South Park Guest
Biographies: Season 6

Freak Strike

Maury Povich, Vanessa and Vanity, Joline and Chantal

Maury Povich is famous for having shows on freaks and out-of-control kids. For the kids there's boot camp as a prize. Vanessa and Vanity are mother and daughter. Vanessa lost control of Vanity some time ago, and now Vanity runs with gangs and does heroin. She slaps her mother at every opportunity, and Vanessa is helpless to do anything about it. Joline and Chantal are another mother-daughter pair, but Chantal just gets naked for fun. She knows this gets her attention, but doesn't know the connotations adults draw from it. Joline is just jealous at the attention this takes away from her own efforts at romance.

Show Stagehand, Show Telephone Operator, New York Police Captain

Cartman talks to the operator about getting Butters out to New York, and when he sees Butters win a prize the other boys can't share in, he calls again to submit his own deformity. The stagehand makes sure the guests are ready for their appearances and shows Cartman where to go to get changed. The police captain and his men show up to disperse the protesting freaks, or at least to make sure things don't get out of hand.

Some of The Freaks

Man With No Face, Man With Foot On Head, Disfigured Country Singer, Man With No Limbs

Man With Terrible Skin Condition, Incredibly Obese Black Man, Elephant Man, Damla Jones

Damla is the first freak to be seen. She has no midsection, so she's basically a head with arms right under her ears and legs where her neck would be. The man with no face lost the upper part of his face and nose. He's done Jenny Jones only once. The man with foot on head is one of the leading voices for TFU. The washed-up country singer has made a living of appearing on talk shows. The man with no limbs challenges Butters about being a scab. The man with terrible skin condition is the leader of the Freaks and leads them on a strike against Maury Povich. The incredibly obse black man prefers to be known as the incredibly black obese man. And finally, the Elephant Man gets to deliver the speech extolling the things freaks do to make a living, and why the freaks are valuable to the general public.

Jared Has Aides

Subway Representatives

In this episode Subway is going around the country promoting its light fare with its spokesman Jared. He is to show up at South Park on March 6 to talk to the people there. He does, saying he's shows weight loss with Subway sandwiches is easy, and it goes well. But after talking to the boys, he returns the next day to tell the crowd how he actually lost the weight. His "AIDS" comments prompt the representative present (seen second from left, and by himself in the picture to the right) to cut him off and call him before the Board of Sandwich Marketing. Some of the board members speak to Jared, and the board eventually fires him.

Tyler, Jared and Scott, and Christine

Jared Vogle is the spokesman for Subway Sandwiches who lost nearly 400 lbs eating certain sub sandwiches He comes to South Park to promote the sandwiches and the diet he derived from them. The boys visit him to have their sandwich signed and to ask him if sub sandwiches are all it takes to lose weight. He tells him that the sandwiches count, but that he also has aides - one for proper diet, one for exercise. Kyle notes that this makes the commercials misleading, and Jared reminds him of the small print at the bottom of the screen (who reads those?). Still, Kyle suggests it'd be better for Jared to be up front about it. Jared takes this to mind and tells his fiancée Christine about it, but she walks out on him, thinking he has AIDS. He tells the crowd about his aides the next day, and how it meshes well with the Subway diet. He urges the others to get aides of their own. The Subway rep cuts him off, and the board members later fire him. He tells his aides, and they suggest maybe the townfolk can't afford aides of their own, so they're jealous. Jared returns a few days later to talk to the town about some ideas: he proposes to set up an Aides For Everyone Foundation and to give every kid on earth aides himself. The townsfolk go after him and prepare to lynch him. Stan, Kyle, and Butters hear about this and rush to the town square to stop the lynching and clear up the misunderstanding.

The real Jared, Jared S. Fogle, lost 235 lbs on Subway subs. Here's what he ate every day (he selected from the seven 6-inch subs with 6 grams or less of fat each sandwich offers):
Breakfast - coffee
Lunch - "I ate the 6-inch turkey, tons of vegetables, including hot peppers and a bit of spicy mustard." He left off the mayonnaise and cheese and had a bag of Baked Lays® potato chips and a diet soft drink
Dinner - Footlong veggie sub - again no mayonnaise or cheese

He started walking every day, starting at 300 lbs (0 miles) and going to 250 lbs (1.5 miles). he's now at 190 lbs. It's not that he lost 400 lbs, it's that he weighed 425 lbs. at the start of the diet.
Clay Henry, whose cadence is used in the episode, lost 130 lbs. after seeing Jared's story.


