South Park Studios FAQ

Compiled by Willie Westwood
from the list of questions answered by the staff at South Park Studios.

Part 12 - Winter 2004

Some commentary is provided in the third column
March 19, 2004
Q: How much time did it actually take to make all the actions and drawings of the kids in their anime phase?A: The staff worked on the episode for about three weeks. Normally episodes are done in four or five days. The hardest part about this episode was building all the new characters for everybody. They also had to use a more of a traditional method of animation to get the anime look. Another one of the challanges was making a 3D character 2D! Trey and Matt are very proud of this episode!
Q: I loved the new "Good times with weapons" episode and it's clearly Trey's voice singing the "Wets fwighting wuv" song. I'm dying to get the translation of the lyrics.A: Suba-ra-shi chin chin mono (Wonderful "chin chin" thing)
Kintama no kame aru (There are hairs at balls)
Sore no oto saru bo bo (That's sound "saru bo bo")
Iye! Ninja ga imasuuuuuuuu (Iye! Ninja is here!)

Hey hey let's go kenka suru (Hey hey let's go fighting!)
Taisetsu no mono protect my balls! (Important thing, protect my balls!)
Boku ga warui so let's fighting... (I am bad, so let's fighting...)
Let's fighting love!
Let's fighting love!

Kono uta chotto baka (This song is a little stupid)
Wake ga wakaranai (This isn't make sense)
Eigo ga mecha-kucha (Engrish is f*cked up)
Daijobu - we do it all the time! (It's OK! We do it all the time!)

I have a wonderful penis
And testicle hair.
That's the sound of a sarubobo.
No! It's the ninjas!

Hey hey let's go fight!
The important thing is to protect my balls!
I'm bad, so let's fighting...
Let's fighting love!
Let's fighting love!

This song is a little stupid
It's hard to make sense of
Its English is messed up
That's OK! We do it all the time!

Hey hey let's go fight!
The important thing is to protect my balls!

March 12, 2004
Q: Was 'Princess finds a red balloon' ever shown? Have any more Princess episodes been made? The first two were hilarious!A: Princess Finds a red balloon was supposed to be made, but it never was. When Matt and Trey sent the Princess epsidoes to they never heard back. And Princess never aired. Hopefully, someday, Princess will be back!
March 9, 2004
Q: Recently Dish Network dropped Comedy Central in a dispute they had with Viacom, and I am now left with no South Park...are there any other methods of watching South Park so that I don't have to miss the new season?A: Yes, call up you cable provider and COMPLAIN! 1-866-319-4564 Tell them you want the channels you PAID for!!See the cell right below this one.
March 8, 2004
Q: Is Viacom pulling their channels off of Dish Network?A: ACCORDING TO AN EMAIL SENT TO BREAYLE:

Please tell all Dish network users and suscribers about this possibility that Dish network could drop the Viacom-owned channels, including Comedy central. Of course I know this is very far-fetched to be sure, but it would be great to tell South park fans and others of this info.. Thanks.

To: Q&A
Subject: Programming,

Dear Mr. Guzman, Thank you for your email. We apologize for the inconvenience. The stations owned by Viacom have proposed an excessive rate increases that we feel is unreasonable. Viacom asked for rate increases up to 40 percent, nearly four times the rate of inflation. To protect customers from such an unreasonable rate increase, DISH Network had to hold the line against Viacom. Please know that we always strive to control costs on behalf of our customers. We will continue to work tirelessly to negotiate with Viacom so you don't lose these channels. If we are forced to remove any channels, you will receive more information via a crawler on your TV. The channels owed by Viacom are: MTV, MTV2, VH1, VH1 Classic, BET, Comedy Central, Noggin, Nickelodeon, Nick Games and Sports, as well as, CBS in the following cities: Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Salt Lake City, San Francisco. At this time further information is not available. Please feel free to visit or watch the Customer Charlie Chat on Monday at 9:00 p.m. ET, on channel 101 for any updates. If you desire to continue to receive these channels and would like to speak with the President and General Manager of WCBS, Lew Leone, please call (212) 975-4321. As a current customer, you may also use our website to view your current or previous billing statements, add services, or make payments to your account. Please use the link to visit our Online Customer Support Center. Your business is greatly appreciated and we thank you for allowing us to be of assistance to you. If you have any further questions or concerns, please refer to or reply to this email.

Sincerely, Kirsten O. DISH Network eCare
** Please include all previous correspondence when replying. **

