South Park Studios FAQ

Compiled by Willie Westwood
from the list of questions answered by the staff at South Park Studios.

Part 20 - Winter 2006

Some commentary is provided in the third column
March 15, 2006
Q. - Is it true that Isaac Hayes has quit the show?A. - Yes.
March 14, 2006
Q. - Why haven't you made an episode making fun of Michael Moore?A. - Did you see Team America?
March 13, 2006
Q. - If Matt and Trey don't have a beef with Canada, why do they always make fun of it? Not that I really care, I'm just curious.A. - Matt and Trey make fun of everything. Last I checked, Canada was a subset of everything.Having a beef with something or someone is not a prerequisite for making fun of them. :)
March 12, 2006
Q. - Is the answer to this question no?A. - Probably.
March 11, 2006
Q. - Do crab people ever get peoples around their genital area?A. - Aha! So you're the one!
March 10, 2006
Q. - Did you ever win an Emmy? If so, for which episode?A. - Yes, for "Best Friends Forever."
March 7, 2006
Q. - I know you've had Former President Clinton and Abe Lincoln (I think), but will you ever rip on George W. Bush?A. - Matt and Trey did an entire series about him entitled "That's My Bush." It's coming out on DVD this fall.
March 5, 2006
Q. - In the "Cartman joins NAMBLA" episode, what is the name of the song when everyone was running in and out of the bedrooms?A. - Page D'Ecriture
March 3, 2006
Q. - Is it true that the South Park DVD boxsets are edited like the syndicated episodes?A. - No.
March 1, 2006
Q. - In one of the episodes where Tweek was the fourth friend, they were making a snowman. Stan and Kyle told Tweek to put the nose on, but Tweek was worried it might come to life. Was there an episode where a snowman did come to life?A. - You're thinking of "Jesus vs Frosty." Check out the "How it Began" section of the website and you could watch it.
February 28, 2006
Q. - Is Matt Stone a fan of NWA?A. - Why? What airline are you a fan of?
February 26, 2006
Q. - What song is Cartman singing when he wins the sexual harrasment lawsuit against the school?A. - It's not a real song; Trey just made up something.
Q. - You said that there were 139 episodes made. Then, why is there an episode 201?A. - Episodes numbers for most shows use the following formula: season * 100 + episode_in_season. So, the first episode of season two is 201 because 2 * 100 + 1 = 201.
Q. - Do Crab People taste like chicken?A. - No, they taste like crab. I MEAN... that's what I've heard... In their song...
February 24, 2006
Q. - Do you have the balls to give Mohammed a guest appearance?A. - We already did. Mohammed was a member of the Super Best Friends.
February 23, 2006
Q. - Can you describe a Texas Chilibowl from the episode with Trent Boyett?A. - A Texas Chilibowl involves Tabasco sauce, a telephone and the anus -- just like it said in the show. That's all we know.
February 22, 2006
Q. - What does Kenny look like under his clothing?A. - About the same as most everybody else.


Q. - If the show had gone by in real time, how old would the boys be?A. - They'd probably be about to graduate highschool.
Q. - Will South Park stop at season 12?A. - Maybe. Or maybe not.
Q. - Are there any plans to release Season 5 on DVD in the UK?A. - Yes! You should hopefully be seeing the first new DVDs sometime this year.
February 20, 2006
Q. - Why can the boys say certain things on Comedy Central but the words are changed on WCIU (in Illinois)?A. - The episodes have to be edited slightly for over-air broadcast. Cable and satellite-only shows fall under a different set of rules.
February 19, 2006
Q. - Are you aware of the song by Eninem where he sings about shoving a gerbil up us ass? Did you guys steal that idea?A. - I'm pretty sure that idea has been around much longer...
Q. - Is it true that "That's My Bush" has a second unaired pilot made in case Al Gore won the election? Will we be able to see it?A. - No, there was never an unaired pilot featuring Al Gore. We barely got "That's My Bush" on the air. We never have enough time to produce something that won't air.
February 18, 2006
Q. - What is the syndicated version of South Park?A. - It's a version edited for and shown on local TV stations around the country.
Q. - Where is Cartman on the Season 7 DVD cover?A. - Clearly he couldn't fit through that hole in the wall.
February 17, 2006
Q. - I'm English and wondering: when will the sixth season be out in the UK?A. - The fifth season has not yet been released internationally. After the fifth season comes out, the sixth should not be too far behind...
February 16, 2006
Q. - I'm a member but I can't remember my password. Help?A. - Use the "Forgot Password?" link in the Members Area.
February 15, 2006
Q. - Why are episodes $1.99 in iTunes?A. - That's the standard price charged for most shows.
Q. - Will Team America be available on PSP?A. - It already is.
February 2, 2006
Q. - How did you come up with "Mongolians"? It was funny as hell.A. - Uh, a history book?
Q. - Why don't the guys do an episode where the boys come to Australia? I'm sure you could take the piss out of us somehow!A. - The Simpson's Already Did It.That, and they already stopped there once, in "Starvin' Marvin in Space."
February 1, 2006
Q. - I know Trey and Matt's favorite football team is the Denver Broncos, but we all know that the Steelers beat them last sunday. Is it safe to assume they'll root for Seattle to win Super Bowl XL!?A. - Want to bet a million dollars on it?
(But, seriously, the answer is yes.)
Q. - In the boys Karate class, how come Kyle is a White belt and Ike is a yellow?

