South Park Biographies

The Children

Wendy Testaburger
Wendy's Catch Phrase: C'mon, Stan!

She is the girl. She's smart, She likes Stan, and doesn't like anyone who comes between them. She was instrumental in stalling Mr. Garrison from shooting Kathie Lee (her name is shown when she's leafing through files in Garrison's classroom), and was turned into a zombie whom Stan might have had to saw in half were it not for Kyle. She was also the mastermind behind Ms. Ellen's arrest by the Iraqis and Mr. Garrison's return to teaching. Her grandma died while Ms. Ellen was substituting for Mr. Garrison. During the First Annual South Park Film Festival, she took a sip from Stan's soda cup, handed him a soiled napkin, and took hold of his hand after she noticed him trying to reach for hers. She's ready for love. She suggested that Stan and Kyle build a clubhouse so she, Bebe, Stan, and Kyle can play Truth or Dare in it. She and Bebe stopped by a couple of times to check on the progress of the clubhouse. When it was finished and they played Truth or Dare, she had Kyle kiss Bebe on the lips. She was at Chef Aid, to hear Elton John sing Stan's lyrics. One week, the kids were separated by gender to go to certain classes. The girls went to home ec. Wendy had asked to taks shop class, but was denied. She got impatient waiting for Craig and Tweek to fight. When sexual harassment lawsuits were rampant in South Park, she was sued successfully by Craig for touching his thigh. She has since been in a debate team with Cartman, whom she gets to know a bit more and with whom she shares enough interests to have a crush on. Bebe gives her balance on that matter, and Wendy gets over Cartman after getting a kiss to him out of the way. Wendy has also joined a boy band started by Cartman, Fingerbang, but after a brush with success the band breaks up. She argues with Cartman about sending money to the children in Afghanistan. She gets jealous when Bebe begins to develop boobs and tries to convince the boys they're not attracted to Bebe for her intelligence and wit, to no avail. She ends up getting breast implants, only to find the boys laughing at them when she shows up to class next day. Those implants cost $3000, which she paid for in cash. She was elected class president for fourth grade. Her mother finally appears on the show.
Wendy dumped Stan for Token in "Raisins" since he stopped paying attention to her. Stan tried to get her back, but Token was in her room with her, so that didn't work out. Stan eventully told them exactly how he felt, and it wasn't kind.
Wendy Testaburger seems to be based on the Wendy's Burger chain. Her character is based on Liane Adamo, Trey's former fiancée. Trey didn't marry Liane, so as a result, Stan has lost interest in Wendy.

Bebe Stevens

Bebe is Wendy's best friend, and helps her get a makeover to impress Stan. She was the narrator for the play on the history of South Park and was attacked by Zombie Clyde while bobbing for apples. She told everyone to sit down when the trekkie's body came back and splattered on the side of the bus. Wendy set her up with Kyle, which she didn't mind, since she thinks highly of Kyle's ass. That was the main attraction for her: she wrote a note extolling the virtues of his ass and sends it to Kyle via several other students, and it ends up in Stan's hands. Mr. Garrison makes Stan read the note, which gets him in further trouble. She kissed Kyle on the lips, then marveled at his ass as he ran out of the clubhouse screaming. She later called off their (nonexistent) relationship because she couldn't take the codependency. She walks off with Clyde. Later, she asks Stan to shove a stick up his peehole. When the girls take home ec., Bebe is the one who asks the questions and sets the example for the other girls. But she enjoys a good fight. Wendy and Bebe are put into a group with Pip, Clyde, and Token to present an oral report to the South Park town committee. Bebe begins to develop boobs in the fourth grade and soon finds that the boys are attracted to her, even to the point of fighting over her. Neither she nor the boys knows why at first, but it slowly dawns on her that her budding boobs might have something to do with that. She asks her mother about her boobs and why the boys are acting so strange, but her mom isn't much help. She goes to a doctor to have them reduced, but he's more interested in augmenting them. She leaves. She then goes to school wearing a cardboard box to hide her chest from the boys, and the spell is broken. By the time J-Lo came to town, Bebe's boobs had returned to normal.
Bebe has worn a green shirt, a pink shirt, and now wears a red shirt.

Bebe and Clyde

Bebe and Clyde have dated a couple of times. In third grade, Bebe dumped Kyle for Clyde, but that didn't last long. In fourth grade, the girls learn that Clyde's father runs a shoe store at South Park Mall, and that they could get free shoes if they dated Clyde. Clyde takes advantage of this to date the girls. First he dates Rebecca, but dumps her for Bebe, who conspires with the other girls to make Clyde the cutest boy on their list.

