South Park Studios FAQ

Compiled by Willie Westwood
from the list of questions answered by the staff at South Park Studios.

Part 1 - Spring 2001

Some commentary is provided in the third column
June 20, 2001
Q: In "Rainforest Schmainforest," when Miss Stevens says "No, the spirit of Maya has told me to go this way," you were making a reference to your animation device, weren't you?A: Uh no. We were using Power Animator at that time. We've only switched over to Maya with #502. You have heard of the Mayans, haven't you?
June 19, 2001
Q: What is the name of the "dirty" kid in the class that resembles Pig-Pen from Peanuts?A: Dirt. I'm not joking.They've also used "DogPoo," but he still has no official name.
Q: Why are you guys such ass belonkers ?A: Actually were "Ass Spelunker's" wich means we are ones who explore ass caves chiefly as a hobby.
Q: I'm on fire! Help me!A: Quick! Stop, drop and ROLL!
Q: Who does the female voices now? Did Trey really sing "Up There" from the South Park movie?A: A few women around here in the South Park office take over for some of the female voices and Trey did sing that song.
Q: Which episode shows the old couple fighting over giving the Loch Ness Monster $3.50?A: Episode 303: The Succubus. Original Air Date: 04-21-1999
June 18, 2001
Q: Will either Matt or Trey marry me?A: Sure, of course. They make it a habit to marry complete strangers, meet them in Vegas tomorrow and they'll draw straws for you.
Q: Was Butters' original name Poof Poof?A: His original name was Puff Puff. Close!
Q: Will the script and sounds for South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut be avaliable to download?A: Bigger, Longer and Uncut is owned by paramount. In order to put up things from the movie we have to get permission to do so. We'll keep you posted.
Q: What is the name of Cartman's stuffed frog?A: His name is Clyde Frog.
Q: Does Matt sing Big Gay Al's song in the movie? Or does Trey?A: Matt Stone both sings and voices for Big Gay Al.
June 17, 2001
Q: In the season 5 premiere are they really gonna say sh*t on TV. If it isn't what did you have to do to get it on the air?A: Yes is true, they are going to say sh*t uncensored. Matt and Trey were really surprised when they called Comedy Central to ask if they could say it. Comedy Central said yes without hesitation.162 of them. :D
Q: Does Trey do the voice of Miss Choksondik?A: Yes Trey does the voice for Mrs. Choksondik.
June 16, 2001
Q: Who are you?A: We are many... we are one.
Q: I've noticed a disturbing trend of slander about Canadians, French, and the poor in the FAQ's. Are these your real opinions, or just Matt and Trey's? And how would you feel about a French-Canadian poor person?A: I feel that a French Canadian Poor Person would suck more then a regular French, Canadian, or poor person.
June 15, 2001
Q: Why does the "That's My Bush" show suck?A: Because you don't understand it.
Q: why is the hospital map in 202 "Cartman's mom is still a dirty slut" the same as the military base map in the movie ?A: Budget cuts.
Q: Which episode from the fourth season is the Halloween Special?A: The fourth season did not have a Halloween Special!
Q: In season 5, who will be the boys' 5th grade teacher?A: Who said they were going to the 5th grade?
Q: mmmmmmppfff mmpf mmmmf mmmmpppffffff ? mmmpppppppppffffffffff mmpppppffff mmppf mmmmppppppffffffff ?A: God, I hate French people.
Q: I just looked on this website under the character section, and you say Geek 1 thinks there are 78 episodes. That's a long way off of 72 or 73 as mentioned in episode 412. What the dilly, yo?A: You're way too obsessed......but correct. Neither of the geeks mentioned 78.
Q: I was wondering who the other boy was that came out of Ms. Crabtree's uterus at the end of the episode?A: When you find that out give us a call, we'd like to know too.Not Harry Potter, then. HA!
Q: Why can't a boy band have four members?A: How should we know? We didn't make the rules.
June 14, 2001
Q: In the epiosode where Kyle was going to die without a kidney, there was a part where Stan was pretty upset about the whole thing and Kenny was bitching at him. Was he bitching about the fact that he dies every week and nobody cries over it? That would make sense to me.A: It makes sense to us too!
Q: Is it really a crime to let ten year olds watch South Park?A: It really depends on how the parents feel their kids will handle it. South Park is aimed at a mature audience and was never meant to be aimed at kids.
Q: Do Matt and Trey really hate Rosie O'Donnell?A: Matt and Trey were annoyed by Rosie O'Donnell during the Presidential Elections. She had all these ideas on how the rest of the world should make their decisions and that really bugged the crap outta them.
Q: Are Matt and Trey gay with each other?A: Well maybe a little... but we're all a little gay with each other now and again.
June 13, 2001
Q: The two questions I sent were way better than any of these new ones. Why can't you answer mine? You promised an answer.A: What were the questions again? We'll try to get them answered. If they're lame, you will be publicly flogged.
Q: In episode 101, what does Kyle say when he is yelling at the aliens to give Ike back?A: I looked over the scripts and this is what I got:


That's all I could get, you'll have to peice together what he says yourselves!

Q: Do Trey and Matt really despise Barbara Streisand? If so, why?A: Yes, and it's "Barbra." Oh look, we just answered your question.
Q: Are you sure Big Gay Al's voice is done by Matt Stone?A: Damn sure.
June 12, 2001
Q: What gave Matt and Trey the idea to bring Timmy into the cast?A: The official answer is: they needed an interesting way to pull Kenny's tooth out in #402 - "The Tooth Fairy's Tats 2000." Timmy was also partly inspired by Camp Jabberwocky and "How's Your News."

Comedy Central initially balked at Timmy, but he turned out to be so popular that he became a regular character. Matt and Trey love him. Have you seen the Timmy Lunch Box? It's actually pretty cool.

Q: What are the lyrics to Wendy's Fingerbang audition?A: Well
Mrs. Landers was a health nut
She cooked food in a wok
Mr. Harris was her boyfriend
And had a great big
Cockadoodle doodle
The rooster just won't quit
And I don't want my breakfast
Because it tastes like
Shitzus make good house pets
They're cuddly and sweet
Monkeys aren't good to have
'cause they like to beat their
Meeting in the office
A meeting in the hall
The boss he wants to see you
So you can suck his
Balzac was a writer
He lived with Alan Funt
Mrs. Roberts didn't like him
But that's 'cause she's a
Contaminated water
Can really make you sick
Your bladder gets infected
And blood comes out your
Dictate what I'm saying
Because it will bring you luck
And if you all don't like it
I don't give a flying f_ck!
Q: Who does the voice of Big Gay Al?A: Matt Stone.
Q: Who bleeps out the F word and the S word Matt and Trey or Comedy Central?!A: Neither, Bruce Howell sends the tape to Comedy Central already censored. Comedy Central scans over it before it's aired with it's own censors.Once in a while, though, an F or S word gets past Bruce, and those episodes are treasures to keep. :)
Q: Who are the West Memphis Three?A: Three boys who are trying to be aquitted for murder. Check out their site for more informaion.
Q: Do Trey and Matt like The Simpsons?A: Matt and Trey love the Simpsons.
June 11, 2001
Q: Is South Park Canadian made or American made? Where are the creators from ?A: South Park is made in Los Angeles, California and the creators are from Colorado.
Q: Can you get me Trey and Matt's autographs? I'm dying of cancer and the "Dreams Come True" foundation said they wanted to make my last wish...I mean...well, they wanted to make my dream come true. Can you help me? Hell, the guys on death row only get a meal, right?A: I think you mean the "Make a Wish Foundation" and you should have them contact the network directly then, or did your Prof at the University of Kentucky tell you to try this as an extra credit project?
Q: What are Timmy's parent's names?A: Richard and Helen
Q: After the end of their three-year contract, are Trey and Matt putting an end to South Park?A: We'll all know the answer to that in about three years.
June 10, 2001
Q: In the South Park movie, "Bigger,Longer,and Uncut" did Matt Stone and Trey Parker write the songs? Or did someone else work with them?A: Trey did most of the song writing. Some songs written by Trey and Marc Shaiman.
Q: Do Satan and Mr.Garrison have the same person doing their voice?A: Yes, Trey does both Satan and Mr. Garrison.
Q: What does fingerbang really mean? Kenny says it in the episode, but I couldn't fully understand him.A: Oh... that's something you should definitely ask your parents.
Q: Is Masao Maki (G-Fresh in "Orgazmo," Indian leader in "Cannibal") a friend of Trey and Matt's, or just a guy who they like to hire to play Indian and Japanese characters?A: Masao is actually a sushi chef and restaurant owner in Boulder, CO, who Matt and Trey befriended.

