South Park Studios FAQ

Compiled by Willie Westwood
from the list of questions answered by the staff at South Park Studios.

Part 14 - Summer 2004

Some commentary is provided in the third column
September 21, 2004
Q: What advice do Matt and Trey have to offer prospective filmmakers/film students?A: Make films... and when your done, make more. After you've made a few films, make some more... rinse, lather, repeat. The only thing Trey and Matt have to say is keep doing what your doing... "That's what we did"
September 17, 2004
Q: When will season 5 be released on DVD?A: Details about the fifth season DVDs are a bit sketchy, we will update you ASAP.
September 16, 2004
Q: hypothetical question time: if South Park studios DID have rides like Universal studios, what type of rides would South Park studios have?A: Oh, definitely a log ride. We need that, and possibly a Matterhorn (like Disneyland). Trey loves theme parks so Iím sure we would have a nice choice of cool rides!
Q: If Matt and Trey were pies, what kinds of pies would they be?A: Trey wouldn't be a pie, he hates pie. Now Matt, I'd have to say chocolate cream pie. I could be wrong....
September 13, 2004
Q: What is a "clitoris" I never understood that.A: Now that's really something you should ask your mommy and daddy...
Q: Why don't Matt and Trey allow tours of the studio or even tell where it is? Are they hermits, or what?A: They do allow tours of the studios, just not to fans. Most of the time the only people that can come to the studios, are the family members of the staff, and people Trey and Matt personally invite. South Park Studios is not like Universal Studios, we don't have rides. We just have people working. Maybe someday they'll invite fans in, but I can't promise anything.
September 9, 2004
Q: on ebay i saw a box of cheesy poofs for sale . were there really southpark cheesy poof snacks or am i being connedA: Yes, they are real. Those were sold at participating movie theaters when the movie South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut came out. I don't recommend eating them since they're probably very old.I have the four cereal-box-sized boxes, one with each of the boys on it.
Q: In the South Park alliance website, there's a news link that shows trey and matt saying that after the 10th season, they're done with South Park once and for all. I'm sure they were kidding but can you confirm this. South Park needs to go on until the year 2020!A: Ask us that question when season 10 comes to an end... other than that we can't be sure. Trey and Matt are very tired/overworked from making Team America, their minds could totally change. Of course, it could end as well. Just keep in mind, all good things come to an end. Even if we don't want them to. South Park will end... when? We're just not sure.
September 8, 2004
Q: How much can Matt and Trey bench press?A: Matt and Trey are both extremely athletic. Recently I saw them bench pressing 2 strippers and a case of beer.
Q: Will there be a season nine?A: Matt and Trey are signed up for at least two more seasons. Now, since we are just partially into season eight it looks like we have at least until season 10...(we think)
Q: I am in the middle of an argument with a friend. How does the crab people chant go? Is it "taste like crab" or "look like crab"? Thanks!A: It's both. The song has lyrics that range from "look like" to "taste like."
August 20, 2004
Q: I have asked this before, but it has not been answered. I read a FAQ, which you answered that said that the episodes get sent to Comedy Central and then they get sensored. Is this only for TV or for the DVDs as well. I have two box sets and curse words are all "bleeped out" is there anyway I can get an uncensored version? Thank you.A: No, there is no way that I know of that you can get an uncensored version. The copies sent to Comedy Central are the ones they put on tape. Only Trey and Matt have the copies of the show without bleeps.
August 13, 2004
Q: Hello, I'm new to South Park and just recently saw the movie you made Bigger, Longer & Uncut. I was wondering, since that movie was made so many years ago, any chance of getting a new one soon? Thanks for your time, you guys rock.A: Matt and Trey are in the midst of finishing a movie not South Park related called Team America: World Police, and it's due to come out in the theaters in October. I'm sure they will be pretty tired because as soon as their finished with their movie, the both of them are coming back to South Park and starting the second half of season eight... so, I really don't think there is a chance of a new South Park movie anytime in the near future. That of course does not mean that it WONT happen. It just means not for a while :)
August 12, 2004
Q: im from mexico and i want to know if possibly they are going to transmit southpark in here ? i know that when tehy translate them it sucks but i love it in english with the original voices i wish thay can be more people (in Mexico) interested in itA: Yes. A TV station called "Locomotion" shows South Park,
