South Park Studios FAQ

Compiled by Willie Westwood
from the list of questions answered by the staff at South Park Studios.

Part 21 - Spring 2006

Some commentary is provided in the third column
June 21, 2006
Q. - Is any one there?A. - Just the voice in your head.
June 20, 2006
Q. - are you domA. - The "Document Object Model?" To our knowledge, we are not... we just use it.
Q. - Why are there so few "Manbearpig" images? It skips from "Towelie" to "TSST!A. - Fear not, we've got more coming in the next few weeks.
Q. - Is "That's My Bush" ever coming to DVD?A. - It certainly is; the cast recorded commentary for the DVD not too long ago.It should have been out two years ago though.
June 19, 2006
Q. - What is Jimmy's full name? Swanson? Valmer?A. - It depends on how Trey is feeling that day.
June 18, 2006
Q. - What will episode #1008 be named?A. - It hasn't been written yet, but when an episode title is chosen, we'll let you know.
Q. - With the rise of remakes, will the Spirit of Christmas ever be remade into a full length episode?A. - I'm guessing you haven't seen the episode "Free Hat."
June 17, 2006
Q. - Why was season 10 split?A. - This isn't the first season to be split, and it probably won't be the last. THe season is split in order to give everyone a break from the non-stop craziness that goes into making a run of shows.Been like that from the beginning of the show, really.
June 16, 2006
Q. - Can I go on this website?A. - Unless your mother tells you otherwise, sure.
Q. - Why isn't "The Spirit of Christmas" in the Episode Guide?A. - Well, technically, it's not an episode...
June 15, 2006
Q. - When are you guys going to update the Production Blog?A. - Oh, uh, I don't know, maybe when the show is BACK IN PRODUCTION?
June 14, 2006
Q. - I know it's a running gag, but will we ever see how Kenny keeps coming back to life?A. - Check out the end of the episode "Cartman Joins NAMBLA."
Q. - Lose some weight, you fat BLEEPs.A. - Have you read the Production Blog? Many of the folks on the show recently lost weight. In some cases... a lot of weight.
June 1, 2006
Q. - When precisely will Season 10 resume?A. - The next new episode (#1008) is currently scheduled to air on Wednesday, October 4, 2006 at 10:00 P.M. ET/PT. It will be followed by six more new episodes for a total of seven new episodes this fall.
May 11, 2006
Q. - Will there be any more South Park games in the future?A. - We are working on some neat games you can play for free here on the website.
Q. - If it only takes Matt and Trey one week to make an entire episode from scratch, why do we only see 14 a year?A. - Although an episode is produced in a week, there are several weeks of "pre-planning" for each run of seven episodes. Additionally, they work around the clock during that week to make the episode -- if they made many more during the year, they might die of exhaustion. You don't want that... do you?
Q. - I've noticed that a lot of episodes lately seem animal-friendly (e.g., Free Willzyx, Fun With Veal). Are any of you vegetarian?A. - Didn't you see what we said about vegetarians in Fun With Veal?
Q. - Will season 8 be available on DVD soon?A. - Yes! It will be available in the next few months.
Q. - Can we look forward to any new season 10 episodes?A. - Yes! Seven more are coming beginning in October.
May 10, 2006
Q. - I've been meaning to ask this for a while. Now, years later, I am still wondering: what does the EIEIO person do? I see it listed, and I want to know, how can I achieve EIEIO-ness?A. - Keith Nesson, the EIEIO, has posted an entry in the Production Blog and he talks a little bit about his title. Check it out!
May 8, 2006
Q. - Can Cartman see his wee if he's standing?A. - As excited as everyone here is about Nintendo's new video game console (it's spelled Wii, by the way, not Wee), no one has one yet. Not even Cartman.
Q. - In the episode "Tsst", the scene where Cartman changes reminded me of a movie. I can't remember which one...A. - Altered States, perhaps?
May 7, 2006
Q. - Is there an official MySpace for South Park?A. - No.
Q. - What is Al Gore really doing right now?A. - He actually is making a movie.
Q. - When will Season 11 be aired?A. - Not until next year. (But season 10 isn't over yet!)