Phil and Josh, Aspen Police Officers

Phl and Josh are two salesmen who work for Aspen Heaven, and they try to get the visiting parents to invest in some time shares. The parents aren't biting. Still, every time the parents want to get away, the salesmen pull one trick or another to keep the parents in. First they try enticements, but they don't work. Then they move to sleight-of-hand by having the parents believe they'll finally get to ski, with express tickets, no less, only to have the ski lift bring them back to the meeting rooms. Finally they try coercion, as the police who were called in to set the parents free turned around and aimed at the parents. Phil revealed that all this was part of the plan to get new visitors to invest in time-shares, and he and Phil just weren't taking no for an asnwer, despite their insistence that the adults were free to leave at any time.

Tad Mikowsky and two friends, and Heather

Tad is the hot-shot skier who's so good he's got no competition in Aspen. When he sees Stan skiing he challenges him to a race just to show his girlfriend Heather that he can beat anyone, not just the natives. His two friends are never far away from him, and all three taunt Stan, or anyone else they feel like taunting. Tad beats Stan the first time and taunts him mercilessly after. At night all the kids gather at the youth center for a dance. Tad shows up and stops the music so he can sing a song to Stan. The song turns out to be yet another taunt. Stan decides to race him again so Tad would leave him alone, and Tad accepts. After Stan takes some crash courses in advanced skiing, he and Tad race, and Stan wins, with a little help, as shown below. Tad loses the race, and his father loses the chance to get the youth center.

Thumper, A Dorky Girl and her Creatures

Thumper teaches the bunny course for first-time skiers. He teaches the boys the basic moves, the pizza and the French fries. Stan calls upon him to teach some more advanced stuff for the ski run on K-13, and Thumper obliges, having Stan ski blind-folded and normally, and having one of the teenage girls help Stan out with the coursework. This girl is dorky, but she's good-hearted and good-looking. When Tad challenges Stan again, this girl places a condition on the challenge: if Tad loses, he and his father must stop trying to take the youth center from the youths who go there for recrreation. On the day of the second race she helps Stan win against Tad on K-13 by showing her breasts to Tad for a good long time. Stan skis past and eventually wins the race, and saves the youth center from falling into the hands of Tad's father. The girl shows the secret of her distraction at the end, as seen above.

The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer

Russell Crowe, Tugger, Tugger's Doctor, Wally B., the Wallaby

Russell Crow has his own program called "Russell Crowe: Fightin' Round The World" in which he travels from place to place looking for people to fight with. First he looks at his victims through the leaves of his plant, which he carries with him everywhere for cover. His victims notice him, then he lunges at them and starts fighting. No one has beat him yet. Sometimes, though, people will notice him, he'll mock them and then beat them up. Tugger is the tugboat that ferries him everywhere and even joins him on land (by hopping along behind Russell). When Russell decides to sing a song from his new album, Tugger can't take the horrible singing and tries various ways to escape, but can't. Tugger shoots himself and ends up in hospital, where the doctor just says Tugger needs an oil change and a new steamstack. Overjoyed at this news, Russell gets his energy back and starts beating up people in the hospital, beginning with the doctor. Wally B. shows up late in the show, and joins Russell on the tugboat as they all sail away into the sunset.

Russell's dark side has been explored (and exploited) by the tabloid press, as can be seen in the secrets for this episode.

Russell Crowe's editor, Brooklyn Basketball Players

There are other people who are victims of Russell's anger, but the editor and the basketball players stand out. Tugger suggests that Russell go to Brooklyn to look for some game fighters, so Ruseell and the gang show up in Brooklyn and find some basketball players. They notice him, and Russell flies into a rage. He challenges them to a fight and beats them all up. The editor is talking on the phone to a friend when Russell finds himself on an island in the Florida Keys. Russell goes to his editor and grabs him by the collar to demand an explanation as to why Russell's segment in Brooklyn was cut short. The editor tells Russell that the director told him to cut it, so Russell beat him up and then went for the director.

Chef's new Plasma TV

Chef got a new TV to replace the one he had in the living room. It's a cable-ready plasma HDTV with a rather large base, and you can see why from the picture at left. Chef has a hard time operating the remote control. When the kids come to him to watch the TV, they get impatient waiting for Chef to master the remote. Chef inadvertently activates the "human eradication mode," which turns the TV into a robot with guns for arms. It leaves Chef's house and starts shooting randomly whenever a human happens to be near. Chef follows as closely as he dares, but still can't stop the TV from doing its dammage.