August 10, 2004
Q: why do you have this stupid election. no one gives a fuck which south park episode should be president.A: About 76,440 people disagree with you ya little idiot.
August 3, 2004
Q: AHHHHH! I can't vote! WHY! HELP! I need to vote for the e-lections!!!!!!!A: Please, stop shouting. And just go to the contest page.
July 30, 2004
Q: Since Matt and Trey are working on Team America does that mean there will be no new sp episodes? A: The South Park staff will return to the office on Wednesday, October 6th. The second half of Season 8 will begin airing in November.
July 29, 2004
Q: I was just wondering why the underpants gnome is being sold with a Butters collectible. Wouldn't it be more appropriate with to have a Tweek/gnome collectible series? Just a thought. A: We don't know. If you would have read the numerous posts about the figures, you possibly might have read that. WE DON'T KNOW. South Park Studios has nothing to do with the making of the characters. In fact, we've been making fun of the silly bastards who DID make them BECAUSE of the mix up. Next time, read the entire news post before you ask us a question.
July 26, 2004
Q: Why is the season over? Will this site go down? A: The season is not over it is on break. Just relax, new episodes are due to air in October.
July 21, 2004
Q: why do you all of the sudden have all of this crap stuff on your site like.. banners and shit why did an indapendant show sell out like that (im still an obssesive fan tho!) A: OK, first of all, it's not all of the sudden. We have had banners on this site off and on pretty much the entire time it's been live. We're a very high volume website, and that means we have to pay extra money to the little webmonkeys to keep it from crashing. Also, South Park is not an independent show, it's owned by the very corporate Comedy Central, who in turn is owned by the even more corporate VIACOM. Dumbass.
July 8, 2004
Q: Since Matt and Trey are working on this new "Team America:World Police" idea, does that mean that they will postpone the making of more South Parks? A: No, Team America will not postpone anything. Matt and Trey are filming the movie over South Park's hiatus. People are going to be coming back to the studio later September, or early October.
July 8, 2004
Q: Why aren't you updating the site as much? Is there something wrong? A: Heh, no... there is nothing wrong. The reason why there aren't as many updates is because the show is in re-runs right now. Once everyone comes back off of hiatus, the site will be updated almost daily... so... keep your shirts on people.
Q: Are people allowed to visit your studio, and where is it located? I'm going to be visiting L.A. in December,and it would be awesome to meet you guys. Any possibility? A: No, sorry. People are not allowed to tour the studios, the only exceptions we really allow are family members of the studios employees. The location of South Park studios isn't available to the public. So, looks like your just going to have to think of something else when you come in December. :)
June 27, 2004
Q: I have downloaded a min. and a half clip of Cartman telling a joke "A family walks into a talent agent...", is this a legit clip? It looks so, and IMO, is the funniest joke ever told. A: That is a legit clip. South Park Studios did make it, the joke is a sort of cult famous joke of Trey's (as some of the followers of may know) I've actually heard Trey tell this joke in person, the reaction I had was giving him a stupid look and then going into the next room (he was telling a room full of people the joke so he didn't even notice me). Anyway, I can't remember why the clip was made, I just know that we made it. Now it's gotten out all over the internet!
Q: Can you stop using the an apostrophe "s" to indicate a plural, as in "A: The Marklar's are aliens..."? An apostrophe is for possession. Just add an "s" to make a plural. Please? Kids read this stuff, and see more bad models. They don't need any more than they already have. Thanks. A: Absolutly not! Im' world famous for misu-sing punctuation marks! I REFUSE,,, and I said..... REFUSE to start being a better typer. So. Why. Dont' you little grammar nazi's <---- (;O) just shut the hell up, and eat another pie./.[;'/.
June 26, 2004
Q: Are we ever going to be privy to better quality versions of "Immature: A Collection of Love Ballads For The '80's Man" ? Maybe even a cd? These songs are super cool, release something! A: I'm not sure if an Official release of the songs will ever be made. However, you can always get your grubby little paws on a bootlegged version via There is a certain someone who always sells them. Good luck, and happy bidding
June 25, 2004
Q: Did MAtt and Trey really make this cartoon? "Princess" It's hilarious! A: Yes, they did. And only two were made. No new plans to make anymore Princess cartoons have been made.