P.S. I want to see more scenes in the karate class. It was awesome!

A. - The answer is simple: Ike kicks ass.
Q. - I remember you had this great animated gif of one of the goth kids flipping his hair, but I didn't save it at the time. Where can I get a copy of it?A. - I think you meant this:

Now available as an AIM icon, so go grab it.
Q. - Dude, I have a really big question. I recently found out that the reason Kenny dies is because he is poor. So, why doesn't Kevin die, too? Is it because it's easier saying "Oh my God! They killed Kenny" instead of "Oh my God. They killed Kevin?"A. - Matt said Kevin is just too much of "a shitty, whitebread name. (Apologies to all the Kevins out there. Not you.)"
January 31, 2006
Q. - The site says that American Fox Network saw Jesus vs Frosty then commissioned them to make the "Spirit of Christmas" but then it says "Cannibal the Musical," which caught the attention of then FoxLab executive Brian Graden who commissioned the team to create a Christmas Video card. Which is true?A. - They're not mutually exclusive -- both statements are true, actually.
Q. - I noticed in the websites character section, you have Kyle's elephant, but where is Cartman's cat?A. - Under guest characters due to its voice.
January 29, 2006
Q. - I understand Tweek's last name is Tweek, what is his first name? Or is his first name Tweek too?A. - Yes, yes and yes.Yes, his name is Tweek, and his father is Richard Tweek, so he's Tweek Tweek.
Q. - Do any of the boys have allergies or asthma?A. - Stan has asthma, yes.
Q. - I have every season of South Park on dvd and I noticed that some episodes are not even on them. For instance, the gay crab people one. Why is that?A. - Not all the episodes are on DVD yet. For that episode, you might want to go check the Comedy Central Store and preorder the next DVD set....If you have every season on DVD so far released, there should be no missing episodes.
Q. - I noticed in the new theme song for the syndicated Southpark shows there is a new "ka-ching" (like a register) noise in the first few seconds. Does this represent the big bucks you are making from syndication?A. - Ka-ching, you answered your own question.
January 28, 2006
Q. - How do you copy and paste characters from the Create-A-Character game?A. - In Windows, hit the PRINTSCREEN key on your keyboard, and then open Paint (in Accessories under the start menu), go to edit, and select paste. On a Mac, use the Grab program located in Applications/Utilities.
Q. - Is this really what the Season 7 box set is going to look like?
A. - Apparently so, yes.
Q. - How could Kenny buy his PSP if he is poor?A. - The same way his parents could afford braces for Kevin?He might still have some money left from his time in Las Vegas.
Q. - How do you type with boxing gloves on?A. - I'm sorry, this is "Ask South Park" not "Ask StrongBad."
January 27, 2006
Q. - Do you guys know any South Park spoiler sites for the upcoming seasons/episodes?A. - Considering that the episode's script is written about a week before the episode airs, and the episode isn't finished until the morning of (at which point anybody who would know goes to sleep for the rest of the day)... no. What you see on this website during the days before a new episode is often all that's publicly known.
January 26, 2006
Q. - I read a FAQ once that said there was no plan for a 2nd South Park movie. Is this true, because if so, thats too bad -- I think it would be a great movie.A. - That's precisely the point -- Matt and Trey don't want to make it unless they're 110% sure it'll rock (and be better than the first one). If and when that day comes, well, then maybe we'll get a new South Park movie.
Q. - Which song does Stan play in Raisins?A. - A version of Peter Gabriel's "Shock the Monkey"
January 25, 2006
Q. - How many South Park episodes have been made so far?A. - I believe the current count is 139.
Q. - G'Day, I'm from England. Is this Sean Penn an actual, real-life person?A. - Interestingly enough, yes.
Q. - You always answer stupid questions but you never answer any interesting ones. For example, will trey and Matt ever bring back Azlon the lion or Najix the crapping taco? Thanks.A. - It's possible -- they could return, or they may not. We don't know yet.
Q. - Hey! I'm a huge South Park fan, but I'm also a Christian. I was wondering if you could maybe lay low a little on the God & Jesus jokes...A. - You don't think they have a sense of humor? If you're worried about the third commandment, you may prefer the syndicated version of South Park.
Q. - From episode 201, April Fools, what is Crab Dinner and what is Matt and Trey's beef with Canada?A. - It's Kraft Dinner. And Matt and Trey have no real beef with Canada.We call it Macaroni and Cheese here in the States. And Canada is like Butters - both are innocent and naÔve compared to the U.S., so they're both easy to make fun of. :)
