South Park Studios FAQ

Compiled by Willie Westwood
from the list of questions answered by the staff at South Park Studios.

Part 2 - Summer 2001

Some commentary is provided in the third column
September 19, 2001
Q: When will the new season of That's My Bush start?A: That's My Bush has been cancelled!
Q: I read somewhere that Butters based on animator Eric Stough, how close is Butters to the real-life Stough?A: Actually he's nothing like him...Stough probably never acted like Butters, but he was pretty clean-cut, like Butters is. But then, Butters' parents are pretty messed up...
Q: How do you win the south park super fan thing?A: We don't have anything to do with that contest. It's all on
Q: When are we going to see a nude in South Park? Are you afraid of it?A: Well we've seen naked people in South Park plenty of times. Just last week we aired "Prehistoric Ice Man." Larry (the ice man) tried to freeze himself and stands up naked when Stan and Kyle show up. Although there is a blurry bit where his naughty bit should be. Don't forget the NAMBLA members running naked in the hallways also!
Q: What are the stupidest FAQS you have ever gotten?A: Counting this one? A Shitload...
Q: When are we going to see Chodaboy and Orgazmo with their orgazmorator in some episode of South Park?A: Actually Orgazmo has shown up in a few episodes of South Park. In "The Spirit of Christmas" and Orgazmo statue kill some kids and if you check back of Cartman's bedroom door you'll see a poster of Orgazmo!
Q: In BLU, why are the Arquettes and the Baldwins blown up?A: Sweet justice!
September 17, 2001
Q: Does anyone know what episode number deals with the boys going to Church and confessing their sins?A: Episodes 410 and 411
Q: What is a Marklar? Did I miss this somewhere?A: The Marklar's are aliens that were in an episode called "Starvin' Marvin in Space" they were discovered by Marvin after he hijacks a crashed spaceship left by one of the other Marklars.... yes you did seem to miss it!
September 13, 2001
Q: I know this would be a lot of work, but did the web master ever think of adding a search option to the FAQ pages? It's very hard to search through them and there are so many! It might help cut down on repeated questions in the long run.A: Using the "search" option on the top left side of the website also searches the FAQ's section as well as the rest of the site.
Q: I just wanted to make sure everyone is alright at South Park Studios. Is everyone A-OK after the World Trade Center disaster?A: Everyone is accounted for and "A-Ok" So don't worry your pretty little head. Our thoughts and feelings go out the the families and loved ones of those involved.
September 12, 2001
Q: I have heard rumors that Trey and Matt were in the Disney Musical Newsies, is this true?A: No. Matt and Trey had nothing to do with this musical, there is another Trey Parker... sounds like we're bullsh*tting but it's true!
September 11, 2001
Q: Why is Santa Clause in not every show? Could you change the time for South Park(from 10:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.)? Could you also change the rating from Tv Ma to Tv Pg?A: 1. Because Christmas is only once a year and he's contracted only one show a year.

2. No because there is too much naughty language.

3. No because there is too much naughty language.

Q: How come Kenny always dies?A: Because he's POOR! How many time we gotta answer this?
Q: Have Matt and Trey ever been ask to be guests on The Daily Show? Or is Jon Stewart to afraid they will upstage him?A: Matt and Trey have been on the Daily Show but not when Jon Stewart hosted it, they appeared on the show when Craig Kilborn hosted it, as for that whole upstaging thing you'll have to talk to Jon Stewart.
September 6, 2001
Q: When I watched the episode Rainforest Schmainforest (spelling?) in Season 3. Right at the ending they say all the negative stuff about the rainforest, I found something missing there. They should mention of "During the Vietnam War, the rainforest is responsible for most of the American GI and Marine casaulties" or something like that right there. Why didn't they add that? Are they afraid of offending Vietnam vets?A: Um.... what?
Q: I'm a big fan of various British Comedies. Have Matt and Trey thought about asking Monty Python and/or Rowan Atkinson to guest star on South Park?A: Actually Matt and Trey did their own version of the "Dead Parrot Sketch" for a BBS presentation of Monty Python. They remake the skit as the "Dead Friend Skit" replacing Kenny as the parrot and Cartman as the unsatisfied customer. You can see it on "The Life of Python" DVD.
Q: If i wanted to find out what kenny says in the would i go about doing this?A: Buy the movie and listen really hard...
Q: Why is Carson Daly so gay?A: 'Cos he's on MTV.
September 4, 2001
Q: What's wrong with Canadians?A: Well for starters... they're Canadian!
Q: Trey did a short back in the day titled "American History". Any idea where I could find some footage, either online or on video tape?A: I've seen copies of Trey's earlier works on Ebay all the time. As a matter of fact I've seen this one in particular up for sale just recently, good luck.
Q: What does Kenny say at his part of the theme song?A: He's said a couple of things....
1. First season through second "I love girls with big fat titties, I love girls with deep vaginias"

