South Park Studios FAQ

Compiled by Willie Westwood
from the list of questions answered by the staff at South Park Studios.

Part 18 - Summer 2005

Some commentary is provided in the third column
September 21, 2005
Q. - Can we make our own South Park characters?A. - Sure, have you tried our Create-A-Character game?
Q. - Who would win in a fight between Trey and Matt?A. - Those of us who get to watch.
Q. - Lately, I've noticed that Cartmans voice is noticeably deeper, e.g. In the Jeffersons episode, when Cartman tells Stans Mum to "Suck his Fat Hairy Balls". Why is this?A. - Puberty? Hahaha, yeah, right.
Q. - Why is the episode ripping on Jonathan Edwards not on the DVD? It was in one of the first five seasons, wasn't it?A. - Season six.
Q. - Is there really a country named Durka-Durkastan?A. - ...
September 20, 2005
Q. - In episode 113, how come Mr. Garrison was with Cartman's mom in the past if he was gay?A. - Well, he did seem interested in a three-some...He's a complete pervert. And now he's a woman.
Q. - What is Kyle’s Mom's name? In "Death" they call her Carol and in the movie they call her Sheila; what gives?A. - Her name is Sheila.I suppose they wanted to make sure their moms were okay with them using their real names, so both women were named Carol at first.
September 19, 2005
Q. - Is it true that South Park will be shown on local TV?A. - Yes! This is what syndication is all about.
September 17, 2005
Q. - What channel and date will the syndicated version of South Park air?A. - It's airing on a number of channels -- it's different depending on where you are.
September 15, 2005
Q. - I was reading the FAQs and I read that Kyle had diabetes. Can you PLEASE tell me what episode this was shown in or was it just decided by Matt and Trey?A. - His mother said so in the episode "Cherokee Hair Tampons."
September 12, 2005
Q. - I am a Christian and I love South Park, does that make me a hypocrite?A. - Nah. It just means you have a sense of humor.
September 10, 2005
Q. - Since Matt and Trey renewed their contract till the end of 2008, in 2008 will they renew their contract again if the show still is doing good?A. - Impossible to know until that time.
September 3, 2005
Q. - Have you ever known a geologist as stupid and funny as Randy Marsh?A. - He was based on Trey's dad...
September 1, 2005
Q. - What is the name of the game Cartman plays where they kick each other in the nuts?A. - Roshambo
August 1, 2005
Q. - I heard some network has picked up South Park for syndication, does that mean new episodes will be shown there, instead of Comedy Central?A. - No. Generally with syndication, the episodes they're getting are a little older.
Q. - Where can I find a nude picture of Matt Stone?A. - As a bonus, Trey is in the picture too. Click here.
Q. - Has Comedy Central stopped making South Park DVDs? Why can I only buy the first 5 seasons? A. - Be patient. Season 6 is coming soon.
July 30, 2004
Q. - Since Matt and Trey are working on Team America does that mean there will be no new sp episodes?A. - The South Park staff will return to the office on Wednesday, October 6th. The second half of Season 8 will begin airing in November.
Q. - What is South Park created in?A. - Matt and Trey's heads.
Q. - What is a fruit-bowl, as Butters says?A. - That's where you moon somebody, but "with your wiener poking through the back of your legs."And if you look up front, you'll see a mangina.
July 29, 2005
Q. - Who are you?A. - What do you want? Where are you going?
Q. - Does Wing know that an episode of South Park revolved around her?A. - Absolutely.
July 26, 2005
Q. - Why is Damien from the 7th layer of hell?A. - Have you ever been to Alabama?
Q. - Can I get an summer job at South Park Studios?A. - It would be pretty boring, considering no one will be there to work on new episodes until after summer is over!
Q. - What is Orgazmo? I keep seeing it in the FAQs and in South Park. What is it?A. - One of Matt and Trey's movies. It came out on DVD not long ago, so check it out!
