South Park Studios FAQ

Compiled by Willie Westwood
from the list of questions answered by the staff at South Park Studios.

Part 11 - Fall 2003

Some commentary is provided in the third column
December 19, 2003
Q: Is Kenny dead for good now? Why did you kill him?A: There is no way of telling what the 8th season is going to do. Please wait till March to find out. We don't know why Trey and Matt killed him, maybe because the fans kept bitching that he wasn't getting killed... who knows... I think they're legally insane.
Q: Yo - how long do we have to wait until new episodes?A: The staff is due back in the Studios sometimes in Feburary, which means new episodes will probably happen sometime in March.
Q: How the hell did you put the scene with the captured Saddam in his spider hole into the episode that aired a mere Three days after he was captured?A: South Park is made quite differently than other shows. While most shows are created six months ahead of time, South Park episodes are made about four days before it has to air.
December 17, 2003
Q: What is a conformist?A: You are! CONFORMIST!!!One who follows the crowd, a sheep.
December 16, 2003
Q: Are Trey's parents proud of the show?A: Yes, both Trey's mom and dad are very proud of his accomplishments. As a matter of fact, Trey's father Randy is around the office a lot. He's really quite friendly and a little bit mischievous. Guess we know where Trey gets it from!
December 12, 2003
Q: How many people make South Park possible? Also, what program did they use before Maya?A: We have an in house staff of about fifty. But we also have many off-site people that help out, like composers, consultants, the people over at Comedy Central, and much much more. The program we used before MAYA was called Alias Power Animator.
Q: what color is your underpants?A: paisley
Q: Do Matt & Trey think that smoking is good and should be attempted by kids?A: No, Matt and Trey do not feel that way. The show was not about how kids should smoke, it's about the people who over react to the anti-smoking commercials. If you notice, the kids started smoking because they didn't want to be like the dorky people on stage. When the parents blamed tobacco companies for it, the boys didn't want to get into trouble so they lied in order to save their butts. Once they realized the shannagins it caused, they decided to fess up.
December 11, 2003
Q: I noticed a lot of non-south park songs in the newest episode - Raisins. i was curious if they got permission on all of them, or if they just simply used them without permission. Either way, i loved the way they used them.A: All songs that are not created by Trey or the in house band are yeah, they got permission first.
December 10, 2003
Q: Was all that stuff about Mormons truly what they believe in? I don't see why Matt and Trey would make a bunch of stuff up, but all that stuff seemed really far fetched?A: Some of it was true, while the other facts are a bit "loose." Some sound advice, never take what you see on South Park too seriously, if you have questions about facts on episodes like the Mormon one, you can easily search them out on
December 8, 2003
Q: I preordered the Season 3 DVD last saturday and it said i would receive it in 3-8 days. Will i get it by then? or do i not get it until December 16th?A: You are not supposed to recive it till the 16th, but sometimes pre-orders release earlier than expected. Lets hope you're one of the lucky ones ;)
Q: On another site they've posted what Kenny supposedly says in the beginning of season 7 episodes... "One day I'll be old enough to stick my dick in Britney's butt." Is that it? Thanks.A: That is the not so completly offical answer from Matt Stone! When I told Matt that it was about a year since the first episode of the 7th season, and that him and Trey had promised to tell the fans what he said. He replied that he couldn't remember. Thankfully I had asked another Staff Member (Mr. Keef Bartkus) he had said that what you said was the new phrase. When I asked Matt about it he was 95% sure that it was correct. He also said he'd double check on it, but that probably will take some time, so for now, we're going to say that "Someday I'll be old enough, to stick my dick in Britney's Butt" is the correct phrase that Kenny mubles in the 7th season.
December 4, 2003
Q: Do Matt 'n Trey not like doing commentaries? I appreciate the minis, but why so short, mate?A: Matt and Trey think it's too boring to talk for twenty two minutes just for the sake of talking. For this boxed set, they talked about what they remember and found funny, once that happend they stopped.
Q: I looked through the archives and did several searches but still didn't find my answer. I couldn't find a season 5 christmas episode anywhere. I didn't find one in the episode guide either. I swear we had a Christmas in 2001, what happened to it that year?A: There was no Christmas episode in 2001. The only episode during that time was "Butters Very Own Episode." And the only Christmas element it had was a Holiday song on the radio as Butters' mom drives him off the pier.
Q: I recognize some of the music from a computer game I play "Heroes of Might and Magic" (3 i think) specifically in the episodes "Cancelled" and tonight on "Butt out". i'm wondering if the music is from somewhere else that i don't know about or if you sought license agreements or whatever with 3do.....A: There has been no music from any video game in any recent episodes. Any video game music that was used was used years ago, and was not from Heros of Might and Magic. Sorry.
