South Park Studios FAQ

Compiled by Willie Westwood
from the list of questions answered by the staff at South Park Studios.

Part 15 - Fall 2004

Some commentary is provided in the third column
December 18, 2004
Q. - what is the color of kennys hairA. - Blonde.
December 17, 2004
Q. - Do Matt and Trey have anything against Canada. After watching Christmas in Canada it appears they dont know $h!t. I mean flowers and green grass in December.A. - Have you ever seen "The Wizard of Oz"?
Q. - Is Mr. Hat actually a way for Trey and Matt to make fun of the lead singer of Jamiraquai or am I just stupid?A. - No, there was a real Mr. Hat. He belonged to Trey's kindergarten teacher (or maybe vice versa).
Q. - I heard that after the wed (12-15) show that South Park is being pulled off the air. Is that true?A. - No. (However, they are taking a break and there won't be any new episodes until March.)
Q. - You mentioned the BBS in some of your answers. What's that?A. - It's a discussion board. Look under "fans" in the menu (over at South Park Studios).
Q. - why'd you hate Barbra Streisand, answer please?A. - It's a Colorado thing. Let's just say that she threw a fit and threatened not to come and bring her friends anymore if she didn't get her way.
Q. - in "stupid spoiled whore video playset", the girls tell wendy they're going to play spin the bottle and 2 minutes in the closet and "do kedomine". what is "kedomine"?A. - They call it anaesthetic, a pain killer. But behind closed doors at South Park Elementary it also has a street name. Bump, Cat killer, Cat valium, kit kat, Special K, Super acid, Vitamin K. Hello, I'm Rick Cartman. Today, the Sexy Action School News Team takes you inside the dark and lonely world... of animal tranquilizer abuse.Cartman, it's Ketamine!
December 16, 2004
Q. - What is Kenny's brother's name?A. - Kevin.
Q. - My guidence councler is just like Mr. Mackey, but he doesn't say 'mmmkay', he goes 'woof woof.' strange.A. - I really hate to break this to you, but your dog is not a guidance counselor.
Q. - DO you know when the next time 'South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut' will air? How can Kyle be the first person to poop out Mr. Hanky if he is Jewish? Think about it...A. - To answer your first question, I believe they're airing it on New Year's eve. To answer your second question, Kyle was probably not the first person. After all, Chef knew about Mr. Hankey...
Q. - can you release transcripts on the episodes for download?A. - We used to do that, but we can't anymore. Sorry.
Q. - Where the hell can I get a South Park Pinball game DONT SAY EBAYA. - Actually, there's an electronic one you can play on our website. Check it out!
Q. - I can't belive i need to ask a question about south park but i can't rember where bulrog is from plz help me out man im gonna go crazy here!!!!A. - Bulrog was mostly based on E. Honda and Balrog from Street Fighter II, which was the big thing in arcades around 1991 or so.
December 15, 2004
Q. - after season 8, how many TOTAL episodes will have been airedA. - 125, if I counted correctly.Yep, 125.
Q. - Where the hell is Tarrence and Philip? Did they actually die in the movie never to return?A. - They died in the movie, but were clearly brought back to life at the end. To answer the second part of your question, they didn't disappear after the movie: season 5 has an episode about them, and so does season 6. Don't worry, though -- they'll probably show up again sooner or later.
P.S. It's where the hell ARE Terrance and Phillip.
Q. - What the hell ever happened to the Lemmewinks episode that was suppose to air during season 8??????A. - We couldn't finish it in time. With any luck, you'll get this coming season.
Q: Marco!A: Polo!
Q: Since Kyle is Jewish, what is the name of the god he and his family worship?A: God.YHWH or G-D, Yahweh, or even Jehovah. Christians worship the same God, heh.
Q: It's 2004, do they still sell "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics" (the CD) in stores?A: You might not find it at your local Wall-mart or Jim's Drug store, but there are places you can still buy it.
Q: when dose the 5th series of southpark come out on dvd.A: If you look at the news archives for this month, there's a release date for it. Heck, there's even images of the box and the DVDs.
