South Park Guest
Biographies: Season 2

Terrance and Phillip: Not Without My Anus

Celine and Sally

Celine is the famous singer, and Sally is the daughter she had with Terrance. Celine and Terrance were once married, and their daughter was studying anthroplogy. Terrance ended up going to Iran to rescue Sally from her Iraqi captors. Celine and Terrance were reunited.

Scott and Saddam

Scott is the prosecutor and TV critic determined to get Terrance on the murder of Dr. Jeffrey O'Dwyer. When that failed, he resolved to get rid of both Terrance and Phillip. For assistance, he called Saddam Hussein, world-famouse Iraqi (or Irani or Turkish) dictator and lounge lizard. Saddam came in with his men and went about taking over Canada while being unable to capture Terrance and Phillip. Saddam has since been to Hell to visit Satan himself.

Judge And Forewoman

The Judge presides in the case of the People vs. Terrance. He is a Southern Canadian, where accents are like those in the Southern U.S. The jury forewoman - foreperson, ahem - has trouble announcing the jury's verdict because Terrance kept farting. Terrance was found not guilty despite the evidence against him.

Iraqi and American Soldiers

The Iraqi soldiers came to Canada as stowaways to carry out Saddam's plot to take over Canada and take Celine Dion as his woman. Terrance and Phillip didn't know the soldiers went back to Canada with them until Scott told them so. The Americans got word that Saddam and his forces were in Canada, and so two of them went to warn Saddam that he had three years to cleaer out, or the Americans would attack.

Ugly Bob

There's really nothing ugly about Bob, since he looks like Terrance and Phillip, but they call him ugly anyway, and later in the episode he scares the hell out of Celine Dion, Saddam Hussein, and the Iraqi soldiers when he takes off his bag. While he wears the bag he gains employment at the Canadian Airport and gets a date with Celine.

The Delivery Man, and Barky And Purry

Barky and Purry are pets to Terrance and Phillip. Barky is the dog, Purry the cat. The delivery man has a certified letter for Terrance about his daughter Sally. Phillip signs for him, and has to sign on five places on the documents the delivery man holds out.

Cartman's Mom Is Still a Dirty Slut

The Path To Changing The Law

UP counselor, Congressman O'Reilly, Colorado Governor, Bill Clinton

Liane wants to get an abortion, but has forgotten that a fetus is in the womb for three trimesters. She first goes to Unplanned Parenthood to get an abortion, but is told that abortions are prohibited by law after the second trimester. She protests and is told to talk to her congressman. She sleeps with Congressman O'Reilly, but is told that she should really talk to her governor about abortions. She sleeps with the governor, but begins to have second thoughts about an abortion. She then sleeps with our President and an intern's best friend, two-term President Bill Clinton. In that time he was investigated for the various scandals he brought with him or created while in office (Whitewater, foreign contributions, Monicagate, etc.). Mrs. Cartman goes to him for the final answer on aborting a 40-trimester pregnancy, but she isn't too clear on the subject. She gets to do something no other intern or Presidential girlfriend has been able to do: get into bed with the President. Bill Clinton returns in the movie to report on the bombing of the Baldwin house and the declaration of war the U.S. responds with.

America's Most Wanted crew:

Host John Walsh, Director Sid Greenfield, Assistant

Cameraman, Boom Mike Operator, Eric Roberts

John Walsh, the cameraman and the boom mike operator make short appearances, so not much is known of them. Sid Greenfield comes to South Park to find the answer to: Who killed Mephesto? For that, he hires actors to play the various roles, from Chef to Kevin. Eric Roberts comes in to play Kevin's role. A snow storm traps them and cuts all communication with Los Angeles. They spend that night in a studio with many of the townsfolk. When the townsfold get hungry, the first to go is Eric Roberts. Sid is very annoyed that the townsfolk have suddenly gotten hungry despite their full breakfasts, but the folks get hungry again. Then Sid and his assistant are eaten.


