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Biographies: Season 21

White People Renovating Houses

Eddie, Jim Bob, Cletus

Protester 2, Protester 3, Protester 4, Protester 10


Eddie just says "It ain't right" in response to Darryl's complaint that automation is taking jobs away from rednecks like them. He was previously seen in "With Apologies To Jesse Jackson" as the driver of the truck which had Protester 6 in the passenger seat and Skeeter in the back.
Jim Bob is hired to be the Cartmans' personal assistant while Cletus serves as Crunchy's Micro Brew's personal assistant.
As Protester 1, Cletus says "They took our jobs!"
Protester 5 gets into a pepper spray battle with Randy. He was previously seen in "W.T.F." as Redneck 13.
Protester 6 was the passenger in the truck driven by Eddie and which had Skeeter in the truck bed in "With Apologies To Jesse Jackson".
Protester 7 is one of the two ranchers introduced in "You're Getting Old" as a janitor.
Protester 8 is the Skynard Man from "Goobacks," for the Skynard cap he wears.
Protester 9 is Skeeter, the redneck who took aim at Randy for being "the nigger guy" in "With Apologies To Jesse Jackson" and was Redneck 1 in "W.T.F."

Now for the new protesters and the Judge:
Protesters 2 and 3 run up to the camera and make some noise. Protester 2 waves a Confederate flag in front of the camera and says "Yeeeeah! Suck it, Alexa!" while Protester 3 comes up and says "Eat shit, Siri!" Protester 4 waves his flag at the Amazon Echo on the ground during the protest and waves it again in the courtroom when Protester 5 notices a bee hovering nearby. Protester 10 comes in to cool Protester 5's soup with a Confederate flag when Protester 5 complains that the soup is too hot.
The judge hears the case of the Marshes vs. the rednecks, but doesn't come to a decision. Randy instead goes for a truce - he'll get all the redneck protesters jobs.

Put It Down

News Anchors

Anchor 1, Anchor 2, Female Anchor

These anchors cover Tweek's gift of cupcakes to Kim Jong-un, and the President's tweeted response to them. The President ascribes a defiant motive to Tweek's act and asks kids around the country to support Tweek.


Hannah Williams, Gary Borkovec, Boy

Hannah Williams follows Tweek as the next singer, but Tweek's dire song frightens her and she cries while she sings "Wheels On The Bus." Gary Borkovec is one of the four kids in the "Stop Distracted Driving" group handing out awareness fliers. He is also the first victim of a distracted driver in this episode, and shows up as one of the fatalities in the message at the end of "Put It Down." The boy holding the memorial service for Gary is called Henry in the subtitles, but isn't referred to that in the dialog. Heidi walks up to him, takes the mic, and tells Cartman to stop making suicide awareness about himself.

Couples in Cars

Driver 1 and Wife, Father and Son, Mother and Daughter, Brian and Nancy

Driver 1 and his wife ran over Gary after the wife tells him there's an innocent child in front of them, and the school mourned him the next day with candles. The father and son were in an autopia ride when the son warns his dad to watch out. The car jumped the track, crushed through the bushes lining the tracks, and killed a girl who turned around too late to escape. The daughter tells her mom to watch out, but the mom ends up killing at least six kids - five in the Crazy Cars ride and one in the open area of the amusement park. In "Put It Down," Nancy gets a message that she's been elected President. Brian congratulates her and tells her to put down her phone, which she does. No kids died from her driving. There are a driver and her husband who ran over an infant outside the supermarket, but we only get side views of them, so they're not here.

People in "Put It Down"

The Governor, Townsman, McDonald's Manager, Doctor

The governor reminds people to put down their phones if they're being President (i.e., distracted drivers). The townsman, manager, and doctor all pledge to end distracted driving.


Shopper, Diner

The shopper lauds Cartman on raising suicide awareness, and Cartman asks him to spread the word. The diner is glad to hear he's been elected President, then promptly says goodbye and hangs up.

