South Park Studios FAQ

Compiled by Willie Westwood
from the list of questions answered by the staff at South Park Studios.

Part 16 - Winter 2005

Some commentary is provided in the third column
March 17, 2005
Q. - What Happened to Chef, why isnt he in any new episodes?A. - He was just on in last night's episode!The more important question is, why isn't he singing on the show anymore?
Q. - Newbe to the site- Are there release dates for season 6,7 & 8 yet?A. - Unfortunately not, the dates haven't been finalized yet.
March 16, 2005
Q. - Hey i made this cool character but i dont know how to save it to my pictures and stuff can you help meA. - People sure do ask about this a lot! Press the "PRINT SCREEN" button on your keyboard, then open Microsoft Paint (or PaintBrush) and paste it (which is a menu option).
Q. - Okay, how do you correctly spell Kyle's last name?A. - Broflovski.The movie gave the definitive answer. :)
Q. - I think someone already asked this but when does Orgazmo come out on DVD?A. - March 29!
March 15, 2005
Q. - Why answer so many stupid questions?A. - Why ask so many stupid questions?
Q. - You wanna get high?A. - No.
March 13, 2005
Q. - Will Mr. Garrison stay a woman?A. - Did you see the newest episode?
Q. - What is Stans real hair color?A. - Black.
March 10, 2005
Q. - did trey and matt really create that wierd flash cartoon "princess?" thanksA. - The one with the little dog named Princess? Yeah, that was them. They made two episodes of it.
March 9, 2005
Q. - If Eric Stough is the basis for Butters, but the character isn't much like the real guy, what is Eric Stough REALLY like?A. - He's like an anchor in a storm.
March 5, 2005
Q. - Hey I made a really cool character on that 'create a character' thing you guys have. my question is may I use it to post on my internet profile?A. - Absolutely.
Q. - Why did you guys kill Kenny for good? He was the best.A. - What? He's back.
March 3, 2005
Q. - do u have to pay or sumtin to become a member of the site? cuz i wanna join but I dont know if anything serious goes on? please tell me!A. - It's free, but please use spell check :)
Q. - When is series 5 released in the UK?A. - Unfortunately, not for a while yet.
February 24, 2005
Q. - Who voiced Paris Hilton?A. - Jessie Thomas.
Q. - Who did the voice acting for the role of Chris, Satan's ex?A. - Dian Bachar, the actor who played "Chodaboy" in Orgazmo, and "Squeak" in Baseketball. You can also hear his voice in our "Ultimate Fan Trivia" game.
Q. - Who did the voice of Trent Boyett?A. - Trey did.
February 23, 2005
Q. - Is it ok to kill someone if they ask you to?A. - I'm not touching that with a sixty foot pole. Next caller.
Q. - do you have any idea when Season 5 will be released in the U.K?A. - Some time next year (2006).
February 16, 2005
Q. - Was the Episode "Quest for Ratings" in any way inspired by the in-school TV show Channel One and, if so, what are Matt and Trey's opinions of Channel One?A. - No, they weren't aware of Channel One when they wrote that episode. Rather, the episode was meant as a parody of news shows trying to out do each other.
Q. - Whose hands are used in Cartman's incredible gift in the food scenes?A. - Those are the hands of our very own Anne Garefino, as well as the caterer who brought the food.

Give them a hand...

February 15, 2005
Q. - What is a meecrob?Cartman said it in "It Hits The Fan" and i asked my teacher and friends what it ment but no one knew.A. - It's "Mee Krob". To quote an FAQ from about three years back: "Cartman explains what Mee Krob is in the show. It's an appetizer that you get in Thai Food restaurants. It's crispy noodles that are sweet and are generally served with shrimp."
February 14, 2005
Q. - Who the heck is answering these questions?A. - The FAQ questions are answered by employees of South Park Studios or affiliated companies. There are a few of us who work on this website, and we generally look at the FAQ questions first. When there are questions we don't know the answer to, we'll ask the person who does.If you're reading these on the South Park Scriptorium though, you're reading a compilation, with some commentary on the side. Willie Westwood, or BigWill, just collects them. :)
February 12, 2005
Q. - What season is Towlie in?A. - I sure do get a lot of questions about him.

