South Park Studios FAQ

Compiled by Willie Westwood
from the list of questions answered by the staff at South Park Studios.

Part 13 - Spring 2004

Some commentary is provided in the third column
June 16, 2004
Q: My friends and I want to make a cartoon... how do we get it on the air? A: Make your movie, and then send it to a bunch of people. If that doesn't work, make another one, and try to send it to more people then you did the first time... rinse... repeat. Matt and Trey's only advice to people trying to make movies is to do that... MAKE MOVIES! And get your name out, just remember, it's hard work and doesn't happen overnight. :)
Q: Is the commentary on the 4th season DVD full length or just at the beginning or each episode?A: We are still not sure if it will be the mini ones, or the full length. The last thing we heard it was just going to be the mini commentaries, but we're not 100% sure on this, so don't tell the masses just yet.
June 15, 2004
Q: What are the lyrics to the "Most offensive Song Ever?" Howdy Ho.

Virgin Mary was sleepin'
When Angel Gabriel appeared
He said, "You are to be the virgin mother."
But Mary thought that was weird.
Mary said, "I'm not a virgin.
I blew a guy last year."
But then Gabriel said to Mary,
"My child, have no fear."

Oh, you can suck all the dick you want
And still be a virgin, Mary.
You can suck all the dick you want
And still not be considered flawed.
Although you went to town and sucked some semen down,
You're still a virgin in the eyes of God.

There was no room at the inn
When Mary and Joseph did arrive.
But they were so very tired, you see,
And Mary had to offer a bride.
Since she had no money,
How would she pay for a place to sleep?
Gabriel appeared to Mary
And told her not to weep.

'Cause you can suck all the dick you want
And still be a virgin, Mary.
You can suck all the dick you want
And still be the mother of Christ.
If there's no room at the inn, then it's not considered a sin
To suck some dick to get a room for the night!

Then, three wise men did appear
Bearing gifts of myrrh and such
They said that they had followed a star
And missed a woman's touch
Mary thought she might pleasure them
But could not take them to bed.
But again, Gabriel appeared to her
And this is what he said:

"You can suck all the dick you want
And still be a virgin, Mary.
You can suck all the dick you want
Every one that hangs in the nation.
Fellatio ain't no sin. Go on and blow those Three Wise Men
And you'll still be a virgin 'cause there was no penetration!

So, you can suck all the dick you want
And still be a virgin, Mary.
The donkey and the ox and the lambs
And even the little drummer boy
People will remember your name quick. They'll say "Damn, that bitch could suck a good dick!"
'Cause sucking dick brings peace on Earth and joy.

[slowing] 'Cause sucking dick brings peace on Earth and [normal] joy.
Mary, Mary, suck that dick.