Masao IS G-Fresh. His word is Lord.

June 9, 2001
Q: I can't remember which episode has Cartman singing the Wild Wild West song. Can someone help me out?A: Episode 307: Cat Orgy Original Air Date: 07-14-1999.
Q: Why are you going to kill off Kenny for good (if the rumor is true)?A: Trey Parker Co-Creator of South Park says: "That rumor is all bullshit".
Q: Is Trey still mad at Lianne, or is she just always made fun of 'cause it's easy to do so?A: It's just so damn easy to do!
June 8, 2001
Q: Do you think I should dump my boyfriend because he thinks South Park sucks? Should I keep going out with him or what?A: Probably.
Q: What style is the animation on South Park?A: crappy.
Q: I know what a real cliteris is but what was the cliteris in the south park movie supposed to be?A: The "clitoris" is just a giant clitoris in the movie.
Q: you are an ass.A: heeeeee haaaaw!
Q: Why doesn't Mrs.Choksondik wear a bra? Why doesn't Mr. Choksondik tell her to wear one?A: Maybe she's a naturalist...?
June 7, 2001
Q: when are we gonna see the fifth season's first episodes' summaries and images on southpark studio ??A: We will post them as soon as we are given the go ahead.
Q: How can cartmans mom be his dad? The laws of Biology prevent this from happening even if she is a hermaphrodite.A: The laws of Biology also prevent someone from being killed and then being alive again the next week.
Q: Who would win in a fight, Mike Tyson or Satan?A: Thats a tough one, my money is on Satan.
Q: were can i buy a dvda album?A: You can't buy DVDA albums yet, they guys say they are waiting until the whole "show" thing is over. You can get 2 videoas of their songs on the Lapdance DVD available at
June 6, 2001
Q: i have a question how do yu get on the south park booster club?A: Register as a user of this website and you will automatically be signed up for it.
Q: If Satan is a male, then why does he live with other guys?A: Because he's gay. Isn't that obvious by the fact that he has boyfriends.
June 5, 2001
Q: Did you guys know there is a semi-retarded looking midget thing with blond hair named Timmy, on the soap opera "Passions?"A: Midget thing? Anyways, I think that actor (who's an adult by the way), played the kid lawyer on "Ally McBeal." By the way, "Passions" rocks. It was a running joke on several episodes of "That's My Bush" (#102 and #108 for sure, other references may have been cut).
June 4, 2001
Q: What scenes were viewed in Episode 414: Thanksgiving Special, when Cartman closed his eyes? Were they from movies, or documentaries like Faces of Death? Or were they images that Trey Parker and Matt Stone made on their own?A: They were from various stock footage houses in the L.A. area. Our former Unit Production Manager, Monica Mitchell, tracked down the footage based on Trey's descriptions.
Q: doesnt it annoy you that "faq" doesnt sound more like "facts"? that would be such a better.A: FAQ means "Frequently Asked Questions" it is not supposed to be "facts".
Q: Does anyone know the email of Comedy Central because they keep on sending me email on Southpark Digest and it gets in my nerve to get that trash. I don't wanna receive it anymore.A: Just send a blank e-mail to the appropriate address below. Delete Me First! remove- The South Park Booster Club
Q: About the voicebox Ned uses. Do such things really exists? I saw the sf movie 'Mad Max' and some guy had a voicebox too! So is it real or just sf?A: It does exist. It senses the slight vibrations in one's throat, and translates it into a mechanical voice. I'm kind of guessing here, but it sounds pretty good.It's called an Electrolarynx
June 3, 2001
Q: What are yall smokin when yall come up with this stuff, and who can I get it from?A: Drugs are bad, mmkay.
Q: Is Big Gay Al matt or trey?A: We are all a litlle bit Big Gay Al.They finally admitted it was Matt.
Q: How did Matt & Trey get Issac Hayes to do the voice of Chef?A: Matt and Trey originally wanted to do the voice of Chef, but Comedy Central said there was no way they would let two skinny white boys from Colorado do the voice of a big black man, who also happens to be a chef.

So Matt and Trey came up with a short list of candidates. Isaac was on the top of a list that included Barry White, Lou Rawls, and TV's Urkel. They met with Isaac, and after some soul searching, he agreed to take the part. And the rest, as they say, is all lies.

Q: Sir?A: Maam?
Q: What is UP with Trey's hair?A: Whatever do you mean?
June 2, 2001
Q: How come in the episode "Fat Camp" when they show Kenny on the Howard Stern show with Tom Green in it, Tom Green doesn't look like Terrance or Phillip? What's up with that?A: Tom Green is married to Drew Barrymore so now he's an American. Duh.
Q: Is Dian Bachar chinese?A: No, he's Czech.
Q: Are we allowed to use images and such from this website or South Park TV show on our own websites?A: Yes you are, thats what they are there for. However you have to remember that Comedy Central does own them so just be respectful in how you use them. Have fun and let us know when your site is up.
Q: Did Saddam Hussein do the voice of himself in the South Park movie?A: That's what the credits say.
Q: what the hell is park wars?A: Park Wars is a Star Wars spoof using the South Park characters. You can check it here:
June 1, 2001
Q: did matt and trey get mad when futurama copied chef aid and they put bend aid that really pisst me off because they should think of their own f*cking idea'sA: I don't really think its stealing and anyway imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Like when Ned Flanders quotes Cannibal: The Musical in the episode of the Simpsond when his wife dies.
May 31, 2001
Q: What the hell is that glowing/yellow upside down triangle-looking thing on the opening credits?A: It's from Episode #309 - "Jewbilee" and it represents Moses. It was originally from the movie "Tron." It's also the logo we used for our Christmas staff shirt a couple years ago.
Q: Hey if Canadians really have two-part heads that flap and small beady eyes, how come Americans on your show don't have tiny penises, are really damn stupid, disrespect everyone they meet, prejudge all Canadians, and marry their sisters. How do you like that EH?A: Hey, we have huge penises.
Q: Serious question: Why does Timmy say "Livin' a lie?"A: Trey answered that at yesterday's Academy event. "Livin' a Lie" was Trey purely doing improv in the recording booth. He doesn't know what it means, they just thought it sounded funny. The same goes for Cartman saying "Respect My Authoritah!"
May 30, 2001
Q: who is the woman in the shop teacher's dream in the "Tweek Vs. Craig" episode? is that trey's mom or something?A: That was the wonderfully talented Pam Brady, Creative Producer for the show.
May 29, 2001
Q: We haven't seem much of Officer Barbrady in a while. When will he get involved in the show again?A: The only thing Officer Barbrady is involved in these days is a salary dispute with the city South Park.

The story will eventually come out in excruciating detail.

Oooo, burrnnnn! Jonathan Davis worked on the SPS site for a month and was fired, let go, laid off, whatnot, and was in a salary dispute with Kung Fu Design which he eventually gave up on - they never sent him the $170 they offered.