Anyway, he's in Season 5, which will be available on DVD in North America on Feb 22.

February 7, 2005
Q. - What did Matt and Trey major in when they were in college?A. - Matt and Trey studied at the University of Colorado together, although Trey spent some time at the Berklee College of Music first. Matt graduated with degrees in film and math, and Trey was majoring in film, although he also studied music and Japanese.
Q. - any commentaries or bonus features on the season 5 dvd set?A. - Yes.It's a surprise what exactly there'll be, though.
Q. - my computer wont let me download the Jesus vs Frosty video because it doesnt have the right program or something is there any other way to see this episode?A. - You need Apple QuickTime.
February 6, 2005
Q. - I have an answer to a previous question about uncensored episodes, I have the episode "It hits the fan" where they say shit like 160 times on my computer and it's uncensoredA. - Yes, that was kind of the point of the entire episode. We made sure it was okay first, though.
February 5, 2005
Q. - what is the deal with not being able to use your search button? every time i use it i get a crasy error messageA. - Yes, it was down for a little while, but it's working now. If you continue to have difficulties, please let us know and send some additional details. (Thanks!)
February 4, 2005
Q. - i was wondering - in Bowling for Columbine, did matt n trey did the short american history animation? sounds awfully a lot like'em.A. - No, they did not.
January 31, 2005
Q. - why do you start each season at episode 101 or 701 what happenes to the ones in betweenA. - This is a common numbering system for episodes. The hundreds and thousands represent the season number, and the ones and tens represent the number of the episode within that season.
So, 101 is the first episode of the first season.
And 814 is the fourteenth episode of the eighth season.
Get it?
January 30, 2005
Q. - do the handicapped go to hell?A. - Probably.
Q. - Why are my genitals so overwhelmingly large? I don't understand, women are sometimes frightened.A. - I have a message from the ladies here: "Hey... wake up... WAKE UP!"
January 28, 2005
Q. - Who is really cartman's father? Will there be another episode where cartman actually finds out who is father?A. - We have already revealed the identity of Cartman's father. Sheesh, people.About seven years ago, too. But Comedy Central is ashamed to show that ep because of the beating it took the first time it aired.
Q. - Why are all the girls in "Raisins" called names of (good) cars? (Lexus, Mercedes, Ferrari, Porsche)A. - According to some of my friends who are more knowledgeable in this area, Lexus isn't very good at all....Sex sells. So does performance. If men love cars with great performance, imagine how they feel about women with great performance. :D
January 23, 2005
Q. - do people realy crap themselves when they die?A. - If you try it out and figure out the answer, let us know.
Q. - i've searched far and wide for a CD Matt and Trey's Band, DVDA, but i just cant find one, do you have any tips on where to look?A. - I'm afraid I do not believe there is a DVDA CD in and of itself. However, you can find DVDA's songs in some of Matt and Trey's other works, as well as their respective soundtracks.
Q. - How many times are you going to answer the same question? Jesus Christ!A. - How many times are you going to ask the same questions?
Q. - Which Interstate runs near South Park?A. - The Interstate shown in Goobacks is I-285. However, in reality, I-285 is in/near Atlanta, Georgia.
January 22, 2005
Q. - Wait, I thought Mr. Garrison's first name was Herbert. Why is "In the Valley of Penises" shown as being by Ethan Garrison?A. - We have to be consistent now? Crap.
Q. - is the brown noise realA. - Absolutely! It's a known physics concept, apparently supported in Microsoft Windows. (You might be interested to know that's it something the military has done research on. Whether or not they've been successful, I'm not sure... but in theory, it could work.)
Q. - 2 questions - (1) is there a cultural references guide anywhere for the songs/movies/news (etc) parodies that appear in SP episodes? (2) Is there a McDonald's in SP?A. - 1) We do not maintain one, however Big-Will (the forum moderator here) maintains an informal one that's usually pretty good. Go to his episode guide, and check out the secrets page (the magnifying glass) for each episode.
Note: We do not supply all of his information, nor do we check it. As a result, there are likely to be some inaccuracies and errors.
2) Not as far as I know. I think the building they're putting in next to Wendell's is probably just a Burger Prince.
McDonald's has never been mentioned on the show. There is a Happy Burger though.
Q. - Will Osama Bin Laden ReturnA. - I don't know. Maybe the Department of Homeland Security does?
January 21, 2005
Q. - do you like bacon?A. - Sure do. Macon does too, don't you, boy?
Q. - are you a girl or a boy?A. - Yes.
January 20, 2005
Q. - Do you think Cartman is hot?A. - Definately! With all that extra weight, he's probably pretty warm at least.
Q. - Is Casa Bonita based off of a real restuant?A. - Absolutely!
January 19, 2005
Q. - Why do all the bartenders beer dispenser things always say "dude" then "beer"A. - Beer, we totally need some more dude! *hic*I'll have a Dude, myself. Beer is for pussies.
Q. - This has been irritating me: What are the lyrics to "Circle of Poo" from the episode A Very Crappy Christmas?A. - Everything that lives on Earth, poos in some way.
And that's how the cycle happens each and every day
Just look at the green, green grass and the birds up in the sky
It's all here because of poo and now I'll tell you why
Grass is eaten by the cattle which is eaten by women and men
It fuses with their bodies and then becomes poo again.
Then that poo goes through the sewer where it dumped into the sea..
and it's eaten by the plankton that becomes the fish's meal
And when that bigger fish with that poo still inside
Who swim up near the shore and get eaten alive
by a grizzly bear that poo on a dead piece of sand.
So that it can spring to life and become food for the land.

