South Park Studios FAQ

Compiled by Willie Westwood
from the list of questions answered by the staff at South Park Studios.

Part 10 - Summer 2003

Some commentary is provided in the third column
September 22, 2003
Q: You say the creators of the show give us permission to download episodes of South Park on sights such,, or Does that mean that it is legal and we cannot be sued by those stupid companies?A: No, we never said the creators give people permission to download. We have only ever said that Matt and Trey don't care, that doesn't mean you have permission. It is NOT legal to download episodes of South Park, and you can have legal actions made towards you if Comedy Central thinks it is necessary.
Q: How do you expect us to go through 163+ pages of FAQ's to see if our questions have already been asked?A: I don't. I do expect you to read the top of this page and read how you are supposed to find out if your questions has been asked. Try searching for your question in the search box to the left, be general. Good luck.
Q: Who does Ned's voice? Is it computer generated, or is someone using a voice box?A: Trey Parker does the voice of Ned. First Trey tried by purchasing an actual voice box and whenever Trey would do his voice, he would place the artificial voice box up to his mouth. Unfortunately the sound didn't go through as well as expected so now Trey just makes the noise on his own.
Q: In an earlier FAQ you said that you didn't know why Chris went to hell. After that you updated it and said that there was no real explained reason why he went to hell. But later on in that episode they say that the Morman religion was the right religion, so doesn't that mean that Chris was in Hell because he was gay?A: Um... sure... OK! I suppose that logically that would be the correct assumption. But since there was no real scripted reason why Chris was in Hell I had to answer that way. Sheesh people, get LIVES!Chris must not have been a Mormon...
Q: Do you have a South Park store?A: Yes, if you click the link on the left side of the page [on South Park Studios] that says "South Park Store" it will take you there. Thanks.
Q: Is the seventh season over?A: No, eight new episodes will premire on October 22nd.
Q: Do Matt and Trey have agents?A: Yes, Matt and Trey are with the William Morris Agency.
September 15, 2003
Q: My stupid ass roommate and me got into a fight. He thinks that all of South Park is done using a 3D program called Maya. I on the other hand swear up and down the the show is still done buy just contruction paper and a little hard work. Someone please tell me whats up!A: Well, you'd better go an apologize to your roommate because he is absolutly CORRECT! South Park has been done in MAYA (The same program that made Final Fantasy The Spirits Within) since the 5th season. It was done in another 3D program before that. South Park hasn't been done in construction paper ever since the first episode was made.Um, I don't wanna sound like a queer or nothin', but that is a pretty stupid question, since the show has been done on computers for SIX YEARS now.
September 9, 2003
Q: Now that the rerun rights have been sold, will this affect production of future season sets on DVD?A: We belive that the DVDs that will be sold with the same amount of censoring as before.
Q: How many more times can you answer the same questions about South Park's syndication before you pull out all your hair and start babbling incoherantly?A: Jibba jibba jibba JOOOOO! IKKY ippy pippy POO! Braggle maggle bindle bip. Too pee doo pee tippy tip! BEE BI BICKY BICKY BO BO BO! BICKY BO!
September 8, 2003
Q: Ahem! When were you planning on showing the new episodes on Marklar??? Ive been waiting 3 Marklar for the new Marklar. You Guys are a bunch of Marklars if you think we dont Marklar! ...Eat Marklar, you god damn MARKLAR!!!! Best Marklars - MarklarA: Dear Marklar, we apologize in multiple Marklar, things here have been so busy since the news about the Marklar getting marklared to Marklar. We hope soon to have the marklar show in marklar, and hopefully we will have it done in two marklars. We apologize that it will be two marklars, unfortunatly our marklar can only marklar, 15 marklars. Marklar.
September 7, 2003
Q: Why do you guys all of the sudden want to attract a younger audience with this selling of the rights and what not?A: They are not trying to attract a younger audience, they are trying to attract a WIDER audience. More than likely shows such as Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network will pick it up. Adult Swim shows edited versions of the "Family Guy" and "Futurama" and most of you are just fine and dandy with that. Finally, South Park will REMAIN THE SAME as it ALWAYS HAS on Comedy Central.Heh, both channels being on cable, you might as well stick with Comedy Central. Unless you absulutely must have your South Park fix.