Q: I am looking for a specific South Park episode. It has the town hosting a chili eating contest and one of the South Park boys kill an adult and chop them up, putting them in the chili. Also, there is something about teaching a horse to give a bj. Does anyone know the episode title, season?A: That'd be episode 501, "Scott Tenorman Must Die."
Q: how do they make the voices for Stan, Kyle , Cartman, Butters sound so "wierd"? do they run the voices trough a computer and mix it? or does Trey and Matt make them voices for real?A: Matt and Trey are just plain talented. But, yes, they do get a little help from their electronic friends.
Q: Can you please talk to Comedy Central about airing the rare episodes Terrence and Phillip in Not Without My Anus, Death, Pip, and Jared has Aids? I already tried E-Mailing them and they don't respond. Please help, I want to see those episodes!! ThanksA: I think it'd take more than one person to get their attention. Maybe you should start a petition, or just buy them on DVD.
Q: Matt and Trey are obviously horny perverts--their band is called DVDA; they have Kenny say many obscene things; Trey did Orgazmo. So, who are they to criticize Paris Hilton for being a whore?A: Didn't you learn anything from that episode? It's just like Bebe's mom said, "If a man wants to be a whore, it's normal, but if a woman wants to be one, it's wrong."
Q: what was the episode where there were these two scientists(or detectives i guess) who would solve problems by making these insanely difficult connections between things..dammit i cant remember anything else but i want to see this episdoe againA: The correct answer is episdoe 704, "Cancelled".
December 14, 2004
Q: Is there a reason why cartman sings In The Heat of the Moment in the stem cell research episode? It seems ridiculously random.A: The answer to this should be obvious: it was the heat of the moment.He took Kenny's death harder than he knew...
Q: can you give me a link to a good pic of the frog king? im looking to get it tattoed on my arm and i cant find a picture of him anywhere!?!?!A: There's a pretty good picture of him in the downloads for episode 614.
Q: Which episode is the one where Mr. Garrison writes the "Romance" novel which is considered to be "gay" by the publishers because of its frequent references to "ding-dongs"? I can't find that plot line in the show episode guide.A: Episode 417, "Cherokee Hair Tampoons". Conveniently on the season 4 DVD now available in stories!
Q: I was wondering...I know that you don't answer most of the questions you get...but I was wondering if I had to be logged in to SP Studios to send in my questions. I am not right now, so if this question isn't answered then I won't know if you got it. It's almost like a get me?A: I'm sorry, but I didn't receive this question. Please try again.
Q: We know Cartman won the e-lection, but will there be a re-e-lection?A: There will be one eventually. In the meantime, I think your only option is a coup.
Q: I'm from portsmouth, NH and rumor has it that one of the creators of the show was from here and the character "chef" is based on Big Dave, the high school security guard. is this true?A: I don't think so. Sorry.Trey is a Colorado native, Matt was born in Texas, and Chef is based on a black man they met in Colorado while filming Cannibal! The Musical in college. None of them are anywhere near New Hampshire.
Q: Wiil there be a new Bus driver in the show.A: Yes, I think we wiil need one. How much experience do you have?
Q: I have trouble telling Matt & Trey apart sometimes; is there an easy solution to remembering which is which?A: Glasses.
Q: OK, please settle this debate. Is it Bulrog, or Bullrog?A: Bulrog.
Q: In E812 Butters sings this song: -lu lu lu I got som apples, lu lu lu you got some too. So far so good, but what does he sing after that? And when are Stan going to ditch Wendy for a hotter girl. Wendy should date Kyle instead. It would have been a perfect drama:-DA: lu lu lu I've got some apples lu lu lu You've got some too lu lu lu Let's make some applesauce Take off our clothes and lu lu lu And, based on Trey's previous comments about what would happen to Stan, I'm not making any predictions. Sorry.
Q: is another south park movie ever being planned? and if so, in the near future?A: There are, at this time, no plans for another South Park movie. If I hear differently, we will announce it here.Man, if I got a dollar every time I saw that question...
Q: Since Matt does the voice of Kyle, is he Matt Jewish?A: Yes, Matt is Jewish. Or half-Jewish, anyway.
