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Biographies: Season 19

Stunning and Brave

PC Principal, PC Bro 1 (Topher), PC Bro 2

PC Bro 3, PC Bro 4, PC Bro 5

PC Bro 6, PC Bro 7, PC Bro 8, PC Bro 9

PC Pledge 1, PC Pledge 2, Townsman

A student made reference to Bill Cosby's rape allegations as a "hot Cosby." The outrage over that was strong enough to get Principal Victoria fired. PC Principal, an overbeariing, swaggering man, was hired to eliminate that kind of talk and bring South Park Elementary into the present day. Though the kids may agree with his point of view, they soon bristle at his methods of discipline. The boys come to Cartman to do something about it.
The PC bros appear in town and find each other at Crunchy's Micro Brew. They're ready to fight anyone who doesn't agree that Caitlyn Jenner is a stunning women who was brave in changing gender. They then agree to move in together and start a house. They run the house in a fraternity format, including hazing and pledges. They come to embody political correctness to the extreme. The music they play keeps Randy up at night, so he walks over to the house and bangs on the front door. He's quickly whisked in and given drink. Alcohol is indeed his weakness, and he becomes a pledge. By then end of the episode, he becomes a PC bro too.
The pledges are numerous, but are elminiated one by one, until three are left - Randy and two young men. The young men are eager to become bros and sound like they just got out of high school. All three of them are assigned to check someone's privilege.
The townsman does a short "woo" as he and the rest of the town applauds Kyle for finally coming around and saying that Caitlyn Jenner is a hero.

Where My Country Gone?

Canadian 5; Canadians 4, 3 and 1; Canadian 2, Canadian 6

The first five men greet Mr. Garrison and friends when they realize they're being watched. Canadian 5 orders another Moosehead beer. The sixth man tells Thomas that the Canadian President was raped to death.

Canadian Kid 1, Canadian Kid 2, British and French Explorers, Hopewell and Abenaki Settlers

The first Canadian kid gives an answer as to why the Roman Empire went to shit, but Mr. Garrison can't understand him because of the quirks of Canadian English. The second Canadian kid explains why the Canadian kids are playing music - it's 8 am.

Charlotte, Thomas and Mom, Mr. President

Butters was tasked with raping Charlotte - er, giving her a Hot Cosby - after he chose her. Charlotte is a sweet girl whom Butters fell for, so he could not carry out the Hot Cosby. Instead, they had a proper courtship, with Butters wanting to give her a Slow Cosby instead, which Charlotte interprets as love. Thomas is wary of Butters at first, thinking Butters has Maple Fever and so is visiting Charlotte only to have his way with her. Butters doesn't do anything to justify his wariness, so Thomas relents and admits that the kids are fallin in love. When a Canadian neighbor comes by to tell him of the Canadian President's death, he decides to go back to Canada, and all the other Canadians who moved into town join him back. Charlotte's Mom keeps Thomas' anger in check, but cries when Thomas explains to Butters why the family left Canada. The Canadian President has done everything Garrison was planning to do if he ran for President and won - kick out undocumented immigrants and build a wall up between Canada and the US - thus upstaging him. Garrison reaches Canada anyway and fucks the President to death. What happens next isn't what he had planned.

Mr. Stkrdknmibalz, Border Guard, Johnson and Aide

Mr. Stkrdknmibalz is called in to teach Canadian English night classes after Garrison shows his insensitivity to PC Principal in calling Canadians Canucks who don't speak English. Mr. Stkrdknmibalz' first lesson is teaching the Canadian ABCs. When Garrison and his supporters hear about the wall Canada put up, they rush to see it and see a lone border guard sitting on top of the wall. The guard is more like a troll. Johnson and the other aide serve under Mr. President, who tells Johnson to suck his balls. The aide remarks on the rape Garrison gives the Canadian President.

Caitlyn Jenner, CNN Anchor Tom, Field Reporter Dan, Male politician, Female politician

Caitlyn begins and ends the episode by running someone over. She drives Kyle home personally from Washington to South Park, then doesn't appear again until Mr. Garrison picks his running partner. She takes Mr. Garrison off for some campaigning, which will end back in Washington. CNN Anchor Tom and Field Reporter Dan are following Mr. Garrison's campaign in Minnesota when Dan stops him for a few questions. The two politicians address the existence of the wall, but don't offer ready solutions like Garrison does, so he disses them.

Supporter 1, Supporter 2, Leslie

Supporter 1 utters "USA" during Dan's interview with Mr. Garrison. Supporter 2 finds it ridiculous that Americans would rape Canadian women and stuff, as the border guard insinuates. Leslie is here only becuase PC Principal yelled at her to shut her mouth after spotting her whispering into Esther's ear during the Canadian kids' presentation.

The City Part Of Town

Jimmy Fallon, Architect, Whole Foods Rep, Teacher

Man, Waiter, Girl

The episode begins with Jimmy Fallon delivering a scathing monologue on how backward South Park still is, and this prompts some of the residents to bring the town up to date. One way to do this is to bring in a Whole Foods Market, but for that to happen, a new urban development has to appear. The architect arrives to design the new urban development, SodoSoPa, which will incorporate the rundown part of South Park, which is pretty much Kenny's house, into the vibrant space the town wants. The Whole Foods Rep arrives with a critical eye and checks the town out thoroughly to see if it's progressed enough to maintain a Whole Food Market. After Tuong Lu Kim produces a commercial for CtPaTown, the rep makes up his mind. The fourth graders have a new teacher whose looks suggest she is of Asian descent. She's teaching them about the current status of Pluto as a planet.
The man runs into City Wok to tell Mike about SodoSoPa, and Mike quickly gets up and leaves the restaurant to see what the fuss is about. The waiter greets the Stotches and the Broflovskis at Steed. The girl directs the other child laborers to attack the adults when Randy kicks Kenny away.