September 6, 2003
Q: why the hell did comedy central sell the re run rights to disney, that sucks.A: They didn't sell anything to Disney, if you would read the whole story and actually pay attention, you will notice that it says "FORMER" Disney employee.
Q: You guys are selling South Park!!! That is the stupidest thing you guys have ever done!!! And am I to understand you are taking out most of the swearing!! If you are I'm ticked off at all of you that have to do with South Park!! I'm only 10 years old and I LOVE SOUTH PARK so I'm REALLY MAD AT ALL OF YOU!!!BYE!!A: ...for the last time, the show HAS NOT BEEN SOLD. The RIGHTS to PLAY the RERUNS on TV have. The show will air the SAME WAY it always has on COMEDY CENTRAL. If you think that editing out the curse words and what not will make the show suck, please just watch the show on Comedy Central or buy the DVDs! You don't HAVE to sit and watch them on regular TV, no one is shoving a gun down your throat. SAVE ME JEBUS!!
September 5, 2003
Q: Is it true that south park will be goin' on for another three years?A: Yes, it is true. Matt and Trey signed a contract for another three years, or 40 episodes.
Q: Why did Matt and Trey sell South Park?A: Matt and Trey didn't sell South Park. First, Comedy Central ownes the show, so whenever something of it gets sold, is due to Comedy Central. Second, the show hasn't been sold, Mort Marcus was given permission to be the distributer of the episodes for syndication on other networks. Marcus is the "car dealer" for the dealership, get it? Comedy Central still ownes South Park and the show will remain on Comedy Central.
Q: Who will have South Park re-runs? I'm 10 and my mom said I can't watch it because of the cursing.A: Things are still up in the air, and no one knows who will have the shows re-runs. It will more than likely be different stations for each location in America. Once we get more news we'll post it.
Q: Will Comedy Central still play re-runs of South Park even though somone is going to buy the rights?A: We're not positive, but we think that re-runs will still air on Comedy Central. Once we get more information we'll post it.
Q: Wait, Geroge Cloony discovered South Park? I really thought it was Brian Graden.A: When I first answered this question, I was told that George Cloony had discovered Matt and Trey and asked them to make a video Christmas Card. After that I had a couple of FAQs asking about Brian Graden, so I tried again and asked around. Turns out I was mistaken, Graden hired the duo to produce a video Christmas card for his friends in the Hollywood community. The resulting five-minute animation short, "The Spirit of Christmas." I belive Goerge still had a pretty big role in the whole thing, being the one who showed the actual movie to Brain in the first place. If anything elese stems out about this I will find out, and post it.Long story short: Matt and Trey met Brian Graden at Sundance in January of '94 when they were showing Cannibal! The Musical to a small group of people. In the summer of '95, Brian helped them shop South Park (known at that time as Conifer) around, but no one bought it. He saw the first version of "The Spirit of Christmas," which came to be called "Frosty," and asked Matt and Trey to make a cleaner-looking updated version. He paid them $2000 to do it. Matt and Trey didn't put their names in there anywhere. Brian wanted to send this second version of "The Spirit of Christmas" to executives as a Christmas video card but decided against that, so he made 40 copies of it and sent them out to friends. One of those copies made it into George Clooney's hands, and he made copies it for himself and friends. Word of this short made it back to Matt and Trey, who finally fessed up that they, in fact, created it.
September 4, 2003
Q: Why would you let that happen to South Park! Not just me but all the fans of South Park are going to be so pissed off. Don't let this happen to South Park. If you let this happen you are going to ruin it for everyone except the people who want it off the air. Cartman is almost everybodys favorite charactor and now they are going to get rid of his swearing and comments. If you sell SP you are throwing something that is the funniest thing to ever hit America in the damn gutter!!A: They didn't sell the SHOW, they sold the rights to broadcast the re-runs. Much like FOX allowing "That 70's Show" to be shown on competing networks like the WB. South Park will not change. New episodes still air the same way they always have on Comedy Central. Perhaps with the edititing it will open the show up to a new audience and what it has to say. Many people who are not allowed to watch the show will finally be able to. South Park is more than just curse words, it makes you think as well as laugh, I would feel bad for you if you couldn't see that.Nah, it's all about the money.