The story came out in excruciating detail, complete with emails and phone transcripts.

Q: Is chef based in any way on Scattman Corruthers from the shining?A: No. Chef is based on an acid trip Matt and Trey were on during the filming of Cannibal! The Musical. They disappeared for a few hours and swear that they saw a black man saying "We've got to save the children."
Q: Why allow South Park videogames to be made? You are aware that they all suck, right?A: Matt and Trey didn't like what Acclaim did in making those games. They were at E3 this year (Electronic Entertainment Expo) looking for game developers to make a new South Park game that doesn't suck!
Q: If Trey and Matt had a fight who would win?A: Trey has the knock-out punch and stronger jaw, but Matt has the quick feet, reach advantage, and deceptive jab.

Matt would win if boxing rules were in effect, but Trey would win if it was an Ultimate Fighting Championship.

May 28, 2001
Q: when did the first south park episode come out?A: Episode 101: Cartman Gets an Anal Probe Original Air Date: 08-13-1997.
Q: Well what exactly is poon tang? Is it like a drink or something? And what is it made of?A: That's what mommies give daddies when they are all alone in space. As for what it's made of... It's made from the best stuff on Earth.
May 27, 2001
Q: do matt and trey actually write what kenny says or do they just write mmphh mmphh mmphh?A: They just write mmrph mmrh mprh!
Q: why is the first episode listed as 101 and not plain 1?A: It's done so they can signify wich season it is. Episode 101 = season one episode one.
May 25, 2001
Q: Is NAMBLA a real organzation or did Trey and Matt make it up?A: NAMBLA is a real group check some search engines for it. http://www.hotbot.comHell, just go to the site:
Q: What was the original title of "Bigger, Longer, and Uncut?"A: All Hell Breaks Loose. The MPAA told them that couldn't use "hell" in the title. They brought up movies like "Hellraiser" and "Hellbound" but the MPAA told them that since it was animated it needed a new rule.Someone go find an animated film with the word "Hell" in the title!
May 24, 2001
Q: What's the closing music from the TV series while the titles and phallic Braniff jetliner is going by? And is it on any of the CDs? Thanks. And if my email address goes any further than this, I will find you, and... A: The song is a few notes from the song "Shpadoinkle Day" from Cannibal! The Musical, a film that Matt and Trey did in college. Trey was kicked out of College for making the film because he took too much time out of class to finish it. You can buy the Cannibal the Musical Soundtrack at the CRAPstore.
May 23, 2001
Q: What the hell is poon tang?A: Something the Mr. Garrison loves to get.
Q: On the old intro, you could see Santa and Jesus fighting. What episode is that from?A: It's from the first South Park called "Jesus Vs. Santa" Matt and Trey were paid to make a video Christmas card and Santa Vs. Jesus was the product. After they made it, a bunch of copies were made and distrubuted over the internet.
Q: Did South Park have other unaired episodes before it was an actually TV series besides Spirit of Christmas?A: There is an unaired version of "Cartman Gets and Anal Probe." That was edited for time and Trey wanted to change some things. It has extra scenes in it like the aliens having a cow BBQ and Cartman having extra members in his family.
Q: Why don't you have any information or downloads for South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut?A: SP: BL&UC Is owned by Paramount. Being an official site we can't have any content that isn't owned by us up unless we have permission. We will try and get this stuff ASAP.A year later and no SP:BLU stuff is up yet. Those guys at Paramount play hardball!
May 22, 2001
Q: why are all the tops of the heads of the canadian characters not attached to the bottom half of their heads?A: Because that's what Canadians look like.
Q: I hear Trey writes the episodes, the music, and does most of the character voices. What does Matt do?A: Matt does the voices for Kenny, Kyle, Butters and more. He also helps write scripts and music for the show.
May 21, 2001
Q: Did you get complaints from the politically correct crowd when you introduced TIMMY!?!?!A: Surprisingly, no. South Park actually gets more complaints from the anti-PC crowd. Ironic, no?
Q: In the episodes where Chris and Saddam have-it-out, they refer to Saddam and Satan trying to take over the world. what are they talking about?A: In the movie South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut Saddam and Satan try and take over the world together.
Q: Has Timmy ever said anything but "Timmy" or "Gobbles."A: He's said "Livin' a Lie," (several times) and "And the Lords of the Underworld" (in Episode #404 - "Timmy 2000")

I was also reminded by Boss T that Timmy said "Please help me!" in Episode 412 - "Fourth Grade" when he was on the runaway wheelchair. Thanks!

Q: I haven't been able to find out anywhere else, so perhaps you can give me an accurate answer. How tall are Matt Stone and Trey Parker?A: Matt is 6'2" (not including hair). Trey is about 6'1".
May 20, 2001
Q: WHAT IS A CHODE?A: choad /chohd/ n. Synonym for `penis' used in alt.tasteless and popularized by the denizens thereof. This term is alleged to have been inherited through 1960s underground comics, and to have been sighted in the Beavis and Butthead cartoons. Speakers of the Hindi, Bengali and Gujarati languages have confirmed that `choad' is in fact an Indian vernacular word equivalent to ` f-ck'; it is therefore likely to have entered English slang via the British Raj.
May 19, 2001
Q: Which swear words can South Park get away with saying on TV?A: All the ones they don't bleep out are accepted.
Q: Which episode is it that Cartman ends the sentence saying " Get in that kitchen and make me some pie." I need the wav again.A: Episode #105 - "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig."
May 18, 2001
Q: New episodes begin June 20..the chat said 8 new ones...does this mean 8 weeks in a row OR is that going to be just 8 episodes total for 5th season (I hope not..need more..must have more..)A: Eight in a row, then a couple afterwards. We've never done that before. Seven was the previous high, and that almost killed us. Uh-oh.
Q: What are some other songs from Lords of the Underworld that I might find on Napster or something?A: There's only the two Timmy songs by The Lords of the Underworld, unless you include "Shelly" and "Turds" from Ep #307 - "Cat Orgy," and the unnamed jam in #404 - "Timmy 2000." You'll probably be able to find some songs under DVDA - though I think they're the live versions from LapDance 2000 or the Palace show (Besides "Now You're a Man"). Matt and Trey recorded a couple of tracks in a professional studio recently, but I don't think any of those got leaked out...yet.
Q: Has Mr. Garrison ever took off Mr. Hat?A: Mr. Hat did leave Mr. Garrison for a while, only to be temporarily replaced by Mr. Twig. On another occasion (Ep #317 - "The Brown Noise") Mr. Mackey and Mr. Hat got into a fight on the bus where he was separated from Mr. Garrison. Mr. Hat won that fight.

I was also corrected by a fan, Mr. Garrison also threw Mr. Hat off and tossed him into a drawer in #102 when Mr. Hat kept telling Mr. Garrison to kill Kathie Lee Gifford. Thanks!