2. Third season and on "I have got a 10-inch penis, use your mouth if you want to clean it.

Q: Boxers or briefs?A: boxerbriefs!
Q: You're still using the same 4th grade opening in the 5th season. Is this opening telling us that you'll be using this opening up until the end of the show?A: Matt and Trey have talked about changing the opening credits but we're not sure when it'll happen, it's all up to them.
Q: Why does Timmy say "Living a Lie"? Is it just something random, or is there a deeper meaning that I'm missing?A: It's nothing deeper... one day Trey was doing the voice of Timmy and it randomly came out. Now it's stuck!
Q: In the Cripple Fight episode, where is Kyle?A: Kyle isn't in the regular Scouts, he's in JEWscouts remember?
September 3, 2001
Q: Where can i get a copy of "Cannibal?"A: You can buy Cannibal on DVD from most video retail stores now.
August 22, 2001
Q: What does Kenny look like without his hood on?A: Try checking out the movie "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut"
August 20, 2001
Q: Is Moses supposed to be the MCP from Tron?A: Good call, he even talks like him.
August 19, 2001
Q: In episode 410, Cartman recites his favorite psalm in Church: "It is a man's obligation to stick his boneration in a woman's separation. . . ." The other boys begin laughing so that the rest of it cannot be heard clearly. How does the rest of it go A: It's a mans obligation,
to stick his boneration,
into a womans seperation,
to increase the population
of the future generation
if you'd like a demonstration lie down
It's a man's obligation
to stick his boneration
in a woman's separation.
This sort of penetration
will increase the population
of the younger generation.
If you'd like a demonstration...
...lie down.
Q: Will South Park ever become an animated cartoon?A: It already *IS* an animated cartoon!
August 14, 2001
Q: What does Cartman sing in the South Park Theme song after "ample parking day or night?"A: He says "People spouting Howdy Neighbour"
Q: What ever happened to that South Park episode where it was going to be like we were seeing it live?A: That was actually a joke that was made by Comedy Central in one of their South Park commercials. The reason they made that joke is because Matt and Trey like to wait till the very last minute to finish an episode so sometimes the show gets sent to New York to be broadcast only hours before it airs. It's the "closest thing to live animation there is"
August 12, 2001
Q: Is Towelie merchandise going to be avalible in stores?A: So far the only Towelie merchandise available is the "I love Towelie" and the "I Hate Towelie" T-Shirts and they're being sold on's store for a limited time.
Q: Did Steve Erwin ever guest star on South Park? Or was his voice impersonated?A: Steve Erwin never really guest starred on South Park, his voice was impersonated by Trey Parker.
Q: Did the "Cherokee Hair Tampons" episode reunite Cheech & Chong into working together again after so many years?A: Actually they had gotten back together before they did the episode of South Park, Matt and Trey we're so stoked to hear that they were back together they got them on the show.
August 11, 2001
Q: Dude, where the hell is "Your Studio and You?" There was a link to, but it redirected itself to the home page. I searched high and low and could not find it.A: We're not sure where that went either, maybe the folks at Universal didn't like having their film up without permission?
August 10, 2001
Q: How come Pip never talks on the show anymore?A: He hasn't heard that the actor's strike was averted.
Q: What do you guys think of Insane Clown Posse cause you guys would get along great. And what's going on with Dumb and Dumber 2?A: Dumb and Dumber 2 is not happening, and Matt and Trey returned the money. No one in the office is into the Insane Clown Posse because we're all over twenty.
August 9, 2001
Q: Are there any plans to come out with a behind the scenes documentary, including showing Matt and Trey while they do the voices of the kids? There was a little bit of a teaser of this during Baseketball when Trey got the psych out by doing a brief impersonation of Cartman.A: They already did one, or rather the BBC did one. It's called "Goin' Down to South Park" and you can find it on the Christmas DVD, as well as the Christmas and Best Of VHS.
Q: Did you guys ever think about doing an episode when they all go to Hollywood or L.A.? (Love to see them rip on that whole "community")A: They already went to Hollywood in Episode #502 "It Hits the Fan." And they covered the "community" in #209 "Chef's Salty Chocolate Balls," where they made fun of the Sundance Festival.
Q: Is Towelie going to become a regular character on South Park or was his appearance in 508 "Towelie" just a cameo.A: Towelie is probably going to be a one-time character. But then, that's what they said about Timmy!Sure enough, Towelie came back for "Osama bin Laden Has Farty Pants" as part of the Towelieban joke. :D
Q: Ok, What the hell were you smokin when you came up w/ towlie!? And where can I get some?A: Humboldt County Gold. Yeeeessssss. Sorry, what was the question?
Q: Is the Towlie Merchandise really available?A: Yes, apparently, at the Comedy Central store. I don't think they have the towels yet, just t-shirts.
Q: In the Towelie episode, what does the Gamesphere represent? And why does Towelie like to get high?A: The Gamesphere represents the PlayStation 2, which is a trademarked product, so we weren't allowed to use the name. Gamesphere is take off on the soon to be released Nintendo Game Cube, which several crew members played with at E3.
Q: Why are there 3 versions of Chef Aid? I was disapointed to find that my copy was censored, despite having a warning sticker on it. And then it wasn't even censored correctly!A: I do believe there are three: a clean version, a parental warning version, and an "extreme" parental warning version. There's also two different covers: one with the four boys, and one with Chef.

A lot of chain stores (cough ***mart cough) require a somewhat sanitized version (along with a clean/radio version), which explains the "middle" of the road copy that you purchased.

August 8, 2001
Q: I've noticed that many of the new South Park episodes are not closed-captioned the first time they are aired, but subsequent reruns of the same episodes are. Can you please explain why?A: Simple. Since the shows are usually not completed until Wednesday morning, there isn't enough time for closed-captioning. We usually don't produce the final draft of the script until the next day. Only then can the subtitles be added.
Q: How did Cartman pass the 3rd grade if he can't get any higher than a "D"?A: Hell, Peppermint Patty got by with "D-minuses," that sandal wearing freak. Besides, it's readily apparent that the standards set by South Park's School District are quite low. You saw how the home-schooled kids (in #313) blew away the competition in the last spelling bee.
Q: Are there any plans to rerun the entire series of South Park, either as a daily show on Comedy Central, in a large block, or through syndication? (Maybe on TV Land after Leave it to Beaver and before Get Smart?)A: Ha ha ha. You're joking about TV Land, right? Cause that would be hilarious. I can just see it now, "And at nine, South Park followed by back-to-back episodes of Petticoat Junction." Talk about priceless. Where's my Mastercard!
Q: Hey, what are Matt and Trey's favourite Nintendo/Playstation games?A: Okay, I know I've said that I would never answer these kind of questions, but here goes. I do know that they were really into Twisted Metal: Black and I've heard them mention SSX. When Trey went to the PS2 release party, he joked about prefering the Nintendo Game Cube cause he was bummed out about waiting in line to play the Playstation 2 at the event.
Q: What response has the show received from the celebrities they picked/joked on?A: Most of the time there is no response. On occasion, a celebrity will contact the show and say that they enjoyed the portrayal: such as Bob Saget or David Blaine. Other times we'll hear through other parties that the celebrity in question thought it was funny, as was the case with Patrick Duffy and Tina Yothers. And on rare occasions, the one's we cherish, you'll get a celebrity who gets totally pissed off, like Barbra Streisand. So as you can see, it runs the gamut.
Q: Who comes up with the advertising for each episode? Is it strictly Comedy Central, or do Matt and Trey have their hands in it as well?A: Comedy Central comes up with all the on-air and print advertising for the show. Though Matt and Trey came up with the Towelie commercial, as well as all of the intros to the VHS and DVD collections.
Q: How come South Park has not made fun or, or put something in the show about professional wrestling yet?A: For the same reason why Trey decided not to do a MTV Movie Awards parody of "Pearl Harbor." Professional wrestling is so ridiculous that it doesn't need to be made fun of - it makes fun of itself.

They did make fun of it in the last episode of "That's My Bush."

August 7, 2001
Q: What's your beef with Mormons?A: No beef. Just chicken.

But seriously, I can't see how people can say that "South Park" has a problem with Mormons. For as long as I've been here, there have been nothing but positive representations of Mormons on the show. For example, Joseph Smith was a Super Best Friend, a hero, in #504. And in #411 "Probably," the Mormons were the only religious group to make it to heaven. Hardly an attack if you ask me, just a gentle poking at worst. Sometimes people are so sensitive.