August 28, 2003
Q: Why was Chris (Satan's EX) sent to Hell?A: We have no idea, they never talked about that in the episode. Many things that aren't explained in the show are usually left unexplained. Matt and Trey's goal usually is to toally confuse it's audience.
Q: I think your show is funny, but how did you attract such a stupid audience?A: Many people think that South Park is just funny because the boys curse, and say naughty things. They don't understand it's more than just curse words. South Park is both crude and insightful, unfortunatly when they're 13 and stoned most of the time, they just don't get it.
Q: Why do I have to download the top ten FAQs? What if I don't have Adobe PDF?A: We decided to make the top ten FAQs downloadable because many people wrote in asking why I haven't changed the FAQs in forever, turns out they were just reading the top ten and not looking further down. Removing them from the header and making them downloadable cleaned up the FAQ board. If you don't have Adobe PDF just click the link at the top of this page and get it. The program is free, and many people use PDFs.Hey, go to SPS for the Top Ten. :D
Q: Why can't I use the BBS as a chatroom? Isn't that what it's for, to chat?A: No, the BBS is not a chatroom. The BBS is a discussion board where topics have some sort of conversation going on. Threads like "I want to talk to User2343" are lame, and annoy the users. Keep it off the board, that is what our chatroom is for, and why we enabled the Private Message (PM) system on it.Every post on the BBS should try to make a point. The BBS is there for debate, not for small talk. Chatrooms are there for small talk and even commentary on the threads on the BBS.
August 25, 2003
Q: Why does [SPS's] banner say "All New Episodes Coming in October?" Dude, they're not that new anymore they just havn't been on tv yet...I downloaded them all in like...May.A: WOW! You must have downloaded them from the magical psychic server because the episodes airing in October haven't even been scripted yet... can I have the URL?
Q: Is there any place to get Beers jerseys or those cool beer mug helmets in BASEketball?A: Many items from the movie BASEketball are being sold on auctions as I type.
Q: [Does SPS] buy or accept story ideas?A: No, Matt and Trey used to read them but so many people sent in such huge numbers it got too hard to read them all. Then there are the legal issues of accepting outside material. Since the very beginning Matt and Trey have written their own episodes without fan interaction.If you're the one interested in submitting a story idea, you may not want to ask for royalties if it is used, but somebody may want to on your behalf. That would lead to lawsuits, and that could get messy. Better to keep your material to yourself.
Q: Have [Matt and Trey] thought about a second movie of South Park?A: Trey and Matt have thought of making another South Park movie once before. All they had to do was remember how much of a pain in the ass the last one was to make and they stop thinking about it! They hope to make another one some day, but so far there are no plans to do so.
Q: When will the "Bart of War" be replayed? I cannot find that epsiode listed or available for download anywhere.A: Perhaps it's because you're searching for a Simpsons Site, this is a South Park site, and "The Bart of War" is an episode of the Simpsons. :)There are South Park sites out there with the 45-second clip of the South Park reference, though.
August 22, 2003
Q: Why isn't there any video downloads for "chickenpox?" That's the best episode!A: When first launched, we had taken various files for South Park from many sites, mainly and ( was the largest fan ran South Park site on the net at the time, when launched the owner of beef-cake and Matt Stone decided to take it down). Over the years I've been trying to get those downloads updated to at least five per episode, but it's been difficult due to program changes, and production.I've never heard that Taison Tan ever talked to Matt about closing down Beef-Cake, but it was closed for a month while Jonathan "Elvis" Davis was employed at South Park Studios. When Elvis was let go, Beef-Cake made a comeback, but could not restore the pics and sounds - that was part of the deal they made with SPS - but instead concentrated on the fifth season for a few months before finally calling it quits. No site, official or unofficial, has matched Beef-Cake as far as sounds go, but South Park 24/7 has matched Beef-Cake as far as images go.
August 21, 2003
Q: What does the side of Officer Barbrady's patrol car say?A: "To patronize and annoy."
Q: Why [does SPS] perpetuate false truths such as this?
