in the 3rd and 4th seasons).
Q: What did TPS stand for in the episode (#510) where the butt-faced people think that Kenny is their long lost son?A: TPS = Torsonic Polarity Syndrome
Q: I was just wondering if you guys were extremely high when you came up with the Towelie concept. I mean c'mon, a talking towel that likes to get high? Pure genius.A: *raises hand* Guilty as charged.
November 17, 2001
Q: You mocked many famous celebrities (last one was Ben Affleck), who's gonna be the next "victim"?A: This Wednesday's ep (#511) has several celebrity cameos, though I wouldn't call them "victims" this time around.
Q: Does Trey write every episode of "South Park"?A: No, but he writes most of them (especially over the past two seasons). Prior to that, several were cowritten with Matt or other staff writers.
Q: Since the satellite providers (DirecTV especially) don't give information about episodes that are airing, why don't you have descriptions? You give descriptions of the next NEW episode, but there's one on tomorrow, and I have no way of know ing which one it is...A: Well, we have all of that info on this site. Check the main show section for episode titles and descriptions. We also let you know when it's a new episode or a rerun.

TV guides usually don't have our titles or episode descriptions because they usually need them more than a week in advance. And if you know anything about our show, that ain't going to happen most of the time.

Q: Will we be able to watch the "Asses of Fire" movie someday or the parts we can see in BLU are the only one we'll ever see?A: There is no "Asses of Fire" movie per se, though there was enough animation completed by the movie crew to fill three movies. Will we ever see some of that material on DVD, one can always wonder...or not.
November 16, 2001
Q: When will South Park Season 5 be released on DVD?A: A DVD with four episodes from Season 5 will be released in June of 2002.
Q: When the Afghani kids first appear in ep. 509, they talk some kind of gibberish. Does it actually mean something?A: I believe that the Afghani kids (the "Stan" and "Kyle" characters specifically) we're speaking farsi, or something very similar, most of the time. They were voiced by two Persian actors.

Osama and the other characters were speaking gibberish.

November 15, 2001
Q: Will there ever be an episode where the four boys will be older like adults?A: There has been some talk of showing the boys in a "flash-forward" scene, but there are elements within the South Park family that have been fighting that.

There was a scene in #302 "Spontaneous Combustion" where we saw adults dressed in the boys clothes, but those were merely stand-ins used in Randy Marsh's reenactment.

Q: Who's crazy idea was it for Kyle to have a red-colored afro for his hair?A: Matt's parents and the laws of genetics (Mendel).
November 13, 2001
Q: Why are you all ways saying bad words in why does somebody all ways die in sothpark every day i watch the show.How many days does it come on is there some gay people in does the towl always want to get hy in Dink bear in smoke.A: Damn, home schooling! Damn it straight to hell!
Q: How come in your "Terrance and Phillip In Space" screen saver you put American flags on their space suits? Shouldn't they have Canadian ones?A: Yeah right! Like Canada has a space program. Do they even have indoor plumbing? Get real!
Q: Who do you think would win in a fight Towelie or Mr. Hankey?A: Definitely Mr. Hankey, Towelie sucks he'd be too busy getting high.
November 12, 2001
Q: What happened to the Scripts in the downloads?A: All we can say right now is that they've been taken down untill futher notice. If we can get them back we will.
November 11, 2001
Q: In the episode where the Jewish scouts get together and meet Moses, is Moses just a copy of the MCP from the 80s movie "Tron" ?A: Yep, and he graces a crew shirt from Christmas of 1999. "No Cake For the Impurity!"
Q: Is the Eminem guest appearance still in place? When will the episode air,this year or next year?A: As we've said before, there are no plans to have Eminem guest on South Park.
Q: What's that Fleetwood Mac song that the goat sings in 509?A: That wasn't a Fleetwood Mac song. It's a indistinguishable parody, much like the Phil Collins parody in #404.

For legal reasons (obviously) we weren't allowed to use a real Stevie Nicks song or a real Fleetwood Mac song - though Matt and Trey really wanted one. Those nuts!