December 13, 2004
Q: what song does cartman sing to congress when he was trying to save kenny with stem cell researchA: That would be "The Heat of the Moment" by Asia. Now available on iTunes!
Q: Can Matt and Trey come over to my place or pizza and beer?A: No, but I can.
Q: How many more episodes will there follow in season 8? I suppose 813 will be aired after the Woodland Critter Christmas episode, but are more coming?A: 813 ("Cartman's Incredible Gift") was already aired last week. 814 ("Woodland Critter Christmas") is the last episode in season 8.
Q: What is the episode where cartman sings oh holy night?A: Episode 315, "Mr. Hanky's Christmas Classics." Also available on the CD of the same name.* Hankey's
Q: Which episode has Chef's TV turn into a transformer and destroy the town?A: Episode 604. The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer.
Q: can i borrow ten dollars?A: "I ain't giving you no ten dollars you Loch Ness monster!"
Q: Now that Team America and the season 8 finale of South Park are both finished, what are Matt and Trey working on? Or are they doing the right thing a going on vacation?A: They're taking a vacation, which I think is a good thing (especially if you want the show to continue). Remember that they didn't get a break between Team America and South Park.
Q: Was Cartman's hand actually alive, or he was faking it all the time during the J-LO episode?A: Watch the end again sometime; I think it's pretty obvious he was faking it.
December 11, 2004
Q: What is Butters full name?A: Leopold Butters Stotch.
December 10, 2004
Q: Is Britney Spears ever going to be on South Park?A: Britney has already been spotted in South Park. In Episode 709: Christian Rock Hard she joins other celebrities in a strike against people who download music over the internet.
Q: Why is Kenny always dieing?? Why does Matt and Tray pick on Kenny, why not Cartman or Kyle??A: Because he's poor.
Q: I've heard that both Trey and Matt are Republicans. Is that true? If it is then I am very ashamed to have watched their show.A: A few years back Trey said he was a Libertarian, actually.
Q: If you put water in the microwave will it explode?A: Tell you what. Let me try, and if I don't respond, you know why.
Q: I want to make movies, but I don't know how!
December 9, 2004
Q: Why in the name of the Almighty God did Matt and Trey give/sell the rights of South Park to Comedy Central?A: Comedy Central has always owned the rights to South Park.
December 7, 2004
Q: How does Trey answer the phone?A: Trey doesn't answer phones, that's what the Oompa Loompas are for.
Q: Is there really a Casa Bonita?A: Yes! It's a themed resteraunt in Denver. Here is the official website link:
December 6, 2004
Q: Who owns south park?A: Comedy Central owns the rights of South Park. For example, if Matt and Trey left. Comedy Central could (if it wanted to) continue to make South Park episodes. Doubt they would though :)
Q: Why are there always pandas in some of the episodes? Is there a reason for that?A: Yes, of course. Pandas are an essential part of any healty diet.
December 4, 2004
Q: Regarding Episode 812: Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset, was that the excuse for the new Lemmiwinks episode?A: No. The new Lemmiwinks epsiode that was delayed will more than likley be aired during Easter for season nine.
Q: you say they got little kids to do the voices for the pre-school episode and I was wondering are these kids actors or just kids of co workers, family, or friends?A: Some were staff member’s kids, but mostly the kids were actors. They came with their parents, a head shot... hell... some even came with their attorneys and agents!
December 3, 2004
Q: Major DVD sites are reporting that Paramount is telling retailers that Team America will street 3/29/05 and South Park Season 5 hits stores 3/1/05, got a confirmation on this?A: No there is no confirmation on this from our side. Usually the major DVD sites are correct about release dates, but as most of you know in the world of South Park there can be delays.
Q: Are either Matt or Trey left-handed?A: Trey is left handed.
Q: In Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset there is a frog in Mr. Slave's ass. But in the Death Camp Of the Tolarence The Frog escaped, how can he be there again?A: It's very possible that Mr. Slave shoved more fuzzy little creatures into his anus. He really seems to dig that sort of thing...