It's the poo of the antelope, the poo of the giraffe
That falls onto the Earth and becomes the blades of grass
The grass that's eaten by the cattle which and comes out the other end
To make food for the humans so it starts all over again.

I'm the poo of the antelope that flows onto the ground
Becomes the grass of tomorrow which the grazers turn around
So I'm the legs of the leopard and the wings of the hen
Which becomes dinner for the humans and turned back to poo again
That's the cycle..., the cycle of poo!

January 18, 2005
Q. - Who are the other pairs in the South Park world in which only one of them is gay?A. - Remember the incident with Butters' father?
Q. - are terrance and phillop gay?A. - Like some other pairs in the South Park world, only one of them is (ambiguously?) gay:
TERRANCE: Wow! Scott really hates us, Phillip.
PHILLIP: Yes, perhaps hes homophobic.
Terrance thinks.
TERRANCE: But were not gay, Phillip.
PHILLIP: Were not?
January 17, 2005
Q. - Was team america's dvd delayed until april?A. - Apparently so, it's now listed for April 5th.
Q. - i noticed that Randi Parker was in the credits of "Cannibal the Musical" is he Trey's father and also is he the reason why Stan's father was named Randi?A. - Trey's real name is "Randolph Severn Parker III". And no, you may not call him "Severny".And please, it's Randy, not Randi. And yes, the Marshes are named after Trey's parents, and the Broflovskis are named after Matt's parents.
January 16, 2005
Q. - What's the name of the song behind Craigs serie 'Closed up animals with a wideangel lens' in the episode 'Quest for Ratings'?A. - It's "Yakety Sax", the theme song from the Benny Hill show.
Q. - Is there a possibility of a Team America/South Park cross over? Even for just one episode?A. - I'm not sure if it's been decided what form it will take, but I think it's likely we'll see a reference to Team America at some point.
Q. - are estella pip & pocket based on "Great Expectations?"A. - Yes.
January 14, 2005
Q. - For The South Park Ultimte Fan Triva do I have to have a user name?A. - No, you can play anonymously. However, if you do have a username and login, it will add your score every time you play. (So if you play once and get 24 points, play again and get 27 points, you have 51 points in total.)
January 13, 2005
Q. - it has been confirmed that there will be a 9th season, is there any information about when it will begin?A. - Season 9 starts in March, the same month season 5 comes out on DVD.
January 12, 2005
Q. - is that really kenny who dies in the mr jefferson episode? if so, why is his voice so different than in the movie?A. - In the movie, Kenny was voiced by Mike Judge.
Q. - Did yall do away with the Episode Guide?A. - It's still there. Look under "The Show" in the navigation menus.
Q. - Hey i heard DVDA was Matt n Trey's band... is this true and i was wondering what DVDA stands for? *plz answer quick!*A. - It's a porn term. Look it up yourself.
January 11, 2005
Q. - When will the boys be in the fifth grades?A. - There are no plans for this, presently, but the staff hasn't met yet to discuss storyline ideas for the first half of season nine... so who knows what could happen.
Q. - How do I save my character with a mac?A. - You can use the Grab tool, which will let you capture part of the screen, a whole window, or even the entire screen (note: may not work with video). Grab is included with OS X, you'll find it in /Applications/Utilities.