Holiday Special

DNAandMe commercial and doctor

Woman 1, Cyclist, Driver, Painter

Steve, Office Worker, Jogger, Doctor

The first seven people in this group appear in the DNAandMe commercial, each mentioning their genetic makeup, and some how much percentage victim they are. The doctor appears after Randy contacts the company to get his DNA tested. The doctor tests Randy's DNA, but finds an irregularity in it, so he asks Randy to submit his DNA again, this time from his anus. He tells Randy the results of the DNA test, and Randy latches on to a minority no one expects - Neanderthal.

People in the crowd listening to Randy

Dave, Kurt

Dave wonders if Randy knows what indigenous means. Kurt wonders who let Randy talk to the school council. There is a second woman who tells him to shup up and leave the podium, but she's not visible.


Field Reporter, Peter and Mrs. Galtman, Native American

The reporter talks to Randy about his defecating on the statue in Columbus Circle in New York. Mr. Galtman is head of the school calendat committee. The boys pretend to be hitmen on the phone and threaten to take Galtman down when Randy is exposed for the hypocrite he is. Mrs. Galtman just works on her scarf and echoes "fake news" after Peter says it. The Native American (revealed in the Live Tweet as Bill Yellowhawk) falls for Randy after Randy kisses him full in the mouth, but later accepts that the feeling isn't mutual, and tells Randy to stop running for himself and just feel.

Franchise Prequel

Mark Zuckerberg, Man 2, Woman 2

The parents find their kids dressing up as superheros and hear about them peeing and pooping in girls' mouths and stuffing stuff up their asses. Only them dressing as superheroes is true. The parents invite Mark Zuckerberg to speak to them about Facebook's dealings with these fake reports, but he makes himself at home and overstays his welcome. Coon and Friends finally take action, forcing Zuckerberg to shut down Facebook and having Stephen, Butters' dad, take Butters to Moscow and ground both Butters and Vladimit Putin for using Facebook to spread chaos around town and around the world. When Zuckerberg speaks in the school gym, Man 2 brings up Facebook's role in disrupting communities and nations, but Zuckerberg accepts no blame in this. Woman 2 doesn't get a chance to finish speaking, as Zuckerberg shuts her down with his weird behavior.

Some of Professor Chaos' Minions

Adam Borque, Chaos #35, Worker 1, Worker 2

As Professor Chaos, Butters has established his base of operations at an abandoned Circuit City store, which he's refashioned as Chaos City. He has a team of workers in there already, but he's always got space for one more. Into this space goes Adam Borque, who signs up to write fake news to post on Facebook in order to make a little money. Chaos #35 hides when Coon and Friends come looking for Butters. Workers 1 and 2 tell Butters about Facebook disappearing from their workstations.

Wilson Aubrey, Netflix Operators 1 and 2

Wilson Aubrey is one of several kids Coon and Friends visit to find out why he's no longer following them on Instagram. Wlison tells Cartman why, and Cartman tries to change his mind about his source - Facebook. This frightens Wilson, who shuts the door on him. Netflix operator 1 fields Cartman's call, but passes on the Coon and Friends series because of the Facebook fake news he's read about them. Operator 2 takes a call about a series featuring transsexual dragons.

There are five people who are heard but not seen, or seen from the side. They are: the doctor, who tells the Valmers that their son will never be able to walk, but will be great at comedy; the elderly couple whose dinners Zuckerberg hijacks - at least the man's soup, heh; the man in the beginning of the episode who wondered what on Earth that was that zipped past him; and the woman who's heard screaming off screen, whom Jimmy saves from a pickpocket.

Hummerls & Heroin

Marcus Preston and his parents, Annie

Chuck E. Cheese, Swiper, Peppa Pig

Marcus is thte featured guest this week, the new kid in school. He cares a lot for the costumed characters he sees on TV and at live events like birthday parties. He finds his mission when Chuck E. Cheese dies of an opioid overdose. His parents hired Chuck to perform at Marcus's birthday, but are alarmed when they see him stumble on stage and slur his songs, and finally die. Annie calls Preston to report that Peppa Pig had collapsed on stage at another girl's party. Chuck E. Cheese tries to perform, but barfs and falls off the stage, and dies. The paramedics come and take him away. Swiper exchanges a crochet pillow from Stan for a Hummel figurine, but is later found dead from an overdose. Before he dies, Peppa Pig tells Marcus that the Hummels are going to old people.