Jim Lehrer

Lehrer operates alone there days, so the name of the program Ike was watching is wrong, and has been for six years now. Ike is watching Lehrer's show when the boys come to watch TV at Kyle's house. The boys kick Ike off and Ike tells his father. Gerald returns with Ike and kicks Kyle and his friends off the sofa, so the boys go elsewhere. Ike goes back to watching Lehrer's NewsHour, which must be extremely boring, as Lehrer has a low drawl.

Old Folks at Shady Acres

These people live at Shady Acres Retirement home, and they watch "Puppies From Around The Wrold" in the evening. It happens to air at the same time as "Russell Crowe: Fightin' Round The World." The folks protest when the boys change the channel on them, and Cartman just tells them to shut up. Since the boys weren't changing the channel, the old folks decided to get rid of them in the surest way possible — they farted. The boys ran out of there quick.

Fun With Veal

Glen Dumont and FBI Agent

The FBI agent shown at left leads the FBI agents to Stan's house, but the agents end up on standby as Mr. Dumont shows up to handle negotiations with the boys in Stan's room. Mr. Dumont is supposed to be a master negotiator, but he ends up giving the boys a lot more stuff, dangerous stuff, than the agents get in return. He ends up giving them gums and ammo, swords, and even a missile. The lead agent gets fed up and dismisses the negotiator, but follows through on the boys' last requests, making arrangements to disable the semi-truck at the right moment.

Michael Dorn

He is woken from his sleep at 3 a.m., has to get in costume and fly to Colorado to help meet the demands Cartman places on the FBI agents. He's there to drive the boys to Denver International Airport. On the way there, Cartman urges that Dorn refer to him as Captain, which Dorn dutifully does, though he finds the whole thing ridiculous. Dorn gets to go home after the escape is thwarted.

Professor Chaos

Bennigan's Chef, The Yeti Ride Operator, Vendor, Baseball fans, Water Department Workers

The chef sets out two orders of soup, which Butters switches. The Yeit log ride operator stops the ride to help Jimmy into the ride. That bit of inconvenience took Jimmy out of the running. During the baseball game at Coors Field, the vendor comes around selling soda and popcorn. Pip orders tea, and Cartman scolds him. Pip orders crumpets, and Cartman dismises him on the spot. Later, the fans disrobe after they consider what to do in the last few hours they have left when Professor Chaos threatens to flood the world. The following morning, some Water Department workers come by and turn off the water hose.

Simpsons Already Did It

Frances Velman

She seems to be the head teller at the sperm bank Cartman went to. She was reluctant to give him any semen, as children don't usually come in for such stuff. Cartman persuades her with a series of made-up credentials and promises of a ligher salary if she works with him. She gives him all he asked for, but it isn't enough. Cartman gets the rest of his stash from a guy in the alley.

Hells Pass coroners

They come in to work on Ms. Choksondik. The boys hide when they arrive, but all the doctors do is leave the semen vial in the room and take a hair sample. One of them asks if the other smells children, but the other dismisses the notion.

Red-Hot Catholic Love

Counselor Gorache, the Surgeon General

The counselor shows up to find out from the boys if Father Maxi has molested any of them. Stewart is here because of her insider-trading woes. She demonstrates how to bake a turkey for interorecto eating. The surgeon general is just here to address people's concerns.

The Priests at the meeting

This group has the African-American priest (1)

This group has the fat priest and the priest (2) from Greenleaf

This group has the elderly priest from Fort Rawlins

Fifteen priests attend the meeting Father Maxi calls to session. They quiz Father Maxi about his involvement with boys after he convenes the meeting to discuss the pedophile-priest sexual scandal in the Church. He wants to eliminate the problem altogether by removing offending priests, but the other priests seem more interested in finding ways to shut up any possible victims of their crimes.

Italian, French, Moroccan, and British Cardinals

The Clergy at the Vatican (a sampling)

The Gelgameks and their Cardinal, an Old Monk

Clergy from all levels of the hierarchy are at the Vatican to discuss the growing scandal as Priest Maxi arrives to brief them on the scandal in America. Among the attendees is a contigent from outer space - the Gelgamek Catholics. An old monk guards the way to the Holy Document of Vatican Law when Father Maxi descends into the Catacombs to look for it.