Q: Why do you let Comedy Central talk over the end credits with something they advertised 30 times during the show?A: We don't "let" them. They just do! The studio makes the show and sends it to Comedy Central, the advertisements shown during South Park isn't under our control. You'll just have to deal with the annoying announcer dude, sorry. :(
Q: Who did the voices of Kenny, Stan, Cartman, Kyle, Butters, and Trent as pre-schoolers?A: KIds were actually hired on for this one. During production of the Pre-School episode, there were little kids hanging out in the lobby for a couple of weeks.
November 29, 2004
Q: If a South Park Episode can be made in 3 days, why don't they make more than 7 Episodes per run?A: Because, that would kill our staff. When a new season is going on, most staff members end up working 12 hour days, or even longer. No human can do that too much!
Q: Is Trey mean in person, or is that just a rumor?A: Trey is actually very shy :)
Q: What are the lyrics to Wendy's fingerbang audition?A: Mrs. Landers was a health nut she cooked food in a wok Mr. Harris was her boyfriend and he had a great big - cockadoodledoodle the rooster just wont quit and I don't want my breakfast because it tastes like - Shitzus make good house pets their cuddly and sweet monkeys aren't good to have because they like to beat their - Meeting in the office a meeting in the hall the boss he wants to see you so you can suck his - Balzac was a writer he lived with Allen Funt Mrs. Roberts didn't like him but that’s 'cause she's a - Contaminated water can really make you sick your bladder gets infected and blood comes out your - Dictate what I'm saying it might bring you luck and if you all don't like it I don’t give a flying f*ck!
November 28, 2004
Q: I love you guysA: You guys, are my best friends. Through thick and thin we'll always be together, we're four of a kind having fun all day. Laughing around and pallin' away just best friends... best friends are we!
November 24, 2004
Q: Has Timmy ever said something besides timmy?A: Timmy has said And the Lords of the Underworld, sh*t, living a lie, Gobbles, Jimmy and help me.
Q: Was the "Quest for Ratings" episode basically saying that Matt and Trey are quitting?A: It's possible, but of course we can't be sure. South Park is supposed to go until season ten. When that happens, we'll know more.
Q: Will there be a Thanksgiving episode this year?A: No, a classic episode of South Park will air. New episodes begin airing again next week.
November 23, 2004
Q: When were the Parker & Goodman songs in Immature: A Collection of Love Ballads For The '80's Man, recorded? And what happened to Goodman?A: The songs were recorded I think in either High School or College when Trey and Dave were just pink faced little boys. Dave Goodman was recently married.High school.
Q: Where is the background music from in Craig's show from "Quest for Ratings" and where the hell did you get all that stock footage for the videos?A: The music is the theme song to the Benny Hill Show and most of the pets were dogs of staff members or friends.In one of the final shots in the episode you can see the lobby at South Park Studios itself. :)
November 21, 2004
Q: Who was the first to poop out Mr. Hankey?A: KyleChef, and who knows how many others before him. Kyle had heard that Mr. Hankey was real, but never said from where or from whom. Chef recognized Mr. Hankey right away. On the show though, only Kyle has crapped him out.
November 20, 2004
Q: I understand that fan fiction is pretty much banned. But have you ever thought of, say, holding a fan fiction competition or something?A: Nothing like that has ever come up. I don't think Matt or Trey want to leave their show in the hands of a stranger. Keep hoping though, stranger things have happend.Fan fiction is permitted on the board, but Matt and Trey will not accept scripts from anyone outside the Studios... unless they need a writer or two on the staff.
Q: Can Trey Parker and Matt Stone make an episode of South Park where they make fun of the stupid band ween. Because they really suck balls and I mean really suck.A: Ween is actually one of Matt's favorite bands... so they might not want to rip on them too much.
November 19, 2004
Q: de los mas pavoA: Los pavos están todos en el horno, Thanksgiving feliz.Todos los pavos están en el horno. Felíz Día de Dar Gracias.
Q: is there an episode that has Kenny G the fag clarinet player getting killed in it?A: No, but there was an episode where Mr. Garrison's father hires Kenny G to have sex with Mr. Garrison.