Annie first appeared in "Butters' Bottom Bitch" but didn't speak. She's included here because she finally spoke.

Coroner, Coroner's Receptionist, Johnson the paramedic, Mimi the paramedic

The coroner performs the autopsy on Chuck E. Cheese and finds two Hummel figurines in Chuck's rectum. The receptionist doesn't let Marcus witness the autopsy on Chuck E. Cheese. Johnson is one of the paramedics who take Chuck to the coroner at the beginning of the episode. Mimi is one of the paramedics who take Peppa Pig away.

Shady Acres Retirement Community

Vicky, Tony, Toby, Delivery Man

Beatrice McGullicutty, Mr. Standish, Elderly Man 1, Elderly Man 2, Elderly Man 3

Vicky is the receptionist and head nurse at the retirement community. She allows Stan to visit Marvin after Tony and Toby clear him. She lets the boys in when they come to perform for the residents as a barbershop quartet. Tony and Toby are nurses who function as security when needed, making sure even unruly residents go into the solitaire room. The delivery man brings in a truckload of medications for the residents. Beatrice McGullicutty is the queenpin, or top bitch, at the retirement community, for running a drug operation in there that's making her rich from all the Hummels she's amassing. Sne runs the place, getting other residents in trouble when they don't do as she says. She tells the barbershop quartet that they're awful, and takes a beating from Marvin when he has her Hummel collection and can thus change things in the community. Mr. Standish is the first resident put into solitaire, while Ms. McGullicutty ends up there at the end of the episode. Elderly Man 1 promises to get better Hummels for Ms. McGullicutty just before she enters his room. Elderly Man 2 isn't enthused to see another kids choir show up to perform for the residents. Elderly Man 3 tells the barbershop quartet that they suck, and tells Cartman to fuck off.

Sons A Witches

Chip Duncan

Chip is one of the men celebrating Jack and Crack Witch Week, a week-long local celebration ending on Halloween. This year he brings a book he got in Salem, Mass. and eventually reads from it. The incantation he utters brings about a transformation that makes him a real witch, and soon he's flying on a broom snatching up kids left and right. The other witches eventually call upon one witch who had to stop celebrating Witch Week with them due to an election victory. Mr. Garrison returns from Washington D.C. to put a stop to Chip. He has a death ray aim at Chip and incinerate him on the spot, liberating the kids he had hidnapped and the broom he rode.

Presidential Aide, Townsman, Leroy Jenkins' Parents

A Girl and her Mom, Billy and his Dad

The Presidential Aide tells President Garrison that Butters is on the phone with an urgent call, which was about Chip becoming a real witch, terrorizing the town and kidnapping children. A townsman alerts everyone about another witch coming in for a landing. That turned out to be Pres. Garrison. We finally get to see Leroy's parents, even though they didn't speak - they just welcomed him back when he escaped from the bag Chip had his kidnap victims in. Chip managed to kidnap four kids before the President took him down. This girl was the second girl to come out of the bag and says "Mommy! Daddy!" but we only see her mom. The boy we see here is the one Chip kidnapped first, so we see him and his dad here.

In Season 22 the boy was named Billy.

Officer Rick, Another Officer, Ticket-taker

I'd say Officer Rick Peterson, but Officer Peterson has gray hair, indicating middle age, while Officer Rick has chestnut-colored hair and so seems younger. The two have the same hair style, though. This second officer is new, as far as spoken lines go. He tells Yates that the witch has been seen over Ross Dress for Less, and Yates gets the whole department out to Ross. The ticket-taker allows Cartman and Heidi to enter the pumpkin patch even though it was about to close for the day. Later he's getting everyone out of the patch so Chip doesn't have anyone to harm there.