Free Hat

Ted Koppel, George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola

Ted interviews the boys about their dual cause - saving classic films from their directors and freeing Hat McCollough. The boys mention George Lucas and Steven Spielberg as two directors they want to save films from, and Ted cues them on. Kyle mentions Raiders of the Lost Ark and the two directors get an idea. Kyle regrets the mention and has to stop the duo from editing that classic movie. The boys break into Skywalker Ranch and almost have the film when Lucas catches them. They get him to see things their way when Spielberg catches them all and demands to know what Lucas is doing. Spielberg takes the lot of them to the premiere of the new print of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Francis Ford Coppola joins Lucas and Spielberg at the premiere. The premiere goes well, but the new print begins to suck, and all who look at the screen are soon killed. (Spielberg has already come out on the show)

Steven Spielberg's Guards, Pat O'Brien, Excess Hollywood anchor

These guards are charged with arresting the boys. They use walkie-talkies instead of guns to keep the boys at bay, an unfortunate consequence of the changes Spielberg made to E.T. Pat O'Brien covers the premiere for Excess Hollywood.

Hat McCollough and Some Free Hat Club Members

Hat McCollough was sent to prison for the murder of 23 babies back in 1982 (this is made up. No such event happened). The townspeople believe he killed the babies in self-defense and so want him released. While the boys try and save films from being altered by their directors, the adults do what they can to free Hat, including dancing for the governor in the hopes the he would set Hat free.

Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society

Dr. Hallis, Blonde and Brunette Nurses

Dr. Hallis is a plastic surgeon who specializes in breast operations. He prefers breast augmentations to breast reductions, but he'll perform either operation if the price is right. He tries to get Bebe to go for a breast augmentation, but Bebe doesn't want one. She wants a reduction, and the doctor won't do it. Wendy comes in for an augmentation later, but the doctor wants to make sure she's physically and psychologically ready for the operation. Three thousand dollars puts Wendy on the operating table almost immediately. You can tell which nurse the doctor prefers - big-bosomed blondes. He gives the blonde nurse more desirable assignments, having her get him important papers and such. The brunette he simply brushes off, as much for being plain as for not having big breasts.

Two astronauts

These astronauts crash land across from Bebe's house and climb out to ask the boys for help. When the boys react as primitively as they do, the astronauts assume they've traveled to the future and landed on the Planet of the Apes, where humans are primitive and apes have become cultured. The men promptly shoot themselves in the head and die.

Child Abduction is Not Funny

The Ghost of Human Kindness, Police Detective

The Ghost of Human Kindness (Frederick Johnson) appears at Tweek's bed and takes him around town, showing him acts of human kindness in order to lower Tweek's paranoia. He then invites Tweek for a ride home in his van, but police catch up with him and arrest him for abducting a child. The detective explains the circumstances to the Tweeks and reveals the "ghost"'s name to be Frederick Johnson.

Lost Driver, Elderly Lady, Man in Wheelchair

Tweek encounters these three people the day after being warned by his father to avoid strangers. The driver wants to find a way to Breckenridge, the old woman some assistanace across the street during a green light, the man in wheelchair some help off the railroad tracks his wheelchair lost power on. Tweek runs away from these situations except the last one. A train bore down on the man in wheelchair and carried him off, killing him, and Tweek could only watch.

News Anchors (News 5 and SNN), Mr. Mackey and Parents, Mongolians

These two presented reports on terrorist threats and child abductions. Tweek quickly switched channels. Mr. Mackey Sr. came to check up on his son, just as the other adults checked up on their children. But Mr. Mackey is a full-grown man. The Mongolians showed up after the Great Wall of South Park went up, and attacked the wall every chance they could. Tuong Lu Kim would counteract their efforts, but they figured out ways to trick him, and then trap him. The interesting thing is that they didn't want to raid the town, just to tear down the wall.