Q: Why has South Park's animation gone from its psuedo-construction paper style to the current, more sophisticated look?A: The very first episode (Cartman gets an Anal Probe) was the only episode that Matt and Trey did for Comedy Central that was actually construction paper... and it took FOREVER. After the first episode, the rest were made in Power Animator, then MAYA. With the new technology and storyboarders who have worked here for years, the look and feel of South Park has grown along with the creators and staff members.
November 18, 2004
Q: What happened to the class president with the voting on comedy central?A: It's over... Cartman won.
November 16, 2004
Q: Why does everybody think The Netherlands are part of Scandinavia? Pippilota is Swedish, quite far away from Holland.A: We're Americans... not geologists... or is it gynecologist... wait. What was the question?Pip... Pippi. Roffle.
Q: Has Matt and Trey ever considered doing an episode depicting the future with Stan, Kyle, Eric, Kenny, etc. as adults?A: Sort of... in Episode 616: My Future Self n' Me, Stan's parents try to keep him from making bad choices in life... conspiracy ensues!
November 15, 2004
Q: I'm from England. What the hell is a "douche"?A: Don't they have GOOGLE in England? C'mon people... give it a try... GOOGLE Douche ya big floppy retards!
Q: Is there new female voice talent for fall 2004? The mayor, Shelly Marsh and Principle Victoria all sound different.A: Yes, there is new female voice talents handling some of the charcters.
Q: I've read around that South Park episodes can be made in 5 days, but what is the speed record for producing an episode, and which one was it?A: I think it was three days, and the episode was AWESOM-O
Q: Why won't you answer my question!!?? What heppened to Pip???? I think that kid is awesome!!!A: Pip was sold to a Dutch shoemaker for unknown reasons... he now lives in a small cheese making community where he goes by the name Pippilotta.
Q: F*ck youA: You're welcome
Q: Do Matt and Trey have any annoying habits?A: Other than running down the hallways of the office naked as jay birds singing tunes from My Fair Lady... no.
Q: Do you get your ideas from real people?A: No. We get the ideas from little green Martians.
Q: Where did Towelie go?A: He probably got high and wandered off...
November 14, 2004
Q: If matt stone were an ice cream flavor, what would it be?A: Chocolate caramel fudge swirl?
Q: Satan has a son named Damien. Yet Satan is gay. So how the hell did he get a son? Are Damien's parents divorced or something? I just really want to know who Mrs. Satan is.A: I can't tell you who Mrs. Satan is but will ask around.Barbra Streisand might know...
Q: i need a list of who has killed kenny in most of the episodes, please help!!!A: Wow, that's a tough one, Kenny has been killed by so many different people over the years. I suggest digging through some of the Kenny fansites out there, or ask on the BBS.Look in the Scriptorium's Episode Guide for Kenny's Wisdom. Each death there is marked in red.
Q: cowbell solo!!A: Dang, cadang, cadiddy diddy dang!
Q: HI, i'm from newfoundland canada (bishop's falls if you want to know the town) but i want to thank trey and matt to put newfoundland in a show THANKS GUYS :)A: You're Welcome Newfy!
Q: When will Team America come out on DVD?A: Team America won't be released on DVD until sometime after it completes it's theatre run.March 29.
Q: Why don't they ever show the following episodes anymore:Not Without My Anus, Pip, Death, and Jared Has Aides?A: Comedy Central's programming department makes the decisions regarding which episodes are shown not South Park Studios. If you really want to see these episodes maybe you should start a petition drive and send it directly to them.
Q: In the mail, I recently got a picture of South Park autographed by Trey and Matt for sending them a letter. Did Matt and Trey really sign it?A: If you received the picture from Comedy Central then yes, it was really signed by Matt and Trey.
Q: What exactly IS a "Polish Bike Ride!?"A: I can't say for sure... but giving the typical jokes about polish people, I'm going to assume it has something to do with a persons butthole... and a large object... perhaps a bike seat... er... without the seat. And maybe some tabasco sauce.
November 13, 2004
Q: who is really cartmans fatherA: Cartman's father is Lianne Cartman See Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut for further info.That episode is a must-see for anyone new to South Park, if only to find out who really is Cartman's father.