January 24, 2006
Q. - Sean Penn is at it again! Have you seen this?! - The Onion is a satirical newspaper.
January 20, 2006
Q. - Ike always says stuff like "I pooped my pants!" , "cookie monster" , and "Suck my balls!" It just dosen't sound like something Trey or Matt could do. Is it a computer animation of Ike's voice, or does some little kid do it?A. - It was done by a real, honest-to-goodness little kid.Actually, several real, honest-to-goodness little kids, but kids grow fast, so they get new kids to do the lines as the years go by. Several kids have had actual lines on the show since their first voice-overs. They are sons and daughters of the crew.
January 17, 2006
Q. - I want answers, dagnit! Where the heck did Kenny's little sister come from? She was just there, she came from nowhere, in "Best Friends Forever!" And she couldn't have just been born, she looks almost as old as Kenny.A. - Honestly, we're just as stumped as you.
Q. - An English viewer writes: Why do the English get called French and vice versa in some South Park episodes and in the South Park movie? Is it because you know we can't stand each other?A. - Yep. Check out Pip's reaction in Conjoined Fetus Lady (aka the Dodgeball episode).Both accents sound strange to unrefined American ears (read: Cartman's ears).
January 15, 2006
Q. - Okay, buddy, you make Americans like me look stupid when you say things like "All that anarchy after your government collapsed is making it hard for us." In a parliamentary system, "governments" can fall. They do often. "Government" in a parliamentary democracy means the party in control, rather than the actual system of government. Before you insult a country, at least know what you are talking about. Sorry for lecture, but we don't need to be giving other countries any more reasons to think we're not intelligent.A. - And we don't need to give them any more reasons to think we don't have a sense of humor, either.
January 10, 2006
Q. - Are you going to be making a season 10, and if so, what will the first episode be called?A. - Yes -- Season 10 begins in March. However, the episodes haven't been written yet.
January 9, 2006
Q. - How do you guys know Kenny Hotz (of Kenny vs. Spenny fame)?A. - He has worked with the show before, and he's a friend.Check the credits for episode 908.
January 8, 2006
Q. - Why don't Matt and Trey perform in their own show? Maybe they could live down the street from Jesus, or something like that.A. - That would be kinda weird, they thought.
Q. - Is it true that South Park is made they same way that the kids made the cartoon in "A Very Crappy Christmas"? A. - Once upon a time, yes. Not anymore.
It was the way the pilot for the show was made, and that took two months. They couldn't do this on a weekly basis, so they had to figure out how to do this on computers.
January 6, 2006
Q. - Kenny should have a different colored coat. Orange is gay.A. - No, pink is gay. Orange is more... sunny.
Q. - In the article about Trey's new condo, it says he owns 8 properties. What states are the others in?A. - The state of disorder and the state of emergency.Did you really think they'd tell us? LOL
Q. - Why is the second to last episode of Season 5 called "Kenny Dies"? It happens all the time.A. - Because that time, he didn't mysteriously reappear in the next episode.Matt and Trey wanted to know how the fans would react if Kenny really did die. Plus, Matt wanted some time away from the character.
Q. - I've noticed a couple of episodes; the titles have nothing to do with the episode, like Cherokee Hair Tampons. Why is that?A. - Cherokee Hair Tampons were most definitely a part of that episode. Watch it again.
Q. - Will there be another episode with Trent Boyett in it?A. - Maybe when the boys are in 9th grade, as that's when Trent gets back out of juvie hall.
Q. - Why is French Canada like that in your episodes?A. - Have you ever been there?
January 5, 2006
Q. - I'm in the United Kingdom and I'm asking, why haven't we gotten any of season 9?A. - Season 9 should be on Paramount Comedy.
January 4, 2006
Q. - I once saw, on VHS, an old South Park short that looked as if it had been done in crayon. It involved an evil snowman that kills Kenny. Kenny looked like Cartman and Kenny, as we know him, did not exist. What did I see?A. - That would be "The Spirit of Christmas". There's details on this in the "How it All Began" section of our website.Actually, Cartman had Kenny's name, while Kenny was dressed as usual, could talk and had no name.
January 3, 2006
Q. - Do you have a screensaver for my pc?A. - Sure do! In fact, we've got lots of them. Look under "downloads".
Q. - When will be the next time you air "South Park is Gay" or "Pink Eye?"A. - Ask Comedy Central; they do the scheduling.