Q: In the latest episode, Mr. Mackey said he didn't have sex in 19 years. Didn't he have sex with the drugged up girl in episode 204? Or can't he remember since he was high at the time?A: He can't remember 'cos he was high at the time.
Q: What do Matt and Trey think of wrestling?A: What? With each other? In Jello? Please be specific.
Q: How the hell are you people so fucking sick? It's amazing and fucking funny.A: We were dropped repeatedly as children. With extreme velocity, as I faintly recall.
August 4, 2001
Q: What movie is that explosion scene in the intro from?A: It's not from any movie, it's just stock footage.
Q: Have Matt or Trey ever drawn themselves into an episode?A: No, they have never drawn themselves into an episode. Though the security guards in #312 "Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery" were pretty damn close.
Q: If you were put in a room to watch Beavis and Butt-head and South Park, which cartoon would you find funnier, and better?A: Duh! "Beavis and Butthead."
Q: Which episode was going to involve the use of guns, but was later changed because of Columbine?A: Episode #203 "Chicken Lover" originally had guns, but it aired far before the Columbine incident. Comedy Central had problems with one of the boys (in this case Cartman) handling a gun.
Q: In SP-BLU Satan ends up with Mr. Hat. At what point does Mr. Hat come back to Mr. Garrison?A: After a brief torrid affair, Mr. Hat left Satan and returned to Mr. Garrison.
August 3, 2001
Q: What does poop-on-a-stick taste like?A: I would assume that it tastes like poop on a stick
Q: Who's all in dvda?A: Trey Parker (Lead Vocals)
Matt Stone (Bass)
Bruce Howell (Guitar)
D.A. Young (Keyboards)
Q: What are the names of Cartman's stuffed animals that he had a tea party?A: Polly Prissypants, Clyde Frog, Peter Panda, and Rumper Tumpskin.
August 2, 2001
Q: Can you guys settle a debate please? In Cartmanland when Cartman talks about "Lines for the bathrooms, lines for the drinks, lines for kantenkeras and rare kartankula plinks" everyone says it's a Dr Seuss reference but I'd swear it was more Willy Wonka. So who's right?A: They are.
Q: What is a "hot karl"?A: Post-anal sex fellatio.
Q: Were you guys affected by drugs or alcohol when you came up with the plotlines for some of the latest episodes? (especially Scott Tenorman and Condom Use..) It just seems that season 5 is aiming to push the envelope as far as possible.A: I can't speak for Matt and Trey, but I've been wasted since mid-March.
Q: What is a fish eye?A: fishˇeye (fsh) adj. Of or being a wide-angle photographic lens that covers an angle of about 180°, producing a circular image with exaggerated foreshortening in the center and increasing distortion toward the periphery.

Slang. A suspicious, unfriendly glance or look

Q: What is a "Filthy Sanchez"A: can help you...
August 1, 2001
Q: How could I go about becoming a writter for South Park?A: Well, first you have to learn how to spell "writer."
Q: Why did Mr. Garrison go to the Kindergarten class, and why did the female teacher take his place? Is it because he came out?A: Ms. Choksondik didn't take Mr. Garrison's place. She's the fourth grade teacher, while Mr. Garrison taught the third grade. Remember, the boys moved up a grade last season.

Mr. Garrison did, however, lose his position as third grade teacher as a result of coming out of the closet. But for some unknown reason, South Park Elementary decided it would be okay to bring him back as the Kindergarten teacher. Go figure.

Q: In "South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut," most everyone who dies in the war is brought back to life. So how did the narrator for "Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow" come up with 8 million dead when they were all resuscitated?A: Simple. They didn't reincarnate the Baldwins or the Arquettes.
Q: How many negative letters did you receive in regard to the South Park episode aired on August 1, 2001?A: Dude, it's the morning of August 2nd. The post office ain't that quick.
July 31, 2001
Q: Since Matt and Trey like Monty Python so much, I was wondering if they like any more comedies from England (ie: BlackAdder or Red Dwarf)A: While Monty Python is a primary influence, they have mentioned liking everything from the League of Gentlemen, to Ab Fab, Black Adder and Benny Hill (!).
Q: Is this the official South Park site, or is it something else?A: Well it's definitely not something else.
Q: When did Cartman have his picture taken with Bill Clinton? In "Cartman Joins NAMBLA", there's a photo of the two together above Cartman's computer.A: Cartman was lucky enough to take a photo with Clinton after helping save the world during the Canadian-American War of 1999.
July 30, 2001
Q: In "Cartmanland", how did Cartman afford to make and broadcast the television commercial if he spent all of his money buying the park?A: He probably got two guys from University of Colorado, Boulder to do it for 1200 bucks. And ad rates for local stations in rural Colorado are suprisingly cheap. Remember, it wasn't primetime.
Q: Is Mephisto's assistant Kevin a monkey or a man?A: Neither. He's a genetic experiment gone horribly wrong.
Q: What are the four boys' favorite colors?A: Stan - Blue
Kyle - Green
Kenny - Orange
Cartman - Red
Q: What is with Trey and Matt's fascination about Star Trek? What other TV shows have influenced them?A: It's a kick ass show that's also a huge part of our pop culture landscape.

"Monty Python" has always had a huge influence on Matt and Trey, and their common love for the show is what brought them together at the University of Colorado.

Q: Is Cartman/Funland suppose to be a spoof on Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure, because parts of the setting looks familar. One part looks like the Citywalk, another one looks like Dr. Doomsday Drop, and another one looks like the Dudley Do-Right drop.A: I think you can say that it's based on every amusement park, cause they're all pretty much the same. From Dollywood, to Magic Mountain, to the Santa Monica Pier, to Disneyland, etc...
July 29, 2001
Q: Breayle, you seem like a cool guy. How did you get involved with watching (and working for) the show?A: I'm not a guy, I'm a girl... and I got lucky.
July 28, 2001
Q: Does Matt use anything to do Kenny's voice, or can he just do it naturally?A: Matt usually just covers his mouth with his hand when he does Kenny. Pretty low-tech, huh?
Q: Will Kid Rock ever star in a South Park show as a South Park character???A: God, I hope not. I'd have to scoop my eyes out with a rusty spoon.
July 27, 2001
Q: Breayle, what exactly is your job on the show, besides working on this website? It seems you were around for the early episodes, even before this site was created.A: My job on the show is working on this website, I've just been watching the show since the Mecha-Striesand episode, I was chosen to do this site because I knew so much about the show.
July 26, 2001
Q: In "A Very Crappy Christmas" Stan's hair color was black. In "Cartmanland" Stan's hair color was black. What's up with that?A: He was disguised as Mike Gainor in "Cartmanland."
Q: Will we ever see Stan and Kyle without their hats on and with all of their hair?A: Yes, when everyone quits asking.
Q: What are the four boys' middle names?A: Tiberius
Q: How come there doesn't seem to be any other black people in South Park other than Chef and that one student?A: Have you ever been to rural Colorado? It isn't exactly the most diverse place in America. Besides, we still have more African Americans than "Friends," and they're based in New York City.
Q: I have two questions: I was just curious if Episode #416 "Wacky Molestation Adventure" was based on a movie and which one? Also if there ever will be plans for a compilation DVD set of the entire series someday?A: Several movies, and tv shows, are referenced in Episode #416. "Children of the Corn" and "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome" are but two of them.