Booktastic Bus Driver

He is the flamboyant Bookmobile driver who tries to get everyone into reading by calling it 'magic.' Unfortunately, the books the boys chose to read were adult books. The driver is later revealed to be the chickenfucker, since it was he who grabbed chickens and molested them. At the time of his arrest he was wearing a Nixon mask. Cartman tries to take him down, but Barbrady shows him the proper way to do it: smack him on the back or side of the head.

The Press

Word gets out that South Park's chickens are being molested by a chickenfucker. Reporters come from all around to ask how far the police have gotten in solving the case. Barbrady lobs some answers off, but the press is persistent. Barbrady finally confesses that he can't read, then quits. Joyous riots break out immediately, but soon subside. The press visit the Mayor later on and ask what plans she has for Barbrady. Her aides come up with the idea that Barbrady whould go to school to learn to read.

COPS film crew

They come to tape a week in the life of a South Park police officer. That means Barbrady. The crew goes with him on his beat, but soon after he quits he deputizes the boys. Stan and Kyle help him learn to read while Cartman takes over his duties. The COPS crew then follows Cartman around on his beat, which includes a prostitution sting and a domestic dispute at Kenny's house.

Ike's Wee Wee

Mister Freeley

He is Mr. Mackey's landlord. When he hears of Mr. Mackey's firing from South Park Elementary, he changes the locks on Mr. Mackey's doors. Mackey returns home, but can't open his front door. As he asks himself why this is so, Mr. Freeley appears behind him and tells him why, then chases him off the property with some rocks.

Bum in the alley

This bum sleeps in an alley somewhere in South Park. Mr. Mackey has been run out of his house by his landlord, so he looks for a place to spend the night. He finds an alley, but finds it cold. The bum asks if Mackey wants something to warm up with, but Mackey declines. The bum offers some marijuana, which Mackey at first declines, but after thinking over his situation, decides to take it. A few seconds later, and the alley explodes in neon colors. Mackey is quite high, and the bum looks on knowingly.

Mr. Mackey's Demon and Angel

After rough treatment from the citizens of South Park, Mr. Mackey enters the bar and sits down. The bartender offers him some beer, but Mackey rejects it. The demon appears first and encourages him to drink it. The angel then appears and agrees. They disappear as Mackey takes his first sip. The bartender never sees them.

Uncle Murray and Dr. Schwartz

We meet Kyle's Uncle Murray, one of the many relatives on hand for Ike's bris. Dr. Schwartz shows up to perform the operation, and Ike skips over to Kyle's room and goes in. Dr. Schwartz looks for him and finds him with Kyle and his friends. Kyle, having a sudden change of heart, protests the bris and chides him mom and the doctor for planning to cut off Ike's wee wee. The doctor explains that the wee wee is just going to be snipped so it looks bigger. The boys rather like this idea, but still faint when they see it done.

Mr. Mackey's Hippie Girldfriend
And the Betty Ford Clinic Scoial Worker

The girlfriend, a blonde hippie with a heart on her jeans, notices him after he rants about the hipocrisy of the government. She takes him to her place to fingerpaint, and pretty soon, they go to India to get married. His colleagues, with the help of the A-team, find him and abduct him before the marriage takes place and check him into the Betty Ford Clinic. The social worker helps him work through his drug problems, and once she is sure he is fine, sends him back home with some words of encouragement.

The A Team, with Mr. T

Mr. Mackey meets a hippie woman who likes what he said about government duplicity. They decide to marry, and go to India for the honeymoon. Before things get too far, the A-Team shows up and tackles him. They throw him into their van, where he finds Mr. Garrison and Principal Victoria. Jimbo and Ned are in the front seats.

The Piper

The piper provides the only music heard during Ike's funeral and then at Kenny's quicky funeral. The song he plays is Hava Nagilah, usually a joyous song. Nor does it matter whether it is a Jew or a Christian who is buried, the song is still Hava Nagilah.


He is the bartender of his own bar in Nebraska. He apparently found Ike and took him for a table stand. That's how he is found by his adoptive parents when they come to look for him. Hap tries to stop the Broflovskis from taking Ike away, but doesn't succeed.


These cute critters were shown when Mr. Garrison had taken the marijuana leaf home and smoked it, then settled in to watch PBS. They were also on TV when Mr. Mackey was taken to the Betty Ford Clinic to recover from substance abuse. The two teenage boys he had seen earlier, in the forest, were also at the clinic.