Q: Was that really George Clooney in the Big Gay Al episode? How did you get him to do the show when still pretty new?

A: Actually, Matt and Trey kind of owe the success of South Park to George. When their first short movie "The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus Vs. Frosty" was being passed around the Internet, George had gotten a copy of it, called them up, and paid them to make a new one. "The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus Vs. Santa" was born.

A: This is a true story. It is not a so called "false truth." Oh, and by the way... how can something be a false truth anyhow? Can we say oxymoron? I think this person has his/her panties in a bunch. God, I love it when people waste their energy on hating me ((evil grin #432))!This bit of history has been known from the earliest days of the show. How someone could find it false is beyond me. Here it is, 1995...
  1. Parker and Stone showed Graden one of their early works, The Spirit of Christmas, which is now known as Frosty. He gave them $2000 and asked them to produce an updated version for him to use as a Christmas video card (they made it for $750 and pocketed the rest - for Christmas presents and rent). Graden made 40 copies and sent them to friends. He would have sent it to 500 people, but most of them were studio heads he just knew he couldn't send it to. On the other hand, Parker and Stone considered making a "Mr Hankey" short instead.
  2. The video card was circulated around Hollywood by George Clooney (who later voiced Sparky, the gay dog) and others, and it became the underground cult hit of the animation industry. Rock groups such as Metallica and Tool played the short during their concerts. Trey and Matt soon heard from people in every state about their video, and friends in Ohio sent them a copy and asked them to have a look at it.
Needless to say, they were pleased to see the short come full circle. :)
Q: When does the new season come out?A: New episodes of South Park will air October 22nd 2003 with eight new episodes.
Q: Since Matt & Trey thinks it's cool with people being able to download episodes through the internet, does that make it legal to put them up on my own server?A: No, putting up episodes on your server is not legal, unless of course you have the express written consent of Comedy Central.
August 20, 2003
Q: Have you ever "got it on" with Matt or Trey?A: No, Matt and Trey are too busy getting it on with the thousands and thousands of hot young women who come to the office every day to serve them up a hot cup of love. (I'm kidding for those of you going WHOA!)
Q: Do they make South Park bedspreads?A: The best way to find items like these are in online auctions. Check out for more news.
Q: I heard that South Park Season 3 will be on DVD soon. Will Trey and Matt be doing Audio Commentary for the episodes?A: We still do not know when season three will be coming out. I am sure there will be no commentary on the discs as well. If there is any news to confirm this, I will post it; everything else is up in the air.
Q: Are Matt and Trey going to make fun of the up and coming election with AHHHHHHNOLD? Those of you who don't vote for him... big mistake!A: Matt and Trey have been out of the office working on "Team America" for the time being, I haven't heard any gripes or jokes aimed at Ahhnold, or any other canidate in the ReCallifornia.
Q: Was that really George Clooney in the Big Gay Al episode? How did you get him to do the show when still pretty new?A: Actually, Matt and Trey kind of owe the success of South Park to George. When their first short movie "The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus Vs. Frosty" was being passed around the Internet, George had gotten a copy of it, called them up, and paid them to make a new one. "The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus Vs. Santa" was born.
August 18, 2003
Q: What is the name of the song Cartman sings when he's in congres?A: "Heat of the Moment" by Asia
Q: Who owns the rights to Southpark?A: All episodes of South park are Copyrighted © 1997 - 2003 by Comedy Partners/Comedy Central.
Q: How do you pick which episodes are re-run?A: Comedy Central picks all the re-runs during the down season.
August 14, 2003
Q: Someone offered me a South Park DVD today called South Park Winterland. I was told it is a new south park film. Were they just trying to con me or is there really a new film out that I don't know about?A: They're just trying to con you. "Winter Wonderland" is a collection of A Very Crappy Christmas, Are you there God? It's me Jesus, Cartman's silly hate crime 2000 and Something you can do with your finger.
August 11, 2003
Q: Some of the fire effects are really realistic, how do you do that in a cartoon like South Park?A: South Park is made in a really awesome program called MAYA. It is created by a company named Alias/Wavefront. The program is responsible for movies like Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, and most Final Fantasy movie clips from the SquareSoft video game series. It's capable of doing super cool things, and obviously, pretty crappy things. When things like fire and portholes to hell need to be created and look cool, it's really easy for it to be made in MAYA.