Comedy Central determines the DVD release schedule, and there are no plans to release a compilation set of the entire series at this time.

July 25, 2001
Q: In "Behind The Blow", what cartoon were you guys making reference to with that "Popular Saturday Morning Cartoon"?A: "Star Trek," the animated series, which originally aired in 1973 and 1974.
Q: In "Bigger, Longer, & Uncut", Cartman says Terrance & Phillip have crappy animation. Is he talking about the Saturday morning cartoon from "Behind the Blow"?A: Uh, yeah! People always confuse the two.
Q: Is there anyway you can make the women in South Park look more womenly?A: What, like "Tomb Raider"? Whatever, dude. Get your hands out of your pants.
Q: In Episode #111 - Tom's Rhinoplasty who does the voice of Ms. Ellen? Please for the love of all that is sacred, tell me!A: That chick from "Species."
Q: Will Gobbles return this season? I loved that damn turkey.A: Perhaps, but it'll depend on whether Matt and Trey decide to do a Thanksgiving special this year. They still haven't decided which holidays they'll cover in the second half of the season. Trey has often said that the holiday episodes are the most difficult for them to write and come up with ideas for.
July 24, 2001
Q: Kenny dies in most episodes, and there are some episodes where he survives, and that's usually because he's not at South Park, or with his friends. Could this mean that it's bad luck for Kenny to hang out with Cartman, Stan, and Kyle? in South Park?A: You may be on to something. Maybe someone should tell Kenny.
Q: What stuff did you guys use in the first episodes of South Park, before you started to use the uber-expensive Alias/Wavefront? Me and my buddy are trying to make cartoons, but we aren't sure what to use.A: Matt and Trey used construction paper cut outs and a 16mm camera, but it took them 3 months to do the pilot.

There's a couple more cost effective animation programs out there. Flash, Studio Max (I believe), Lite Wave. I know a lot of people who animate with Flash, and it looks pretty good.

You can always use cut outs with a video camera that can take digital stills, but you better make sure that camera doesn't move, or is set on one of those old school animation set ups (camera pointed down).

Q: In Episode #105 ("An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig") there are three bullies why aren't they in any other episodes?A: Two of them, Fossie and Terrance, have been in several of the episodes. They're the ones who always go, "Yeah, that's gay." In #105, Terrance was Mephisto's nephew.
Q: Did Seaman from "The Super Best Friends" play Phillip's replacement at Terrance & Phillip LIVE?A: No, that was Gary Wallace.
Q: Will you ever replay the Korn episode of South Park?A: Episode #312 "Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery" is scheduled to re-run on October 24, 2001.

However, the schedule can always change.

Q: What the heck is that a picture of at the top of your Scripts page?A: That Kenny after his antacid death in Episode #408 "Chef Goes Nanners."
July 23, 2001
Q: Why do the canadians look like there getting thier heads chopped off?A: We don't know... maybe because they're Canadian?
Q: What is the name of the font used in the credits at the end of the show?A: It's called southpark, you can do a search for it on Type in southpark.ttf (for PC)
Q: What exactly was Jimmy going to do when Timmy put on the hat?A: I don't know, Timmy never gave Jimmy the chance to put it on him.
Q: please tell me if i am correct on this one: Kenny never died in 108 because he was turned in to a duck-billed platipus, or in 110 cause it was christmas, 201 cause he wasn't there, 207 cause it was a dream, 301 cause he was revived, 307, 308, & 405 cause he wasn't there, 410 & 411 cause he survived being hit by the bus and was in Mexico, 415 cause it was another kid, and 505 cause he just did.A: I think Jimbo shot him #108 and he died after the credits in #110. While #207 was flashbacks, he did die in them. But I believe you are right about the others. Damn, now I have to go back and check on those first two.
Q: How come in the episode images section you guys have a picture of Terrance and Phillip as kids (the one with a curious Moose in the right corner) but this scene never appeared in the show??A: It was probably cut from the final version of the show. It happens. One time we had nearly 50 minutes of animation for one episode. Most episodes run a little long.
Q: How come the part in "An Elephant Makes Love To A Pig" when Pip was talking to Cartman and Stan looked like it was from "Cartman Gets An Anal Probe" with the different colours and animation?A: Pretty sharp. As some people know, that scene ("Lunchy Munchies") was originally in the Pilot episode, but was shifted to #105. It was animated with the old school construction paper, while the rest of the episode was animated on computers with the Alias/Wavefront Power Animator program.
Q: I don't get South Park in my area. :( But I do read the scripts and fanfic. I was wondering if the creators had ever used, or thought of using, fanfiction for episodes or inspiration for episodes. Believe me, some people right some seriously South Park worthy stuff. Also, do the guys ever visit fan sites?A: Matt and Trey haven't read a spec script or fan fic since the Second Season, mostly to protect themselves from accusations. We visit fan sites from time to time, but I never read any fan fiction.
July 22, 2001
Q: In the Episode "Chicken Lover" on the chalk board in the class room, it reads "Die Kenny bastard." My question is, are there any more hidden messages throughout the series? If so which episodes and what do they say?A: Yes there are, and you're gonna have to find out what and where they are by yourself thats the fun part.
Q: Any chance of Matt and Trey writing a book? Kind of an Official Guide to South Park kind of thing? Or maybe write their autobiography? I would buy a copy.A: What do you think last week's episode was? But seriously, there were plans for a "Official Guide to South Park" a while back. It was supposed to be written by some veterans of "The Onion," but the deal fell through. And they're way too young for an autobiography. I hate it when someone who's like, 18 years old, put out a book. What-EVER!
Q: Where can you download the storyboards?A: Check the "Behind the Scenes" section, then click on "Production Process." You'll see a link to the storyboards.
Q: Is that Trey singing on "Through The Eyes Of A Child"?A: No, it's Michael McDonald of Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan fame.
July 20, 2001
Q: Does Terrance have any children other than the daughter he has with Celine Dion?A: Terrance has two illegitimate sons, one born in 1969 (in Colorado) and on in 1971 (in Texas). Both were raised in Colorado and now reside in the Southern California area.

"Not Without My Anus" was a television movie, so Terrance doesn't really have a daughter with Celine Dion.

