South Park Studios FAQ

Compiled by Willie Westwood
from the list of questions answered by the staff at South Park Studios.

Part 24 - Winter 2007

Some commentary is provided in the third column
March 19, 2007
Q. - Where is Officer Barbrady nowdays?A. - Check out episode #1104: "the snuke"
March 18, 2007
Q. - What differences are there between the censored and uncensored versions?A. - In the censored versions, like the episodes aired on TV, swear words are bleeped out.
March 16, 2007
Q. - Greg Postma and Tony Postma - brothers, lovers, coincidence?A. - Just brothers.
March 14, 2007
Q. - Where does the name Hope come from?A. - It just complimented the story line - no big secret.
Q. - For the HD version of Good Times with Weapons, how did you handle the different aspect ratio? Was content chopped, or new parts added, or...?A. - We added in content.
March 11, 2007
Q. - Who voiced Dr. Nelson (the midget)?A. - Trey, with a little help from a helium tank.
Q. - What's the background music in episode 1101 when Cartman and the midget fight?A. - The song was "Down with the sickness" by Disturbed.
Q. - What do you guys think of that movie, 300?A. - Haven't seen it, but loved the trailer!
March 9, 2007
Q. - Any ETA on the Season 10 DVD? And will it have more bonus features?A. - Early fall 2007. We don't have an exact date yet, but we'll let you know!
March 8, 2007
Q. - Any chance of South Park gamer pictures on XBox Live? A. - No.
Q. - Is the midget doctor based on a real person? A. - No.
March 7, 2007
Q. - Do you guys have a favorite Nintendo mascot?A. - No.
Q. - Is somebody there a fan of Hunter S Thompson? I thought I noticed the poster in the spoken word scene.A. - Our storyboard department are fans.
March 4, 2007
Q. - iTunes is getting uncensored versions? Will these show up on the DVDs too?A. - Yes! Season 11 episodes will be available uncensored on iTunes the Tuesday after they air. The season 11 DVD will be uncensored.
March 3, 2007
Q. - Did you guys know the Simpsons have a 24 parody in the making?A. - We do now.
February 14, 2007
Q. - How many questions do you guys get?A. - Several hundred a week.
Q. - Why haven't you guys answered my question yet?A. - Unfortunately, we can't answer every single question as much as we'd like to! Also, the majority of the questions we get have already been answered -- check the FAQ archives!
February 5, 2007
Q. - Mr. Garrison won the gay Pulitzer Prize? How is that different from the regular one?A. - Maybe it's just a category; Pulitzer Prizes are awarded in a number of them.
Q. - How come there's a number of holidays but the kids don't move up a year? Are they dumb or does South Park have Christmas more than once a year?A. - That is an interesting question! Too bad I can't think of an answer. Oh, wait, yes, I can: South Park isn't real!

(Shocking, we know.)

February 4, 2007
Q. - Did you guys see the Crab People in the Superbowl commercial?A. - "The King Crab?" I guess our secret is out.
Q. - How do you play trivia every Wednesday?A. - Join us in the chatroom at the appropriate time. We'll explain the rules then.
February 2, 2007
Q. - Do you guys wake up every morning, now that you're successful and rich and everything, and feel different or the same as when you started?A. - Interestingly enough, psychological research has shown that making lots of money (and other such things) only makes people happier for a short period of time and generally not long term. Look up "hedonic treadmill" for more information about that.
Q. - Who are the Hardy boys?A. - They are the main characters in a series of detective books.
Q. - Why did Matt and Trey diss red heads? We already have it bad enough, jesus.A. - I'm not Jesus, but I'll pass the message along.
January 31, 2007
Q. - Any chance South Park will get a new game? With all these new cel-shaded graphics, you could make an amazing game that looks almost just like the actual show.A. - Uhm, no. Cel-shading, while neat, is a technique designed to make 3D look sort of like anime, which South Park is not.

..."Good Times with Weapons" not withstanding, of course.

Q. - Did you guys have an account on youtube? I saw someone named "southparkstudios" putting up full episodes.A. - That was not us.
Q. - Can I use some of your pictures and clips for an educational project?A. - Use of a small amount of material for educational projects is permitted in the US under "Fair use."
Q. - Did you guys catch crap for Mohammed's image during "Super Best Friends?"A. - Not really.
January 30, 2007
Q. - Hey, FAQ people, what would a priest want to stick up my butt?A. - That's all the time we have for today's FAQs! Goodbye!
Q. - Why was there a South Park podcast with no episodes in it?A. - The South Park Studios podcast was meant to be a behind-the-scenes look at the people who work on the show. But lots of people assumed it meant free episodes or segments.
Q. - If Matt and Trey took a gay test, where they got a number from 1 to 10, 1 being totally straight and 10 being like Big Gay Al, what numbers would they land on?A. - Dude, that test is gay. And I mean number 10 gay.
January 29, 2007
Q. - I heard South Park is up for contract renewal after season 12. Does that mean the show could end?A. - Yes, it COULD end then, but that doesn't mean it will.
January 28, 2007
Q. - I used to watch South Park all the time on the WB when it wasn't on Comedy Central. Anyway, they sold out to CW, who doesn't show South Park anymore. Any chance another network will pick up broadcast rights?A. - South Park is now syndicated, so there are lots of networks that play it. Find another near you.
January 27, 2007
Q. - When are the new 10th season games coming out?A. - The web games will come once a month until the coming half-season ends. If you have Flash and Shockwave installed, give the collection a whirl now!
Q. - When does season 11 start?A. - Early March.