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Biographies: Season 20

Member Berries

The Preschoolers and their teacher

Cartman writes a book in which Token is depicted as Little Red Riding Kyle's Grandma, and he's convinced the preschool teacher to let him talk about it with the preschoolers. She introduces him, and he sits down to read his book. Kyle learns about this, goes into the preschool classroom, and pulls Cartman out, demanding to know what Cartman is doing.

Mike, Jim, and Dave

Mike and Jim normally do commentary for professional sports, but this week they were doing commentary for the girls volleyball game at South Park Elementary. Or just for the national anthem before the game, as they had heard some girls were going to protest during the anthem. Once the anthem was over, they left. They also provided commentary for the 49ers/Panthers game the following weekend. Dave provides commentary from the field, and reported what he saw on the girls' Twitter pages during the anthem before the volleyball game.

CNN Anchor, Bill Keegan, Matt Lauer, Reporter Arthur, Gallup Pollster

The CNN snchor reports on J.J. Abrams' new national anthem. The other news anchor is Bill Keegan from "Truth And Advertising," and he reports on Giant Douche leading Turd Sandwich by almost 10%, then reports on the unveiling of the new anthem. Matt Lauer interviews Garrison about his campaign slogan, "Fuck Them All To Death." Garrison backtracks a bit, but Lauer presents footage of Garrison saying just that throughout his ccampaign. Arthur the reporter asks Hillary, the Turd Sandwich, if she thinks Garrison, the Giant Douche, will gain any momentum from being ahead in the polls. The Gallup pollster is canvassing the neighborhood asking residents which way they'll be voting this November.

Joe Biden, Male Senator, Senator 2, Lady Senator, Senator 3, Chris Christie and Adviser

The senators meet to discuss what to do about the national anthem, and settle on getting J.J. Abrams to reboot it. Some of them take helicopters to his mansion to do just that, but they only see his shadow and cheer his approval when he turns one outdoor light on. Two of Garrison's advisers suggest what he could do to get out of the race. Chris Christie says Garrison could swim in a pool in Florida infected with the Zika virus and then fuck his targers to death, the second says he could use nuclear weapons on his targets and then fuck them after the fact.

Member Berries

Mr. Mackey. Mr. Stotch, and Mr. Marsh all ate these berries, which whispered sweet memories to them before being eaten. Randy liked them at first, but soon heard their dark side and spat them out in disgust. Stephen had been eating them for six months before showing them to Randy, and Mr. Mackey wondered how anyone could think these berries were bad.

Skank Hunt

Dr. Wayne Schroeder, Ph. D.; WeAllScream_07, Bertha Maurice (maddies_mommy018), Freja Øllengård

Dr. Schroeder is called in to talk to the parents of South Park Elementary about skankhunt42, who he assumes is one of the male students. He asks the parents to talk about this with their children. WeAllScream_07 reminds everyone in her group about the ice cream social to benefit homeless tenns, and Gerald volunteers to kick her in the vagina. maddies_mommy018 is proud of her daughter's participation in the triathon, and Gerald insults the girl by saying she has a mustache. Freja Øllengård is the Danish Olympic medalist who started a Danish Web site for women with breast cancer. She spoke out against skankhunt42, and Gerald sees this as a challenge to his trolling.

Campaign Boss, Campaign Worker, Douche neighbor, Turd neighbor

Driver, Shopper, Daniel Tanner

The campaign worker and boss discuss the worker's face being photoshopped to have a penis in his mouth. The Douche and Turd neighbors argue about the candidates while Gerald walks by them. The driver sees Gerald on the street and tells him to get off it as he drives by. The shopper has a lot of coupons to go through, but Gerald is fine with that. This boy is the first one to get a breakup latter, from Annie. He yells out "Nooo" as the letter falls to the floor. Turns out his name is Daniel Tanner, and he was a Farmville player in Kyle's group in "You Have 0 Ftiends."

The Damned

Two of Hillary Clinton's advisors, Lester Holt, Newt Gingrich, Man 1, Man 2, Patron

Hillary's advisors tell her to not get rattled by her opponent and to say "My opponennt is a liar, and he cannot be trusted" in response to whatever he says. They smile when the Douche tries to hand Hillary the win, but she does as they advised and it backfires on her. Lester Holt moderates the first debate between the Douche and the Turd Sandwich. Newt Gingrich introduced Garrison in Florida. Both Man 1 and Man 2 love Garrison's honesty, even when he's admitting that he's bad for the country. The patron is confused by these two candidates.

Driver and Martha

This driver and his wife drive by the park when they see Heidi and Cartman among the people in the park, who spend their days there with no Internet access, and thus, no way to tweet anything.