Q. - Was there a monster-like character called scuzelbug' or something along those lines? I think he lived in the woods and had a human as a leg?A. - Scuzzlebutt. He's in the first-season episode "Volcano."
Q. - What the hell is a glass bottom boat?A. - It's a boat where the bottom is literally made of glass, so you can see through what's under it. Used in parks and stuff like that.
Q. - I've seen an image of the season 6 cover art, is it correct?A. - Only if it looks like this:
July 25, 2005
Q. - What is the name and number of the episode that says shit and has the counter on it?A. - Episode 502, It Hits the Fan.
Q. - I really like South Park and I was wondering, why is Ike Canadian?A. - It wasn't his choice. He was born that way.
July 24, 2005
Q. - After seen the kissing scene in Baseketball, I have to wonder: are Matt and/or Trey heterosexual or homosexual?A. - Yes.
Q. - Why doesn't Mr. Floatie have a flappy head?A. - Canada gets a lot of immigrants, you know...
July 23, 2005
Q. - Is the "Mega Man" Cartman talks about the same as the Japanese anime one?A. - No, as their commentary notes, they were unaware of it when they made the episode.
Q. - How did you get Comedy Central to air episode 907 "Erection Day"?A. - We sent them a tape.
July 22, 2005
Q. - In episode 304 (Tweek vs. Craig), who is the woman that plays the late fiance of Mr. Richard Adler, the shop teacher?A. - Pam Brady.
July 20, 2005
Q. - What is an erection (like what Jimmy gets)?A. - You'll find out when you hit puberty.
Q. - What were Stan's, Kyle's, Cartman's, and Kenny's names in the ninja episode?A. - Stan was Shadowhachi, Kyle was Bunraku, and Cartman was Bulrog. Kenny's is a secret... for now.
July 19, 2005
Q. - Do you think it is unhealthy to love Cartman so much that you wanna rip all his clothes off and twist his nipples until he cries mercy?A. - Have you seen
July 17, 2005
Q. - Does Kyle have diabetes?A. - Yes.
Q. - Any chance for a sequel to Good Times With Weapons?A. - Interesting you ask that...
July 16, 2005
Q. - What's that white stuff that Paris Hilton keeps throwing up?A. - Some things are probably better left unanswered.
Q. - How does Kenny get a PSP when he's too poor to buy one?A. - "Oops."
Q. - Do Matt and Trey ever plan on releasing a new South Park movie?A. - Only if they make a new one, first. And presently, they're not planning to do that.
July 15, 2005
Q. - Did we ever find out Eric Cartman's father was? Who was it?A. - Yes. His mother.
July 14, 2005
Q. - How many South Park season are there? Me and my friend are fighting over it. He keeps saying there are no more than 7 seasons.A. - If you look at our episode list, you'll clearly see there are nine seasons. Also, it's "my friend and I."
Q. - I was wondering if Trey and Matt would ever consider doing a remake of "CANNIBAL! The Musical" with a much larger budget?A. - It's been discussed, actually.
Q. - In Season 9, is it Nut Gobbler or Nut Garggler?A. - Gobbler.
July 13, 2005
Q. - What kind of hamster is Lemmiwinks?A. - He's the "Gerbil King". (I cannot believe this insolence!)
Q. - Is the narrators voice for Ultimate Fan Trivia the voice of the little guy in BASEketball?A. - Yup! His name is Dian Bachar, by the way.
Q. - What channel is South Park on in the UK?A. - Paramount Comedy
July 9, 2005
Q. - What does the word "Jargon" mean?A. - Specialized or technical language used by people in a specific trade. Or, alternatively, nonsensical talk. (Depends on who you ask.)Now, if you were thinking of jagons, that's another thing entirely. They're... erogenous zones. :)
Q. - In Michael Moore´s movie "Bowling for Columbine", he interviews Trey Parker, and I believe Matt Stone and Trey Parker made the cartoon in that movie. So why the hell do they make fun of Michael Moore and blow him up in "Team America?"A. - Because, actually, they didn't make it. Plus, he's fat.And, it was Matt Stone he interviewed, not Trey Parker.