Q: When are the South Park Episodes going to be out on VHS?A: Most of the South Park seasons have already been released on VHS volumes. Please check for more information, or
Q: Does Trey or Matt ever look at the BBS and read what their crazy fans are saying about them?A: I know for sure that Matt reads the BBS a lot. I'm almost positive that Trey has too. One of the biggest users from the office (besides me) is Eric Stough, Director of Animation. He always checks the BBS after premiers!
August 5, 2003
Q: Hello, I am one of the Canadian's that you were making fun of for getting so angry at your comments. I just wanted to say that the last comment you made to me made me laugh so hard, that I realized that all you're doing is messing with people in good humor. I apologize if I seemed out of order, I hadn't had my snack time. :) Thanks again!A: No problem, it's good to know that you Canadians have a sense of humor after all. :)
Q: Has there been any news on the air date/release date for the progect that Matt and Trey are working on (Team America)?A: There is still no news about the dates of Team America. We'll keep you posted.
Q: I would like to know why Cartmans voice is different from the first couple of seasons? Was it changed on purpose?A: Cartman's voice has changed not on purpose, but just because the show has evolved. If you pay attention, all the boys' voices have changed (except perhaps, Kenny's). Things like this happen all the time with cartoon show like this. For example, Hank Hill's voice from "King of the Hill" has changed over the years from a sort of low grumble, to something more understandable.
August 4, 2003
Q: I was surprised that in the last FAQ you recommended downloading episodes on KaZaa and other file sharers. What are Matt and Trey's official stances on South Park episode piracy?A: Matt and Trey do not mind when fans download their episodes off the Internet; they feel that it’s good when people watch the show no matter how they do it.
August 1, 2003
Q: At the end of "Here Comes the Neighborhood", they pull Kenny's dead body on a sled. Is it supposed to be an unexplained death, or did something actually happen?A: That is an unexplained death. When Matt and Trey were making that episode they didn't want to deal with coming up with a Kenny death, so they just threw him on a sled, dead. I was told that the scene was one of the last scenes made because Trey was avoiding it so much. When it came time to do the scene, all Trey said was “Just put a dead Kenny on the sled that the kids are carrying, and lets not say why!”
Q: Will this website ever have complete episodes to downloadA: No it wont. Comedy Central wants you to actually tune in to see the shows, that's why we only give clips. There are plenty of other fine places where you can download episodes in full.,, or July 2003
July 19, 2003
Q: I know these might seem silly questions to you, but I'm British. What are S'Mores (snacky s'mores/s'more flavoured shnappes)? Why does Chef always say "children" even if theres only one of the kids there?A: S'mores are traditionally campfire treats made by taking two graham crackers, a marshmallow, and a chocolate square and melting it all together to make this graham cracker marshmallow chocolate sandwich thing. They're very tasty, gooey and warm. The reason why Chef always says "children" is because long ago, when Trey and Matt were filming "Cannibal! The Musical" they had gone on an acid trip in town. When they were hanging out, they saw a large framed black man who kept mentioning something about "saving the children." Chef is modeled after that guy, now on whether or not it was the drugs talking... that has never been established. But both Matt and Trey saw it.
Q: Recently you answered a FAQ asking what the name of the rap song was that played over Timmy and Jimmy in "Krazy Kripples." You mentioned that you didn't know and would ask someone, any luck?A: One of the sound engineers was here on Friday and I asked what the name of the song was. Apparently it was made by the South Park house band and you cannot purchase it in any store.
July 18, 2003
Q: What is the recipie for "Chocolate Salty Balls?"A: Well, there is not actual recipie written down. But this site has a pretty close reseblence to what might be called "Salty Balls" just add salt to the confectioners sugar and BAM! You've taken it up a notch. AustrianChocolate Balls.Chef's recipe goes a little something like this...

Two tablespoons of cinnamon
and two or three egg whites.
A half a stick of butter, melted.
stick it all in a bowl baby.
Stir it with a wooden spoon.
Mix in a cup of flour,
you'll be in heaven soon.