Q. - why is uk so behind in the release of episodes.We got s4 in 1999 on dvd then stoppped.A. - You got Season 4 on DVD in 1999? WOW!!!
January 10, 2005
Q. - I just bought the first season of south park on DVD and some of the bad words are bleeped out. Is it produced like that or did I get f*cked with a sensored version.A. - Nah, they're all like that. I'm not even sure if there are uncensored versions around... in any case, personally, I think it's better if you don't know what they're saying.You should see the alternate versions of some episodes!
January 8, 2005
Q. - Are Cartman and Stan practing christians?A. - They are, or so they tell me.Matt's a lapsed Jew. I don't this he's converted.
Q. - theres a certin song that plays on a episode and i wanted to know who sung it. it went like ""Terroist your days are thorugh, anow its time to answer to, AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!. who sings it and whats the song name? where can i get it?A. - The episode you're thinking of is "Team Canada" where Terrance and Philip... er, wait, no... sorry, "Team America" was a movie; it's not South Park although it was made by some of the same people.
Anyway, that song is available on iTunes, along with the rest of the songs from the movie (or in your local music store, if you're lucky).
Anybody who knows Trey's voice from other songs he's done (think "Now You're A Man") will recognize it in "America! (Fuck Yeah!)"
January 7, 2005
Q. - If Satan is gay, than why did he do it with a [female] porcupine? ("Critter Christmas").A. - Satan didn't really do it with a female porcupine. In fact, none of that actually happened. Didn't you see the end of the episode?
January 6, 2005
Q. - Who is the most AND least well-liked Character?A. - Cartman.
January 5, 2005
Q. - What is on the cover of Mr. Garrison's romance novel in the episode Cherokee Hair Tampons?A. - "In the Valley of Penises" By Ethan F. Garrison
Q. - what is matt and treys fav band? A. - Why, DVDA, of course.
January 4, 2005
Q. - I got an account but it won't let me sign in! What do i do?A. - When you register for an account, it will send you an email to activate your account. You need to go to the link in the email.
January 3, 2005
Q. - Where Can I Buy 2005 Southpark Calendar ?A. - Did you try the mall? If that doesn't work out, a lot of online bookstores seem to stock it.
Q. - Where are the FAQ archives? Are they still availables?A. - They haven't gone anywhere. The first FAQ page (which only shows the newest few entries) has a link near the top that says "FAQ Archives".
January 2, 2005
Q. - Is it true that Matt Stone vowed to never make another movie with Trey Parker?A. - They said something to that effect after finishing the South Park movie. :)
We've been getting a lot of questions on this; look, Matt and Trey are tired, they've been working for a while and need a break. This isn't the end of South Park. Don't panic.
Q. - In "Chimpokomon", do they speak real japanese? What are they saying in the different scenes? A. - The Japanese you hear is most definately real. And, as per your request, here are excerpts from the script with translations. (The aired version may differ a bit from what you see here.)