May 17, 2001
Q: How many shows can you make a week?A: One, and that's pushing it. It normally takes 2-3 weeks to make an episode. It's been widely reported that we once did an episode in 4 days, but that doesn't include the time it took to write the script and the partial design work that was done beforehand.That would be the Quintuplets episode, in which the story and animation were reworked in 4 days to take the Elian Gonzales debacle into account.
May 16, 2001
Q: What are the lyrics to the Sexual Harrasement Panda Song?A: Who lives in the east near the willower tree? Sexual Harrasment Panda!
Who explains harrasment to you and me? Sexual Harrasment Panda!
Don't say that! Don't touch there! Don't be nasty says that silly bear!
He's gonna tell you whats right and wrong? Sexual Harrasment Panda!
Q: Who is Robert T. Pooner??A: Robert T Pooner is the guy who discovered South Park in the late 1700's, kinda like Lewis and Clark, but Pooner traveled Solo and was known to have sexual relations with several women in the Cherokee tribe. He was eventually murdered.
Q: What is the name of the epsiode where Cartman has a tea party in his backyard?A: Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut
May 15, 2001
Q: How do you pronounce Dian Bachar's name? Both his first and surname.A: DEE-yen Bah-har, I think. That's how Matt and Trey pronounce it.
Q: Who answers these FAQ's?A: The Underpants Gnomes. They're cheeky monkeys, yes they are.
Q: Why is Mrs Cartman referred to as a hermafilite when the correct term is hermaphrodite?A: The kids call her a "hermafilite" because they're kids and they don't know what a hermaphrodite is so they mis pronounced it.
Q: Will Orgazmo ever be released on DVD?A: Orgazmo was released on DVD in Europe. No news just yet on when it will be released in the states.
Q: Will there be a new Halloween episode this season?A: Possibly. The last two episodes of the season will most likely be holiday episodes, which Matt and Trey find to be the hardest to write.There wasn't. There wasn't even a Christmas epiosde, though "Jingle Bell Rock" was playing in the car radio when Butters' mom sent him, still strapped into his car seat, into a lake.
Q: Will "That's My Bush" have its season finale when "South Park" premieres?A: No. "That's My Bush" has it's finale on May 23rd, while "South Park" premieres on June 20th.
Q: Hey why don't you all do an episode where Cartman is forced to coach a little girls soccer team as his civic duty for some crime that he committed. I think that would be funny as hell.A: Ah "Ladybugs." Will only the french understand the genius that is Rodney Dangerfield? Maybe Cartman could get Kenny to dress up like a girl, to make the team better. Just a thought.
Q: Have Butters' parents ever been on one of the shows? If so, which episode?A: Yes, they were featured in the "Circle of Poo" montage, eating dinner in episode #417. You can also see them in #416 where they tell Butters that they love him, but only in a platonic way. There may be more, but I can't recall them at this moment.
Q: Will this be the best season ever? I love the vulgarity!!!A: You know it! And I do to!
Q: Will south park keep its TVMA rating?A: As long as it's content stays the same it will get the same rating. South Park has always been meant for a mature audience.... or an older audience that's not too mature.
May 14, 2001
Q: I missed the chat, is there a way I could read what went on???A: Breayle posted the transcript on our site. Check under "The Show" section, the link is in one of the updates.
Q: Who's more gay, Big Gay Al or Mr. Garrison?A: I'm guessing the one with "Big" and "Gay" in his name.
Q: Who does Saddam Hussein's voice?A: Matt
Q: Are you guys gonna put Cartman's kitty on the animal character page?A: Kitty is in the Guest Star section.
Q: What program is used when animating? I know you use Corel Draw for drawing. Why not use Photoshop? Im thinking about starting my own show.A: The storyboard artists use Corel Draw among other programs, while the technical directors occasionally use Photoshop.

For animation, we use Maya (we used Power Animator for the first four seasons). The systems software is largely proprietary. We use Avid Composer for editing and Digi Design for audio.

Good luck on your show.

May 13, 2001
Q: Who are the producers of the South Park show ?A: Matt Stone and Trey Parker are the Executive Producers and Creators. Anne Garefino is the Executive Producer. Debbie Liebling is the Executive Producer for Comedy Central. Frank Agnone is the Supervising Producer. Jennifer Howell is the Associate Producer. Bruce Howell is the Audio Producer. Eric Stough is the Director of Animation. Pam Brady is the Creative Producer.
Q: On the DVD's are any of the episodes edited from what was originally on Comedy Central? (i.e. "Chicken Lover" and "Succubus").A: I was curious about this one myself. I do know that we often make audio or animation corrections after the original Wednesday broadcast. We usually take it down to the wire here at SP, so any changes are intended to correct errors. As far as the powers that be, they have no knowledge that any episode was edited for content. Then again, we usually only look at the original episodes as broadcast, so if there are changes it's news to us. If you have any specific examples. Please contact us.Oh, where to begin? The changes in content are sprinkled throughout the secrets, but I'll mention a few here:
  1. Mr. Mackey getting away with saying "bullshit" in "Ike's Wee Wee"
  2. The extended sequence in "An Elephant Makes Love To A Pig" in which Shelley takes a match and lights Stan up, douses him, and repeats this three or four times.
  3. The announcer getting away with saying "Michael Jackson" when he says he hasn't seen so many children molested since... in "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride." This was reported in viewings outside the U.S., as was the sequence above, which shows that the folks at South Park Studios send the censored videos only to Comedy Central.
  4. "Bill Cosby" saying different words when he was fading in the Saturday viewing of "Trapper Keeper"
  5. Kenny's ghost laughing as it rises out of his corpse in "Scott Ternorman Must Die."
Q: Will "Not Without My Anus" be released or aired again.A: #201 "Anus" was released on VHS. If you participated in the chat, you would know what it would take to get the episode aired again.
Q: Which episodes did Nancy Pimental write/co-write?A: While Trey does all of the writing, he does get a lot of help from Matt and the staff writers. Nancy had a strong part in #402 - "The Tooth Fairy's Tats 2000" as well as the two-parter airing now, #410-411. Nancy has been writing for South Park since about midway through the second season.
Q: Are Trey & Matt gay?A: No Dian, and quit asking.
Q: Are there any plans to release the two versions of "The Spirit of Christmas" on video and/or DVD? Was the entire "Goin' Down to South Park" BBC special released on video last year? It seemed to me to end somewhat abruptly.A: An abreviated version of "Goin' Down to South Park" aired on Comedy Central under the auspices of "Canned Ham" I believe. Part 1 of the special was released with the "Christmas in South Park" tape and DVD, Part 2 was released with "The Best of South Park" tape and DVD.
May 12, 2001
Q: What is the name of Shelly's boyfriend's band and do you mind if I change the name of my band to it? The name of my band is named "imitation bacon bits" which one is better? Thanks!A: Lords of the Underworld. If you changed the name of your band to "Imitation Baco Bitz" it would be way cool. I love those things on my baked potatoes.
Q: Does it make SP funnier watching it while you're drunk!?A: Oh HELL yeah. Everything is funnier when you're drunk.
Q: Will there be any Terrance and Phillip only shows in series 5? They kick some serious poon.A: -tang!

As Matt and Trey mentioned during the chat, Terrance and Phillip will return in season 5, though they may share screen time with the boys. It's still up in the air.