Two Teenagers

These are the two teenagers Mr. Mackey ran into when he was meandering through the woods near town. He was under the influence of marijuana at the time. They give him some LSD to clear his head, and even though he warned them against drugs many times before, he took a drop and suddenly felt free. The teens appear again at the planetarium, where they, too, fall under Dr. Adams' spell.

Conjoined Fetus Lady

Coach Bob Thomas

Bob Thomas is the coach of an undefeated Denver team. The team is so good no other Colorado team would play it. The coach petitioned the state to find him a measly team that had not played Denver, and South Park found itself in the State finals. The coach was shocked that South Park won the game and went on to the U.S. finals.

The Chinese Pray-By-Pray Announcers

These are the two sportsmen who heckled the South Park Cows every chance they could. They are reminiscent of the sportsmen, Frank Hammond and Tom, who announced the plays during the 1997 homecoming game. The Chinese announcers made fun of American facial features, the American use of language, and American lifestyles.

Denver Cougars, Grant Elementary, and The Chinese Dodgeball Team

These are the three teams the Cows had to face in order to get to the world finals. The Denver team asked for a team which might just come to play it, since all its rivals had already lost to it. South Park beat the Cougars because Kyle knew which buttom to press on Pip to piss him off. The Washington Grant team forfeited its game, so South Park got a by to China. The Chinese team was most formidable, and eliminated every South Park player except Pip. Kevin took a note to the Chinese team captain which showed the captain what to say in order for Pip to throw the ball. When the captain read the note, Pip unleashed all his anger and knocked out every Chinese player. South Park is now world dodgeball champion.

The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka

Tom the cameraman, J&P Producer, H&K Producer

Tome is Jimbo's cameraman. It turns out that he is also a Viet Nam veteran who seved in Tet, where they had a dinosaur water adventure ride, but longed for a regular log ride. Jimbo and Ned served in Da Nang. Jimbo's producer told him his ratings got higher with every new video from anonymous South Park residents showing footage of the Mexican Staring Frog Of Southern Sri Lanka. Jesus' producer tried to show that the footage was fake. When she learns that Ned has gone catatonic, she sneaks into the operating room and asks the boys and Jimbo if they would share their story and subsequent confessions in Jesus and Pals. During taping, she tells the boys and Jimbo to change the truth a bit, and the results are disastrous. Jesus fires her and sends her to hell.

A white horse

This horse appeared only after Jimbo drew a sword from his back pack. It is white with yellow mane and tail. It leaps with impossible grace. Jimbo mounts it and retrieves Ned, who is busy kicking Viet Cong ass with martial arts skill and his good arm. It's later proved that this was impossible, since not all the Viet Cong soldiers were killed, and couldn't be by just two men.

Guests On Jesus and Pals and a Michael Jackson Fan

Jesus' show thus far has been a call-in show, but when Jimbo and Ned start investigating the Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka, Jesus' ratings start to drop. To counter this, his producer makes the call-in show a talk show, and his first guest is Bob Denver. She then brings on ordinary guests like Michelle and her injured husband, and brings in audiences whose preferences run towards Jerry Springer.

City on the Edge of Forever

The people in Mrs. Crabtree's adventure

Marcus, Talent Scout, Marty Adonis

Carrot Ass, Jay Leno

When Mrs. Crabtree's bus capsizes on the side of a river, she climbs down the side of a hill and flags down a truck driving roofies distributor. He picks her up and has some sexual thoughts about her, but she shuts them down quick. He takes her to Pauly Shore's Comedy Pit, where Carrot Ass is performing. She upstages him so decisively that he peed in his pants and had to leave the stage. She gets the attention of the talent scout, who takes her and Marcus to his boss, Marty Adonis. The scout pitches Mrs. Crabtree to Marty, and he's impressed enough to try her out on the Tonight show. She wows the audience there, but realizes that comedy is made at her expense. Marcus is the only one so far who has appreciated Mrs. Crabtree for who she is. He was going to take advantage of her, but his patient and gentle manner won out over any ideas he might have had about rushing things with her. Besides, the roofies had no effect on her.

