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Biographies: Season 23

Mexican Joker

Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Agent 1, Agent 2, Agent 3, Agent 4, Agent 5, Agent 6

Rodgers, David, and Jeff Corrigan; Princess Star and Mexican Joker

The first five agents are involved in the arrest of Diego and his family, and the Broflovskis. The sixth announces the arrival of more kids when an ICE bus pulls up to the detention center. Jeff Corrigan runs the detention center. He introduces himself to the kids and puts on a puppet show for them. Princess Star and Mexican Joker are the two puppets he uses to demonstrate how bad the Joker can be, completely missing Kyle's point. David is Jeff's assistant and provides Spanish translations of Jeff's comments and commands. Rodgers calls out the kids' names, and they respond. David and Rodgers later have a boy in electroshock therapy.

Kids in the Detention Center

Martinez, Aguilar, Boy, Girl 2

Martinez and Aguilar respond "Aquí" when their names are called. The boy and Girl 1 echo Kyle's reason for being at the detention center.

Clerk 1, Clerk 2, Bigwigs 1 (right) and 2, News Anchor and Commander Miller

Clerk 1 is behind the counter at Kum & Go when Cartman comes up to pay for his drink. Clerk 2 chases Randy from his store - twice - when he finds Randy looking at towels but not buying any. The bigwigs, from Med Men, a marijuana company, draw up a merger with Randy to combat homegrown weed. The news anchor interviews Coomander Miller about Mexican Joker and the possible reasons he might have for bombing South Park.

Diego, Esposa, and Girl 1; Jack and Wife

ICE raids Stephen's house and removes Diego. Diego's wife and kids are taken away as well. Jack and his wife are doing dishes when they discuss what to do for dessert. Jack goes out to his backyard to get some weed, but it explodes in his hand and blows him up.

Band In China

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, Thor, Female Inspector, Merchant

Passenger 1, Mitchell and Passenger 2, Producer, Kate & Earl

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet have been imprisoned in China because some some students have posted pictures of Xi Jinping looking like Pooh, so Mickey Mouse and various cartoon characters go to China to get them freed. Once they're freed. Pooh and Piglet walk around Beijing until Randy attacks Pooh and kills him. Thor reminds Mickey of the kind of government China has. The female inspector asks Randy what he has in his suitcase. The nerchant chases Pooh out of her store. Randy asks Passenger 1 if it's his first trip to China, then asks what he'll be doing there. Mitchell and Passenger 2 greet each other and discuss their plans: Mitchell for Google, Passenger 2 for the NBA. The Producer works with the boys on a biopic for Crimson Dawn, but he brings in Chinese officials to make it suitable for China, and Stan is not happy about it. Kate & Earl sing "Tumbleweeds and Squittels" at Autumnfest.

Here are the characters whom I need trnanslatons for. If anyone has translations for them, ther'd be great.

Prisoner, Censor, Male Inspector, Official 1, Official 2, Official 3


Doctor 2, Big Mesquite Murph, Announcer, Danny Ray Johnston

Dr. Gauche sees both Eric and Liane. He tries to give Eric a shot, but Eric panics every time and destroys stuff, so he never gets the shot. Dr. Gauche also sees Liane after she takes the shot Eric was supposed to get, and she becomes what Eric feared to be: artistic. Doctor 2 is called in to give Eric his shot at night, when he's asleep. Eric senses him, wakes up, panics, and avoids getting the shot. Big Mesquite Murph is the hog wrangler the town calls on to wrangle Cartman up so he can get vaccinated. Cartman, though, proves too slippery for him to catch, as Cartman panics at te thought of a shot. He succeeds at the CDC Child Immunization Challenge, but Liane shields Eric from getting the shot and then unties him from the rope and takes him home. The announcer does play by play at the Challenge, and Danny Ray Johnston is tackled and given his shot in the butt.