A Ladder to Heaven

The Government

George Bush, Dick Cheney, A General

UN Ambassadors - India, France, two others

George Bush has a meaty role in this episode. He learns of the boys' effort to build a ladder to heaven and sends the military out to help them do it. When the boys abruptly stop building the ladder, Bush is disappointed and regrets believing that Saddam is up in heaven building weapons of mass destruction. Dick Cheney simply makes an observation about a seagull. Bush has the General oversee operations at the Marsh's backyard, so the General brings the military in, makes the boys into recon officers, and has his men build a support structure around the ladder. When Bush talks to the UN he gets various reactions from the ambassadors. The Indian ambassador finds it impossible that Saddam would have responded to Bush's request to see his warehouses, since Saddam is dead. Another ambassador wondered why Saddam would be in heaven if heaven were real. The French ambassador was just bored out of his mind. A fourth ambassador asked if Bush is high, or just incredibly stupid.

The Media

Channel 4 Field Reporter, Fat Pervert

SNN Reporter; Nobunaga Hiroichi, SNN Japanese Correspondent; Natsako Semu, weather girl

This Channel 4 field reporter is one of many that appear in the seires. He chokes up when he tells the boys' story and reports on their ladder. The fat pervert makes inappropriate comments about his penis and an eight-year-old boy. The SNN reporter reports on the military's findings concerning heaven and the international reaction to that news. Nobunaga reports on the Japanese effort at reaching heaven, then triumphantly announces that the Japanese got there first, only to see the heavenly scene fall apart behind him. Natsako reports on the weather in heaven before the scene falls apart.

Lolly, candy shop owner; Alan Jackson; Robot Guard

Unplanned Parenthood Nurse, Steven and Girlfriend

Lolly is the candy seller who held a candy shopping spree contest. He called out the winners one night, and the boys showed up the next day. He asked for the ticket stub, but the boys didn't have it. He would not give them their spree until they got the stub. Alan Jackson showed up to support the boys while they built their ladder, but he brought a bunch of CDs to sell. Gotta make a buck any which way you can. Cartman showed up at the Unplanned Parenthood so that Kenny could be sucked out of him, and this bored nurse was the one behind the desk. Steve and his girlfriend arrive so she could get an abortion, but she changes her mind after hearing Cartman demand that he get this thing out of him. The woman leaves, and Steve throws a rock at Cartman for inadvertently stopping an abortion.

The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers

A Kindergartner, Bailey kids

The kidnergartner sounds like Fillmore, but as his face is never seen, it's only possible that it's him. The kindergartner volunteers to take the videotape back to Two Towers. The kids in Bailey are playing Harry Potter, and Cartman calls them fags. Craig and the kindergartner go back to play with the Harry Potter kids when the boys decide to cross a river.

The Death Camp of Tolerance

Museum Tour Guide and Janitor

Various Men at the Courageous Teacher award presentation

The tour guide shows the kids around the museum and even shows them a short ride, the Tunnel of Prejudice. Later, she hosts the awards ceremoney where Mr. Garrison gets his Courageous Teacher award. The janitor was the one stereotype that wasn't a wax figure. He woke up to Randy's voice and apologized for being too tired, too sleepy to work (the stereotype is that of the Mexican sleeping under his sombrero in the desert in the heat of day). He then moves off. At the awards ceremony, various men praise Mr. Garrison's courage in being so open about his homosexuality. One of these men looks like Makora (David Soul's character), from Star Trek: "The Apple."

Lemmiwinks, Frog King, Sparrow Prince, Catatafish

Mr. Slave is brought in to take Mr. Hat's place, as fourth graders are too old for a puppet assistant. Mr. Garrison learns he can sue the school if he gets fired for being gay, so he starts doing perverted things to Mr. Slave so the kids will report them to the principal. One of these things is an "endothermic reaction." Mr. Garrison asks Butters to bring the gerbil Lemmiwinks to him as part of a demonstration of an endothermic reaction. Mr. Garrison inserts Lemmiwinks into Mr. Slave, and the gerbil begins its journey up the digestive tract and into the stomach. On its way it encounters the Frog King who directs it to the Sparrow Prince, the Sparrow Prince who directs it to the stomach, and the Catatafish who gives him a riddle to solve. Lemmiwinks solves the riddle and is soon vomited out, thus completing his journey. The Frong King makes the gerbil the Gerbil King and sends him off on new adventures.

Veritzen's Tolerance Camp Warden, Two Girls in Porto Potty

The warden is hard on the students who enter this tolerance camp. He harasses them to make them work faster and toward the desired result. He focuses on Kyle in particular, ripping up every project Kyle finishes and having him do it again. The kids start dropping off one by one, fainting or collapsing in place. Two of the kids, girls, hide out in the Porto-Potty so they don't work anymore. Cartman finds them in there, hides their presence from a guard, goes inside and craps on them, then goes to find a guard in order to report them.