November 9, 2001
Q: Why didn't they make Osama like Saddam?A: Because for some reason Matt and Trey try to do different things each episode.
Q: Towelie had some commercials that showed a beach towel you could buy that played "You Wanna Get High?" Are you going to sell Towelie merchandise?A: Comedy Central is in the works of making some Towelie Merchandise as we speak, what it's going to be and when it will be out I don't know.
Q: How does Trey do satans voice?A: Satan's voice is pitch shifted down
Q: On Season 3 video box sets it says there's an episode called "Brown Noise". What is it and why isn't it in this website's episode guide?A: On this site it's called "World Wide Recorder Contest"
November 5, 2001
Q: Are there really over 500 episodes of South Park?A: Heh, NO! There are only 73 episodes of South Park. (74 when we air the new on on November 7th!)
Q: When are Matt and Trey gonna stop making South Park?A: Matt and Trey signed a contract with Comedy Central to go on for three more years, what they're doing after is unknown for now!
Q: Why the f*ck can't we e-mail Trey and Matt? They do have e-mail addresses! But they are too skiddish to give them out! And where the f*ck is MACON!? I want him back!A: You're right they do have emails. But we're not going to give them out because people like you would email them. We cut Macon up into tiny little pieces and ate him for breakfast THEN dinner.
Q: Will Mr. Twig ever return?A: Not if Mr. Hat has anything to do with it.
November 1, 2001
Q: Why do those rats always show up everytime Kenny dies?A: They're more then likley looking for a free meal.
October 31, 2001
Q: Can you email Matt or Trey directly ? Or do you have to go through the staff?A: Matt and Trey do not have an email that fans can write to. If you want to ask a question please email:

October 30, 2001
Q: I found some clips on the net of things I never seen before like the boys & Timmy in Gladiator. Do Matt and Trey make these for the net or am I getting a glimpse at a repeated or coming up episode?A: The Gladiator sketch was for an MTV awards show, Matt and Trey did a spoof of Gladiator, Battlefield Earth and Scientology.
Q: Is the man playing guitar on the opening credits meant to be Les Claypool from Primus?A: Yes, Les Claypool does the opening credit theme song so they made a South Park style characater of him.
October 27, 2001
Q: Did George Clooney actually do the voice of Sparky in Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride?A: Yes he did and Jay Leno did the voice of Mr. Kitty!
October 26, 2001
Q: What is the "Spooky Vision" for?A: To scare the shit outta you!!
Q: How do i download something once it's in my cart?A: Once you've got it all in your cart click on the yellow arrow to the very right of the description and your on your way!
Q: Did korn do there own voices on "Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery?"A: Yes they did, all guest stars that have their name in the credits listed as "Special Guest Star" in the beginning do their own voices.
October 25, 2001
Q: How come Matt and Trey don't have an introduction in the Timmy video?A: Matt and Trey have'nt been asked to do one of those introductions in a while. Once there is more news about it we'll post it.
October 24, 2001
Q: Is there anywhere else that I can get the Lapdance 2001 DVD other than You can get the same DVD at
Q: If Mr. Garrison really is gay, then why was Fluffy the pig female?A: I think it has something to do with chromosomes.
Q: Do you think Craig has some kind of condition (like Tourette's Syndrome) where he always has to flip the bird, or is he just being rude?A: Neither. It's learned behavior. Just check out his family in #304 "Tweek vs. Craig."
Q: How old are Terrance and Phillip?A: 30 and 32.
Q: Is Kenny short for Kenneth?A: No. It's long for Ken.
October 22, 2001
Q: What is the melody to funky town! The digits to a phone?A: Well the beginning part goes: 5-5-4-5-7-7-5... then I lose it. I, however, CAN play the chorus to "Wind Beneath My Wings."
Q: What would Brian Boy Tommo do?A: I don't know, but I have a good idea on what Brian Boitano would do...
Q: Does Isaac Hayes or Matt Trey write Chef's songs?A: Trey writes them, sends them to Isaac and Matt gives him direction over the phone! Sometimes Isaac comes in to the studios to record his lines.
Q: Is Mr. Garison gay?A: Um... YES! Gayer then Springtime as a matter of fact.
October 16, 2001
Q: Does south park really have anything against Phil Collins or are they joking around?A: They really, really hate Phill Collins!
Q: Refering to "Alabama Man", you do realize that not all men from Alabama are just drunk rednecks...some are fat as well.A: Of course we knew that, we just decided to use the more visually pleasing Alabama Man, DUH!
Q: In the sexual harassment Panda episode, what are the lyrics to the Panda's song?A: Who lives in the East
Near the willower tree?
Sexual Harassment Panda!
Who explains sexual harassment
To you and me?
Sexual Harassment Panda!
Don't say that!
Don't touch there!
Don't be nasty
Says that silly bear!
He's gonna tell you
What's right and wrong!
Sexual Harassment Panda!
October 15, 2001
Q: Will they're ever be a special edition dvd of orgazmo with all sorts of crazy extras?A: Well gosh, if you pray (to satan) real hard, anything can happen.
Q: Will you guys release the complete seasons on DVD, like the X-files and the Simpson's did?A: As soon as we get as many wealthy fans as those two shows. Our fans are po, but we still love them... mostly.
Q: Will I ever be able to purchase the wonder that is "the wild wacky action bike"? How about Alabama man?A: Unfortunately, neither are available to the general public (that would be you).

