South Park Studios FAQ

Compiled by Willie Westwood
from the list of questions answered by the staff at South Park Studios.

Part 19 - Fall 2005

Some commentary is provided in the third column
December 12, 2005
Q. - I was going through the FAQ the other day, and it said that South Park in the USA is rated TV-MA 17+. But in Australia it is only rated M 15+, what is up with that? Is it the Country's choice or something?A. - Yes, rating systems (and ratings) often differ country-to-country.
Q. - Where can I play South Park games online without having trouble downloading them?A. - We've got a number of games in our game section. They require you install either Java, Flash, or Shockwave, but none of the games have to be downloaded.
December 11, 2005
Q. - What happened to your TV MA rating? South Park is being aired on our local channel with a TV 14 rating. Are these episodes edited?A. - Yes, the syndicated episodes are edited.
December 10, 2005
Q. - Is masturbating really gay because in Two Guys Naked in a Hottub, you don't really give the answer?A. - If it was, over 99.9% of the human population would probably qualify as gay.What's really gay is two guys masturbating each other. I don't know if that's what Randy and Gerald were doing... :D
Q. - What ever happened to the Breast Cancer episode you guys said you were making?A. - I think that was a "maybe."
Q. - I have two questions:
  1. 1. How are you going to solve the problem with season 10th numbers? Is it gonna be like 1001, 1002? Or maybe you have some different idea?
  2. 2. Should I respect Your authority? :-)
A. - I have two answers:
  1. 1. The next new episode will be 1001.
  2. 2. Yeup. Sometimes upholding the law is messy. But you get by. One day at a time.
December 9, 2005
Q. - Why was there was a visitor behind randy's car in "Bloody Mary"?A. - They're EVERYWHERE.
December 8, 2005
Q. - I wrote the question about Jimbo Kearn being Randy Marsh's brother... I saw that transcript by Matt after I wrote that FAQ question, annnnnnnnnnd my guess is it's still an error on your "consistency expert." Easy way around it though. Much like the way you never answered my question about Jimmy's last name once being Swanson and then all of a sudden it's Valmer. You wouldn't have answered this one either if you didn't have that transcript to back ya up would yo have? Don't get me wrong, South Park is my favorite show, and it's no big deal to have inconsistencies, but just admit it when they occur! :) You'll never post my Jimmy Valmer/Swanson question that I've asked twice now because you just can't say "Yep, you caught one of our mess ups!" Can ya?? :)A. - Consistency expert?

Like the first name of a certain boy's dad, which last name Jimmy gets today is probably a function of which one Trey likes better today.

Q. - Where is the Comedy Central Store?A. - It's an online store. Click here to visit.
December 7, 2005
Q. - I've tried the 'create your own sp character' game, and I wonder: may I use screenshots of my results on my site/body/forum?A. - Yes. Feel free to use it personally in a non-commercial fashion.
Q. - Why does Canada have to wait for the rest of season 9?A. - All that anarchy after your government collapsed is making it hard for us:
December 6, 2005
Q. - That composite sketch is awesome. Can we download it somewhere?A. - Absolutely. It's in our wallpaper section.
December 5, 2005
Q. - I'm going to Japan for a while. Does Trey (or anyone else) have suggestions for places to go or things to do?A. - If you're near Tokyo and into that sort of thing, definately check out Akihabara, where you can buy all kinds of electronics, video game and anime-related items. If you're going to travel around, you should take the Shinkansen (bullet train), since we don't have anything like that in the States.
Q. - Where are the audio clips for this season?A. - We'll be putting some up over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!
Q. - Is Trey Mormon, because there is a lot of stuff about Mormons?A. - No, but he's familiar with them.
December 4, 2005
Q. - Does Mexico really have a space program?A. - Aren't they responsible for those weird aircraft? Wait, you're in the military -- aren't you supposed to know these things?
Q. - Why do Matt and Trey insist on being tools for the Bush administration? (Per CBS Sunday Morning piece 12/4)A. - Clearly, you weren't paying close enough attention. (And they've made fun of George W, too. In fact, they created an entire TV show just making fun of him and his administration!)