July 5, 2005
Q. - At character downloads, how can you download the WAV files onto your computer so you can hear them when ever you want?A. - Just click the little arrow that points down.
July 4, 2005
Q. - Will you do an episode making fun of Tom Cruise and Scientology?A. - It didn't involve Tom Cruise, but Scientology did come up in a short done for the MTV Movie Awards.John Travolta was the Scientologist made fun of in that one.
Q. - How can I talk to people on this site?A. - We have a BBS and a chatroom. Check them both out!
July 2, 2005
Q. - I want to become member, but how?A. - It's easy. Click on the "New User?" button in the Members' Area!
July 1, 2005
Q. - Is it illegal to have South Park episodes on my harddrive?A. - Technically, yes.Matt and Trey don't care though. The more people the show reaches, the better.
Q. - Will there be any more "Princess?"A. - No, sorry. :(
Q. - Is there anyway to save a character you've made on Create-A-Character? Please answer my *BLEEP*ing question this time guys!A. - Hit the "print screen" button to copy it onto the clipboard. Then, open Paint and choose "paste" from the menu.
June 28, 2005
Q. - Did Kenny die for good in season 5? I haven't seen him in any of the other seasons.A. - He did, but then he came back at the end of season six.
Q. - Is "back door sluts 9" a real porno?A. - ...Probably.Would you like to see the Pussyman series?
June 27, 2005
Q. - Is there an episode when Kenny (my favorite character!) takes his hood off? If so, when?A. - You can see him without his hood in a few episodes, such as "The Jeffersons" and briefly in "The Losing Edge".
June 26, 2005
Q. - How does everyone get so many points on the trivia game when there is only ten questions? Am I missing something?A. - No, they've just been playing it over and over again.
June 25, 2005
Q. - What does Craig look like without his hair?A. - Something like...
June 24, 2005
Q. - Did Trey and Matt stop making South Park episodes?A. - No, they're just on vacation.
Q. - Is being a member of this site free?A. - Absolutely.
Q. - Do people really shit when they die?A. - After death, the muscles (including those in the sphincter) relax, so.. it can and has happened.
June 23, 2005
Q. - In the episode where Token wants more rich kids, was it implying that only christians are rich?A. - Not really....
Q. - What is the movie that Trey and Matt worked on called BLU? I saw you mention it in another FAQ.A. - BLU is an abbreviation for "Bigger, Longer & Uncut" AKA "South Park: The Movie."
Q. - In episode 616 "My Future Self 'n' Me", Butters shows Stan that he is Professor Chaos but then in episode 801 "Good Time With Weapons", hedoesn't know who professor chaos is... Why is that?A. - In episode 616, Stan wasn't really paying close attention. Additionally, he thought Butters' "secret" was that he was gay.
June 22, 2005
Q. - Why doesn't Comedy Central release the South Park episodes without the bleeps like they do with Reno 911 and Chappelle's show?A. - The bleeps are often done by South Park Studios, not by Comedy Central.
Q. - When will SouthA. - Huh? The Civil War ended a century and a half ago.
Q. - In episode 813, what kind of psychic is Cartman? "Voonderkeen?" How do you spell that and what does it mean?A. - It's "wunderkind," and it refers to a child prodigy.
June 21, 2005
Q. - When did Cartman say put a banana in my pants and turn the monkey loose?A. - You two must have an interesting relationship...
Q. - Where can I get Maya?A. - Ms. Angelou is not currently available.

(In all seriousness, you can get Maya from Alias Systems Corporation. But beware, it might be outside your normal software budget, and it can be quite difficult to learn and use.)

Q. - When is South Park series 5 going to be released on DVD in the UK? Are there plans to release it, and if not is there a reason?A. - You should see the series 5 next year (2006), and hopefully the subsequent releases should follow shortly thereafter.