The people in Stan's dream of Cartman's dream

The kid in the red shirt is the first to panic and be eaten by the Big Black Scary Monster. He is dressed in traditional Starfleet attire for an ensign and has the proper hairstyle. Later, in a flashback, he survives and is given ice cream by the big black scary mosnter. In other flashbacks, Brent Musberger replaces Patrick Duffy as Scuzzlebutt's left leg, John Elway is indeed Cartman's father, and the reason Mr. Garrison shot Kathie Lee is that an alien is inside her. The most absurd flashback is a Happy Days episode where Fonzie jumps over several school buses with his motorcycle. It is abusrd because Happy Days went off the air five years before the boys were born.

Summer Sucks


He is the Dyno Might representative who offered a giant snake for the Fourth of July celebration in South Park. The Mayor asked him to prepare the biggest snake firework in the world, and he had it done. But he had no idea how long the snake would take to run out of fuel until the Mayor forced him to make calculations. He came up with 16 months from July of this year (1998), so November 1999. Fortunately, Jimbo came back from Mexico with big Tijuana bottle rockets that ended up destroying the snake.

Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop

Shari and Lamb Chop appear here as part of the PBS lineup. Lamb Chop reminds Mr. Garrison of Mr. Hat, so Garrison daydreams about getting rid of Lamb Chop. In the daydream he goes to Shari's studio, chops the sock off Shari's hand, and tosses it onto a barbecue grill he had previously prepared and lit. Lamb Chop is burned up as he calls for Big Bird.

Creamy Goodness

Truly, a normal-looking reporter with a funny name. He was there to cover South Park's celebration of the Fourth of July from joyful beginning to disastrous end. A crowd of people gathered round him on Independence Day (waving, jockeying for position…) so they could say they were on TV, and they stayed with him until the sun went down.

Stu, local fireworks seller

Stu sells fireworks, or at least he did until Colorado passed a law banning the sale of fireworks. Now he just sells snakes. The boys go to him hoping to buy some M-80's, but he doesn't have any to sell. He tells the boys why, and shows them the headline that prompted the new law. The boys walk away disappointed.

Orchestra Conductor and Swimming Instructor

The kids are to play some classical music for the 4th of July festivities in South Park. Their conductor has them practice, and he asks where Eric Cartman is. Cartman plays the French horn. The other boys tell the conductor that Cartman is taking swimming lessons, which he is. The swimming instructor is patient with Cartman, but faces the occasional yellow pool from the first graders.

Brett Favre and Dr. Jonathan Katz

Mr. Hat has run away from Mr. Garrison. Mr. Garrison goes to New York to visit Dr. Katz so he can come to terms with Mr. Hat's disappearance. Garrison reveals that Mr. Hat fantasizes about being with Brett Favre and a bottle of 1000 Island salad dressing. Indeed, Brett Favre goes into a Green Bay Packers steam room to relax when he notices Mr. Hat sitting nearby.

Chef's Salty Chocolate Balls

Robert Redford and Phyllis

Robert Redford and Phyllis are the two that design the Sundance Film Festival every year, and take it from quiet mountain town to quiet mountain town. Robert revealed the dark purpose behind it: to nake every small quiet mountain town look and act just like Los Angeles. He gets his comeuppance when he throw Mr. Hankey against a wall. Mr. Hankey strikes back by calling forth poo from the sewer and from the Porto Potties, building it into waves and a twister, and smashing the waves into participants of the Film Festival and into Hollywood Planet. Poo gets into Robert Redford's car and fills it up, drowning Robert and Phyllis in the process.

Fred Savage and Tom Hanks

Fred Savage, of Wonder Years fame, shows up as one of the guests of the Film Festival and receives a round of disappointed aw's. He just doesn't rate as a real celebrity. At the Bijou, he volunteers his services as an actor in the Mr. Hankey film, only to be laughed at. Instead, we get Tom Hanks, who shows up in the film, Me & Mr. Hankey, with a talking monkey.