Chinpokomon Headquarters
Hirohito:We cannot achieve much with so small penis. But you, Americans, wow penis so BIG. SO BIG PENIS!
Toy Story Owner:(smiling) Well, I guess it is a pretty good size.
Mr. Ose:(calling out) MINASAN! KITTE! (Everyone! Come!)
Hirohito:Dame... Dame da. Dare ga sono chippu o wasuretta? (Bad... it's bad. Who forgot that chip?)
Mr. Ose:Wa... Wakarimasen, Sachoo San. Mondai desu ne. (I don't know, boss. It's a problem, isn't it?)
Hirohito:(Very angry) Machigaeru hito ga hoshii!! (I want the person who did this!)
Mr. Ose:(Bowing and leaving quickly) Hai! Hai! Sacho San. (Yes, yes, boss!)
Japanese Capitol Building
Hirohito:America ni, kodomo zembu ChinPoko Mon motte iru... Kore kara, 'phase two' hajimete... IKIMASHOO! ("In America, every kid has a chinpokomon. From here, phase two begins... Let's go!" Suddenly, the soldiers all jump into position, and slam their guns cocked.) The time has come!! WE WILL TAKE PEARL HARBOUR!!!!!
The Classroom Sequence
Mr. Garrison:What is six times three?
Stan:(raises his hand) Ju-hachi desu ka? (Is it eighteen?)
Kids:Ju-hachi da ne!!! (It's eighteen, isn't it?)
Kyle:Ju-hachi (18) IS eighteen, Garrison San (Mr. Garrison).
Cartman:Ooh, Garrison San sabushii da na... (Mr. Garrison is clueless...)
Mr. Garrison:WHAT DID HE SAY?!
Stan:He said 'Garrison San sabushii da na'. (Mr. Garrison is clueless)
Kids:SO DESU NE!!! (It is so, isn't it?)
Mr. Garrison:DAMMIT THIS IS NOT JAPAN!!! (Mr. Mackey walks into frame.)
Cartman:MINASAN! KITE KITE CHURI- ("Everybody! Listen listen-" Cartman farts. Kids laugh.)
Wendy:Dare ga PU shita no? (Who farted?)
Mr. Garrison:(Running out) AAAGGHGH!!!!!
The March
Kids:Bei-ko-ku! (America)
Mr. Ose:Owa-tta! (Ended/Finished)
Stan's Mother:Stan... Please, come home!
Stan:KORE WA WATASHI NO UCHI DESU!!! (This is my home.)
Kids:SO DESU NE! (It is so, isn't it?)
Outside the camp
Mr. Ose:Your plane will fly auto-pilot to Pearl Harbor! When you arrive you will drop many bombs!
Kids:HAI, SACHOO SAN! ("Yes, boss!" The boys make their way to the planes. But suddenly, all the parents walk up with big smiles holding Chinpoko dolls.)
Stan:Nan da Kore? (What is this?)
Stan's Father:Chinpoko ga dai suki yo! (I love chinpokomon!!!)

January 1, 2005
Q. - what does cartman say in church at the start of the do the handicapped go to hell episodeA. - It is a man's obligation To stick his boneration In a woman's separation This sort of penetration Will increase the population Of the younger generation
December 30, 2004
Q. - How did the Simpsons parody South Park?A. - A lot of people have been asking about this! I don't have Simpsons scripts, so here's an excerpt from Big-Will's Scriptorium:

[Bart and Milhouse watching South Park. The South Park characters are drawn in Simpsons style.]
Milhouse:I hear those kids' voices are done by grownups
Bart:Hey, there's nothing wrong with that. I just wonder how they keep it so fresh after 43 episodes.
[Next scene: the SP boys are at the South Park Forum.]
Stan:I can't believe we paid to see a band with Steve Gutenberg, Calista Flockhart, and Farty the Crippled Robot!
Farty:[on stage, playing a guitar] "look who's in my fart. O.J." [Farty farts and O.J. appears in the brown cloud.]
O.J.:I'm gonna kill you all. [destroys Farty, then goes after the band, cutting their heads off.]
Bart and Milhouse:[dance around] "Cartoon Violence! Cartoon Violence!"
O.J.:[has Cartman's dripping head on his knife] Now I'm going to find the real killer. [Marge comes in and turns off the TV.]
Bart and Milhouse:[startled] AAAAAAAA!!!
Marge:Kids, that cartoon is not life-affirming. We're going to watch a show about the everyday problems of angels.

December 29, 2004
Q. - what color is kyles hair? what style? i have the same question as that exept it is with stanA. -
Q. - do you have a soundtrack for the south park movie?A. - Of course! It's quite a good soundtrack, but it's been a while since it came out, so you may have to look around a bit to find it.
On that note, there are places that do have "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics", "Chef Aid", and the "Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld" single, if you're interested.
December 28, 2004
Q. - why cant you download sounds? If you can can you tell me how pleaseA. - Right click on the download link (the arrow), and select "save as..." (it may be named something slightly different, depending on your webbrowser.) And if you're on a Mac with a one-button mouse, try ctrl + click.
Q. - in the episode with korn in it, are you guys making fun of korn, or complimenting them?A. - Yes.
Q. - how many episodes of south park will there be in season 8?A. - Season 8 is over. Season 9 begins in March.There WERE 14 episodes. :)
Q. - Can you make a character from me?A. - Probably, but we charge a lot. :) Alternatively, you can do it yourself for free -- check out our "Create-A-Character" game!
December 27, 2004
Q. - Hi. How do you write the name of the creature Stan kills in "Volcano"? I couldn't find it in any category on the "character" section of the site.A. - Scuzzlebutt
Q. - what do I do to be a userA. - Click on "New User?" in the members area, which is at the top of the page near navigation. Registration is fun and easy, and you don't need to choose a political party, either.
Q. - I just read that Stan has brown eyes, but in "a very crappy christmas" kyle says that stan has blue eyes! contacts maybe?A. - The question was in reference to Episode 801, "Good Times with Weapons". In that episode, the boys played ninja and we got to see them as they imagined themselves (in anime form).
Their imaginary self-image may differ from how they actually look. For example, Kyle's anime hair was black, but his real hair is definately not.
December 26, 2004
Q. - In Good Times With Weapons, we see that Kenny has blue eyes and Kyle has brown eyes. What are Stan and Cartman's eye colors? (yes, I already checked the faq for this) A. - In the concept art for that episode:
Kenny has blue eyes.
Kyle has brown eyes in some pictures and black in others.
Stan has brown eyes.
Cartman has no eye color!
(Remember that this is how the boys imagine themselves; so those may not be their actual eye colors.)
Q. - What is the song that Cartman sings at the beginning of epepisode 513 (kenny dies) ???A. - I believe it was Sheena Easton's "Morning Train".It was.
December 25, 2004
Q. - I just watched Red Man's Greed (Episode: 701).. Do you have any information that who "Alex" really was in that episode? It seems this was hes only appearance. Its bothering me. :)A. - That's right. Basically, there was a charity auction and the highest bidder got to voice a guest character on the show.
Q. - since bush is here for Four more years (sadly...), are Trey and Matt going to bring That's My Bush! back?A. - Not right now... but maybe in 2012, when Jeb Bush becomes president?Bah, not ever. The ratings didn't justify the big bucks spent on making that show.