December 2, 2003
Q: What is Matt and Trey's fascination with Mormon people?A: Matt and Trey grew up with Mormons so they have influenced them in a lot of ways. Neither Matt nor Trey is Mormon, but always thought that they were usually genuinely nice people. During the production of Orgazmo, Trey talked to a few Mormon Missionaries that came to his house.
Q: The banners on this site mention that the commentaries for the 3rd season are "mini" commentaries. What does that necessarily mean?A: Usually when there is a directorís commentary on a DVD set, the commentary goes through the entire duration of the episode. Season three DVD commentaries are from five to seven minutes long.They're more like introductions, really.
December 1, 2003
Q: Matt and Trey said they have photos of themselves farting on the heads of celebrities. Can't you get them to post them?A: No, we can't. I tried posting them before but all the pictures Matt and Trey have are poorly shot and you can't really tell who they're farting on. The pictures were really for their own enjoyment.
November 21, 2003
Q: Mr. Slave doesn't sound much like Matt Stone, are you sure it's him?A: Blarg, no, it's not Matt. I was mis-informed, Mr. Slave is voiced by Post Production Supervisor John Hansen. Please tell the masses...
November 18, 2003
Q: F*ck you! Answer my f*cking questions you g*damn motherf*ckin assh*les! YOU ASSH*LES! Do it now! F*CK YOU!A: Do some of you people honestly think that cursing us out will make us answer you faster?
Q: You say that amazon is releasing the Southpark season 3 on dvd on the 16th December, but here already has it, infact i think since 18th june 2001. Wots up with that?A: The set that was released on was solely available in the United Kingdom. Season three DVD sets have not been in the United States until now. The set being released in the States is going to be slightly different than the one that was released in the UK. This US release may have features or menus that differ from the one released in the UK. The reason why Britain got the sets before the States did was because South Park was not as easily available as it was in America, so they were the first to get the sets. We are not sure if they will be releasing a UK region DVD set for this up and coming set, or past.
November 16, 2003
Q: What was the song Butters was singing in Casa Bonita episode?A: "If You Leave Me Now" by Chicago
November 14, 2003
Q: When will Season 3 come out on DVD.A: There is still no official new on when this DVD set will come out. It's slated to come out around Decemeber but we're still not sure when. When we get more news about this, we'll post it.December 16 sounds good. :)
Q: Have Matt and Trey ever been to Casa Bonita to eat, or was it just for research. I've been there, many a times with my family for get togethers. Each time I would go there I would have the explosive diarrhea. If they have gone there, did they suffer from the same affliction?A: Yes, Matt and Trey have been there before to eat. There is a menu for Casa Bonita in our studio's kitchen. However, I'm not sure if Matt and Trey suffered from what you had, I don't look into what kinds of bowl movements they have over Holiday, or any day for that matter. And I certainly wouldn't want to know... I'm sure the two of them could really punish a toilet.
Q: Hey I live in Denver, CO and just saw the recent episode, Casa Bonita. The other day I went there to ask everyone who works there if they had seen the episode and they said they did and loved it. They also said Matt and Trey where there asking permission to use the Casa Bonita name in the eposode, is true that they REALLY had to ask permission? It just seems like it would be free advertisement to me.A: Asking permission to use the names of real places in TV shows is common, even though it is "free advertisment." Some business owners may not like the idea of a crude and controversial show like South Park using their business in the show. It may ruin the whole "family" idea. If the business became offended and South Park didn't ask permission, it would be easier to have legal actions brought up against the show.Check out the last few entries in the end credits. Casa Bonita is there. :)
November 13, 2003
Q: Okay, now me and some other crazy weirdo losers want to perform an on-stage-version of "Cannibal! The musical". Now, in order to do so, we would need a permission, how do we go about doing that?A: There was a thing called The New Cannibal Society, I'm not sure if it's still running, but they were the ones who did the releasing right to do your own show thing. Try contacting for further information.
November 4, 2003
Q: Dude, every f*cking costume choice completly f*cking sucked my grandma's ass. NONE of them were cool, not even the stupid "Honorable Mentions." I can't belive you people suck so much to think that any of those people deserved a prize for their pile of sh*t!! F*CK you guys, you lousy cheating assh*les!!! My enteries were way better than any of them!!!A: Of course yours were better than everyone elses, that is what everyone thinks. The winners were chosen for originality, cleverness, and funny factor. I'm sorry your feelings were hurt by this decision, good luck next year.