Actually, I (Charles) was supposed to get one of the two "Wacky Action Bikes," the "picture" bike if you will (that's the one they used for the rotating shot, not the blow-up shot), but some a-hole on the crew did a switcheroo. I was seriously pissed.

I think the one and only Alabama Man went to one of the show's writers as a birthday gift.

Q: Will you be making fun of Osama bin Laden in future episodes, or are you afraid you may receive letters with white powdery matter on them for it?A: We already receive letters with white powdery matter on them... Oh, you mean anthrax. Nevermind.
October 14, 2001
Q: What can we expect in the new episodes of South Park?A: Kenny will die.
October 12, 2001
Q: Whats the name of the DVD with DVDA live on it?A: It's called "Lapdance 2000" and it's available at Tower Records and at
October 11, 2001
Q: Who did the Towelie voice?A: It was done by Vernon Chatman, he also doubles as a writer on the show.
October 10, 2001
Q: Did you guys ever sell the Towelie talking towel?A: No, that was a joke. However sold the t-shirt that said "I love Towelie" and "I Hate Towelie" for about a week after the show originally aired.It became a reality in February of 2002, but was offered for a few days.
October 5, 2001
Q: I loved the first episode with Jesus vs. Santa but it was like 5 minutes long, will they ever finish it?A: They did finish it, they didn't have a clue it was going to be so popular so the first episode was only 5 minutes long!
Q: How come in "The Spirit Of Christmas" Cartman is called KENNY?A: Cartman and Kenny were switched around because it was the first time ever that they did it. They had no idea it would become such a popular series. All animated shows change from the beginning, if you look at older shows of "The Simpsons" Mr. Smithers is super super dark skinned, now he's just like the other characters... 'cept for Apu of course.
Q: Is NAMBLA an actual real life organization?A: Yes it is, do a search for it on sick stuff.This has been answered in Part I - go look there as well.
October 1, 2001
Q: Why is Chef (the most important adult in South Park) not on your adults character page?A: Because he's in the "Guest Stars" section. Chef is technically a guest star in the credits of the show.
Q: Who decides which episodes are going to be rerun?A: Usually Comedy Central
Q: Was robin williams really in South Park: Bigger,Longer and Uncut?A: No he wasn't. However he did perform "Blame Canada" at the Oscars when SP: BL&UC was up.
September 27, 2001
Q: A friend of mine says that you use Macromedia Flash to do each episode of South Park. Is it so, or is he just a misguided soul?A: He's a poor, poor misguided soul. South Park is made on "MAYA" a 3D animation software that the movie Final Fantasy was made on.
Q: What episode number is the episode when cartman acts black and becomes a rapper?A: It's 113 "Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut" damn good episode.
Q: Who the f*ck is Juan Shwartz?A: Juan Shwartz is a pseudonym for Trey Parker.A variation on John Schwartz, a name Alferd Packer used for a while.
Q: When are you going to show Kenny's face?A: Actually Kenny's face was shown in "South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut." He also speaks clearly.Kenny's face was seen agian in "Super Best Friends," but as all the kids were bald, it was hard to tell him apart from the others. Only when Kyle finds Kenny floating dead in the pool do we know it's Kenny we're seeing.
Q: When will you show Kenny's face in a normal episode?A: Matt and Trey have yet to show Kenny's face in a normal episode of South Park, I'm not too sure if they'll ever do it since the movie was special.