Candice Butch and Lillith Fare, Mr. Hankey, Tom and his lover

They star in these respective films: Witness To Denial a sexual exploration piece about two women in love, Me And Mr. Hankey, about Mr. Hankey comforting a dying Tom Hanks, and Bow Down To Hollywood, South Park, a film by Tom M. Pooner about two gay cowboys eating pudding and then making out. Stan throws up on the last movie twice. He throws up when Wendy takes his hand, and again when he sees the cowboys start to explore their sexuality.

Marty, director

He is one of many director in the First Annual South Park Film Festival. He finds Cartman and gets him to enter an agreement by which Cartman alone will earn money from the Mr. Hankey film, leaving the other three boys out of it. When Cartman gets his check, it is for only $3, the rest going to various people, like his agent, his lawyer, and Marty, and Cartman feels cheated.

Chicken Pox

Old Frida

The boys go to Chef and ask him about getting and giving herpes, and if he knows anyone who has it. He tells them about Old Frida, an old whore who has a mouth full of herpes, and tells them she'd be the one to go to if they want to give herpes to someone else. They find her on Main Street and hire her to soil various items they know their parents will use. They pay her $5 for the job, and soon their parents' lips (and Mrs. Cartman's privates) are infected with herpes.

Roger Ebert Should Lay Off the Fatty Foods

Dr. Adams

He runs the Tantalus V Observatory, which provides a laser show and other things for the study of space and the planets. But there is a dark side. When he has a captive audience entranced by the zodiac as it moves across the domed ceiling, he activates a neuroneutralizer with which he can send subliminal suggestions and compel people to return to the planetarium. The planetarium is in danger of closing, since new technologies have taken the magic out of stargazing, so Dr. Adams is doing everything to keep people coming back.

Van Gelder and Missy

Van Gelder used to do "volunteer" work for Dr. Adams before he realized what Dr. Adams was actually doing to people who visisted his planetarium. While the class went to the planetarium for a show on the stars he snuck into the bus and begged to be taken away from the planetarium when Stan and Kyle saw him pop up in front of them. He recovers under Nurse Gollum and Mr. Mackey's mind meld. Missy does the work now.

Cheesy Poofs Commercial hopefuls

Tommy Fritz, Hopeful Peter, Cosette Thénardier and her mom

These were all kids, except for Cosette's mom, who tried out to sing the Cheesy Poofs commercial song. Cosette was eliminated when Cartman told her that bread was being given away outside. Cosette and her mom ran out to get some (psych!), and he locked the door behind them. The other kids were eliminated when they went to do volunteer work for the planetarium. Cartman won by forfeit, and he got maybe ¼-second on-screen. There's a kid on the Grant Elementary dodgeball team that looks like Tommy Fritz.

Cheesy Poofs announcer, Callback Judges, Cheesy Poofs director

The blond is the Cheesy Poofs spokesman and cameraman. He tapes all the kids and takes the auditions to the judges so they can decide whom to elect as kid spokesman for the cheesy treat. The judges choose five finalists and listen to them. Apparently, Cartman was the last and only choice the judges had, since the other four finalists had taken volunteer jobs at the planetarium. The director then tapes the final commercial. The director has problems with lighting and with Cartman's shoes.

Det. Barnaby Jones, An Asian Reporter

Det. Barnaby Jones is the main character in Barnaby Jones, which for some reason Mr. Garrison is showing the class. The Asian reporter does look somewhat like Ricardo Montalban, but that's it. He doesn't have Montalban's flair.



Roy was Sharon's new boyfriend for a while, but he was just too sensitive for Stan's taste. Despite this sensitive side of him, he's just like any father when it comes to assigning chores. He makes Stan cut firewood until there was more then twelve years' worth and ruined Stan's chance with Wendy in the process. Stan is not at all happy having him as a stepfather, so he gets rid of him by setting a bear trap between the house and the clubhouse.

Teen Girls and their boyfriends

Cartman asked Kenny to find some girls to bring to their clubhouse for some Truth or Dare, and this is who Kenny came up with. These girls ran away from home and crashed at Cartman's clubhouse for a couple of days. They told Cartman why they left, and eventually brought some guys over for company. Pretty soon there was a party and Cartman came to regret building that clubhouse.