Needless to say, this conflict was resolved and Comedy Central returned to DISH.
March 3, 2004
Q: Who sketches the drawings on the story boards?A: [South Park's] lovely storyboard crew. Adrien Beard, Tony Postma, Greg Postma, and Izobel Caro.
February 19, 2004
Q: What is that thing in Officer Barbrady's right ear?A: It's a hearing aid. That's the reason he talks so funny, he's a bit hard of hearing.And the reason he talks so funny is that his voice is based on Dennis Prager's voice, and Prager can be quite the loudmouth.
February 16, 2004
Q: Where is Matt Stone really from? It says on the Goin Down To South Park documentary on the 3rd season special features disk that he is from Colorado and so is Trey, but several times on faqs it says he is actually from Switzerland!A: Hahahahaha!! OK, from time to time we the FAQ peoples tend to mess with the minds of you, the FAQ peoples. Matt isn't from Switzerland, that was a total joke, if you actually read the thing you'll notice. It's just a silly story all together! Matt is actually from Texas, he was born there and then moved to Colorado when he was a kid.
Q: Hey I came up with an idea for a new animated series called "The Normal American Family?" and I have no idea how to get it on tv or even who to contact about it. I'd like Trey or Matt to be an executive producer on the show. And if your wondering I'm an 18 year old high school student from Texas and I don't really see many opportunities for a career of this sort out here, the only thing people around here seem to do is rape cows, I mean rope.sorry. so anyway PLEASE pass this along to Trey and Matt. Thanks.A: The only thing Matt and Trey really suggest to kids who want to make movies is this, "If you want to make movies, make movies, and keep doing it untill someone notices you. That's what we did." There are plenty of places where you can get a start, learn how to use FLASH and make your cartoon. Then submit it to a website like, they love indie films! Good Luck!
Q: How did you create the first episodes of South ParkA: Matt Stone and Trey Paker sat in a tiny little dark room alone, together, night after night... cutting and pasting little tiny pieces of construction paper. They did this for months, and if you check out the February 10, 2004 news post on this sites front page (or news archives for the later readers), you will see a picture of that tiny room.
Q: Did you guys ever consider redoing Jesus vs. Frosty and re-releasing it? It would be a cool bonus on the DVD sets. And is there any word on when season 4 will be on DVD?A: Matt and Trey have been considering putting the original films on DVDs. They're not quite sure when it will happen but they say it will more than likley be when South Park ends (whenever that is). There is still no news about Season Four, once we get the info, we'll post it.
Q: Do you know where I could find a southpark screensaver or desktop theme?A: has those! For Screensavers For Desktop themes
February 13, 2004
Q: What is the latest news on the release date for the Orgazmo dvd?A: Check for more details on when that will come out. Or go right to their chat forum:
February 2, 2004
Q: IN one of your last FAQ's someone asked where they could by your animation software. You responded with a link to the Alias website for MAYA unlimited. What on earth in south park could require the power that MAYA unlimited provides!A: Nothing in the animation of South Park requires MAYA. We just like to use the program because it's a great program, it's sort of like building a sand castle with a buldozer!
January 29, 2004
Q: What is Butters' real name?A: Leopold Stotch
January 27, 2004
Q: Hi,I'm from Australia and I don't know how I can seasons one, two or three on dvd. Can you help me out?A: You can buy the DVDs from Virgin (At the Jam Factory for Melbourne people) for those not in Melbourne you can buy them from Sanity music shops. Special thanks to Deirdre Crocker from Melbourne.
January 26, 2004
Q: Is it possible to purchase the animation software you use? Not necessarily through you, but through any vendor or is it a product made exclusively for Comedy Central.A: You can purchase MAYA from their site.
Q: When is "That's MY Bush!" going to be on DVD?A: Comedy Central hasn't given us any news on That's My Bush DVDs, I have heard a rumor that it was a possibility. Unfortunatly no official news has been posted.That rumor said it might be available in time for the Presidential election this November.
January 21, 2004
Q: Has there been any changes to the production of Team America? Is there any new information yet?A: The production of Team America has been postponed. We're not too sure when it will start production again, there have been rumors that it won't be until summer 2005. No official statement from either Matt or Trey has been mentioned. If there is any new information we will let you know ASAP.Actually, the rumor is that the film will hit theaters next year, but since production is postponed, maybe it will come out in two years.
January 20, 2004
Q: I noticed on my DVD sets that the first and second season have a Warner Brothers logo on them and the third has a Paramount one. What's up with that?A: Comedy Central switched distributers after the second season.
Q: I was just wondering if season 7 is over. If it is, when does season 8 start?A: Yes, season seven is over. Production for season eight begins in February, which means new episodes will most likey begin airing in March. This may or may not change :)March 17, but you know ...:)
January 13, 2004
Q: Will there ever be a cd with all the faith+1 songs?A: Right now that is very doubtful. Perhaps in the distant future?? Maybe?? ;)
Q: Are the commentaries (Minis) going to be continued in the 4th Season DVD's?A: We are not sure. Matt and Trey don't much like doing the commentaries because they think they're kind of on the boring side. News about any kind of commentary, normal or mini is not yet available to us. Once we get the news on it, we'll post it. December 2003
December 28, 2003
Q: When will the fourth season come out on dvd?A: Information on the season four DVD set is not yet available to us. Once we get the news, we'll post it.
December 27, 2003
Q: My dad told me that the guy from Seinfeild called you guys and he said he wanted a part and you said he can be turkey #29 in the Starvin Marvin episode. If this is true?!A: Hahaha, yes, that's pretty much the jist of what happened. Jerry Seinfeld's agent called and asked if there was a possibility to make an appearence on the show, seeing as how Jerry loved it so much. When Matt and Trey told him about the turkey, his agent was a bit putt off.Turkey #4. Seinfeld wouldn't settle for less than #1. :)
December 26, 2003
Q: Are you ever going to have a section in SPS that tells what dialogue kenny is saying? Because alot of the audience would really want know what he is saying.A: We know that many people would love to be let in on what Kenny says. Unfortunatly we will never have a section on this site that tells the fans what he does say for everything. Matt and Trey like to make the fans try to figure out what he says. They only let out a few choice phrases now and again... if they remember what the hell they said.On THIS site, on the other hand... you'll get my best guess.