(Actually, Comedy Central will apparently being airing "South Park is Gay" on Friday, January 27th, 2006).

January 2, 2006
Q. - Seriously, is Wing a real music artist? Don't just give us the link.A. - Yes. Seriously
Q. - There was a game called "Something is wrong in South Park" and its not here anymore. What happened?A. - The game was broken and would no longer work in newer versions of the Shockwave Player. Sorry.
January 1, 2006
Q. - When do you answer the FAQs? What's the process for it?A. - After we collect a set of FAQs, we write up sample answers, and then pass them up the chain of command -- so to speak -- for editing and any details we might have missed or not have been aware of. For this reason, it generally takes a few days, at minimum.
December 30, 2005
Q. - Is it true that South Park will end in 20089? With 3 more seasons to shoot?A. - Yes, although it's likely that by 20089, Matt and Trey's heads will be preserved in a jar on top their robotic bodies on the planet Beta Marklar 42.Whoa! 20089???
December 29, 2005
Q. - Where can I get the composite sketch of the boys from Free Willzyx?A. - In our wallpapers section! (Look under downloads in the navigation menu.)
Q. - Where can I get wallpaper of Willzyx on the moon?A. - It's now available in our downloads section, under wallpapers.
Q. - Is the whale going to the moon in "Free Willzyx" a reference to the Lunar Whale Ship from Final Fantasy IV?A. - No, we didn't get that far -- we couldn't bear to play on after Palom and Porom died. It was just too sad.
December 28, 2005
Q. - In Red Sleigh Down at the very end, where did Kenny come from if he died?A. - Remember how Jesus died in that episode?


He came from wherever he was standing, silly. Obviously, he made it out of Rob Schneider. XD
Q. - I donít really like the on-line south park store, because here isnít anything really just for girls. I would like to see some south park small T-shirts or even some panties or a thong. Is there any way your company would consider manufacturing these goods? Or if the company has already manufactured these things, can they be ordered through the website?A. - The folks in charge of the Comedy Central store appreciate any feedback you can offer, which you can do by accessing their Help Desk or just clicking here.
Q. - Kenny has a little brother. Why doesn't he ever say or do anything?A. - Actually, Kenny's brother looks like an older brother... and maybe he doesn't like to speak much because of his braces?Kenny has a little SISTER, but she's only been seen once.
December 27, 2005
Q. - I will buy every season on DVD as soon as it's available. Could you publish a roadmap (schedule) of the DVD publishing dates?A. - In North America, Season 7 and Season 8 will be released on DVD around the time the first and second halves of Season 10 air on Comedy Central, which are in March and October, respectively.

Region 2 will also receive new DVDs this year, but we don't have the specific dates yet.

December 26, 2005
Q. - Is South Park going to put up the episodes for sale on iTunes, like "The Office," "Lost," and "Battlestar Galactica?"A. - We don't have any plans to do that currently, no.
Q. - Will South Park go on for seasons 10 and 11?A. - Yes, and just for you, how about season 12 too?
Q. - I saw in a previous FAQ that when someone asked for the name of the Mexican song in "Free Willzyx," you said it was "the Mexican Hat Dance" and you know you're wrong -- it's called "El Jarabe Tapatio" and it's a typical song from Guadalajara, Jal. Mexico. A. - Thanks.Stupid gabachos...
December 23, 2005
Q. - Why was there an alien in the back of Randy Marsh's car in the episode Bloody Mary?A. - Being a government employee, maybe he's involved in the conspiracy?Hey, wasn't that answered two weeks ago?
December 22, 2005
Q. - Why are the characters eight years old instead of being teenagers?A. - It's funnier that way.Eight is Trey's favorite age. He considers 8 the best year in childhood. He once said, "Third Grade is really the time when you are at your peak of bastarddom, that's where the gold mine is."
December 21, 2005
Q. - Are there anymore episodes for season 9, or is it over?A. - It's over. Season 10 begins in March.