Fat Abbot and Friends

The kids find a new cartoon on TV called The New Fat Abbot Show. It stars Fat Abbot, Rudy, and others. The language used in this cartoon is worse than that normally used in South Park proper. When Fat Abbot learned that Yolanda's stepdad had hit her, he tells her to set a bear trap for her stepdad and leave him swinging from a tree so high nobody finds him for days.

Cow Days

Tom and Mary

Tom and Mary won a trip to South Park, which they didn't at all want. They got the trip just in time for Cow Days and tried to enjoy themselves the best they could, but the carnival and rides were just awful. Jimbo accused them of stealing the Cow Memorial, and Barbrady promptly arrested them. They were soon forgotten. When Barbrady went to the cell to incarcerate the carnival people, he found Tom and Mary dead, their corpses being eaten by rats.

Bob, Cohost, and Cowgirl

Bob is the host of What The Hell Is That!, a game show about things too odd to discuss on regular game shows. He awarded Tom and Mary their trip to South Park for Cow Days. The cowgirl displayed pictures of South Park and Cow Days as the booth announcer described these winnings to Tom and Mary.

The Cow Memorial

Jimbo commissioned the Cow Memorial for the town's annual Cow Days. One by one the cows took a liking to it. Soon, a large group of cows came and pushed the memorial to a huge open field, where they and a lot more cows worshiped it. Jimbo and some FBI agents came to disperse the cows, but they all went to a cliff and walked off.

Operators for
Toss-A-Ball and Chamber of Farts

The Toss-A-Ball operator won his money by making Jennifer Love Hewitt's mouth smaller than the regular balls, but had smaller balls at the ready should someone challenge the honesty of the game. Kyle challenged him by declaring Shenanigans twice. The second time was succesful: the operator and the rest of the carnival people were beat with brooms.

Jack McMack

Jack McMack is a professional bronco-buster who doesn't get to stay on the eight seconds required of each rider. He is thrown off his bull, lands on the horns of another, and dies.

Mitchell and Grey Hat

Mitchell and Grey Hat are two ranchers whose cows got involved in a cow cult that came to worship the Cow Memorial Jimbo had commissioned. First they saw the cows gather, then they told Jimbo about it, and Jimbo called in the FBI. Finally, all of them could only watch as cow after cow committed suicide.

Chef Aid

Mr. Big Record Producer and Alanis Morissette
Producer's Phrase: I Am Above The Law!

The record producer did not believe Chef even after he heard the original recording of "Stinky Britches," so he sued Chef for $2 million, which is Johnny Cochran's fee. When the producer won the case, he repossessed all of Chef's belonging. Later on, the producer sabotaged the Chef Aid stage after sawing various supports away. The stage came down during Elton John's performance, and the producer declared victory, until Cochran decided to represent Chef. Alanis Morissette is the artist who sings "Stinky Britches" in this episode. She shot the video for the song in a car.

Johnny Cochran and Judge Moses

Capitalist Records' went after Chef after learning of Chef's version of "Stinky Britches" and had Johnny Cochran prosecute the case for them. He used the Chewbacca defense to win the case. He was in the crowd during Chef Aid, and later took Chef's case for free. This time, he prosecuted the record company on Chef's behalf, used the Chewbacca defense, and won again. Chef got his name on the credits to "Stinky Britches." Judge Moses presided over both cases. In the first one, he sentenced Chef to prison, for 8 million years, but reduced it to four years.

Courthouse Reporter and Teen MC

This reporter followed the Chef case from beginning to end, and showed some drawings of the trial. At the end, he was among a group of reporters asking Chef what he'll do next. The teen MC hosted Chef Aid and introduced each act. Woooohoo! The Teen M.C. returns in Timmy 2000 as the M.C. for the Battle of the Bands, in which Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld were the winners.