Let Them Eat Goo

Paramedic 1 and Smith, Clerk (H. W., Rick), Cook, Goo Man, Boy, News Anchor, Field Reporter

The paramedics are called in twice to bring Cartman back to life. The clerk works at Burger King and is bothered that Randy is doing business right outside his door. He's downright angry when Randy's hamburger stand becomes a full fast-food restaurant of its own. He says his name is Rick when the Goo Mann calls him H. W. The school cook is new, but she's already a hardened woman with prior experience. The Goo Man is slick, convincing everyone that he has a miracle goo that will satisfy even the hardest meat eater. The boy is the youngest protester, and is smaller than the other kids. Must be in second grade. The news anchor reports on the popularity of Tegridy Burger and has the field reporter interview Randy about it. The field reporter than exposes the cow massacre at Tegridy Farms with Rick's help.

Tegridy Farms Halloween Special

Guide, Mummy, Officer, Guest 1, Guest 2

The tour guide talks about hemp products being used on ancient Egyptian items, like hemp knots on ships. Randy makes a beg deal out of that, to Shelley's dismay. The mummy is the product of the love curse placed on the sarcophagus of Took-tan Ra. Butters activates it when he stamps a scarab beetle on Took-tan Ra's page, and is pursued by the enamored mummy until the end of the episode. The officer helps Officer Brown follow up on a report of mummy incidents in town. They visit Butters to get his side of the story. Later, the officer takes down Randy's report of monsters at his farm. Det. Harris has the officer put Randy on speaker. Guests 1 amd 2 receove complimentary jars of Tegridy Weed at the Halloween special party. Both of them are consumed by the Halloween Special in Randy's hallucinations.

Season Finale

Agent, Doctor, Officer 1, Officer 2, Officer Peterson

The agent leads the raid on Tegridy Farms to shut down Randy's Tegridy Breakfast TV show and get him downtown for arraignment. Officer 1 takes Randy to City Hall and stands by whie Randy is arraigned, then takes him to prison for holding until the trial date. The Doctor checks Randy out and listens to Randy's lament, then sends him to a therapy session to get it all out. Officer Peterson tells Randy he has a visitor and takes him to a meeting room, where Randy meets Rudy Giuliani. Officer 2 tries to calm down the "Meixcan Joker," who is actually Alejandro. When that fails, he and the other cops unload their guns on Alejandro, who disappears in the rising cloud of smoke.

Baja Shepherd boy, Alejandro (Mexican boy) and Panamanian boy

Jeff shows the Whites the Baja Shepherd boy first, but Bob notices the Mexican boy later. He adopts the boy and calls him Alejandro. Alejandro has trouble adapting to his new life, so Bob goes back to the detentnion center to adopt a little brother for Alejandro. This does nothing to calm Alejandro down, as Bob continues to bop him on the head and make him do things he just doesn't want to do. This leads to Alejandro setting off bombs, destroying police cruisers, and escaping when he had the chance. The little brother stays with the Whites.

Rudy Giuliani, Field Reporter, Townswoman and Townsman

Rudy Giuliani is the President's personal lawyer, and the President has him help Randy out. Giuliani wins Randy over by offering him a whiff of joint, then sets about building his defense. After Randy is exonerated, Giuliani massages his shoulders, but Randy tells him to get away. The field reporter comvers both side of protests about Randy's arraignment. After a little terrorist appears, the townsman and townswoman express alarm and fear.

Board Girls

Tammy, Kelly, Heather Swanson (Blade Jaggart)

Anderson Cooper, David Perry, Janet Spears, MMA Host

Mr. Mackey opens the clubs to accept members of the opposite sex. For the Board Studz Gamers Glub, Mr. Mackey brings in two girls who are interested in board games: Nichole and Tammy. Later on, they bring in Kelly as a new member. These girls go on to face Heather Swonson in gaming competitions and defeat her. They become the Board Girls.

Heather Swanson has just started transitioning from Blade Jaggart, which means she still has much of her male power and easily defeats all the women he faces, including Strong Woman. She's rather interested in defeating Strong Woman, and we find out why: she was Strong Woman's ex-boyfriend who vowed to get her back for beating him. PC Principal and Strong Woman find they can't confront her, so they go for making peace with her. This means a motivational speech in the gym, which leads to a showdown against the three girls above.