Quarter cup of unsweetened chocolate,
and a half a cup of brandy.
You throw in a bag or two of sugar
and just a pinch of vanilla.
Grease up the cookie sheet.
Cause I hate when my balls stick.
Then preheat the oven to three fifty
and give that spoon a lick.

Don't try this at home, though. I hear they don't taste good at all. Maybe it depends on how large those bags of sugar are. Isaac Hayes came out with his own cookbook "Cooking With Heart & Soul", and the saner recipe is in there (p. 201). :)

Q: What do we have to look forward to in the new season?A: No scripts for South Park have been written as of right now, when we get more information on the new episodes we will post it on the news page.
Q: Who answers these questions? And why are they such bitches?A: Your mom answers these questions! ((takes the mature approach))
Q: My sister says that South Park has been cancelled because they said sh*t on TV, is this true? Or can I call he a filthy bald faced liar and toss her things on the front lawn?A: South Park has signed on for three more years so I supposed you can call her a bald face liar. You might want to think twice about huckin' all her crap on the lawn though. Some people get pissed off about that :)
Q: What is the name of the song from "Krazy Kripples" it plays as Timmy and Jimmy go to pop some punk ass bloods... what's it called!? Me and my wife are GOING INSANE!A: You're going to hate me, but I don't know the name of the song. I've asked Bruce Howell and Matt Stone, both which don't remember the name. I will try to ask again once everyone gets back. Until then, you're just going to have to be insane :)
Q: Why are some of the Air Dates in the Episode Guide out of order?A: Some episodes were aired out of order due to changes or scheduling.
Q: Why does the Town Map section on this site suck so much?A: Well, when we first plugged the idea of the "Town Map" section of the site, Matt and Trey were a little skeptical because there is no ACTUAL layout of the town. We are attempting to use a map from the Volcano episode. We hope to have it up as soon as it's approved.Given how buildings change location all the time there, no town map would ever be correct.
Q: Are Matt and Trey working on anything else besides "Team America?" Do you know when it will air, and will it be on TV or in the theaters?A: No, Matt and Trey are just working on "Team America" during the break. We're still not sure when and where the movie will air.
Q: Why are there no sound downloads for the episode Red Mans Greed?A: Sound clips were not collected before everyone went on break. All sound clips must be collected and approved before they are posted. The Red Man's Greed Sounds will more than likely be available for download in September.
July 11, 2003
Q: Are you guys going to make an asses of fire 2?A: No, Asses of Fire 2 was NEVER a real idea. It was just for that one South Park episode. Matt and Trey had no intention of ever making it.
July 8, 2003
Q: Is it true that originally That's My Bush,was going to be That's My Dick?A: No, it actually was going to be called "Family First". But then there was some legal issues so the name was dropped.Just because the last episode had Dick Cheney usurping George Bush Jr. is no reason to think that the show title and song were the original choices for the show. :D
July 7, 2003
Q: Who draws the pictures in the storyboards?A: The people who draw the story boards are Adrien Beard, Tony Postma, Greg Postma (yes, they're brothers) and Keo Thongkham.
Q: I have own my south park web site. is it posible for me to use your downloads images on my web site?A: Yes, please use whatever you can. All we ask for is some kind of credit.Credit is key. You don't want people thinking you can make pictures you know you can't.
Q: Why can't I get an avatar for the BBS? Furthermore, I don't see ANYONE with one. :/A: You cannot get an avatar for the BBS because we DO NOT allow them. Furthermore, no one else will have them either. :pSame goes for graphics in signatures, except for smileys.
Q: How the hell did Comedy Central and South Park manage to air the word F*ck when they aired "Bigger, Longer, and Uncut."A: Two reasons time and place. Since the movie aired after 12:00 am in most areas and because since Comedy Central is technically a Cable channel. The FCC does not regulate companies like Comedy Central.
Q: How many drafts does a South Park script usually go through?A: I have seen some scripts go up to a 25th draft, I'm sure there might be even more versions. A lot of the time, Trey changes the script from day to day, and we have to go in and make changes in the animations and dialogue. That probably explains a lot of those nasty little continuity errors.For those of you asking to see an unfinished script of the show, the question becomes, which version? The first? The 15th?