Sir Elton John and Meatloaf
Rick James and Ozzy Osbourne
Primus and Joe Strummer
Rancid and Ween

Except for Meatloaf, all these artists performed in Chef Aid. Meatloaf remembered how Chef suggested he change his name from Cous-Cous to something meatier. Rancid was the first act in Chef Aid, but had nothing to say about Chef. Primus thanked Chef for all the encouragement. Joe Strummer noted how Chef encouraged him to use the pelvic thrust. Ozzy Ozbourne credited his musical career to a mistaken understanding of Chef's suggestion. Ween has no idea who Chef is. Elton remembered Chef as the man who introduced him to Bernie Taupin. Elton made a song for Wendy from the lyrics Stan gave him.

Spooky Fish

Stan's Spooky Fish and the Pet Store Clerk

Shelley got a television/CD player/surround sound home theater, but Stan gets this goldfish, which strikes him as spooky. It throws off a shirt Stan put on the tank to hide it, moves towards his bed, and kills two people. Sharon, thinking Stan killed the men, buries them in the backyard. The fish goes on to kill Kenny, and then Aunt Flo. It kills some five to seven people in all, and continues killing even after Stan takes him back to the pet store. The clerk sold the spooky goldfish to Aunt Flo as she came into town. Stan takes it back to him and tries to return it, but he won't have it. Evil Cartman persuades him, though, so he takes it back

Evil Cartman, Stan, and Kyle

They come into our universe to retrieve "Evil" Cartman, and they bring a gingerification gun to help them. They catch up with Evil Cartman at the Pumpkin Carving Contest just as the boys win the Halloween Chocolate Ball. Instead, the boys take advantage of a bird's intrusion to take the gingerification gun and head for the stage. There, they do away with Evil Stan and Evil Kyle, but they also want to get rid of Cartman. Cartman then fights Evil Cartman and rips his facial hair off. Stan can't distinguish between them, and has to trust that one of the Cartmans is the Evil one, so that Regular Cartman could end up in the Evil Universe.

Aunt Flo

Aunt Flo used to visit Sharon once a month. It seems she was Sharon's aunt, and sometimes brought gifts to the children whem she visited. Stan was not happy at all with the goldfish Aunt Flo got him. Eventually, she is killed by the very fish she bought for Stan.

The Squash O'Lantern

Because the boys couldn't raise enough money to buy a real pumpkin, they use the squash that Kenny bought for them. Cartman enters the dining room with a large knife and helps Kenny carve the squash, but it is the Evil Cartman, not the regular one, who helps him. Stan and Kyle are afraid for Kenny, but when they see no harm done, they relax. They decorate the squash to make it more winsome. How it ever won without a face carved into it, I don't know.

Marry Christmas, Charlie Manson!

The Cartman Family

This is Cartman's extended family, in Nebraska. Liane moved to South Park as a young woman. There are two other people not mentioned, who are shown from time to time in this episode. Great-Grandma needs a catheter bag to help her with her bladder. Grandma gives Eric presents just because he's cool. Elvin is Eric's little cousin, and loves to suck on Fudgecicles. All of them are sources for things Cartman has said over the episodes. Jimmy growls, and the whole family punishes him.

Uncle Howard and Charlie Manson

What Uncle Howard did to get into prison is not revealed, but Charles Manson's crimes are well-known. Both of them escape from prison and hide out at Grandma's house. Charles takes the boys to the Mall of Nebraska to see Mr. Hankey, but he and the boys split after a riot breaks out.

Mall Hankey

Mr. Hankey has gotten so popular over the year that he now gives Santa a run for his money. Mall Hankeys have popped up to meet the need, now that Mr. Hankey is in the film, The Grinchy-poo. He even has his own helpers. Kyle went on to expose the Mall of Nebraska Hankey as a fake, and that led to a riot.

Police, with Chief Stevens

The police show up in riot gear and look for those responsible for the riot. The kids in the mall attack them, and they retaliate by throwing bombs of tear gas, which knock the kids out. Then they see Charlie Manson and give chase all the way to Grandma's house. They then surround the house until Charlie and Uncle Howard give up. Grandma notices Chief Stevens' new haircut.

Reporter Robert Pooner

Robert Pooner shows up to cover the ground report of this hostage crisis. When Stan's parents show up to take him home, Pooner reports on Sharon's anger at her son running away to Cartman's Grandma's house against her wishes. Pooner also notes that the coverage of this crisis has sponsors, like Palmoral Sun Block.