Trolling Freja Øllengård

Simply Heidi, Field Reporter, Troll hunter

Talk show host Heidi interviews Freja and reads a couple of letters from doctors who support her cause, but doesn't realize that those letters are fake, signed by fake doctors. Freja instantly realizes she's been trolled again, and the studio audience catches on. Heidi, though, remains oblivious. The field reporter has more details on the death of Freja Øllengård, including security camera footage of Freja's suicide. At Freja's funeral, a troll hunter announces that a plan is underway to hunt down the troll who caused Freja's death.

Wieners Out

Dick (DildoShwaggins), BBCAnchor, Troll 1

Dick turns out to be the one who knows Gerald's true identity. He and Gerald had met online at, where Gerald knew him as DildoShwaggins. Gerald was relieved that Dick wasn't anyone more sinister, but then annoyed that Dick wasn't frank with him. Dick shows up at odd times until he and Gerald meet at the park, where Dick shows Gerald a video about and its efforts to expose trolls and have them arrested. The episode ends with Dick introducing Gerald to a group of trolls. The BBC anchor is the one in the video reporting on and its founder, the troll hunter Lennart Bedrager, whom we have already met. Troll 1 looks vaguely like a toy troll and tells Gerald he's with his kind now.

Member Berries Anonymous

Richard, Michael

Gerald sees a sign for an addiction anonymous meeting and decides to check it out. He sees Randy, Stephen and some other men seated in a circle with an empty chair waiting for a walk-in. Gerald soon learns that this meeting is about member berry addiction, not Internet trolling addiction, and soon leaves. While he's there though, two of the men speak up. Richard mentions how member berries make it easier to remember things from childhood than to think about the present. Gerald hears member berries for the first time when they begin to speak inside Michael's shirt pocket. Michael soon squishes them and berry juice stains his pocket.

Douche And A Danish

The cyber trolls

Troll 2, Anonymous821 (Troll 3), Troll 4

PurpleheadedQueeflicker, MLKKK, SuperSexyLisa18

These six trolls are part of the troll group Gerald joined in the previous episode. Anonymous821, PurpleheadedQueeflicker, MLKKK, and SuperSexyLisa18 stand by awaiting instructions from Skankhunt42 on attacking Denmark. Troll 2 reminds the group that Denmark has its government's backing in fighting the trolls, Dick reminds them they have Skankhunt42. Troll 4 doesn't quite grasp what being a troll is about.

The Danes

6, 1, 8, 4,...... 5, 3, 7, 2

During the commercial, Danes 1, 2, and 3 assert that people who donate to the site can count on trolls being a thing of the past, and the donors can be as happy as the Danes are. Dane 8 sings with the other Danes in the commercial, but she has no other lines. Near the end of the episode, Dane 3 tells the group just how many horrible comments Denmark's social media sites have been getting. Dane 4 says the same thing happened on the crowd-funding sites. Dane 5 says everyone is treating them like goofballs, then asks if they have to quit Twitter. Lennart tells him they have to quit all social media. Dane 6 asks how this could happen. Lennart tells her he should have anticipated that the trolls would troll them. Dane 7 asks if Denmark is indeed funding ISIS. Lennart tells him of course not. Dane 1 asks how they could prove this to the rest of the world. Lennart admits they can't prove it, so they must go offline.
Dame 2 has a bigger role than the other Danes do. He tells the other people in the boardroom that public opinion about Denmark is shit. Later, he tells Lennart about the VHS tape sent to Denmark by Cartman and Heidi, and has him listen to it.

Rally Supporter, Supporters 3, 2, 1; Supporter 4

The rally supporter says "Yow" a few times during Garrison's speech. When Garrison comes out of his headquarters to say the election has been fixed from the beginning, his supporters are not happy to hear it. Supporter 1 wants to know what's going on, supporter 3 says it's like Garrison isn't even trying, and supporter 2 says Garrison pulled a fast one on them before leading the charge on Garrison. Supporter 4 just happens to have a chainsaw on him, and fires it up.

Andrew, Advisor 2

Andrew goes to make sure the trolls are satisfied with the Airport Hilton and that they have everything they need. The advisor warns Mr. Garrison that his supporters are going to want to know how he's going to overcome his woman jokes, since those cost him votes.

Fort Collins

Member Berry 1, Member Berries 5, 2, Tubs, 4, 6, 3

Member Berry 1 drives the toy car the berries take their hostage to his demise in. Tubs is the biggest of the member berries, and the slowest. Member Berry 4 is tortured by Randy, but escapes with the others, and he and Member Berry 3 toss Member Berry 6 into a martini, killing him. Member Berry 2 is the front seat passenger, while Member Berry 5 is just there for the ride.