Q: Are Ike's parents Celine Dion and Ugly Bob?A: No comment. Questions like these should be directed to Celine Dion and Ugly Bob's publicist, Lizzie Grubman.

Seriously, the answer is no. Ike has been with the Broflovski's since the pilot episode, while Celine and Bob's child did not appear until nearly a year later. Also, you must remember that "Not Without My Anus" was a television movie, not real life.

July 19, 2001
Q: Did Kenny ever officially die in Episode #505: "Terrence & Phillip: Behind the Blow"?A: No.
Q: What are Terrance & Phillips full names?A: Terrance Henry Stoot and Phillip Niles Argyle.
Q: Is "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics" like a seasonal CD, because everywhere I've looked they only have the Movie Soundtrack and Chef Aid?A: Because of limited interest and display space, most record/CD stores bring out the Christmas CDs only after Thanksgiving.

This was a problem for us when we were trying to find Christmas CDs in September for research purposes. We ended up going online to get those albums.

Q: What are the lyrics to the song baby Terrence and Phillip are singing on The Ed Sullivan Show?A: Beef and lamb, chicken and Ham
Step to the left and clap your hands!
Gosh we love chicken and ham
Don't let it go to waste that chicken and ham!
Q: Who was the narrarator for "Behind the Blow?"A: Trey Parker.
Q: Okay, I went through 30 pages of FAQs and didn't see this question. Is there a chance that we may see old school SP episodes put on Comedy Central as reruns in the near future? There are a lot that I unfortunately missed, and why put the same episode on 3 or 4 times a week?(Also, I can't believe how many people don't know what poontang is!!!!)A: A couple "old school" episodes are scheduled to air after this run of episodes ends. "Gnomes" (#217), "Damien" (#108), "Pink Eye" (#107), and "Spooky Fish" (#215) are among the earlier episodes that Comedy Central plans to re-run in the coming months.
Q: How much weight did Terrance have to gain for "Terrance & Phillip: Behind the Blow"? Did he do it like Robert DeNiro did for "Raging Bull" and "The Untouchables?"A: The actual script had Terrance gaining 250 pounds. While the storyboards reflected this enormous weight gain, it didn't appear that Terrance gained THAT much weight for the show.
Q: What does Mr.Garrison do for a job now?A: He's now the kindergarden teacher of South Park Elementary.
July 18, 2001
Q: What are the names and powers of all the Super Best Friends?A: Buddah, with the powers of invisibility. Mohammed, the Muslim prophet with the powers of flame. Krishna, the Hindu Deity. Joseph Smith, the Mormon Prophet, Lao Tsu the founder of Taoism and Sea Man, with the ability to breathe underwater and link mentally with fish.Krishna has the power to morph into animals, while Lao Tse has the power to animate statues. Joseph Smith has the powers of ice.
Q: Are there any plans for Season 5 traditional holiday specials: a)Halloween b)Thanksgiving c)Christmas?A: There are no concrete plans for any holiday specials at this moment (we're kind of in the middle of an eight episode run), but I'm sure there will be at least one traditional holiday special during the second half of the season.
Q: Why don't any of the kids have noses in their profiles, but the adults do?A: Because that's the way Trey originally drew the characters. Besides, the kids would look weird with noses.But they do have noses, as you can see when they press their faces against a store window to get a good look at the Okama Gamesphere.
July 17, 2001
Q: Trey and Matt obviously have enormous penises (as seen is BASEketball), but who's is bigger?A: It depends. Flaccid or erect?
Q: What other TV shows do you guys watch?A: We alternate between "COPS" and "The Christopher Lowell Show." 24/7 baby!
July 16, 2001
Q: Something's been driving me nuts, and here it is: when Jimbo and Ned are explaining why the South Park flag shouldn't be changed, they shoot at two animals and a celebrity. Who was the celebrity?A: That was no celebrity, that was Chris Peterson. Just a random name for a random guy that Matt and Trey came up with.
July 15, 2001
Q: Which episode has the South Park kids speaking Japanese and pissing Mr. Garrison off? Also, what exactly are the kids saying in the scene that begins with Garrison saying, "Now we are gonna try this again until we get it right! What is six times three?"A: It's Episode #310 "Chinpokomon," and they are giving Mr. Garrison the correct answer, but in Japanese.
Q: How can I get the South Park digest e-mail sent to me?A: Go to the "Fans Section" and click on "Mailing List" you can do it from there.
Q: Is Timmy short for Timothy?A: No, it's long for Tim.
July 14, 2001
Q: Is there a web site that has the full reading script for 417 A VERY CRAPPY CHRISTMAS?A: Yes on our site we have all the official scripts for all the episodes in .PDF format check in the downloads section under "scripts"
July 13, 2001
Q: There is an inscription above the door of the Planetarium "Me transmitte sursum, Caledoni"....what does it mean?A: It roughly translates to "Beam me up Scotty."
Q: You guys are such geniuses, making South Park really funny and stuff. And since you are geniuses, surely you know the solution to Fermat's Last Theorem. What is it?A: I have a truly marvelous demonstration of this proposition which this margin is too narrow to contain.
Q: Who did Scott Tenorman's voice?A: Toby Morton. And no, that isn't a pseudonym for Matt or Trey.
July 12, 2001
Q: In episode 501, what exactly is that item Cartman takes from the package to use as the scarecrow's simulated package handle?A: A hot dog. C'mon!
Q: Are Matt and Trey like Terrance and Phillip? - i.e. do they fart on each other all the time and laugh maniacally about it?A: Pretty much. About a week ago Matt let one out in the recording booth that was so juicy that it nearly gagged Trey (who normally has a very high tolerance for these things). Matt seemed very pleased with himself.
Q: What does it say on the back of Timmy's Wheelchair in the "Cripple Fight" Episode?A: Lil' Runabout.
Q: Any plans in the near future for a South Park marathon on Comedy Central? When will the next DVD release be?A: There are no plans for a South Park marathon on Comedy Central - at least for the rest of this calendar year. The next DVD release will be on November 7th.
Q: I've always wondered something-how long does it take to make an episode of South Park? How long does the production process last?A: We've taken as few as four days from script to finished product (a couple of times) to as long as two months (usually at the beginning of a run before the deadlines approach).

The ideal amount of time would be somewhere between two or three weeks per episode. During crunch time it usually takes a little over six days. This is a hard pace to maintain for more than five or six episodes. This year we're doing eight shows in a row. Pray for us.