Q: What exactly is a Polish Bicycle?A: No one knows but there is no cure.
Q: how do you get a high score in ultimate trivia? i mean there are scores like 14000... i answered all the questions right and got 30 points... are there more levels or somehthing?A: There are 2 types of high scores, All Time and Daily. If you are logged in when you play, you score is saved and added up. TO get onto the High Scores page you must keep playing until your score is higher than those on the daily list. So if you want on that list you better click Play Again when it comes up.
Q: who is dian bachar?A: Dian Bachar is one of the greatest American actors of all time. His acting style is revered by Hollywood's A-list. He has trained many of the greats, including but not limited to Gary Oldman, Ben Affleck, and Michael Caine. He has starred in many poignant and groundbreaking cinema masterpeices such as Orgazmo, Cannibal! The Musical, Basketball, Galaxy Quest, Rocky and Bullwinkle (rumor has it that DeNiro wouldn't do this film if he wasn't given the oppurtunity to work with Dian) and the list goes on. He has also voiced several South Park characters including the ever popular Chris, Satan's more sensitive lover.
Q: Would have voted for the turd sandwich or the giant douche?A: Does it really matter when you only have a choice of a turd sandwich and a giant douche?
Q: who talks the voice of stan marshA: Stan is voiced by Trey Parker.
November 12, 2004
Q: how do people get such high scores on the trivia game i got every question right and i only got like a 24 or something like that...i dont get it theres other peoepel gettign like 14,000 and stuff but how?A: You need to KEEP playing. The score adds up each time you play. The only way to get on the high scores page is if you beat someone who is already there. EACH game gets a TOTAL of 30 points. You have to keep playing again and again to add up your points. The people who have over 14,000 have a lot of time on their hands and are able to rack up that score. If you wish to have a spot on the high scores page you need to keep playing (logged in) so your score can add up.
November 12, 2004
Q: who did the voices for the douche and turd?A: Matt Stone - Turd Sandwich Trey Parker - Giant Douche
November 4, 2004
Q: The voice for the South Park Ultimate Fan Trivia sounds a lot like Dian Bachar... is it him?A: It sure is!
October 30, 2004
Q: Hey I want to play ultimate triviabut it just loads to 100% then does nothing!? help! I wanna play!A: Try clearing out your temp files (cache) from your browser, that should work for you. A newer version has also been uploaded to the site, so please try again.
October 22, 2004
Q: The BBS won't let me sign in. On South Park Studios. it claims I am logged on, but when I try to make a post at the BBS it tells me to sign in. So I do. It still says I am not signed in when clearly I am. What the hell is wrong?A: Try going to your profile page and click "remember me" that should help you.
October 19, 2004
Q: At what point did you switch over from actually using physical paper (mostly?) to completely use computers for animating South Park (and obviously "simulating" real paper)?A: There are only three South Park cartoon animated with actual construction paper. The pilot episode they made for Comedy Central and the two others that surfaced on the internet. They were called The Spirit of Christmas Jesus Vs Frosty and the Spirit of Christmas Jesus Vs Santa.Making an ep using construction paper took two months. Using computers, an ep takes up to three weeks, but can be cranked out in less than one. Which method would you use?
October 18, 2004
Q: i'm 16 and some old 70 year old bitch at the movie counter wouldn't let me in to team america. are u as pissed as i am?A: If your 16 years old and you can't even sneak past some 70 year old woman... well... I don't even know what to say.
Q: Will you guys do a South Park Halloween episode for the October 27 premiere?A: Nothing is set in stone... it's possible... then again it most likely wont happen. Holiday episodes are a lot of extra work because Matt and Trey always want to make the newest one better than the old ones. Since Matt and Trey just got back from making/promoting Team America, I can't say if it will happen. We'll have to see... won't we?Didn't happen.
Q: When is season five coming out on DVD goddamnit?!A: I have been told two dates... November 2nd, and February 2nd.How does March 1 strike ya?
Q: Comedy Central says in their commericals and on their press site that new episodes will begin airing on October 27th... but you say that's not set in stone... how can you say that? Don't you WORK there?A: Yes, I do. The reason why I say we're not 100 % sure is because well... we aren't. It's toally possible for that October 27th date to be true, but I can't give you a definate answer until they (Matt and Trey) get back into the office. Everyone needs to understand that South Park is not run like your normal TV show... we're odd.