October 28, 2003
Q: Holy sh*t, update the f*cking site already!A: Your not entirely too observant are you? The site has been updated almost daily since the 22nd of October.
October 27, 2003
Q: What did the actual Queer Eye guys think of the "South Park is Gay" episode?A: They loved it! In fact, they loved it so much they even let us use their theme music.And that was BEFORE the episode aired!
Q: Is Metrosexual a term made up for "South Park Is Gay"?A: No, South Park didn't coin the phrase "Metro-Sexual." It is the actual term used for gay straight men. Or, in other words, straight men who act pretty gay.You might have called them sissies in a former life...
October 23, 2003
Q: What the heck is a catamite?A: cat∑a∑mite ( P ) Pronunciation Key (kt-mt)n. A boy who has a sexual relationship with a man. ((think of NAMBLA))
Q: What's this "gonna kick it up a notch" crap? Did you guys change the episode at the last minute?A: Yes, we did. In the earlier cuts of this weeks episode, Mr. Garrison said "Let's kick it up a notch!" after he speaks with Chef. The audio was cut for any number of reasons from time, to just the simple fact that maybe Trey didn't want to have it in the scene any more. One of the best things about South Park is that it's current and up to date, and in order to the that the show usually gets changed every day from content, to scenes. It's the South Parkian way. :)
October 22, 2003
Q: I am a big fan of the show and am studying to be a graphic designer. I would love to be a part of your studio someday. What would I need to do to work for you guys.A: Find Osama Bin Laden.
October 20, 2003
Q: Why is it always winter in South Park? I know its Colorado and all, but shouldn't there still be summer scenes?A: Summer in South Park Colorado doesn't last very long. According to Matt and Trey it snows for most of the year in Colorado, and for about two or three weeks a year, there's a really hot summer. Then it just begins to snow again. They made a joke about it in the episode called "Summer Sucks" from the 2nd season. Episode 208.
Q: I am a young, flexible, four-alarm-fire steamin' girl currently overwhelmed by the desperate desire to make mad bestial love to Trey Parker, or at least send him a birthday present. But I can't find any information about his marital status. What's a potential stalker to do?A: First thing you do is come to LA. Second, go to the Los Angeles County Police Department. Tell them what you told me, and take it from there.
Q: MR. HANKEY ACTION FIGURE NEWS: didn't really know how to reach ya, so i figured i would try and reach you this way like last time. i got that Mr. Hankey and son figure set and it's awesome! it really IS the real deal. it's even in a real action figure package. the only thing i don't like is it's the normal kind of packaging where once you open it, you can't seal it back in, so i don't think i will open it. i really think it will become one the biggest south park collector's items! order yours if you haven't already! :)A: Well thanks so much for letting us all know, glad to hear your money was well spent!
October 9, 2003
Q: Who does the voice for Mr.Slave? Does it have to go threw a super computer to make him sound really gay?A: The voice of Mr. Slave is done by Matt Stone, and since he's pretty gay all on his own, he needs no super computer to help him sound that way.
October 7, 2003
Q: If Matt is Jewish how did he eat bacon in the Makin' Bacon with Macon skit?A: Because, Matt isn't a very religious Jewish person. From what we've been told, Matt's family never even really celebrated birthday's either. Go figure...Observant Jews don't, or at least didn't, celebrate birthdays. Celebrating them was thought of as a pagan thing to do.
October 2, 2003
Q: I just wanted to know if there was going to be a halloween costume contest this year?A: Yes, this year they will be having a Halloween Costume Contest. Breayle will provide everyone with a few characters to work from.
October 1, 2003
Q: You say you receive about 100 FAQ's a day. Why do you only answer about 1 a day, and sometimes not even that?A: Most of the FAQs are questions that have been answered already. People don't understand they need to look through the old FAQs by doing it manually, or by using the search function box at the top left hand corner of the screen. So I normally don't get questions that I haven't already answered. Another thing is many of them are questions like "Will Timmy be in the next episode?" or, "Is there going to be any episodes where Kyle and Bebe go to Summer Camp?" When I get questions like these I have to delete them because I can't answer them. All the things I post on this site regarding the episodes that havenít aired yet needs to be approved before I post them. We do this because we like to keep as much as the episode a secret so that everyone can enjoy it as much as possible when it airs. So even if I did get information about what happens in the episode, I wouldn't tell you guys unless it was all right with Matt and Trey. If I did post it before they said so, I wouldn't be a very good employee of theirs would I?