Phillip Pirrup (Pip)
Catch Phrase: Eho!

Annoying British Kid who has no friends - well, except for Damien, but he was there for only a week. He was the one football player who didn't have a helmet to wear when the team was preparing for the homecoming game against Middle Park. He ended up substituting for Stan in the game while Stan was looking for Sparky. He was the first to find an arrowhead, only to lose it to Cartman in a game of Roshambo. He gets offended that people call him Frenchy or Frog, since he is British. He was the only one left standing at the World Dodgeball Championship when the opposing team was urged to insult him. He answered with a mighty volley that felled the entire Chinese team and sent him spinning for some 20 seconds. He says his parents are dead, but has appeared caroling with a British family. They must have adopted him. Pip is put into a group with Wendy, Bebe, Clyde, and Token to present an oral report to the South Park town committee. When Mrs. Stevens, the choir teacher, talks about the rainforest, he yawns. In a rash of sexual harassment lawsuits, Pip sues Cartman for telling Pip to suck his… you know what, and won half of Cartman's stuff and $1.6 million from the schools - I consider that payback for being set on fire by Cartman's anal probe. During the meteor shower party he shows Stan, Butters and Dougie how to play Wickershams and Ducklers, then dresses as Sabrina Duncan to play Charlie's Angels. That Butters and Dougie were willing to play with him shows he may yet have friends in South Park. He also shows an innate happiness that can annoy others, like Stan. He comes from Stratford, England, and attended Stratfordshire Primary, where he excelled in archery, before coming to South Park. One possible reason: his parents died, and no English orphanage would take him. Nor would an American one, until someone in South Park took him in. While Mark, the home-schooled kid, roams the playground in his huge plastic hamster ball, Stan torments Pip by slapping him whether or not he says to. Pip has since shown more and more of a typical boy's nature and so isn't much of a Melvin now. He's even had an episode to himself, "Great Expectations," but it was a period piece and so has no bearing on his life in South Park.

Token Williams Black

Token is the black kid (though in a few epiosdes in the first season he is white), and has been in the series since the begnning. His name is shown on the poster board in back of the classroom in "Chef's Mama" He is put into a group with Wendy, Bebe, Pip, and Clyde to present an oral report to the South Park town committee. When Craig and Tweek are set to fight for the first time, they go home instead. Token agrees with Clyde that they left fifteen minutes ago. When Mark, the home-schooled kid, comes to school, Token plays a part in duct-taping him to a bench. One day Cartman gets offended when Token calls him fat and threatens to throw a rock at him if he does it again. Kyle does it, and Cartman fires a rock at Token, knocking him down. He and Token end up before Mr. Mackey and Ms. Cartman, but word gets out and the FBI gets involved — what Cartman did is labeled a hate crime against blacks. Token returns to class while Cartman is hauled away. Stan and Kyle visit Token at home later on and ask him to talk to the prison guards to get Cartman out. Token's father informs them that only the governor can get Cartman out. Token joins Stan and Kyle in presenting their case to the governor, who finds it more sensical than any argument he's heard in the last three years. Cartman is pardoned and all is well again. When he presents his science project to the class in fourth grade, the other boys get on him for using equipment they can't afford, and soon make fun of his rich status. He makes an ad inviting other rich kids to move to South Park with their familes, and it works. But he finds he doesn't fit in with them either, so he tries lions. When their pranks prove to be too much for him, he decides that life with his South Park friends is best, and so rejoins them, even if it means suffering their taunts at his wealth. Token was asked to view Lord of the Rings for his friends to see why it was making people act so funny, but stopped playing with them that night after viewing a few seconds of it. He was stone silent until his parents asked him what he saw, and shocked them with a few questions of his own. Token took Wendy from Stan in "Raisins" and Stan was not very happy about that. In season 8, his last name was changed to Black, and now that Chef is gone, he is truly the one token black in South Park.