John Postem, Camel Joe, and Billy, The Kid

John Postem is a Harbucks executive who wants to open a Harbucks Coffehouse in South Park. He tries to buy out Mr. Tweek, but when that doesn't work he opens the coffeehouse next door. The town learns of this and tries to run him and the coffeehouse out of town. Postem tries to reach the younger crowd, the children, by dressing as a camel and passing out samples of Harbucks coffee. Billy, a young boy, is the first to be reached, but his mom arrives in time to stop him from taking any coffee.

The South Park Town Committee

The town committee is in charge of various departments in South Park, including that of education. The school board is considering firing Mr. Garrison because it doesn't think he is teaching his students anything about current events. The students have to create oral reports and present them to the committee, which, as it turns out, is the school board. Tweek's group presents its reports in favor of small businesses. The committee approves of the report and make it a cause, which leads to a vote on Prop. 10.

The Underpants Gnomes

Two of the gnomes are shown above. They specialize in stealing underpants in the hopes of making profit from them, but they don't know how. Still, they pride themselves in the busines of stealing. Normally, they work at night, but from to time to time, if one knows where to look, one can find them stealing underpants during the day, and even in broad daylight.

Prehistoric Ice Man

The Aussie Hunter And His Navigator

He first appears hunting crocodiles in a program the boys are watching. His trademark move is a thunb up some animals butthole. Later, when the police and the feds have trouble apprehending the prehistoric ice man, the Aussie is called in to help them catch him. The Aussie catches up to the train as it heads out of South Park with the ice man in it. He and the ice man wrestle until they are on the roof of a passenger car, at which point the Aussie pins down the ice man and is about to jam his thumb up the ice man's butthole. A helicopter sent to stop the train causes a crash that sends the Aussie into its blades and chops him to bits.

Larry, the Prehistoric Ice Man

This is the ice man the Aussie was hired to go after. He was discovered quite by accident by Kyle after Kyle tripped on a rock running away from Cartman and ended up in an abyss. Stan and Kyle somehow got the ice man out of the abyss and onto a sled. All four boys pushed the sled into town, but Stan and Kyle got into a fight over what to name the ice man. Stan called him Gorak, Kyle called him Steve. Kyle outsmarted Stan at every turn so that the ice man was Steve as far as Mephesto was concerned. Mephesto took charge of the ice man and thawed him out, then set up a 1996 habitat for the ice man to live in. Stan went to help the ice man escape, then Kyle showed up. Before Stan could do anything Kyle opened the habitat door and the ice man, who revealed that his name was Larry, escaped. He sought out his wife, but ended up talking to a woman who had two kids, one of them older than their "marriage," which bewildered him. He went to Stan's house to freeze himself, but Kyle stopped by to offer a better idea: life in Des Moines. Larry took him up on the offer and was headed out of town when he encountered the Aussie. After the helicopter and train collided, Larry got into the helicopter and flew away in it.

Federal Agents

The agents learned about the prehistoric ice man and wanted to get him for some military-industrial plan to conquer Sweden. They contacted Dr. Mephesto and worked with him to show off the prehistoric ice man in an exhibit. They revealed their intentions in passing, but Mephesto neer quite heard what they were saying.

Train Conductor and Helicopter Pilot

The conductor was told to stop by one of the agents, but apparently didn't hear what the agent was saying. He plowed the train into a helicopter sent to stop it. The helicopter pilot was alarmed that the train wasn't stopping, so he jumped out before the train hit the copter.

"Leslie" And Her Family

After he escaped, Larry went to find his wife, who was named Laslie. The woman he ended up talking to didn't remember him, even calling him Leslie. She had two kids, ages 13 and 8. Larry was stunned to learn that this woman had a 13 year-old son.

Marilyn Manson

Makes an appearance on television in a video at an electronics store. When Larry sees this he smashes the large window of the electronics store, grabs the big-screen TV and pulls in onto the ground, destroying the TV. The other TV's remain untouched and continue playing the video.