Q. - BAH! Please answer quickly.... I heard of a complete season recap on Wednesday and a marathon of musical EPISODES fRIDAY: DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME BOTH OF THESE AIR ON THOSE DATES? PLEASE RESPOND QUICKLY.A. - Yes, a bunch of episodes are being played Wednesday starting at 9:30pm and Saturday starting at 10pm (EST). Check comedy central's listings (available on their website) for a complete list of the episodes that will be played. :)
P.S. I think your caps lock key is stuck.
Q. - can you buy all seasons on DVD?A. - You can currently buy seasons one through four on DVD. You could have asked for them for Christmas, but noooooo -- you're too late now!
Q. - What did the Simpsons creators think of the "Simpson already did it" episode?A. - It goes both ways; the Simpsons made fun of South Park too.
December 24, 2004
Q. - Why do people ask what Bulrog is? Who is Bulrog? Did he appear in a south Park episode or something?A. - Bulrog is Cartman's ninja name, from "Good Times with Weapons" (episode 801).
Q. - will yous till be answering FAQs during the season break?A. - Of course, we'll even put some new content here during that time! You know, I mean, hey, I even answered your question on Christmas-freaking-eve.
Q. - I thought mr hanky was based on a story treys dad told because trey didnt flush the tiolet. whats the whole thing about with ren and stimpy?A. - That's right; Trey's dad came up with it. But not everybody who watched the show knows that, eh?
Q. - why are matt and trey taking such a long break? And during this break will they get the commentary tracks layed on season 5?A. - Remember that Matt and Trey haven't had a break in a while -- they pretty much came back to South Park as soon as they finished Team America.
And regarding the season 5 DVDs, they're due out before the first episode of Season 9... so...
March 1. Mark your calendars.
December 23, 2004
Q. - how come kenny only dies once in a while instead of all the time like he did before?A. - I think either the joke stopped being funny, or it was just too hard to come up with new and innovative ways of killing Kenny. I mean, come on, the kid has more lives than a cat.
Q. - Is the FCC always on your case about the content of the show?A. - Not about the content of the show, since Comedy Central is a cable network (and not a broadcast network) and since it usually airs after 10pm anyway.
But they are always on my case about my unpaid credit card bills... or wait... maybe that's the bank...
Q. - I have heard trey and matt were sewed because the creaters of ren and stimpy thought that u guys took the "mr.hanky" idea is that true????A. - He certainly did raise a bit of a... stink... *snicker*
December 22, 2004
Q. - In the episode about home school kids, what is the word that Kyle fails to spell correctly at the spelling bee? Is it a real word? It sounded like 'croxildiphibic' or something like that... Just wondering: I might need to use it in an epithet some day. Thanks...A. - The script says "Kroxldyphivc". I don't believe this is a real word, although it kinda sounds like one...
Q. - Durig the credits of some episodes of South Park, why is there a position called "eieio"?A. - What an excellent question! But, you know, it's actually already been answered.
Use the search button in the upper-right hand corner of the site, or alternatively the one right below the FAQ submission box. What a spiffy feature, no?
December 21, 2004
Q. - what do matt and trey think of this new siteA. - The prototype was approved by Matt; he likes it.
Q. - Does the guy that played Noon in Cannibal the Musical and Choda Boy in Orgazmo and Squeak in BASEketball the guy that doezs the voice for Satans lover, Chris?A. - That's him, alright -- Dian Bachar. You can also hear his fantastic voice in our Ultimate Fan Trivia game, right here on this very website!
Q. - Is episode 814 last in 8th season? I couldn't find any information on this page.A. - Yes. Season 9 begins in March.
Q. - How do you do Kenny's voice?A. - Cover your mouth.
Q. - Matt and Trey have Butters get hurt all the time because he's based on Eric Stough, who they picked on in high school? Do they really believe it's still cool and funny to pick on someone just because they're whimpy and a little nicer than they are, as they seem to be saying with this Butters torture?A. - Absolutely. Don't you?
Q. - Is there any place on the 'net I can find the official first episode (Frosty vs Jesus)? Or is it on the DVD box sets somewhere?A. - It's not on any of the DVDs, but we do have a low-resolution copy right here on the website: check out "how it all began" under "behind the scenes".