Q. - Why do Matt and Trey's movies have such little added content (especially commentary)?A. - They don't care for doing commentary all that much.
Q. - What happened to Chef and Wendy?A. - Huh? They were never dating!Someone once made this sig, though, back when Wendy dressed up like Miss Ellen to get Stan's attention...
Q. - After purchasing South Park (TM) Season Four, I became overcome with soul-crushing depression, for my beloved South Park vulgarity was oppressively edited. Not only were the words BLEEP and BLEEP removed from the soundtrack, so were BLEEP and BLEEP. I BLEEP believe this BLEEP BLEEP is BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP, you BLEEP BLEEP-muching BLEEP BLEEP. BLEEP.A. - The show is created with the bleeps, they're not added later. BLEEP.There was a soundtrack for season 4?
Q. - I suppose I'm a liberal -- whatever that means -- but why on Earth would you wish Bush on anyone? On CBS you said you wanted him re-elected... ARE YOU NUTS?!A. - Trey said, "WHAT IF we wanted George Bush to be re-elected?"That could be twisted to mean "What business is that of yours?"
December 3, 2005
Q. - What does Ike say at the very end of South Park: The Movie when he eats a rat?A. - According to Big-Will who has transcribed the movie, it's "Guys out there is hurted."
Q. - Can we really ask you anything we want?A. - Sure.
December 2, 2005
Q. - In the episode "Here Comes the neighborhood," Token tells Will Smith that his dad is a lawyer, but Kyle's dad is a lawyer too... why don't they have as much money as Token's family? Is Token's dad a more successful lawyer, or does his mom make a lot of money too?A. - Yes, both of Token's parents are making the big bucks. Also, income for lawyers differs heavily depending on what type of law they practice.
Q. - Why are you advertising The Aristocrats here? What does it have to do with South Park?A. - This site is also about the creators and staff of the show, and their other works. Matt and Trey appear in the movie.
Q. - Can Cartman speak Spanish?A. - Habla un poco.
December 1, 2005
Q. - Were the boys modelled after real people?A. - Yes, Nico Agnone was the model for Stan and Kyle.
Q. - I'm kind of new, what does BBS stand for?A. - It originally stood for "Bulletin Board System". Basically, it's a place where you can discuss the show, although it's not an immediate system -- people can reply later.It's what message boards and forums were called 20 years ago, before there was a World Wide Web.
Q. - Who drew the composite sketch of the kids in "Free Willzyx"?A. - Adrien Beard did the artwork.
Q. - What's the title of the Mexican Song that played after they fired the rocket?A. - It's "The Mexican Hat Dance."
November 30, 2005
Q. - Where can I get a copy or see "The spirit of christmas"?A. - You can watch it on the "How it all Began" section of our website, which is under "Behind the Scenes" in our menu.
November 28, 2005
Q. - Comedy Central should totally play every Christmas episode of South Park back-to-back on Christmas Eve. That would be killer.A. - Is that your Christmas wish? How do six Christmas episodes, beginning at 10:00 P.M. ET/PT on Christmas Eve sound?
November 26, 2005
Q. - How far in advance do Matt and Trey make episodes? Are they still making season 9, or have they started on season 10?A. - As previously stated in Live Chats with Matt, interviews, and in the FAQs, the show is created in one week! In other words, one week before it airs they begin writing the script and production is completed by the time it airs.
Q. - Can you make episodes at 8:30 instead of 9:30?A. - Because South Park is rated TV-MA, it has to air after 9 P.M. Beyond that, we don't decide the times, Comedy Central does.
Q. - I have been trying to find out Kyle's exact last name... isn't it, Browslovski, or something?A. - Broflovski. I'll take Character Names for 500.
Q. - When the heck will the much fabled "new" Lemmiwinks episode air? I remember it being advertised, then never aired for some reason or another. Did you guys wuss out?A. - No, we decided to replace it with a different episode. But Lemmiwinks will return one day -- we just have to find the right story!