Andreson Cooper appears after PC Principal changes the channel away from Mulan. David Perry interviews Strong Woman and Heather for the StrongWoman Competition. We meet Heather here. Janet Spears interviews Heather as her only guest. Heather calls Strong Woman out and promises to beat her anywhere, anytime, at anything. The MMA host interviews Heather and two other women, but PC Principal interrupts Heather when Heather once again attacks Strong Woman.

Turd Burglars

Reporter 1, Reporter 2, Sportswriter, Publicist, Theresa's Mom, Mabel Gonzales

Three reporters ask Tom Brady about his poop in the press conference, but he won't address anyting but the team's performance. One of the three is a sportwriter, and he ends up going to Ton's house to get an interview with him. He's there with Theresa and her mother, and with Kenny and his friends. They all want the spice mélange, but the sportswriter leaps up to keep everyone else away from Tom. The publicist is the key to getting access to Tom Brady, but she, too, is looking for access to the spice. Theresa's mom makes the same claim Cartman does - her daughter is dying just like Kenny is, and must see her idol before she passes away, but she wants access to the spice. Even Mabel, the housekeeper, wants access to the spice.

Janice, Male Diner, A driver (Damon)

Janice appears in the background to tell Sheila she's lookiing great. When the girls begin attacking each other verbally, the male diner asks them to calm down, but the women got sick on him and the other diners. Damon drives by as the ladies chat on Main Street and remarks on how good Harriet looks.

Basic Cable

Mrs. Malkinson and Clark, Sophie, Sophie's Mom and Sheriff

Clark, Scott's dad, works for Park County Cable, so he has an interest in keeping basic cable around - it's his livelihood. He and the other cable repairmen sabotage the streaming services so no one sees The Mandalorian, only to restore them when the town calls on them once again. He won't get Disney+ for Scott, so Scott gets it another way. Mrs. Malkinson makes sure Scott's numbers are okay, and supports his effort at befriending Sohpie. Sophie is the new girl in class who has Type I Diabetes, and this excites Scott like nothing else, as there's finally someone like him in class. But the other boys get interested in her as well. She has to step in and cool their jets, but at least she can talk to Scott about coping with diabetes. Sophie's mom talks to the sheriff about issues she's having with watching Crab People on her TV, which the sheriff misunderstands as actual crab people coming up out of the ground to eat children.

The Repairmen (Michael, Kurt, Dave, Bill), Dean

The repairmen help Clark bring down the streaming services. Before they do, Michael gets his cholesterol checked, Dave and Bill go to the movies (Bill sends Dave off to get snacks), and Kurt goes to a tanning salon. Dean sells jewelry on the J&G Shopping Network's "Jewelry Bonanza with Dean".

Christmas Snow

Jason the Manager, Worker, Proprietor, Jim

Townsman 1, Townsman 2, Townsman 3, Townsman 4

Male Driver, Female Driver, Woman

Jason tells the shoopers that booze sales are suspended until January 2, and they're not happy about it. The worker shuts down Randy's Christmas Snow operation until January 2 also. The proprietor has to close up shop because of the new ordinance against alcohol sales during the holidays. Stephen grabs him by the collar. Stephen greets Jim upond seeing him at Food 4 Little..

Townsman 1 comments that Santa warning against drunk driving during the Christmas season is like Greta Thunberg warning us about climate change. Townsman 2 tells Santa that theh crowd is trying to have fun. Townsman 3 joins the other folks in urging Santa to try Christmas Snow. Townsman 4 is the first to taste the Christmas Snow Jesus disperses over town.

The male driver gets out of his wreck after driving high on Christmas Snow. The female driver gets out of her wreck after driving high on marijuana-free Christmas Snow. The woman shows Santa why all theh townsfolk are driving around recklessly, but not drunk.