Clyde Donovan Harris

Kid who played an Indian and is subsequently beat up by Settler Stan during rehearsals of a play about the history of South Park. He stands next to Chef during the South Park - Middle Park football game. On Halloween he is the one Zombie Kenny bit into during lunch, and who attacks Bebe while she is bobbing for apples. He is the first to notice Wendy's new look when Ms. Ellen was substituting for Mr. Garrison. He plays the flute, and has a dog named Rex. He walks off with Bebe after she calls off a "relationship" with Kyle. Clyde is put into a group with Wendy, Bebe, Pip, and Token to present an oral report to the South Park town committee. When Tweek and Craig are set to fight each other for the first time, Clyde notes that they left for home fifteen minutes before the fight was to begin. He also tells Mr. Adler that Tommy stuck in the belt sander, but got himself in trouble for wondering if the woman whose picture Mr. Adler was lingering on had died. Before Craig and Tweek start fighting, he hands out programs. He appears relaxing in a yacht in a spot for Gerald's law firm as a successful client, having won $1.4 million in a sexual harassment lawsauit against the school. In the movie, he is the one to suggest that the rest of the kids see Asses of Fire, and the one to suggest that the class play tetherball rather than worry about the fate of Terrance and Phillip. When Mark, the home-schooled kid, comes to school, Clyde plays a part in duct-taping him to a bench. When Cartman is arrested and sent to juvenile prison for a hate crime, Clyde is drafted to replace him on the sled for the sled races, and suffers the same taunts about being fat. He begins to respond the way Cartman does, but is glad to leave the team when Cartman returns. His parents are seen when Father Maxi is suspected of molesting children and formally introduced when a wave of paranoia over child abductions overtakes the town. Clyde is revealed to be an atheist. Later on we learn that he has only one testicle, and that his last name is actually Donovan. In season 11, his last name was inexplicably changed to Harris.
"Goodman" was never used on the show, though it did appear on a T-shirt that had Clyde's picture during the show's first year.

Clyde's birthday is April 10.

Craig Tucker

Craig is another of the kids, like Token, who hasn't said a word until the third season, although he is constantly outside Mr. Mackey's office. He has a guinea pig named Stripe and is a big fan of Red Racer. Now we find him getting in trouble for a rude attitude. As Mr. Mackey tries to tell him the consequences of his actions, he flips Mr. Mackey off twice. Mr. Mackey gets fed up and sends him back to the waiting room. He also flips Cartman off. Craig and Tweek are made to fight each other, but no clear winner emerges. His constant flipping is a bad habit, not meant as an indicator of his feelings towards anyone. He trains with Cartman's martial arts instructor to fight, and then fights Tweek to a draw. But are injured and end up at Hell's Pass Hospital. The class visits them, and the boys incite yet another brawl between them. Craig wins in a sexual harassment lawsuit against Wendy for her having touched his thigh. When Mark, the home-schooled kid, comes to school, Craig plays a part in duct-taping him to a bench. Indeed, he leads the group of kids who are angry at Mark for being so smart. In Season 12 he becomes the boy who saves the world from giant guinea pigs by defeating the man who unleashed them and imprisoned the Peruvian pan flute bands that kept them at bay.

Mark Cotswolds

Mark is one of the two kids who won the 15th Annual South Park Spelling Bee. After the victory, he comes down off the stage to meet some of the other kids in town. Mark was home-schooled, so he hasn't seen the town outside his house until now. He's a very interested boy, so he begs his father to allow him to go to school. Mr. Cotswolds allows him to, so he goes to school the next day in a huge plastic hamster ball. When Mr. Garrison asks him who discovered America, he answers with "Christopher Columbus." Then he goes on to explain that the Vikings and the Native Americans had already discovered America, which impresses Mr. Garrison and angers his fellow students. On the playground, he talks to Stan, but is soon confronted by Craig and Butters. They demand that he get out of the ball. He resists at first, but soon complies. A bunch of kids gathers and carries Mark over to a bench to be duct-taped. He goes home that afternoon with the bench still on his back, but asks to continue going to school. That little incident does not daunt him. He returns the next day and sits with Stan, Kyle, and Kenny. Craig approaches with a bunch of kids and duct-tapes him to a bench again. Later that afternoon, his father tells him there's nothing to be done about the bullies, so he'll have to return to home-schooling. Mark begs to at least go to the dance, which Mr. Cotswolds permits. Mark then tells his parents that Rebecca is in her room playing Doctor with Kyle. At the dance, he enters, and the boys are itching to duct-tape him to the flagpole. That changes when Rebecca shows up looking like a prostitute. When Mark sees her appearance and loose behavior, he goes after Kyle, since it was Kyle's interest in Rebecca that made her blossom. He beats up on Kyle so readily that the boys are impressed. After Randy breaks up the fight and takes Kyle away the other boys come up and accept Mark as one of them, and even fight for the chance to hang out with him for that night. Mark has proved he can be a boy like any other, and not just a nerdo. When Mr. Cotswolds comes to take his kids out of the dance, Mark walks on stage and tells his father all he's learned about public school life and social development. He reasons that he and Rebecca will still have to face the day when they go out into the world and face bad things, so it would be better to face them now, rather than in the future. Mr. Cotswolds agrees, and allows them to return to public school.