See "Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow"
Q: Who is the young chick in the Cherokee Hair Tampons commercial? She is hot.. can I have her number?A: Uh, no. Creepy.
May 11, 2001
Q: Can you tell me what camera was used to make The Spirit Of Christmas Shorts and the Pilot.A: Spirit of x-mas was shot on an old crappy 16mm camera that was on an animation stand in the CU film department. It was an Arriflex.
Q: Who does the voice for "Chris," Satan's new boyfriend?A: Dian Bachar, who also appeared in "Basketball," "Cannibal," and "Orgazmo."
May 10, 2001
Q: Is the voice actor for Chris (Stan's lover) named Ivan Buckely? Or is it one of the actual actors from the show? Please help because this voice sounds so familar!A: Chris is played by Dian Bachar
Q: What is the name of the animal they find in the Volcano episode?A: That would be Scuzzlebutt... he's got a celary stalk for an arm and Patrick Duffy for a leg!
Q: What's Dian Bachar and Jason McHugh up to?A:
May 9, 2001
Q: Is that a jar of mayonaisse I see on Eric "Butters" Stough's desk?A: No you are hallucinating, of course it's a jar of mayonaise. You're looking right at it aren't you?
Q: How many uses of the word "f-ck" is in the movie?A: Well according to the Guinness Book of World Records 2001 the movie is 81 minutes long, contains 399 swears and 128 offensive gestures!I get 144 fucks in my transcript.
Q: Who is the dude spinning around at the end of TMB, where it says "Important Televsion"?A: That is one of our writer/animators here at South Park his name is Jun.
May 8, 2001
Q: Will Trey marry me??A: Mya, our lawyers told you not to contact us anymore.A reference to the bogus story of Trey marrying Mya, which was out around three years ago, but somehow made it back into the news last February. Either that, or the person who made the story up tried to make it look three years old.
Q: Are Terrance and Phillip rip-offs of MTV Beavis and Butt-Head?A: No, they're rip-offs of Matt and Trey. After some critics of "South Park" said that animation could not get any crappier or inane, Matt and Trey created Terrance and Phillip to show those critics that they were sorely mistaken.
May 7, 2001
Q: Where can I find a list of all the episodes and what season they are in?A: Try checking in our "show" section under "episode guide" all the shows plus their original air dates are listed.
May 6, 2001
Q: Whenever Trey and Matt portray Aussies in their work, they're always broadly accented and seem ignorant. Do Trey and Matt have a pathological hatred of Australians?A: No, they're friends with Russell Crowe, and they love Yahoo Serious.
May 5, 2001
Q: Where and when did Trey learn to speak Japanese?A: Trey studied in Japan while he was in college. He also knows Swahili.
May 4, 2001
Q: Does the town "Southpark" actually exist?A: Yes there is an actual town in Colorado called South Park.But it's a ghost town reconstructed in Fairplay.
Q: Do you know Matt or Trey's email which they actually check and answer?A: Yeah.
Q: Does Matt do the voice of Kenny when he's unhooded or did some other guy do it?A: Mike Judge (of Beevis and Butthead fame) did Kenny's unhooded voice for the movie.
May 3, 2001
Q: There was gonna be a South Park game for Game Boy Color. Why did it get canceled?A: Matt and Trey didn't want a Game Boy Color game made because the show isn't for kids at all. Game Boy is purchased by more kids so they decided not to do it.
Q: We know Santa, Jesus, and Mr. Hankey exist, and the Tooth Fairy doesn't. What about the Easter Bunny?A: Sure... she's Janet Reno
Q: What is the name of the song that Cartman sings in the chickenpox episode when they boys go to Kenny's house?A: I think it's called "In The Ghetto," originally done by Elvis, written by Mac Davis. Someone corrected me, thanks!
Q: What is the song that plays after Mr. Garrison gets his nose job in the Valentine's episode? Please help :)A: "Shadow Dancing," by Andy Gibb. I thought it was the Bee Gees, but someone corrected me. Even my sister called me up to ream me on that one. Sorry.
May 2, 2001
Q: When does Timmy show up for the first time?A: Timmy first appears in episode 402: The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000 Original Air Date: 04-05-2000
May 1, 2001
Q: Hello. I need to know who did the voice for each of Chef's parents, Thomas and Nelly, in the #303 Succubus episode. Can you please help? Thanks! PritchA: Matt does Thomas. Trey does Nelly.
Q: Where are the creators of the show originally from?A: Trey is from Colorado and Matt is from Texas. The two of them met each other at the University of Colorado in Boulder.
Q: Which episode was John Stamos's brother in, and what was the song that he sang?A: Episode 104: "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boatride" And the song is called "Loving You"
Q: Will Stan's grandpa ever die, and if so, will the grim reaper come back. He's cool. But I really don't think you bitches will answer me.A: I don't think Trey would ever let Grandpa die... as for the Grim Reaper, Kenny should always watch his back.
Q: Are you gay?A: Are you asking for yourself, or for a "friend"?
April 30, 2001
Q: Who does the voices of Clyde and Token? And who does most of the female voices on the show?A: Clyde is done by Trey. Token is done by Adrien Beard. Blue Girl does most of the female voices.
Q: Why does South Park always air new episodes BEFORE or AFTER sweeps, but never DURING sweeps. I'm sure Comedy Central pulls their hair out when new episodes aren't ready for May or November.A: Traditionally our season begins in April, though this year it begins in June because of "That's My Bush." We usually have at least one new episode in all of the sweeps periods except February. July and November are usually covered pretty well.
April 29, 2001
Q: Will Fingerbang ever promote a fast food joint like N'Sync and BSB did?A: They already do. In-N-Out.
Q: In some of the episodes, Trey and Matt are speaking other languages. Do they actually know what they're saying, or do they just make up jibberish?A: Trey is fluent in Japanese, but most of the time their other languages are jibberish.
Q: How many episodes will be airing this year?A: At least ten new episodes, maybe more.14 were aired.
April 28, 2001
Q: How does Matt do the voice of Kenny? Does he use some kind of cup or what?A: Matt usually covers up his mouth with his hand or sleeve to do the muffled voice of Kenny.
Q: Was Timmy dropped on his head as a child?A: No, but I was. Timmy is a product of genetics. Check out his parents in #404: "Timmy 2000."
Q: I have 2 quesations 1.When Matt & Trey insult celebrities,is that how they actually feel about them(ex.Barbra Streisand) or are they joking around(as in the celebs enjoy it as well) 2.Do you think its a demotion to be a 3rd grade teacher then a kindergarten teacher (like Mr. Garrison)A: 1. Trey and Matt are usually just messing around when they bag on celeb's... except for Barbra Streisand. They really hate her. 2. No I really don't think it's a demotion.
Q: Why don't Canadians have big white eyes with black dots?A: Because, they're Canadian, so they have beady little eyes.
April 27, 2001
Q: Do the people at South Park just get rid of a certain character's paper cut out if that character will only be used once? For example, could Rebecca or Mr. Derp be animated into a Scene again, or would they have to draw them all over again cuz their original drawings were all burned or something?A: South Park is now done in Maya. Characters are built with Corel Draw and can be taken from older episodes and used over again if they're in the scene. The show hasen't been done in construction paper since "Cartman Get an Anal Probe." and of course the "Spirit of Christmas: Jesus Vs. Frosty" and "Spirit of Christmas: Santa Vs. Jesus."
Q: Hi! I stumbled about the IMDB and found out that there are some movies by Trey I never heard of before. Are they ("For Goodness Sake II", "The Colored Star", "Run, Ronnie, Run" and "Your Studio and You") fakes, avalible or planed? -Thanks! (again and again and ...) CasaA: "Your Studio and You" was a inter-studio promo Trey did for Universal. Matt's in it. It's damn funny, filled with stars like Steven Spielberg, Demi Moore, and Bruce Willis. It's insane. "Run, Ronnie, Run" is a movie by David Cross and Bob Odenkirk (of Mr. Show). Matt and Trey have cameos. Not sure about "The Colored Star and "For Goodness Sake." Though there is some actor named Trey Parker. I know Matt and Trey had a cameo in a Troma film a couple years back. It could be one of those.
Q: Will this site give us any exclusive South Park stuff, like the original Quintuplets episode or some of the deleted Scenes from the show/Movie over the years?A: will try it's best to get deleted scenes. Up until now deleted scenes were dumped and never heard from again. We have limited storage space, a digi-beta tapes are super pricey
Q: Have Matt & Trey used any episodes sent from fans? If so which ones?A: So far Matt and Trey have not used a fans script.
April 26, 2001
Q: Is there any way to get Matt or Trey's autograph?A: Lots of Matt and Trey autographs are being sold on Ebay every day. Search "Matt Stone and Trey Parker"
Q: Which episode has the Fat Albert cartoon in it? That was guys should put another one in an episode.A: Episode 212: "Clubhouses" Original Air Date: 09-09-1998.
Q: Do Trey and Matt ever visit SP fan sites?A: Matt and Trey do check out South Park fan sites from time to time, but usually they are too busy to kick back and surf the net.

One of the reasons this site exists, is because Matt admired so much.