July 2, 2003
Q: Are Matt and Trey going to be using marionettes as the main characters in the new movie "Team America?"A: Details on "Team America" are still pretty shakey. We were told that not even the people working on it right now know what is going to happen with the movie since it changes every day. We are assuming that the main characters will be marionettes.
Q: On the main page in the News section, you say: "...Comedy Central will air the world television premiere of South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut..." Do you mean the first time the movie has EVER been shown on TV, or the first time that it's been on TV uncut? Cause we've already had it on TV here in Australia, on a free-to-air channel, but I'm not sure if it was edited.A: All right, let me clear this up. It's the first time it's ever been on television in America. I wasn't aware of the movie being aired in Australia. Now, on whether or not it will be censored, I'm not sure. In my own opinion I think they will probably censor out the F dash, dash, dash word. And maybe even sh*t. I'm sure the song "Shut your f*cking face unkle-f*cker will be bleeped or edited in some way.July 5 - It did, in fact, air unedited. Maybe now all the movies on Comedy Central will air unedited. SP:BLU has already aired on television here in the States - on premium channels like HBO. This was the first airing on Basic Cable.
July 1, 2003
Q: Are Matt and Trey going to be doing the voices for "Team America" by themselves? Or will they hire out?A: Details on "Team America" are still pretty slim. But I really do think that they will be doing most of the voices themselves, they seem to like it that way best.
Q: Who is Poppy Z Brite, and what is this story that was written?A: Poppy Z. Brite is an authour of some sorts. She wrote a fictional short story about Matt and Trey, involving her, a hotel room, and the two of them. I wont tell what her URL is, but you can find it easily on by searching her name.
June 30, 2003
Q: I just saw a promo for BLU for the 4th. and in it Cartman says "(bleep) off you (bleep) raping (bleep) eater". I found it bizarre that the word donkey was bleeped along with f**k and s**t, but not raping. What kind of crack smoking censor thinks "donkey" is more offensive than "raping"? Would it have been okay to rape another animal? Maybe a iguana or a platypus?A: I think they bleeped out "donkey" because it's an animal. And having sex with animals is considered bad. If it's just "raping" it sounds less harsh than "donkey raping". (HAHAHA) But I'm with you on this one.They were too eager to bleep that out, since "donkey" and "ass" are synonyms.
Q: I read somewhere that Matt and Trey are going to be making a new movie this summer, I also heard it was about the ThunderBirds TV show (which I'm a huge fan of). I used to watch that show as a kid all the time (yes, I'm dating myself). And I would really like to know it there is any truth to the rumor because that would just make me totally stoked.A: Well, consider yourself stoked. You're wrong on one part though, it's not ABOUT the ThunderBirds, it's based on The Thunderbirds SuperHero's and Jerry Bruckhiemer movies (the guy who does Beverly Hills Cop). Nothing is for certain, and I've been told that even the people involved in making it are not sure what is going to happen day to day.Heh, even that is confused. Team America will be made in the same supermarionation style that the ThunderBirds TV series was made in. All the characters will be marionettes. The movie will spoof action movies, as breayle said, as well take potshots at celebrities who whined about the War in Iraq.
Q: Ok, I am fine with the price of the South Park Figures, but I was curious if they would be available in stores AS WELL AS on the internet?A: As far as we know, these new South Park figures will only be available over the internet. The only places I can think of that might actually sell them when they come out, are stores like Electronics Botique (EB).Other places to check out are Aahs!, Spencer Gifts, and even Hot Topic. None of these, as far as I know, had the Butters/Professor Chaos plush, though. I found him at Sam Goody's.
June 25, 2003
Q: People sometimes ask if Cartman has ever been skinny, and "Spontaneous Combustion" is frequently mentioned. However, didn't he also get skinny at the end of "The Death Camp of Tolerance" after starving in the Camp?A: No.... Cartman has only been skinny in "Spontaneous Combustion." The Fat Camp episode does not count since it wasn't Cartman who was skinny, it was the kid he PAID to be him. He wanted to pretend he had gotten skinny. He only lost a few pounds in Death Camp. Not enough to be skinny.