The Biggest Douche In The Universe

John Edward, John Edward's butler

John Edward is a medium who claims the ability to communicate with the dearly departed. He makes his living trying to dispel the fears people have about death and its effects on their loved ones. He gains their confidence by giving them peace of mind. He is a confidence man - a con man. He gets really annoyed when someone casts doubt on his psychic abilities. John's butler answers the door when Stan stops by to talk to John.

BDIU Committee, Lion-head Alien and Bee Alien, Frankenstein Alien

The Nominees, other than John Edward

Stan said he'd nominate John Edward as the biggest douche in the universe, and near the end of the episode, a red spacecraft breaks through the studio roof and onto the ground. Out comes the BDIU committee looking for John Edward. It turns out John was indeed nominated as the biggest douche in the universe. The BDIU committee took him with them to the award ceremony. There, the Lion-head Alien and Bee Alien act as hosts for the evening. When John Edward finally wins the BDIU award, he's dressed the same way a beauty-pageant winner is. A Frankenstein Alien sings as John receives his crown.

Rob Schneider, The Crowd in front of Jewleeard

Rob Schneider has no real role here, but he's lampooned in a series of trailers as a stapler, a carrot, a derpy derp, and Kenny. In the Kenny trailer, he's seen taking the pot roast Chef left behind, slicing it up, and eating it. As it contained Kenny's soul, Kenny is now with Rob. The people on the street gather around Stan as he tries to explain John Edward's tricks to Kyle. Much as he tries, though, the people in the crowd are suckers for someone who could give them answers to their questions, and Stan is soon offered his own show.

My Future Self N' Me

Future Stan, Future Butters, Future Cartman

Future Stan shows up with quite a bit of knowledge about Stan's past and his supposed future. Stan is taken aback by this until he learns that Butters also has a future self - who has been living with him for four months now. Stan suspects something is wrong with this picture, so he investigates where these future selves could come from. He narrows it down to Motivation Corp. and goes there to find out how all this works. He challenges the authenticity of this future Stan until he chops off his left hand. His father proceeds to chop off Future Stan's hand so as to show Stan that his future self is indeed missing the left hand. Stan shows that he faked chopping off his left hand, thus proving that Future Stan could not be from the future. Future Butters, on the other hand, remains a dutiful son, helping the Stotches with shopping and other errands. Future Cartman shows up as a fit, successful adult, quite the opposite of Future Stan and Butters. Cartman, having seen Stan and Butters fall for the Future Self setup, rejects his future self and walks off. The future Cartman is transformed into a fat plumber.

Motivation Corp. Director, Mr. and Mrs. Brooks, Josh Casher

The Motivation Corp. director talks to couples about hiring actors to protray future incarnations of their kids and about progress their kids have made since meeting their future selves. Stan overhears a conversation the director is having with the Brooks couple. Josh arrives and introduces himself as Kevin's future self, sharing some info as to what future he has for Kevin. Stan's parents talk to the director later on about Stan's progress with his future self.

Cartman's paint crew, including Felipe and Carlos

Cartman hires this crew to paint Butters' house with poop, or caca. Felipe has painted the living room with classic brown poop instead of baby green poop. Cartman tries to get him to paint the parents' bedroom classic brown poop. He then tries to get Carlos to spackle the wall, not paint it.

Red Sleigh Down

Iraqi People

Iraqi Soldiers, and General

These people got gifts whether they wanted them or not. The soldiers escorted Santa to the torture room and helped the general torture Santa. The general shocked Santa's balls and always used "my main man" in his questions; Santa retaliated by killing the general. The soldiers' guns were changed into toys, candy, and presents when Santa was on his way out of Baghdad.

Italian Old Man, Woman

Jesus is blessing people at an Italian church when Mr. Hankey and the boys find him. The old man is said to be healed, but he is led away without apparent improvement in sight. The woman has her baby blessed, then she points out the sleigh and calls it the Red Death.

Santa's new reindeer

Steven, Fluffy, Horace, Chantel

Skippy, Rainbow, Patches, Montel

Well, Santa's reindeer were killed when the sleigh was shot down, so the gnomes fitted Red Sleigh 2 with these new eight. :)

Kids Getting Gifts

Iraqi girl and boy, two Iraqi boys, the South Park boys