April 25, 2001

We like to keep you guys waiting.

We've seen Stan with his cap slightly off in #417, "A Very Crappy Christmas." His hair is jet black. I suppose Kyle will be next.

And so it was. Stan and Kyle took off their hats for picture day in "How To Eat With Your Butt."
Q: In episode 101, cows get a device that makes people look stupid and sing a really cool song. What's the song name and who sings it?A: That is from an old Warner Brothers cartoon. The character's name is "Owl Joleson" He was the same type character as the singing frog. He'd sing this song but once he was put in front of a mic or any other people he'd clam up!!
Q: When is the new season going to start? I'm getting impatient! :)A: It's supposed to start on June 20. Please look at all the FAQ's. Your question has been answered before. There will be at least 10 new episodes.
Q: Is there any site where I can find a map of South Park?A: If you're talking about South Park, CO. I'm sure AAA has maps of Colorado.

If you're talking about our South Park, I've talked to our Director of Animation, Eric Stough, and he says that there is no, real map of South Park. They just make it up as they go along. For example, the docks in the Korn episode, and Phil Collins hill in "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000."

If you want to see a guess of what the layout of the city may look like, play the South Park Rally game.

April 24, 2001
Q: In episode 111 the celebrity guest is listed in the credits as "The chick from Species". This implies Natasha Henstridge. Yet in the episode guide u have written "Mystery Guest"...who else could it be???A: You are correct. Sometimes we're a little coy here at South Park. We apologize in advance for all future coyness.
Q: When Timmy is "singing" on stage with Lords of the Underworld. What's the real name of the tune they are playing (the fast one)?A: "Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld." Pretty simple, huh? The other song is called "Timmy Livin' A Lie." CC and American records put out a CD-Single with the two songs. You can buy it, or download it somewhere.
Q: When do you plan to start answering the FAQ's?A: We've been answering the FAQ's
Q: Who thought of South Park first, Matt or Trey, or was it a combined idea?A: I really think it was Satan who thought of this show first, who he talked to first after that... who knows!?
Q: Who talks for Timmy?A: Trey voices and sings for Timmy. It's easy to remember the lines.
Q: Is that Trey's handwriting all over the storyboards? Have the guys ever put themselves in an episode anywhere? It seems to me that they would have, and I just missed it.A: No, the writing on the storyboards is usually done by our Director of Animation, Eric Stough. The guys have never appeared in an episode as themselves, though Kyle and Stan, Terrance and Phillip, and those two security guards in Episode #312 "Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery" are kind of like their alter egos.
Q: Is Cartman's mom's name Liane for the same reason as the horse in Cannibal: The Musical?A: Yes he named Mrs. Cartman, Liane, because she's a dirty slut.
Q: Who is the banjo player? And are there downloads of him?A: The Banjo Player is Les Claypool from the band "Primus." He also sings the South Park Theme Song.
Q: What do the boys wear under their jackets?A: Their underwear.
Q: If Jerry Seinfeld was "Turkey #4", who were Turkeys #1-however many there were?A: Jerry Seinfeld was offered the role of "Turkey #4" but his agent rejected it. Apparently they were expecting a more prominent role. What-EVER. Go back to stealing fiances and hooking up with high school girls, Jerry.
Q: Do Trey and Matt occasionally use a pitch-changing device to alter their voices when they are voicing some of the children?A: Yes, Matt and Trey's voices are altered. Pretty much whenever a kid speaks his/her voice has been altered. The only time they don't alter kids voices is when they hire kids to do the voices.
Q: Why are there aliens/visitors on the cover of the "Cannibal: The Musical" dvd?A: Trey likes to throw in visitors whenever he can. Rumor has it that Trey himself was abducted by aliens.
Q: How do Trey and Matt hire the kids? I was wondering if they could hire me if i tried out....A: Trey and Matt don't hire the kids. Voice-overs are usually booked by our Associate Producer, Jennifer Howell. When they're not the children of employees or friends, we go through a casting agent. Child actors are scary. The parents of child actors are scarier.
Q: At the end of the South Park movie,after the credits, Ike eats a rat. Why would my favorite character eat a rat?A: Because he was hungry. He apparently stayed in there too long while the war was going on.
Q: Does "Not Without My Anus" count as an official South Park Episode?A: Yes. It's listed as episode #201.
Q: Why do Terrance and Phillip always fart ?A: It's those damn starchy Kraft dinners.
April 23, 2001
Q: Who came up with Terrance and Phillip? , and why are they Canadian? Why couldn't they be Aussies?A: Trey and Matt thought of them, and they're Canadian because they were born there. Also, they're kind of like Matt and Trey's alter egos - created as a response to the criticism that "South Park" was stupid. A big ass middle finger to the critics, if you will.
Q: Why is Mr. Mackey's head so big ?A: Because his body is so small. And his tie is too tight. Remember what happens when he loosens his tie in Episode #204 - "Ike's Wee Wee." Of course he was on drugs, Jer-Bear.
Q: What's the story behind the Braniff logo at the end of every episode? Braniff fan from Dallas.A: Braniff (as you may already know) was a failed airlines. Matt and Trey needed a logo for the end of their pilot so they used Braniff. They figured no one else needed it.
Q: Will Mr. Garrison ever be able to teach the boys again now that he is openly gay?A: Mr. Garrison is the new kindergarden teacher. And Mrs. Choksondik is the boys new 4th grade teacher.
Q: Who does the voices (or how are Matt and Trey's voices manipulated) for the baby Kyle and Stan and the Kindergartners?A: Ike and the fearsome fours as babies voices are done by the kids of some of the people that work here at South Park.
Q: Will Matt and Trey continue writing for South Park or are they to busy with That's My Bush?A: They will continue writing for South Park for three more years.
Q: we have been trying to figure out the second verse of the intro song where Cartman screams something after "ample parking day or night, ?????" help!?!?!A:
Q: Are Terrance & Phillip twins?A: Nope, but they are buddies, buddy. Besides, all Canadians look alike. With their beady little eyes and their mouths... well, you get it.
Q: Will the South Park animation for the 5th season remain the same?A: While we are changing our animation software from Power Animator to Maya, the look of the show should not change much. The same company makes both programs. If you'll notice, the look of the show has changed over the years - there's a lot more action and the animation is a little less crappy. Much of this can be attributed to things learned while doing the South Park movie.
Q: Why has there been such a long period where there were no new episodes after the end of Season Four? When will Season Five begin?A: Season Five will begin in June (the 20th we think). The reason why there is such a long break is because Matt and Trey have been working on their new show, "That's My Bush." The new show airs on Wednesday at 10:30 after South Park. Check it!
Q: How many more seasons will there be?A: Matt and Trey are signed for three more years.
Q: Did Matt & Trey actually bother to get the rights to "Even a Miracle Needs a Hand" for the Christmas episode, or is the lawsuit pending as we speak?A: Yes they did. Actually, I did because it's my job as Assistant to the Executive Producer. All music on South Park has been either cleared, composed for us, or are considered a legal parody. We clear our music through the friendly folks at EMG.
Q: Where can I find a copy of "Cannibal! The Musical" on DVD?A: (in the CRAPstore) (search Cannibal! The Musical)
April 22, 2001
Q: Hey, who does the voice for The Mole in the South Park movie? He's the funniest character ever, and I can't find it anywhere.A: Trey does the voice of The Mole.
Q: What are the names of Mr. Hankey's kids. please respond ASAPA: Mr. Hankey has two sons: Cornwallis (who has an excellent singing voice) and Simon (he's got a peanut in his head), and one daughter: Amber.