Q. - In a recent FAQ you said Jimbo was Randy Marsh's brother. Do you just answer questions with a guess or do you actually ask someone that knows? In the David Blane episode he DB says to Jimbo "You are Mr.?" and he says "Kearn." So, if his last name isn't Marsh, you're wrong. You should publicly say on the FAQ's that you were wrong and it's really Sharon's brother. But you probably won't because you can't be wrong, can you? Muahahah!!!A. - No, we ask. And, in his recent Q&A (click here for transcript), Matt said that Jimbo must logically be Randy's half-brother. (Didn't think of that, did you?)
November 25, 2005
Q. - When will season 5 be released in region 2 format?A. - As this has already been commented on several times, please use the search feature on the site to find information about it.
Q. - Where can I buy South Park clothes?A. - There's an entire section of South Park clothing at the Comedy Central Store. Click here.
Q. - How can you get into an instant chat on - Click on "chat" in the hot nav menu, or select it under navigation (it's inside of the Fans category).
November 24, 2005
Q. - I love your website, it has so much cool stuff on it! And I think I've figured out that Mr. Garrison is gay. Is he?A. - Thanks. And yes, he came to terms with it back in season 4.Well, he's a woman now, lol.
Q. - Just looked through the FAQ, and I don't think its been asked but -- Why do all the characters were hoods? Is it like gangsta style or something? Or because its cold... or what??A. - Well, they do live in the mountains in Colorado... (yes, it's cold.)
Q. - I have a friend who lives in Japan, and he's a Vegan and likes PETA. Should I show him the transcripts for that "Chinpokomon" episode (I know alot of japanese) or would he be offended? Thanks!A. - If he gets offended, remember, the proper response is "Jodan desu!"
Q. - What really killed Mrs. Choksondik? Or is it stil not solved?A. - The case was never solved. If you have any information about the death of Ms. Choksondik, please call the Unsolved Mysteries hotline.
Q. - How can we make a South Park version of ourselves?A. - Try the "Create A Character" game in our games section.
Q. - Will there be new members?A. - On the website? There are always new members.New characters? Probably not, but stay tuned. :)
November 23, 2005
Q. - Why do Cartman and his mom have yellow faces in the picture behind the couch?A. - It was an image and it wasn't construction-paperized.
Q. - How did Timmy become wheelchair bound?A. - He was born crippled.
Q. - Is Matt Stone single? I'm absolutely enamored with him and his Jew-afro.A. - I hate to tell you this, but he hasn't had a Jewfro in years.
November 22, 2005
Q. - Why does your website have the exact same thing on it every time i get on here?A. - Where are you looking? We update the news on a near daily basis.
Q. - My son is 13 years old and I can't decide if I could let him watch South Park. We're a pretty liberal family but I haven't watched all your episodes yet to determine if he is ready for this. For example, I don't think he's ready for family guy.A. - South Park is rated M for mature (for more information on television ratings please click here). If you decide to let him watch, watch it with him. We've heard it fosters solid communication between kids and their parents.
November 20, 2005
Q. - Is Matt a ginger or daywalker?A. - Daywalker, clearly.
November 19, 2005
Q. - Is an episode parodying Hurricane Katrina going to be made?A. - I guess it's true what they say: "if you haven't seen it, it's new to you." After the season supposedly ends, keep watching Wednesdays at 10:00 to see this new (to you) episode, "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow."
Q. - So you said that Kyle is only half Jewish, so I suppose that Sheila is not Jewish then what is she?A. - We didn't say Kyle is half Jewish, we said Matt Stone is.
November 18, 2005
Q. - Will the Marklars be in any new episodes?A. - Marklar says Marklar.
November 17, 2005
Q. - When you say South Park is renewed until 2008 does that mean it's the last season in 2008 or there is still a chance it might still continue?A. - It's possible it could renewed again and continue after 2008, yes.
Q. - My friends and I thought of something very, very wrong: What the heck were Tom Cruise, John Travolta and R Kelly doing in Stan's closet?!A. - Don't ask, don't tell.Tom Cruise was in the closet because "L. Ron Hubbard" didn't think his acting was all that great. The other two tried to get him out of the closet, but since Tom was being quite stubborn, they went in instead. What they actually did in there is anybody's guess. Let's just say it didn't turn out well for R. Kelly. :D
November 10, 2005
Q. - Will season 10 have a break in the middle of the season as well?A. - Yes. Season 10 will come in two sets of seven episodes. The first set will start on March 22, 2006.