Dane 9, Dane 10, Clinton Advisor 3

Dane 9 runs into the boardroom to say that the TrollTrace servers are up and running. Dane 10 says that TrollTrace now has the final piece of the puzzle by using Heidi's emoji analysis. They agree that TrollTrace has all the funding it needs now. Hillary's third advisor runs into her office to say that she can't call herself President-elect just yet - she still needs help... from Skankhunt42.

Man 1 and Woman 1, Man 2, Woman 2

Man 1 and Woman 1 are a couple, but the woman finds that her husband has been cheating on her at She throws his laptop at him. Man 2 is panicked that he had been hacked. Woman 2 is quite fearful that the club she's a member of now knows all the disparaging things she's said about it.

Man 4 (Caller) and Girl (his daughter), Waiter

Man 4 traced MLKKK's home address and ran into him in Fort Collins. MLKKK had called his daughter R2-D2, so the man avenged his daughter, who's in a wheelchair, by throwing gasoline on MLKKK and setting him on fire. After Member Berry 6 had been thrown to his death, the waiter takes the drink the berry landed in and serves it to Caitlyn Jenner. The waitier muses that this Presidential election is going to be an interesting one.

Oh, Jeez

Hillary's Agents (2, 3, 4 and lead), Ticket Agent

Hillary's agents brief Gerald on what to do when he finally reaches Trolltrace and provide him everything he needs to carry out his mission. Gerald later learns that Hillary sold him and the other trolls out to Denmark. The ticket agent greets "Von Miller" when he arrives at Copenhagen Airport.

Members Only

Vladiimir Putin and Aide 1, Aide 2, Boris Johnson, UK Aide 2, UK Aide 1

General Revaur, General 2, Staffer 1, Staffer 2, Staffer 3

Steve Bannon and An Advisor, Receptionist, Tour Assistant

Steve Bannon and his assistant join Mr. Garrison at Tom's Rhinoplasty so Garrison could have a smooth transformation - er, transition. Vladimir Putin is worried about Troll Trace revealing his Internet history to his girlfriend, so he wanted to know how the U.S. stood on this. When he called, he got the member berries. Boris Johnson and his aides call the Pentagon to talk to President Garrision, warning him not to eat membries - member berries - because they're bad and will get into year head. Garrison feels threatened and hangs up on Johnnson. The generals and the staffers consult Garrison on various situations occurring while he's in the Pentagon, but he just asks questions and gets a little exasperated.
At SpaceX. Cartman and Heidi talk to the receptionist about getting to Mars. All he can do is have them take a number and wait with all the other people who want to go to Mars. The tour assistant takes the guests to the tour of SpaceX in small groups, and Elon Musks conducts the tours himself.

Member Berries Galore

Bouncer, Waiter, Driver, Mob Boss, and Henchman

Member Berry 7, Member Berry 8, Member Berry 9, Member Berry 10, Member Berry 11

Member Berry 13 looks like Member Berry 3, so it's not here. Member Berry 12 is seen, but from the back, so it's not here either. The other member berries just 'member stuff. :) The member berry mob boss apparently planned to sacrifice a member berry, Mickey, so that Caitlyn would convince Garrison to become President, even if she had to vomit on him. Well, it worked. The bouncer berry allows the other berries in if they could 'member the password, but we never hear what that password is. Of course, every mob boss has a henchman, and this one is no different. The waiter is asked to bring drinks to the member berries who carried out the mob boss's instructions.

Not Funny

Elon Musk Aides 1 and 2, SpaceX Engineer, Pentagon Staffer 4

Aide 1 isn't sure what Heidi is asking when she points out that two parts of the whiteboard look out of sequence. Aide 2 says she's onto something when she points out the discontinuity to them again and he checks her work. The SpaceX engeineer tries to calm everyone down and explain that there are no rockets going to Mars due to current limitations. The Pentagon staffer approaches President Garrison twice, each time with three callers wanting to talk to him. The first time, one of the callers is Mr. Slave. The second time, one of the callers is Kyle.

The End of Serialization as We Know It

Female Engineers 1 and 2, NSA Agents 3 and 1, NSA Agent 2, Staffer 5, Mr. Beckett

The female engineers remark on the massiveness and stability of the energy source Heidi has just created. NSA Agent 2 elaborates on what Trevor's Axiom is. NSA Agent 1 alerts the President on a coordinated cyberstrike on Troll Trace. NSA Agent 3 tells the President it's too late to stop Troll Trace, even with all the energy at hand. Staffer 5 reroutes the Internet through SpaceX, ensuring the destruction of both SpaceX and Troll Trace. Despite that, the first message sent on the new Internet is from Mr. Beckett to a friend of his.