July 11, 2001
Q: What is the name of the episode when Stan, Kyle and Stan's dad are running through doors making fun of Scooby Doo?A: That would be #302 "Spontaneous Combustion"
Q: Did Matt have anything to do with "Your Studio and You"?A: Actually both Matt and Trey wrote and directed that. They were hired by Universal, it was for Universal employees only but somehow it got out like most of their early stuff. It was made to tell the people who work for Universal that they were going to be going under new management.
July 10, 2001
Q: I was looking in an atlas at Colorado after I heard that there truly was a South Park, CO, but all I saw on the map and in the directory that could be South Park was SOUTH Platte and HARRIS Park. This map was made in the Eighties so why, for any reason, wouldn't it be listed?A: The town of South Park is based on Fairplay, Colorado, which is one of the five or so towns in South Park County, Colorado.
Q: What year was the original Spirit of Christmas A.K.A. "The Frosty Video" done ?A: 1992. "The Spirit of Christmas" was made in 1995.
Q: Why are the season 4 clips in Real Video? I mean, that really sucks!! Come you guys!! At least you put the Season 5 in Quicktime!A: The clips from the first four seasons are from Comedy Central, who signed a deal of some sort with Real. In order to recut the clips to Quicktime, our editors would have to pull the digi beta of each episode, load it into the Avid (which are already being used for current episodes, then pull the clips.

While it's okay to have the editors pulling clips from the episodes they just worked on (they know which clips they want to pull, everything is loaded and ready to go); I think our producers would be loathe to use those resources just because some dude prefers Quicktime over Real.

Q: Why do "South Park" commercials show scenes that ain't even in the episode?A: This is actually a very good question. In order deliver a clip in time for a commercial spot, we usually have to get the tape to Comedy Central a week before the episode airs, or Monday morning at the latest. Monday and Tuesday are the busiest days here at South Park where most of the final editing choices are made, so scenes that are used in commercials are occasionally cut or altered by the time the final version of the episode airs.
Q: Who the hell is Paula Poundstone?A: She's a stand-up comedienne who was recently accused of molestering her adopted children. Her lawyer recently stated that she's been having trouble with alcohol. Ruh roh! Maybe she can bunk with A.J. from the Backstreet Boys when she goes to rehab.
Q: I have 2 questions. First, what episode did they show Timmy's parents? Second, what episodes did they show Kenny's face, other than episode 504-"The Super Best Friends"?A: Timmy's parents were in Episode #404 "Timmy! 2000" talking to that queef Phil Collins.

Nearly every episode shows Kenny's face, but #504 was the only time his whole face was shown on the TV show.

Q: What is the name of the kid with the blue coat and blue hat with yellow trim shaped exactly like Stan's but without the puffy ball on top?A: Kid A.
Q: If it has been established that Kyle's dad's name is Gerald Broflovski, why, in the lawyer commercial in the episode 306, "Sexual Harassment Panda," is he referred to as "Kyle's Dad"?A: Cause "Kyle's Dad" is a lot funnier than "Gerald Broflovski," don't you think?
Q: Why hasn't "Not Without My Anus" aired since again since it's original airing?"A: Cause you fans made such a big deal about it the last time, threatening to sue, maim, kill, that Comedy Central vowed to never air the episode again.

It's available on VHS. The South Park Store is still down for renovations, so try

Q: South Park is too funny for 30 minutes. Will South Park ever be an hour long show?A: No. But we're shooting for 43 minutes.
Q: Are we ever going to be blessed with the release of a "Super Special Everything But the Kitchen Sink" DVD of Bigger, Longesr, and Uncut? If so, what's a projected release date?A: There are no plans for a special edition "BL&U" at this time. We inform you if there is a change in plans. The decision is ultimately up to Paramount, who owns the rights to the movie.
Q: Which episode was the band Dio in?A: Episode #313 "Hooked on Monkey Fonics." They played "Holy Diver" at the South Park Elementary school dance.
Q: In the opening credits of the fourth grade years, what movie is the explosion clip taken from?A: I'm not sure. The clip comes from a stock footage house, so the title of the movie is unknown. In our stock footage agreement it's listed as "man flying through explosion." We received about 7 minutes of footage from that particular film. It was pretty hilarious, but for all the wrong reasons.
Q: The Production Process section says that it takes 2-3 weeks to make episodes then why don't they show commercials with scenes? It seems like it only takes 1 week to make an episode?A: Well, we're usually completing each episode at the last minute, so often times footage can't get to the On-Air people in time.

And you make it sound that it's so easy to make an episode. "Only takes 1 week" Well it's only going to take you 30 years to lose your virginity, does that make it easy?

July 9, 2001
Q: In which episode is the story of Mephisto and Kevin explained?A: It was never really explained in an episode. The closest thing to an explanation of their relationship is found on the "Chef Aid" album. The song is "Mephisto and Kevin" and it's done by Primus.
Q: Will Charles Manson ever return for another episode?A: If you pray enough, he just might.
Q: Which year was the pin-up of Mrs. Cartman? I went to the Playboy web site and couldn't find which year it was.A: I think it was in the 2000 Playmate of the Year issue (December issue released in November), which coincided with the launch of the "4th Grade" episodes. I'll have to go home and check my collection.
Q: When are they gonna air #316 - "Are You There God Its Me Jesus" again? I love that episode.A: December 29, 2001
Q: What possible trauma could poor, poor little Butters have endured to fall asleep and wake up to the sound of his own screams?!?A: Maybe he had to answer FAQ questions for a popular show's website. Just maybe...
Q: What ever happened to the Dumb and Dumber prequel Matt and Trey were writing?A: Matt and Trey decided against writing the sequel and returned the money. They could have turned in a draft and kept the cash, but that's not their style.
Q: Does the blonde geek in Episode 412 have a name? He bears a striking resemblance to a friend of mine. Not just even appearance, but the whole geekiness and experiments in the basement thing, too, so I'm kinda curious...A: He's based on one of our System Administrators, Sean. Although he has a much deeper voice in real life.
Q: In the episode "The Super Best Friends", where did they get the ice cream?A: The ice cream man. Like, duh.
Q: What is the name of the song that plays in Chickenlover when Barbrady is in his freeze frame at the end of the episode?A: "Barbrady Thumbs Up" It was written by our audio producer Bruce Howell, Trey, and Matt.
Q: Who does more character voices, Matt or Trey?A: When it comes to recurring characters, they are about the same. Trey, however, probably does more of the minor or one time character voices.
Q: Why were the Rancid guys wearing duck costumes in the Chef Aid episode?A: Actually, that was Primus. And to answer your question: because they're Primus.
Q: Some people post really stupid questions, and I would love to contact them directly... is this in any way possible?A: Hmmm. You may want to start with yourself. Sorry, that was too easy. Sometimes I can't help myself. I know, I have a problem.
Q: In the Character Guide it says that Cartman's mom is his father and his mother is unknown. I thought that Cartman's mom was both his mother AND his father! What's the deal?A: Dude, this ain't "Chinatown." Cartman's mom is a hermaphrodite, meaning she has the reproductive organs of both an man and a woman. However, hermaphrodites cannot mate with themselves.