Q: Where are the actual South Park Studios located? Can anyone just go on a tour of them?A: We are located on the planet Mars. And no, we don't have that technology yet.
Q: In the episode "Chef Aid" was the song "Stinky Britches" totally made up by Trey & Matt for the show or is this an actual song (or based even in part on an actual song) by Alanis Morrisette (or any other artist for that matter)?A: It all comes from the warped little minds of Trey and Matt.
Q: Will Stan ever kiss Wendy?A: He kissed her in episode #207 "City on the Edge of Forever." Of course, that was in an embellished flashback.
Q: Who does the voices for Ike and Officer Barbrady?A: Ike's voice is done by several kids of the people who work here at South Park, and Officer Barbrady's voice is done by Trey.
Q: 1.Will there ever be a Terrance and Phillip TV Show?
Q: 2.Why does Mr. Mackey always say "Mmmkay"?
A: 1.Terrance and Phillip already have their own show.
A: 2.Mr. Mackey always says "Mmm-kay" because of a childhood teacher of Trey's used to always say it.
Q: Will the issue of lesbianism ever be tackled on SP?A: Episode 111: Tom's Rhinoplasty. The boys learn that munching box makes you a lesbian.
Q: I was wondering DVDA was gonna put an album out ever, they're really good.A: Matt and Trey are far too busy right now to do anything like that. But don't give up hope, anything could happen!
Q: Why did shut down?A: Beef-cake shut down because they were going to lose their hosting at the end of the month. Matt and Taison also agreed to do this when went live.
Q: Is Tweek's last name Tweek too?A: His last name is Tweak!Riiight. Just look at Mr. Tweek's badge.
Q: A lot of South Park fans write fanfiction that involves some of the 4 main boys, specifically Stan and Kyle, becoming gay lovers. Can this ever happen on the actual show?A: Um.... What?
April 21, 2001
Q: Kenny is my favorite of the 4, and the best part is when he dies!!! how many times has he died?A: I believe there's at least seven episodes where he doesn't die. Though there are a couple episodes like "Pink Eye" where he dies twice. Hmmm. That's a good question. I'll say 59.
Q: Do any of the characters like pie? ;)A: They all like pie, but Cartman is such a big fat ass that when there is any pie around he eats it before the others can get to it.
Q: Why do Matt and Trey hate Bon Jovi? He kicks ass!A: Because Bon Jovi sucks ass.
Q: Why is it always winter in South Park?A: because they're in colorado.
Q: In "A Very Crappy Christmas," when Kyle is singing his song about helping each other out, in one shot his eyes get really goofy-looking. They turn blue or something. I can't figure out what's going on. Do you know?A: The song Kyle is singing, "Even a Miracle Needs a Hand," is from a Rankin-Bass cartoon called, "Twas' the Night Before Christmas." The characters had the same goofy expressions. Check it!
Q: Why does Cartman's mom have sex so much. Doesn't she ever tired of it?A: No, because she's a dirty slut.
Q: How long have Matt Stone and Trey Parker known each other?A: For over ten years. But everyday is like the first.
Q: In Season 4, Trey and Matt finally began to follow storylines. (In Trapper Keeper, Cartman mentioned the NAMBLA episode. In Probably, he mentioned Fingerbang, etc.) Will references like these still be made in the New Season?A: Matt and Trey love to throw stuff like that into tons of episodes. You'll probobly see alot of that happening.
Q: What color is Kyle's hair? Please don't say "The same as the person who voices him."A: Well that's what color it is! He is voiced by Matt Stone.
Q: Is there any way that you can stop them from making Kenny's voice muffled to the point that no one can understand him? I like listening to what he's sayin'.A: They know no one can understand him. That's the point.
Q: Do Trey or Matt wear Wigs?A: Trey lost his wig in NAM, and Matt definitely wears one.
Q: Do the South Park kids like Trey Parker Films?A: Cartman hates everything so he hates them. Kyle doesn't know what's going on half the time (stardom and all) Stan was last seen wake-boarding in Hawaii so we don't think he watches the show. And Kenny doesn't have a TV cuz he's poor, and poor people suck.
Q: Will one of the characters still move in Season 5?A: Who knows? Matt and Trey do what they want to do when they want to do it. So anything is posssible!
Q: Is there anything speciffic in the Standards and Practices Guidelines that Matt and Trey can never, ever do on the show?A: Guidelines! HA! What are those?Do? Apparently not. Say? Have you heard the words "fuck" and "cunt" unbleeped yet?
Q: Are Bruce Howell and Jennifer Howell related?A: No they're not.
April 20, 2001
Q: What are the words to the underpants gnome song?A: Time to go to work! Work all night!
search for underpants hey!
We won't stop untill we have underpants!
Yum tum yummy tum hey!
Q: 1. Do you know when new episodes of South Park will air?
Q. 2. So far I have taped every episode except "Volcano" and "Chickenpox." Would you be able to tell me when those two episodes might air again? Thanks.
A: New episodes air in June. We only have the re-run schedule up to mid-June, and "Volcano" and "Chickenpox" aren't listed.
Q: How did Trey and Matt feel after losing to Phil Collins for the Oscar? I was really mad when Phil won, Blame Canada is hilarious song.A: They felt like destroying him in an episode called "Timmy 2000" Episode #404! You also find that limey bastard in "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime." He's Phil Collins hill.
Q: Is the reason for Tweek's constant shaking really because he has ADD or does he just have too much coffee?A: Waaaaaay too much coffee.
Q: Where can I find the words to the theme of South Park?A: You can see them in the "show" section under "town map"
Q: Was Jennifer Aniston the choir director in ep. 301 'Rainforest Shmainforest'? If so, why isn't she in the guest stars section?A: Yes she was. She was extremely nice and wore a cute sweater when she came to the studios. Hey, I keep telling them to put her in. We'll see.
Q: where can i find the lyrics to the songs in south park bigger longer uncut?A: try checking at
Q: How tall is Cartman in real life?A: Well, Cartman doesn't exist in real life, but if he did he'd be two feet tall.
Q: What are the characters' hands designed to look like? Close up, they look like a certain body part.....A: Well... hands of course!
Q: Can you tell me the episode number where Cartman wants to become a priest and the Mormons are in heaven?A: Episode 411: "Probably" Original Air Date: 07-26-2000
Q: In the show Terrance and Philip are a cartoon, but in the movie they are real people. What are they?A: cartoon movie people.
Q: I noticed a lot of differences between the intro to the show, and the intro when it first aired. Do you guys add or change a detail every time you make a new episode?A: They've added new images in the intro as the show has grown. More people, places and things have been added to the show since it first aired. More things are added when Matt and Trey want to add more!
Q: Ok, so 'you' answer these questions. Great. Who are you. Actually, I don't really care who you are, I just want to know if you're secretly matt or trey.A: I'm not secretly Matt or Trey. They're secretly one person!
Q: Yes, I have loved South Park for years now and my new girlfriend sat down and watched the SP movie when she came over. Well after it ended, she swore up and down that the creators had to be gay, is that true?A: They're just a little gay... but we're all a little gay aren't we?
Q: At the end of "Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut", they say that Mrs. Cartman is "only" his father. Will we find out who is his "mother"?A: Cartman's mom is both his mom and his dad.
Q: I think that Acclaim should create a street-fighter style South Park fighting game!A: Acclaim's license on South Park expired. Comedy Central is searching for a new game maker.
Q: What advice does Trey have for an aspiring young Screenwriter and Director?A: Follow your dreams... you can reach your goals... he's living proof.
Q: Where are Shannon Greene and Jonathon 'Elvis' Davis' names in the Credits section? (Taison got one! :)A: Elvis has a credit on the page. I don't know who shannon green is.
Q: What does Butters taste like?A: He tastes like mayonnaise.
Q: I know Matt Stone does Kyle's voice, but does he sing for Kyle too? Cause for some strange reason I really like his singing voice!!A: Matt sings and voices Kyle.
Q: My question is: Why is Kenny always dying on the show? Thanks. BYE!A: Because he's poor. And poor people suck.