Rebecca Cotswolds

Rebecca is one of the two kids who won the 15th Annual South Park Spelling Bee. She comes down off the stage after the victory, and Kyle comes up to talk to her. Kyle fell in love with her when she began to spell very difficult words correctly, and more so when she answered his question with a Shakespearean riddle. He pursues her, serenades her, and finally gets a chance to talk to her. She asks if he wants to go to her room, which he okays. She yanks him in and takes him upstairs. They play Doctor, where she's pretending to perform a lobotomay on his head. Her alarmed parents come in, but calm down when they see that this Doctor game is not the perverted one they're thinking of. AFter this, Kyle asks her if she'll go to the dance. With him. She answers that her father will take her. This leaves Kyle frustrated, since he wanted to take her there himself. Later, she and Kyle go to the house garden and sit on a bench to talk about life outside her house. They then talk of love. They kiss, and she likes it. She kisses him back, and he asks again if she'll go to the dance. Eagerly, she says she will. At the dance, she enters dressed as a slut. She goes by and kisses Butters, Token, and Pip. Her brother Mark goes after Kyle for making her act this way and beats him up. AFter everyone has calmed down, she goes up to Kyle and kisses him.

Timmy Birch
Catch Phrase: Timmeh! Livin' A Lie!

Timmy is shown before he is formally introduced. He is shown working for Loogie in his tooth-laundering business. Timmy enters the third grade and is sent to the principal's office by Mr. Garrison for not doing his classwork and not answering questions. Victoria and Mackey grill him, but Mr. Mackey determines that Timmy suffers from ADD. Timmy is excused from all homework and classwork, which inspires the other kids to claim ADD. All of them fall asleep listening to a novel, after which all of them are diagnosed with ADD. Timmy passes by a garage in which the Lords of the Underworld play, and they make him their frontman. With him they win the South Park Battle of the Bands and now headline for Phil Collins at Lalapalalapaza. Timmy is a boy with both physical and mental handicaps, but who can perform wheelies with his wheelchair. The back of his wheelchair has "Lil Runabout" written on it.

Jimmy Swanson Valmor, on crutches

Jimmy comes in as one of the handicapped kids, but he's been in Scouts for a while. He's a motivational speaker who gets all the attention while Timmy is left out. Timmy gets miffed about this and resists Jimmy's attempts at friendship. Jimmy tries harder, but also begins to treat Timmy as a sidekick, which Timmy doesn't want to be. Eventually, they fight about it and come to a draw. Both are too tired to continue. Eventually, they become friends - only so Timmy can create a picture with two men hugging each other, and Jimmy's head on one of the men. Timmy shows this picture to the new Scoutmaster, causing Jimmy to be thrown out of Scouts. Jimmy returns to help Cartman get his humor back, after Cartman lost it looking at the Thompsons. He is one of the "Brotherhood of the Ring" who helps return a porno (unknown to them) video tape to Two Towers video store. He is run over by the sixth graders after they bear down on him in pursuit of the tape. For Christmas he sings his favorite song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas," and puts most everyone to sleep doing so.
Jimmy, now surnamed Valmor, signed up to compete for the Special Olympics, but found he wasn't progressing as well as he wanted to. He took steroids and became more aggressive. He beat up his girlfriend Nancy and fought off his mother. He competed and won first place in the Special Olympics and found that Cartman had competed as well. He confronted Cartman about pretending to be handicapped when Jimmy arrive and countered with Jimmy's pretending to be stronger than he should be. Jimmy gave back his medal and promised to compete with honor next time, if he's allowed to participate. "Valmor" appears in Team America as valmorification and valmorphanization

Terrence Mephesto, with Bill and Fosse

Terrence is Kyle's chief rival in the genetics department. While Kyle and Cartman had their pets mate, Terrence and his friends were working on creating a mutant human, then on creating a five-assed monkey.
Bill is the bully with a full head of hair, while Fosse is the one with not much hair. They make fun of Stan's gay dog during football practice and make fun of his Raggedy Andy costume on Halloween. They are Terrence's henchmen. They play the trumpet. Fosse is part of a letter chain when Bebe sends a note to Kyle. Bill ends up with the red-haired girl and three others as the third group to present an oral report to the South Park town committee. When Mark, the home-schooled kid, comes to school, Terrence and Bill play a part in duct-taping him to a bench.