Q: I heard that after Team America leaves theaters, Matt and Trey will not do anything... even South Park. Is this true!!?? PLEASE SAY NO!!!A: No.
Q: Why are there so many posts about that Team America movie?A: Because right now that is Matt and Trey's most recent work. We here at like to keep the users as informed as we can... and since this is the main thing going down... you get Team America. Office staffers have finally come back from break and are already working on scenes. We just wait for a script :)
Q: Will the graphic sex scene that was deleted to make the movie rated R instead of NC17 be put back in for the DVD?A: I've had some sources tell me that indeed there will be an directors cut version of Team America. I can't say if this will happen or not, we'll have to wait for the DVD to come out to be sure?Matt Stone has said that yes, the scene will be in place.
Q: My sister said that you guys are quitting South Park after season eight WHY!!??A: South Park is signed up for three years from the begining of season eight. That leads us to belive that the shows will go on to at least season 10. After that, who can say? We'll have to wait and see if Matt and Trey sign a new contract at that time.That would be awesome, but they've already said they want out. Like Brreayle said, who can say?
October 12, 2004
Q: how do you register for the message boardA: You need to register for the site first, once you've registered for the site, you are welcome to use the BBS. Sometimes you'll need to use your login/password to log into the BBS.Once you have selected "Remember Me" in your profile at the site, you can go to the message board and save it as a favorite. You can then go to the board directly if you want to.
October 11, 2004
Q: How can you not be 100% sure that the new episodes will debut October 27 when Comedy Central has been running a shitload of commercials about it?A: Because, things change in this studio all the time. Comedy Central ran commericals for the Lemmiwinks episode over and over and that never aired. Anything is possible here...
October 10, 2004
Q: Isn't the song "montage" from Team America the same song they play in the South Park episode "Asspen" when Stan is training to race?A: Yes! But don't you think it was appropriate. I know that when I was watching it, I immediatly thought of the "Montage" song when the scene was about to happen.Too bad it's not Oscar-worthy though. Been used on TV already.
Q: Why was Marc Shaiman replaced with Harry Gregson-Williams as composer for Team America?A: Mark was not replaced OR fired from Team America.
October 7, 2004
Q: I heard on comedy central that southpark's new season will be oct. 27A: Yeah, so did we but we're still not sure if this is the exact date. It's very possibly the date... but we're not 100% sure. We'll keep you posted!
Q: What is Team America's Offical rating?A: It it now officialy rated "R"
October 5, 2004
Q: Is it true that Team America is rated NC-17, and if so, why?A: We think that Team America will be getting an 'R' rating. More updates as soon as we get them.
October 1, 2004
Q: I had heard somewhere what the new season was starting Oct 6, then I saw on here that it's not until November. Which is right and if it's in November, what day?A: No, the staff is coming back to the studio off of hiatus October 6th. The second half of season eight starts in November, sorry for any confusion.
Q: Are there plans to do an episode satirizing Micheal Moore?A: You wanna see a Micheal Moore spoof? Go see Team America when it comes out (shameless plug)
September 24, 2004
Q: I've relized that in the 27 greatest episodes of all time you cannot vote for the episodes Death, Terrance and Phillip in Not without my Anus, Pip, Jared Has Aides, A Ladder to Heavan, and Toilet Paper. I was just wodering why?A: We're not sure why they left a few epsidoes out. Try emailing Comedy Central's site since they are the ones running the game :)
September 22, 2004
Q: What do Matt and Trey smell like?A: Trey carries the faint scent of cat and whiskey, while Matt is more of a slight hint of dog/outdoor camping musk.
Q: In the model of the Louvre in team America, you don't see the famous glass pyramid brought there in the 1980's by architecht I M Pei on behalf of the president of the French Republic Francois Mitterand. Tell Matt and Trey to correct this imeediatly!A: You just can't see it, I promise, the pyramid was there. It was the thing that was completly and totally destroyed in the explosion!