November 8, 2005
Q. - If it only takes a week to make a 30-minute episode, does that mean the film only took like 3 weeks to make?A. - No. To do the film, we had to build a new studio, hire a lot more animators, and build all the characters and backgrounds from scratch. (We were also overlapping production of the movie with the TV show.) Before all of that, the script had to be written and re-written over a dozen times. Somewhere in the middle of all those re-writes, it become a musical. That meant choreographing all the songs Trey wrote. While the animation technique is the same, the technology to get it to the big screen is different and more time consuming. We also took more time to do the sound and music. We had a full orchestra record wall-to-wall music. And that's just a small sample of what goes into making a South Park movie -- multiply that by 1,000. It took two years!
November 7, 2005
Q. - Why is it that Satan's ex, Chris, is in hell? It's not because he's gay, right?A. - No, it's because he's not Mormon.
November 5, 2005
Q. - Is butters gay?A. - It's too soon to tell.
Q. - Can't you people make South Park games?A. - Well, we are working on some new stuff for you to play here on our website down in our super secret Game Lab. South Park is also doing some R&D to produce a video game.
Q. - (I know this has been asked a thousand times but...) Will the 10th season be the last season of South Park?A. - South Park has been renewed through 2008.
November 4, 2005
Q. - When will the South Park DVD Boxsets come to Australia?A. - Seasons 1-4 should already be available, please stay tuned for information on 5-8.
Q. - Is Uncle Jimbo directly related to Randy or Sharon?A. - He's Randy's brother.
November 3, 2005
Q. - Why isn't the spooky fish episode ever shown in "spooky vision" anymore?A. - Showing it that way is the network's decision.
Q. - I have an idea for an episode of South Park...A. - Sorry, but for legal reasons, we can't accept them.
November 2, 2005
Q. - How many episodes remain in Season 9?A. - Season 9, like seasons 10, 11, and 12, will be fourteen episodes long. So that leaves 3 episodes.
Q. - Why is there a Braniff Airlines ad at the end of every episode?A. - Matt and Trey choose Braniff as the name for their production company when they began South Park. They have the right to use the logo on South Park but do not have any other rights to it. It continues to make them laugh.
November 1, 2005
Q. - I noticed we can purchase TV shows online in the iTunes store and view them on iPods. Can we purchase South Park episodes online?A. - Currently no, but maybe one day.
Q. - Crab people seem to pop up a lot in South Park. Is there a big, fascinating history about Matt, Trey, and Crab People?A. - It's more of a big, fat joke in the writer's room. Crab People was an idea that came up when we were doing the "Metro Sexual" show. It was never intended as a real pitch -- just a silly place holder until we could come up with something better! The closer we got to air, the more desperate we were and the funnier it was to all of us. Now somebody always brings it up when we're stuck and it still makes us laugh.
Q. - Will South Park ever be available on UMD?A. - Actually, there are already some episodes of South Park available on UMD.
Q. - I went on a website and it showed South Park in a different form, will SP change this way?
A. - No, that site is not affiliated with SP, but it sure is cool looking!
(It's fanart by John Galvan)
October 31, 2005
Q. - I found the following short South Park cartoon online: click here. Did you guys make this?A. - South Park did make it. Penn Gillette is a big fan of the show and he asked Matt and Trey to do it.And he wanted to include it in his movie about the joke.
Q. - I noticed that Butters was not in last week's episode (Follow that Egg) and I started thinking.... Is Butters still in the basement of his parents house?A. - Yes. But don't worry too much, he'll be back.
October 26, 2005
Q. - Is Butters' dad's name Chris or Steven?A. - Steven. (Unless Trey likes the name Chris better that week.)
October 24, 2005
Q. - Does Matt have a bag of Jewgold around his neck?A. - No, because he's only half Jewish.He might have a pot of gold though. His other half is Irish. :)
Q. - Since this is the FAQ... does that mean that all of the questions you answer are actually frequently asked?A. - Not all of them, but many of them are. (And some are just more interesting than others.)