Q. - When will David Blane come back?A. - He apparently has the ability to hibernate for long periods of time. So we'll see...
Q. - My girlfriend is Japanese, and she recently commented how my penis looks like a typical Japanese one. Should I be worried?A. - Yes. Very worried.
Q. - Do the Creators believe in the right to freedom of speech and expression?A. - Obviously, yes.
May 6, 2006
Q. - I've heard from quite a few sources that Craig's last name is Nommel. True or false?A. - Craig has never been given a last name on the show.
Q. - How do you spell Kyle's last name? Money is riding on it.A. - Broflovski.
May 5, 2006
Q. - According to the fans, what is the funniest South Park episode ever made?A. - "Fat Butt and Pancake Head."
Q. - Do either Matt and Trey own an XBox 360? I noticed Cartman playing with one in "TSST!"A. - Yes, actually.
Q. - I understand that Matt and Trey are signed on to a 10 year contract. After the 10th season, will Matt and Trey sign on to another contract or will they be done with South Park?A. - All the contracts Matt and Trey have had were for a couple years, at most. Last season, they renewed their contract for three more seasons (this one and two more).
Q. - Where can I download ringtones and wallpaper for my phone?A. - Comedy Central has ringtones available for purchase at their mobile website,
May 3, 2006
Q. - So... is the uncensored clip of Mohammed from Cartoon Wars II real? It looks fake.A. - The one circulating around the Internet is a fake.
May 2, 2006
Q. - I have seen Baseketball, Orgazmo, the South Park Movie, and Team America. Have Matt and Trey done any other movies?A. - Yes! There is another called "Cannibal: The Musical" and you should definitely check it out.
Q. - What does TSST stand for? Answer me!A. - TSST is a sound. It doesn't stand for anything.
Q. - Looking forward to a Team America II. Any plans for one?A. - No, sorry.
Q. - What the hell is a metrosexual?A. - Basically, a straight man who acts gay.
May 1, 2006
Q. - Where is this "How it Began" section of your website?A. - In the navigation menu, look under "Behind the Scenes."
April 5, 2006
Q. - Who played the voice of Darth Chef?A. - Peter Serafinowicz, the voice of Darth Maul.
April 4, 2006
Q. - I understand the "2 * 100 + 1 = episode 201" formula, but what I don't understand is why TV shows use said formula. Can't you just call it 21... season two, episode one?A. - The problem with that is that there are often more than nine or ten episodes in a season. Or should we use hexadecimal?
Q. - South Park has grown more and more visually intricate over the last several seasons, particularly backgrounds of scenes. I know the technology has always been there, so why now?A. - If you don't grow through the years, you get bored and you bore your audience. We have a talented staff with great equipment -- we're challenging both.
Q. - When does season 8 come out on DVD?A. - October!
April 2, 2006
Q. - Is it true that South Park will end in 200089 with aliens nuking the Earth?A. - According to our computers, the world will end at 03:14:07 UTC, Tuesday, January 19, 2038.
Q. - Where was Kenny in the episode "Smug Alert!?"A. - Simple: Kenny's family couldn't afford a hybrid.
...Or a car.
March 29, 2006
Q. - Could I send you guys fan art?A. - We have a fan art forum on our BBS. Post it there for everyone to see!
Q. - Is there a real Casa Bonita restaurant?A. - Yes! Visit their website by clicking here.
March 28, 2006
Q. - We didn't get "Bloody Mary" shown here in Australia! Was the episode not sent to us?A. - It was sent; as for why it wasn't shown, well, perhaps you should ask your local broadcaster.
March 25, 2006
Q. - This might be a stupid question, but I'm a little behind on the times. In the most recent episode, it starts out with a "previously on South Park." Was there really an episode where Chef takes off, or was that just a gag for this episode?A. - It was just a gag, so to speak -- the referenced episode does not exist.
March 24, 2006
Q. - I received an email about "South Park Custom Checks." Where can I find these?A. - Click here
Q. - Butters + McRib Challenge = Ratings Gold!A. - We agree.
March 23, 2006
Q. - Is there a Cripple Fight game on the website?A. - Yes! Look under the games section.
March 22, 2006
Q. - Will all the South Park Seasons be available on iTunes?A. - That's the plan.