Q: Jim Swanson. Jim Vullmer. Two different people? What gives?A: We're still not sure on that one, I brought it up but didn't get an answer. The only thing we can assume is that someone just had a little brain fart and Jimmy's name was changed. We'll keep you posted.
Q: When will southpark get new episodes?A: This was the first half of Season Eight. The second half of the season is due to begin airing in October.
Q: Why do'nt you ever f*ck answr questins about what will happun next seazon? Qwhat are you tring to hiude a**holes?A: We never answer questions regarding the new season because, hell, we DON'T KNOW! story ideas are kept pretty top secret until they begin to go into production, even then the story can change into something completly different!
Q: Why are you putting banners on your site? That has never happend before! Why do you sellout?A: For one, we have had banners on the site before. And this isn't really selling out, gets loads of traffic each month, over 1,000,000 hits, and it takes money to keep the computers running so the site doesn't crash. The banners help keep the site up and running, don't complain... just buy some car insurance, and drink a Miller Light, and everything should be fine. If that doesn't work out, use your Visa card to purchase things online :) CONSUME CONSUME ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US.... crab people...
May 24, 2004
Q: Is it really true that Matt and Trey hate Barbara Streisand because she stood up for a gay rights cause? Those guys suck ass.A: No, Matt and Trey hate her because of her feeling on the law. It wasn't the support she gave to Gay Rights; it was the fact that she threatened not to come back. This meant she was implying that her presence was so wonderful and important that it would be a punishment to them if she didn't come back. Matt and Trey hate her because she's a bitch with a huge ego, not because she supports gay rights.
May 19, 2004
Q: Have any idea what happened to Seems to have shut down for the past couple of weeks.A: The site has moved to Maybe Will should have put a link re-directing you folks?Maybe next move.
May 17, 2004
Q: Are there any plans for a new South Park video game?A: We haven't found anyone that we want to produce games yet. Matt Stone is still looking. Let's hope he finds one, and they do a GOOD job this time.
May 12, 2004
Q: My boyfriend are having a debate, he swears that Michael Jackson did the voice for Mr. Jefferson, I dont think it is considering he wouldnt want to make fun of himself. So please settle this debate, who did the voice of Mr. Jefferson?: No, he did not do the voice of Mr. Jefferson. Trey Parker was the voice, and he did a great job!
May 11, 2004
Q: When will the new epsidoes air?A: The second half of South Park is due in October. This could change.October 20.
Q: In an earlier FAQ, you mentioned that A.W.E.S.O.M-O didn't mean anything in particular. Isn't it a parody of ASIMO, that nifty little robot from Japan?A: Yes, it was a parody of that. What I meant was that the acronym A.W.E.S.O.M-O didn't mean anything in particular. Sorry for the confusion. :B
Q: I saw Matt Stone and John Stamos in the V bar at the Venetian (Vegas) a couple weeks ago with a lot of hot chicks. What was Matt doing there with John?A: Matt and John have been friends for a couple of years now, and they hang out a lot. Matt is also friends with Stamos's Ex-Wife Rebbeca Romijn-Stamos!
Q: About a month ago, using the south park episodes I had collected on my computer, I created a best of south park 40 minute movie. So far everyone has been really shocked at how well this short film is and told me I should send this in there some possible way to get this film to Matt and Trey themselves? I figure this film is probably the best way to show how big of a fan I really am. Please, I'm begging you, how bout a response.A: You could send it to: South Park c/o Comedy Central 1775 Broadway NY, NY 10019 Or, you could upload the file to someone's server and post a link to it in the "FAN ART" section of our BBS. Thanks!
May 6, 2004
Q: Why arent the goth kids in the class w/ the rest of the kids when they show them all at their desk?A: DUH! Kids who go to school are conformists... only a conformist would suggest otherwise... conformist!!!
April 27, 2004
Q: Why is there such a long break?A: Matt and Trey are going to be taking extra time off to work on their progect Team America.
April 21, 2004
Q: When will the Lemmiwinks episode be shown?A: They are not sure when it will be shown. There is only one more episode left in this run, and then everyone goes on hiatus again until late September. It's a possibility that his episode will be shown in the next run. They're not sure... everyone just has to wait until next week (04-26-2004) to find out if Lemmiwinks will be airing this run.A few days later, we all found out that goobacks from outer space were going to appear on the show, not Lemmiwinks.
Q: What is the wierdest thing about south park?A: Its fans.
Q: What in the hell does A.W.E.S.O.M - O stand for?A: It doesn't stand for anything in particular, sorry!
Q: Why is Trey the main writer for every episode?A: Trey has always been the main writer for the episodes. Although Matt does play a large part in the writing, and we have a staff of writers that come up with ideas about the show, but when it all comes down to it, Trey writes the script, and has final say.
Q: Are there any new Team America updates?A: Production on Team America is going to begin again this summer 2004. The possible debut of the film will be in 2005/6. Details on this progect are still a bit sketchy.
April 14, 2004
Q: Obviously you can't give any info now, but once it's decided whether or not to do the Lemminwinks episode, will be able to give us information why it was pushed back? It all seems odd that CC would advertise the "second coming" of Lemminwinks, only to have it not to happen.A: The reason isn't anything more than just needing more time for the Lemmiwinks episode. Many new characters for Lemmiwinks world needs to be created, as well as new backgrounds. If you can remember, Lemmiwinks had a few friends like the Frog Prince, and the Sparrow King. Things like that take time to be created and drawn out in Corel Draw, and built by the Technical Directors in MAYA. After that it goes to the animators, then to the rendering! Since more characters need to be made, it's going to take more time to make. They're not sure when the Lemmiwinks episode will air. They'll keep you posted.
April 5, 2004
Q: What is the translation of the German phrase chanted by Cartman and responded to by the townsfolk in the "Passion" episode?A: From what Breayle can gather it is the following, or something very close to it. Wir Mussen die Juden Ausrotten (We must exterminate the Jews.) Est is zeit fur racht (This is the time for revenge.) These phrases were taken from a speech that Adolf Hitler had done.
Q: Who answers these questions, and what is your relationship to Trey and Matt?A: Breayle is Trey's superfluous sixth digit on his left hand, that was removed when he was a baby. She now runs around typing at will much like "Thing" from the Addams Family.
March 23, 2004
Q: Who answers the FAQs?A: Chief Chimcho of the Abooboobala tribe. Located deep within the rain forest. (he's got wireless)
Q: Who sings "Lets Fighting Love"?A: Trey Parker
March 22, 2004
Q: Why is Up the Down Steroid episode 803? What happend to 802??A: When the new episodes are first drawn out, they're given and episode number. Sometimes more work needs to be done on a certain episode so they have to move episode airdates around to compensate. The reason why they don't just change the episode number of the show is because it would get changed so often that it would become awfully confusing.