October 17, 2005
Q. - What is the address of South Park Studios?A. -, you meant their MAILING address. I don't have it, they don't wanna make it public. They don't want any crazy fans over...
Q. - When will seasons 7 & 8 be released? Possibly before X-mas 05?A. - Target is season 7 - March 2006, season 8 - Oct 2006
October 16, 2005
Q. - Are you thinking of making another South Park Movie?A. - No.
Q. - In an episode, there is a word for a woman sent to Earth to destroy a man's life. Can you tell me what it is?A. - Succubus? (A succubus is a female spirit that comes to men in their dreams to seduce them. Is that what you mean?)Yes, Succubus
October 15, 2005
Q. - You guys have already tackled so many different groups. With it's popularity (hopefully) at it's peak, do you guys plan to have an episode of South Park involving $cientology?? (I meant to put in a dollar sign for the know whyA. - A few years back, the studio made a short for the MTV Movie Worlds that had some references to Scientology. It was a spoof of the incredibly horrible movie Battlefield Earth.It was called "The Gauntlet" for the MTV 2000 Movie Awards.
October 14, 2005
Q. - I've seen some pictures.... have you made a South Park featuring some of the characters from the anime Full metal Alchemist?A. - No.Is that whom the boys reminded you in "Good Times With Weapons?"
October 13, 2005
Q. - Why can't we see the video/animations?A. - Try updating your version of QuickTime (currently version 7) and Macromedia Flash (currently version 8).
October 11, 2005
Q. - When can we expect the ninth season in Canada? We haven't had it for almost a year?A. - Friday, November 4 at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT, on The Comedy Network.
October 9, 2005
Q. - I heard that Kenny isn't in Season 6. Why is that?A. - He died but his spirit is in season 6, if that counts.
Q. - Does Trey have a Myspace profile?A. - No.But he has a REALLY DEDICATED impersonator.
October 8, 2005
Q. - What the f*&%$#! are you doing with a frickin ARMY ad on your front page? I'm disgusted. Nice fellas. Attract the youth to go fight bloody illegal wars for empire. I love South Park - or used to. Please respond!A. - People in the Army like our show too, you know.
October 6, 2005
Q. - How do you get more than 30 in the South Park ultimate fan trivia game?A. - Play it again. If you log in, the score is cumulative -- it adds the points you get to your total.
October 4, 2005
Q. - Do you have even an approximate date for the release of Season 7 on DVD?A. - Target is March 2006.
Q. - What was the production cost for South Park in the show's earlier days, and what is it now?A. - About three-fifty.About three-fifty, and a few dollars more.
October 3, 2005
Q. - In "Spooky Fish" why is Evil Kyle's beard not red?A. - It's a parallel universe.
Q. - Is Cartman's mom based on a real person? If it is, may I have her address please?A. - Yes, and no.
September 29, 2005
Q. - Where does Leopold get the nickname Butters?A. - It's comes from the nickname of Eric Stough, the director of animation.
September 28, 2005
Q. - What is a "dirty sanchez" in the condom episode?A. - Any one of these things.
Q. - In the episode "Fat Camp" when the fat red-headed kid Chad is about to say that the kids cheated on their diets, does Cartman call him a "Half Chad"? What is a "Half Chad"?A. - It's a reference to the 2000 presidential election, which was still dragging on at the time.
September 27, 2005
Q. - Is Trey engaged to Yoko Ono?A. - CONGRATULATIONS! YOU'RE TODAY'S WINNER!
Q. - How do you save a custom character in the create-a-character game? Maybe it's me, but I can't get the pic to save.A. - Hit the "print screen" key on your keyboard, which will copy what's on the screen onto the clipboard. Then, open Microsoft Paint and choose "paste" from the edit menu.
Q. - When will season 10 begin?A. - March 22, 2006
Q. - Can you tell me all the episodes that are going to be on season 6?A. - South Park Studios an episode guide. Check it out.So do I. Check it out.
September 26, 2005
Q. - How do I download full South Park episodes from here?A. - You don't.Not here either.
September 24, 2005
Q. - When is Comedy Central/Warner Bros going to start releasing South Park DVD's in the UK? We've been stuck on season 4 for about 3 years.A. - Next year.