Mephisto's lab work proved that Cartman's mom was his genetic father, though everyone (including Cartman) considers her his mom. Stan even joked in "Cripple Fight" (#503) how Cartman doesn't have a "father" (as in the traditional, male figure sense). Get it?

Q: What is the French-sounding song being sung during the zany "Sacre bleu!" portion of the NAMBLA episode? I would love to know the title and artist.A: "Page D'Ecriture" originally sung by Yves Montand I believe.Only one thing to add: Jacques Prévert wrote it.
Q: What exactly is the text of Kenny's speech at the end of BLU?A: It's not written out in the final script. If you want to know, you'll have to ask Matt himself. He may not even remember.
Q: Hi! There's something that has been puzzling me since February 1998. What song is playing in the background during the Wendy and Stan montage in "Tom's Rhinoplasty" I've tried thousands of sites and none of them have an answer. Please tell me!A: It's called "Wendy's Song" and it was written by Trey.
July 7, 2001
Q: In the "Chickenlover" episode there is a character in a wheelchair named Happy or Halfy, which is it?A: It's Halfy.
July 6, 2001
Q: Can you get rid of that freaky Twisted Metal advertisement?A: I wish I could, it really sucks but the banner is automatic and we have nothing to do with what is on it.
Q: Does the good of the many truly outweigh the good of the few, or the one?A: I think you mean:

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" --Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise

Spock provided a variant on Kirk's quote, adding "or the one" when he sacrificed himself for the needs of the crew in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Q: Is there an official message board for South Park?A: Yes, it's on this site in the "Fans" section, click on BBS and you're there. You must be a registered user to post.
July 5, 2001
Q: Where can I get the words to the song "Uncle Fuka"?A: Buy the Bigger, Longer and Uncut Soundtrack.
July 3, 2001
Q: In the episode "Fat Camp" what is the name of the song that Cartman sings when he's fixing his pop-tart?A: "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine" sung by Lou Rawls, I believe.
Q: Are any of the viewers going to see Kenny's face ever again in future Southpark episodes?A: They're going to show it tommorow night on episode #504 "The Super Best Friends."
Q: What is dirp/derp?A: "Derp" is something you say when you screw up.

Mr. Derp is the character that took over as school chef when Chef decided to get an office job in "The Succubus" (#303). He also had a cameo in "Timmy! 2000" (#404).

Q: I've been a loyal fan of the show since the begining. How many seasons will the boys stay in the 4th grade?A: Well, it took them three and a half years to get through the 3rd grade, but they're getting smarter.
Q: How many questions do you get in one day? How many of those do you answer?A: Today we received between 25 and 30 questions, about average. We'll answer about 5 of the questions. The rest are usually questions we've already answered, are really stupid ("Does Cartman like "Metal Gear Solid"?), or fall in the category of "You have way too much time on your hands."See? Not all questions are answered.
Q: Why doesn't Comedy Central air South Park more often? What's with airing it on a Saturday night most people are not home then. A: Hello, they air South Park twice a night on three separate nights. That's a total of six times. Oh, and there's this great invention called the VCR, you may have heard about it.
Q: Why did you decide to make God a weird rat-like thingamabob?A: I dunno. Why do people decide to make God an old white guy with grey hair? No one know what God looks like. We're all just guessing.
Q: Serious question: Stan has Wendy, Kyle had Rebecca, Kenny had Kelly, and even Cartman had a few days with Wendy too. When is Timmy going to get a girlfriend? Or have Matt and Trey thought about it?A: If that's serious, I hate to see what you think is trivial. And the answers to your questions are: "I don't know" and "No, they haven't."
Q: I saw a pin-up of Mrs. Cartman naked in the December issue of Playboy and I was wondering if Matt or Trey did that or if it was done without permission. Also when can we expect "Alfred Packer: Trouble in Jamaica!" And why wasn't "Hell Isn't Good" on the movie soundtrack?A: The Playboy centerfold was done with Matt and Trey's permission. The artwork was done by our Storyboard Department and our Licensing Artist, Erick Thorpe.

"Trouble in Jamaica" went straight to video. And to answer your last question: "Just because."

Q: Will you ever feature President Bush on South Park? If you do, who will voice him?A: Watch tommorow night's episode.
Q: Was that Marc Shaiman at the piano in "Cripple Fight?"A: Yes it was, and congratulations for spelling his name correctly. He was also in Episode #315 "Mr. Christmas Classics" and "BL&U."
Q: Okay, I have 2 questions for you. I've probably seen almost all of the SP episodes but I missed the Chicken Lover one. What episode was that and will it be aired again? And, I can't remember which episode it was but there was one about Kenny's mom being pregnant. Did an episode ever show that she gave birth or was she 'wanting' to be pregnant??A: "Chicken Lover" is Episode #203. It isn't scheduled to repeat this year, unless you fans make enough noise. Keep checking back to see how you can make that noise heard.

The other episode you're talking about is #406 "Cartman Joins NAMBLA." Hmmm. That wasn't sarcastic at all.

July 2, 2001
Q: I have asked what I think are some pretty good questions, better than some I've seen, but none have been answered - if I forgot to log in first, could that be the problem? Or am I just an ass "belonker"?A: Actually, it's "spelunker." And to answer your questions: yes and yes.This was clarified in February 2002 as a result of debate - you don't get an email answer unless you're logged on. Even after you're logged on, though, you might not get an email answer, as your question may already have been answered (which is why one should read the FAQs before asking) or your question may be deemed too trivial to answer.
July 1, 2001
Q: Are any episodes or events in the show based on personal experiences in either creators' life?A: Yes.
Q: Who does the Chewbacca voice in "I am Chewbacca" by DVDA?A: Trey.
June 30, 2001
Q: What is the correct name for episode 207? Is it "City on the Edge of Forever" or "Flashbacks", and why is there two?A: "City on the Edge of Forever" is the official title of the episode. I believe "Flashbacks" was a working-title from an earlier draft of the script. Several employees still know it by that name.
June 28, 2001
Q: Who did the voice of Jimmy in the Cripple Fight episode?A: Trey Parker
Q: How did Trey and Matt get Les Claypool to do the South Park theme?A: They wrote him a letter asking him to do it and sent it along with "The Spirit of Christmas."
Q: Who plays the voice of Chef?A: Isaac Hayes
Q: Who does the voice for "The Mole" in the South Park movie?A: Trey Parker
Q: How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?A: I never made it without biting... ask Mr. Owl
Q: Why don't the characters walk like normal humans?A: Because they're not normal humans. They're made up cartoon characters that are supposed to be animated in construction paper cut out style.
June 27, 2001
Q: Who came up with the term "Poontang" first. Trey and Matt from South Park, or The Rock from the WWF?A: Dear Genius, you must very young to only have those 2 cultural references for the use of poontang.