Doubling Down

Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell

These three come to the President voicing concerns from their constituents about his performance in office so far. Garrison links their concerns to stuff he's previously said. Niger? Niggers. Raped and executed? Fucked to death. His Presidential oath? To fuck everyone to death. Next they discuss the President's plummeting approval rating and think about hiding it from him, but Mike Pence tells the President right away and Paul Ryan is quick to point out that he researched the poll. Finally, the three deliver a Presidential anniversary cake to Garrison, who announces that the next three years will be better than this past year while wearing a giant dildo. The three of them laugh sadly.

Moss Piglets

Isla and Theresa, Blue Horse

Theresa and Isla look exactly like other characters shown in previous seasons. Theresa looks like Molly in Season 15's "Assburgers," and Isla looks like the unnamed girl in "Marjorine." Theresa lives in a tiny home, which Heidi imagines to be a trailer, and Theresa mentioning that there are five other families on her block that live in tiny homes just has Heidi imagining that she lives in a trailer park. Isla made a wicked impression of Cartman in "Doubling Down," but here she doesn't say much, except that Heidi is so mean now. The Blue Horse just asks his viewers to sing the Hokey Pokey song with him.


Strong Woman, Miss Heather Conduct, Dr. Gauche, Anchor Tom

More counterparts come to the show. We have Heidi becoming Cartman's counterpart in "Doubling Down," now we have Strong Woman entering as PC Principal's vice-principal, love interest, and counterpart; and Miss Conduct entering as Mr. Mackey's HR representative, love interest, and counterpart. Strong Woman won't take crap from PC Principal, but she does fall in love with him. Dr. Gauche has been seen before wearing the Dr. Doctor name tag, but now he has a different look than before and no name tag on his coat. Anchor Tom is here just because. :)

The Terrance & Phillip Show, on Netflix

Mexican street vendor, Black Canadian Girl, M.A.C. Protesters 1 and 2

Terrance and Phillip revive their Canadian show here in the States, but they do bring in guest Canadians of other nationalities to fart on. The first one is the Mexican street vendor who wants to sell them some chimichangas. The second one is a black girl selling Girl Scout cookies. Kyle's Millennials Against Canada barge in and stop production. M.A.C. Protester 1 becomes Kyle's personal assistant, handing him the phone when a call comes in for him. M.A.C. Protester 2 looks out a window to see what's going on, and alerts the crew that the National Guard is outside the sound stage.

Splatty Tomato

Bob White, Mrs. White, and Crystal White

These are the Whites. We met their son Jason seasons ago. Crystal sees the President outside her window and panics, which draws her father's attention. He tries to assure her that the President isn't in town, but then takes his wife to school the next day to confront the administration with questions about the liberal policies that led to Crystal's panic. After the President was captured, Bob took the gun from Officer Bright and had everyone step away from the President, then called his family over to join him. Moments later, Heidi takes the gun from him and threatens to kill Cartman, but Cartman takes it from her and threatens to kill himself, only to learn with everyone else that Garrison has escacped.

Townsman 1, Townsman 2

Townsman 1 asks how anyone could stay calm with a President running around the town and surrounding area torrorizing kids and eating small animals. Townsman 2 asks if there's a situatioin, no matter how unlikely, which would permit a sarcastic comment about the President.

Justin Trudeau, Officer Bright, Server

Justin Trudeau, charred as he is, issues an order for all Canadians, at home and abroad, to hunt the President down and bring him to justice. Ike takes up the challenge and captures the President. Officer Bright was brought in to track the Presient down, but fails in completing the task. Instead he finds PC Principal and Strtng Woman having sex inside a tent in the woods. The servver welcomes PC Principal and Strong Woman to Faggoncini for lunch with their student of the day, Butters. Strong Woman is worried about how people will react when they find out she's datig her superior. PC Principal tries to assure her that it won't be a big deal.