Anne Polk, Millie, Sally Turner, Red

Annie began her stay on the show as Jordan, but her name was changed in "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset" to go with her first big speaking role. She was a member of Stan's volleyball team during P.E. in "Conjoined Fetus Lady" and was knocked out during practice. She joins up with the other girls here to host a Stupid Spoiled Whore party at Bebe's house. Millie is the one with a saucy Southern voice. She joined the fourth grade, too, though she was with the girls in Home Economics back in third grade. She gets to speak in "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society," saying she heard Bebe lifted her shirt to the boys at the bus stop. Sally is the one who stuffs her bra, so rumor would have it. She was first seen in "Rainforest Shmainforest" as part of the "Getting Gay With Kids" choir. She's been part of group shots ever since, and has been in a few classroom scenes. She was called "Powder" and paired with Kenny in "Follow That Egg" when Mrs. Garrison had the class learn what it's like to be parents. Red has been around from the beginning, but has no official name on the show. She's been called Bertha and Rebecca. Red finally speaks when Bebe develops boobs and the other girls start talking about her influence over the boys.

Dog Poo, Bradley Biggle, A Fourth Grader, Esther

Dog Poo (used to be Dirt) is one of the background characters. He's never said a word until "Professor Chaos", but when he finally speaks his voice is quite distinguished. He offers a reason why he should be the fourth boy, but Cartman just calls him a prop. Dog Poo is eliminated in the first round, and he can't believe it.
The boy next to Dog Poo join the class when it moved to fourth grade. He has been seen in the movie, in singing parts, and in a few scenes in third grade. He has a notable line in "A Very Crappy Christmas". In "Follow That Egg" he got the name Bradley, and in "Coon Vs. Coon & Friends" he got the last name Biggle. He also got Henrietta for a sister. His superhero name is Mint Berry Crunch and was discovered to be a space alien, and has since disappeared from the show.
The second boy join the class when it moved to fourth grade. He was in the movie, in singing parts, and he was also in "The Wacky Molestation Adventure" as one of Mayor Cartman's aides. He was a Jew Scout Inductee in "Jewbilee," so Kyle is no longer the only Jew in town. He has a few lines in "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society." The second girl joined the fourth grade as well, though she's been seen in the background before. She agreed that Bebe was a slut.

Kevin C., now Kevin Stoley

Lands next to Bebe during rehearsals of a play about the history of South Park. He sits on the sideline during the South Park - Middle Park football game and shows off a weed at the end of Genetic Engineering Week. He was launched and flew around the cafeteria when Damien got pissed at Kenny. His name has been changed to Kevin, and he is a Chinese-American. He plays the trumpet.


The newest kid to join the regulars in the classroom. He was among the contestants to be the fourth friend when Cartman, Stan, and Kyle kicked Butters out. He was in Craig's metrosexual gang when the boys decided to go metrosexual. He's had a few lines since, especially in "Marjorine" in which he urges the other boys to get into the containment center.

The Goth Kids

They first appeared in "Raisins," when Stan was depressed due to Wendy leaving him for Token. Only one of them has a name - the girl Henrietta. She's the poet of the group. The tall one gets around, which is how Stan met Yao, one of the members of his dance troupe who battled the OC Crew after the troupe got served. In Season 12 they faced a new threat to their lifestyle: The Vampire kids. The Goths felt that their style was Bogarted by the Vamps, so they destroyed the Hot Topic at South Park Mall so the Vamps would no longer imitate them and maybe disband. In "Coon Vs. Coon & Friends", Henrietta got the last name Biggle. In Season 17, we meet a second group similar to the Goths: the Emos.

The Fifth Graders

They have appeared separately and together in several South Park episodes, but "Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery" is the first time they interact with the boys. They terrorize the boys with tales of pirate ghosts, which Priest Maxi is only too eager to make come true. The one in the middle is the leader. But now that the boys are in fourth grade, the fifth graders have probably graduated from South Park Elementary, unless the school still has a sixth grade there. When Kyle's cousin, Kyle, comes for an extended stay, the two Kyle's go to school. When the two Kyles play in the playground, two of the ffifth- er, sixth graders walk behind the native Kyle. The sixth graders reappear when the boys are returnging a porno tape to the Two Towers video store. They try to take it from the boys, but the boys manage to keep it and hide. The sixth graders don't see them again until the boys arrive at the video store. The sixth graders try once again to ge the tape, but Kyle throws it into the drop box with Butters. The leader tries to fish for it, but can't get it.

Other kids: various kids in the Christmas choir, kids present for one episode only

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Student Statistics
NameFootball #Dodgeball #Instrument
Kyle12 or 147Violin
Cartman68325French Horn
Bebefan18Kettle Drum
Red---24Kettle Drum