Q: Ok is there any fan mail addresses we can use to write or send things to Trey and Matt?? Thanks, take care, bye.A: Not at the moment but maybe one soon.
Q: Why do Terrance and Philip say fuck so much?A: because they're canadian.
Q: What is Eric Cartman's middle name?A: Theodore.
April 19, 2001
Q: What is Chef's full name?A: His full name is Jerome "Chef" McElroy
Q: Will there be any more South Park games? I'm a nerd, so I'd love to see a South Park role-playing game.A: Yes there will be new games to play on soon so keep coming back for more.
Q: Is there somewhere that I can see a list of all the characters and who does their voices?A: We're getting together a list of voices and they'll be up soon.
Q: Who answers these questions?A: I do.
Q: What does pov stand for?A: umm..... point of view?
Q: Can you tell me a bit about the lives of Matt Stone and Trey Parker - how old are they, are they married, what are they up to now, new movies, etc.A: Check out their Bio's in the "behind the scenes" section under "cast/crew".
Q: I'm confused, is Tweek's name spelled Tweek or Tweak? And is Tweek's(Tweak) last name Tweek (Tweak) too? My friends and I want to know.A: It's Tweek.
Q: Is South Park made of paper?A: The Original South Park the "Spirit of Christmas" used construction paper made by the hands of Matt and Trey. A computer program called Maya makes South Park today.
Q: Does Baby Kenny like Kenny?A: probobly not.
Q: Is Kenny blonde headed?A: Yes he has blonde hair.
Q: I have tried to sign in as a new user, but the form doesn't accept a Canadian (Zip) Postal Code, even when the rest is filled in as "another country" and "Canada". Any suggestions how to get around this? Sincerely, a 50 year old fan.A: We're working on that as we speak.
Q: When Timmy screams his name, what is the proper spelling, is it TIMMAY! or TIMMAH!A: Usually "Timmy" or "Timmah."
Q: who does the voice for Kyle?A: Matt Stone.
Q: is trey going to ever get married ?A: as soon as he finds that special someone.
Q: How does Cartman eat so much food A: Because he's a fat ass.
Q: who does the voice for Kenny with the hud on I would really like to know.A: Mr. Matt "I've got a sweet ass" Stone.
Q: can you make cartman find his mom?A: Mrs. Cartman is Cartman's mom and dad... she's a hermafilite
Q: Near the end of the Starvin Marvin episode Cartman gets sent to Ethiopia One of his lines is "Outta of my way, pov" What does "pov" stand for?A: pov is what the mayor called Kenny's family. It stands for "poverty stricken"
Q: How can baby Kenny be born with clothes?A: Poor people have to be born with clothes because they can't affoard to buy them/
April 18, 2001
Q: Why is Trey Parker the only person credited for writing every episode of South Park? Don't Trey and Matt both write the episodes?A: When it all comes down to it Trey has final say on what goes on in the script. Matt does write for the show to as well as staff writers.
Q: When will new DVD's come out with different shows. I have all the ones out right now and would really like to get some new ones. Thanks.A: Comedy Central takes care of this. We don't know when they will be sending out new DVD's of the shows. As soon as they're out we'll post it!
Q: What's THE funniest piece of hate mail you've ever received from an irate viewer?A: The funniest piece of hate mail wasen't actually mail, it was a teenage girl's book-report style message that she sent in obessing how much she loves Matt and Trey!
Q: How many seasons do you hope to run South Park, and is there any hope for another movie?A: South Park signed on for three more years a few months ago. We're just begining our 5th season in June and now news yet on a new movie.
Q: How many "new curses" has South Park created?A: Not as many new "curses" as catch phrases. Thanks to South Park no one can say "Oh my god" without the proper finish.
Q: What the hell is a "rainbow" or rather what marches in, crawls up your leg and bites the inside of your ass? I've been straining my brain for years on this one.A: We don't know! Only Cartman knows what the hell he's talking about!!
Q: In what ways, if any, have other leading people in the animation world (eg, Matt Groening and Mike Judge) influenced your work on South Park and animation in general?A: Terry Gilliam's work on Monty Python was an influence. They also like Mike Judge, who gave them advice on how to handle fame. He also voiced Kenny in the movie.
Q: How did you guys get the kindergarten vote scene done so quickly after the election in November?A: Matt and Trey are notorious for their tendency to procrastinate, so South Park episodes are usually finished at the last minute. Because of this, Matt and Trey are often able to toss in last minute story lines and jokes. Another example is #403, "Quintuplets 2000," which made fun of the Elian raid a mere three days after it occured. It takes a lot of work on the part of everyone here at the Studios, but it's always worth it. Well, almost always.
Q: what will be happening in some of the new episodes coming out?A: Nobody knows. Most episodes change halfway through production!
Q: Why doesn't kenny like baby kenny? Why does Kenny were a parkaA: Kenny doesn't like the new baby because it'll take his place. Kenny wears a parka because his family is poor and can't afford anything else.
Q: Who does the voice of Tweek? Because just hearing his voice kind of makes me wonder how it effects the throat.A: Matt Stone does the voice of Tweek. It doesn't strain his throat because he's always tweeked up on coffee!!
April 17, 2001 - Questions on or before this date were answered elsewhere, not on SPS
Q: When will new episodes of SP start running on Comedy Central?A: New Episodes will be aired in June. The South Park animation crew is learning a new animation software called Maya.
Q: What color is Kyle's hair?A: Kyle's hair is the same color as the person who voices him.
Q: Who talks for butters? I've figured out most all the rest, but I can't figure out who talks for butters.A: Matt Stone does the voice of Butters.
March 5, 2001
Q: Is it true that there are "visitors" in every episode of South Park?A: A Visitor appears each time in the intro
January 5, 2001
Q: what is the new show south park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker are working on?A: That's My Bush! is a sitcom based on the White House.
January 2, 2001
Q: Is there a book for South Park recipes available?A: Check your local bookstore.
October 14, 1998
Q: Please help me out here! In episode 209 I say that Mr. Garrison was looking for Mr. Hat in the sewers, which totally makes sense! Our moderator says that Mr. Garrison was in the sewers because he has a bizarre fetish for poo. Who is right?A: As you all know, South Park can be quite obscure. Matt and Trey love to throw the most bizarre stuff into episodes just for the hell of it. I can pretty safely say that Mr. Garrison was not looking for Mr. Hat though the thought is a good one. I would lean more towards Mr. Garrison's fetish for poo.
October 12, 1998
Q: The Mr. Mackey and Barbrady episodes were great! Will we see more South Park episodes that focus on the lesser characters?A: Well, if you think about it, it's really the four main character's interaction with those peripheral characters that make great stories. You can only do so much with 4 boys who live in a small Colorado town. You need to draw on the other characters and expound on them.
September 19, 1998
Q: What was the best response and worst response from actual celebrities regarding how they were portrayed in South Park? What celebrities can we expect to see in upcoming shows?A: There was an article in People Magazine about Barbara Streisand having negative comments about South Park. But all the other celebrities who have participated in or have been on South Park just love it! I was at a bar in here in LA with one of my friends, and ran into Chris Hartwick (former host of MTV's Singled Out). Chris said, I'm sitting over there with Bob Sagget would you like to meet him?" I said, "You've got to be kidding me! What did Bob think of episode 113?" And Chris replied, "Oh, he loved it and thought it was very funny!" So even though we made fun of Bob, it was done in a playful manner. And South Park is just comedy, and it's good when people can laugh with us, instead of getting upset like Ms. Streisand did.
March 28, 1998
Q: What exactly does "bubblegoose" mean? I have been to every chat room imaginable and asked that question and no one knows?A: It is a down filled jacket.