Actually poontang has been around for some time.

Our research shows the following:
Perhaps from French putain, prostitute, from Old French, from pute, feminine of put, foul, stinking, from Latin ptidus, from ptre, to be rotten, stink. See p- in Indo-European Roots.]

Q: What exactly is Mee Krob?A: Cartman explains what Mee Krob is in the show. It's an appetizer that you get in Thai Food restaurants. It's crispy noodles that are sweet and are generally served with shrimp.
Q: Who is that kid who always sit in front of Mr. Mackeys office who flips people off?A: That would be Craig, you can see him in Episode 304: Tweek Vs. Craig.
Q: On the first episode of the 5th season Mr Garrison said he came out. When did that happen?A: He came out in Episode 412: Fourth Grade. It originally aired on 11-08-2000.
Q: What is the name of the Chewbacca song played at the end of Starvin Marvin in Space episode? Also who sang it?A: It's called "I am Chewbacca" and it's by DVDA.
June 26, 2001
Q: What are the words to the Cheesy Poof song that Cartman sings?A: I love Cheesy Poofs
You love Cheesy Poofs
If we didn't eat Cheesy Poofs
We'd be lame!

Corrected. Thanks to the sharp fan who caught the error.

Q: The guy in Cop Drama said "shit" in the literal noun form, but they were not allowed to say it in class, only the figurative noun and adjective. Why is that, since it was Cop Drama's usage of "shit" that allowed everyone to use it?A: Actually, the guy in "Cop Drama" DID use "sh*t" in the figurative noun sense. Remember, he said: "Oh, and Mitchell... You got some shit on the side of your mouth right there." He didn't mean that Mitchell actually had "sh*t" on the side of his mouth. Rather, he had, for example, some frosting left over from the donut he ate earlier. Now if the cop said: "Hey Mitchell, you've got some shit on the bottom of your shoe." That would be wrong.
Q: If Timmy's parents are like Timmy who can only say his name, how did Timmy get his name?A: First of all, Timmy can say a lot more than just his name. Timmy was able to name his pet turkey "Gobbles." We can assume that Helen and Richard, as adults, can say even more.

Also, just because Timmy's parents have limited speaking skills, doesn't mean they can't write or communicate in other ways. Hope that answers your question.

Q: I couldn't be assed to read all of the FAQ so I don't care if this has been asked before....will there be a second South Park movie because the first one kept me laughing for hours.A: Actually, we couldn't be assed to answer that question.

Oh, and we're happy you liked the movie.

Q: Why did Trey and Matt use Brian Boitano as the peacemaker in the "Spirit of Christmas" ?A: A few years back there was this movement of children and young adults who wore these bracelets with the initials W.W.J.D. stamped on them. The initials stood for "What Would Jesus Do?" When the wearer came across a difficult decision to make, he or she would ask, "What Would Jesus Do?" It was a nice sentiment, however presumptuous.

In "The Spirit of Christmas," Jesus and Santa were fighting, so Jesus wasn't exactly taking his own advice of turning the other cheek. Matt and Trey needed a substitute from whom the boys could take advice from, and Brian Boitano, Olympic Gold Medal winner in men's ice skating, was the obvious choice.

Q: Mephesto and Kevin are really parodies of Dr. Moreau and his weird midget thing from "The Island Of Dr. Moreau" aren't they? If I'm right can I win something?A: Yes you're right and no you don't :p
June 25, 2001
Q: If Satan is gay how could Damien be his kid and how come Damien wasn't in BLU?A: Satan didn't come out until after Damien was born. Damien wasn't in Hell in BLU because he is estranged from his father - much like Scott Evil is with his father, Dr. Evil in "Austin Powers."

Damien did make it into the South Park movie, he was in the movie theater when the kids were watching "Asses on Fire" for the second time. He also made it onto the poster (left side, middle).

Q: What episode is "Fat Abbot" in?A: Episode 212: Clubhouses. Original Air Date: 09-09-1998.
June 24, 2001
Q: How many times in "It Hits the Fan" was the word sh*t spoken?A: 162 times!
June 22, 2001
Q: I was just wondering how you guys were able to say shit on the air. I laughed my ass off tonite, thanks man!A: This was a very common question so we're only going to answer it once.

Matt and Trey came up with the idea for the season premiere at a writers' meeting. The wanted to use the word "sh*t," but they wanted it to be unbleeped in order to make a point (or so they say). Sure there's the shock value, but like BLU there was a statement behind it all. They were expected a big fight from Comedy Central. They even had all of these arguments prepared to sway the powers that be, so they were a bit disappointed when the network readily agreed. In fact, Comedy Central was pretty enthusiastic about it.

Since Comedy Central is a basic cable network, FCC laws do not apply. They do have an internal standards and practices department that let this particular episode slide.

The counter came into play as a joke, but it came in handy when Matt and Trey came up with the idea for a contest during the writers' retreat. They even picked out the prize (a scooter).

So there you have it. I hope this answers everyone's questions.

Q: What was used for the instrumental music in BLU? Was it an actual orchestra, or all synth?A: It was an actual orchestra, recorded at Paramount Studios. Trey has said that one of the biggest thrills of his life was watching a 100 piece orchestra play "Uncle Fucka."
Q: Why were there cats always around Mrs. Choksondik?A: Because she has huge breasts and the kittens thought that she might have milk in them.
Q: How do Terrance and Phillip take in air if they don't even have nostrils?A: They're mouth breathers.
Q: I thought I would point out what I believe is a discrepancy in the Episode Guide on this website. I believe that the episode Volcano was really the second episode to air, not the third.A: You are correct sir. While "Volcano" was episode #103 and "Weight Gain 4000" was #102, "Volcano" aired before "Weight Gain." I just checked my records. We'll correct the episode guide next week. Thanks!
June 21, 2001
Q: Is there a name for the Primus jam at the end of most of the episodes? How can I find a recording of the entire jam?A: Check season one's sound downloads it's called the Unreleased Theme.
Q: and my friend, like we totally are like addicted to South Park...and he says that in one episode Timmy like gets up and does a back flip...dude I gotta see this, where can I find a movie of this?A: Timmy has never done a back flip, though he did jump out of his wheelchair in #414 - "Helen Keller," and he tried to walk in #411 - "Probably."

I think you're thinking about the character, Halfy. He did a backflip in #203 - "Chickenlover."

Q: Is there a real South Park, Colorado?A: Yes there is. It's south of Conifer.