You’re Not Yelping

Davíd, Mother and Father

Davíd's family moves to South Park to open a restaurant in Shi Tpa Town. Cartman meets him there first and doesn't expect him to go to school, but that's where he meets him next, and proceeds to needle him for the rest of the episode. Davíd calls him out, but reallzes that Cartman isn't the only one who fanices himself a Yelp reviewer. He and Kyle devise a plan to reward the Yelpers, and his parents are relieved. Davíd's father runs the restaurant, greeting and waiting on his guests. Davíd's mother does the cooking and cleaning in the kitchen while Davíd works as the busboy. His parents rejoice when Tuong Lu Kim gives them the news that Whistlin' Willy kicked the Yelpers out of the pizza parlor.

Whistlin' Willy, Reporter, Mr. Davis

We met Whistlin' Willy back in Season 8, but here he is without the mascot head on. He's the first to revolt against the Yelpers, kicking even Gerald out of his pizza gulch. The Yelpers retallate and destroy the gulch, but soon it's repaired and back in business. The reporter has to wear a flak vest and duck to avoid being struck by gunfire as he reports on the unrest in Shi Tpa Town. Mr. Davis is one of many residents of South Park to get the Golden Badge that comes with being an elite Yelper. Every meal he eats as an elite Yelper from now on will receive a special treatment.

Dining in Shi Tpa Town

Greeter, Waiter and Chef at (vernacular)

Male food critic, Son, Female food critic

Diner 1, Diner 2, Diner 3, Diner 4 and Waiter 2

Yelpers 1 and 2, Yelper 3, Yelper 4

(vernacular) features a greeter, a waiter, and a chef here. The greeter greets Randy and Gerald and gets them a table when Gerald whispers to him that he's a Yelp reviewer. The food critic couple critiques his décor at the end of the episode. The waiter gets meals for Randy and Gerald and dims the lights at Gerald's request, a bit grudgingly. Later on, he has the chef give Diner 3 the Yelper Special, which is the entree with a little something extra on it (could be boogers, shit, piss, cum, farts, queefs, etc.). The food critic couple dines at Nueva Familia and at Whiltlin' Willy's before going to (vernacular). At Nueva Familia they sit near Cartman, who eyes them warily. They assume a snobbishness that dictates how they will review the restaurant. At Whiltlin' Willy's they bring their son, who gives the pizza parlor 1 star after being made to wait over 15 minutes to have "Happy Birthday To You" sung to him. Diner 1 claims an emergency - he needs to dine in the kids play area. Diner 2 warns Willy about getting a bad review, which has Willy retorting that Diner 2, Dennis, isn't a food reviewer. The male food critic warns Willy about treeting Yelpers badly, and Willy kicks him out, along with the other Yelpers. Diner 4 asks what the tangy taste in his mouth is, and Waiter 2 tells him it's yuzu pepper with some boogers and cum.
The four Yelpers present reasons why they should be the true captain of the Yelper force, but they're just four voices in a crowd of hundreds, and no one else is listening to them or to each other. Cartman fails to convince anyone to followo him.

Safe Space

Cashier, Female Shopper, Kindergarten Teacher

Plus-sized models

Randy gets the obnoxious cashier every time. The cashier makes it a point to shame him for not donating a dollar to poor children. When Randy finally donates, he makes a big show of Randy being the only one on the $1 Club. Randy runs into this pretty female shopper when they're both creating their own salads, and he can't help but notice how pretty she is. When Butters breaks down from all the darkness he has to sift through, he runs through the school naked. He runs into the kindergarten class and tells the kids to run for their lives, the man who is chasing him is coming. At the time, the teacher was revieiwng a story she had read to the kids. PC Principal gives Butters more and more people to manage, including Vin Diesel and these plus-sized models.

Stevem Seagal, Vin Diesel, Demi Lovato, Gigi Hadid, Reality, Guest

Steven Seagal comes in to talk to the kids about fat-shaming, but he still struggles with the issue, as shown later in the episode when he whimpers after the cashier mentions his movies going straight to cable. Randy hires both him and Vin Diesel to protect his safe space, but they have their own safe spaces to protect, and this dismays Randy. Butters is hired to manage Demi Lovato's social media accounts as well as Cartman's. Demi later appears in Cartman's song, "My Safe Space," and in Randy's second commercials. Gigi Hadid begins to speak about shaming, but Reality takes the mic from her and begins to chastise the guests for letting their feelings get the better of them. When Randy adds the bit about putting hamsters through college to his introduction, the guest couldn't quite make out what he said.

Poor Girl, Poor Boy, Man with Cap, Man 2, Fat Woman, Woman 2

The two kids shown here are typical of kids seen in charity commercials, often just shown to tug at the hearts of viewers. The four adults are examples of shaming victims. The man with the cap was shamed for not being adept with tools, for being clomsy. Man 2 was shamed for cutting in line once too often. The fat woman was shamed for being, well, tubby. Woman 2 was shamed for being a dyke, a lesbian.

Tweek x Craig

Girl 1, Girl 2, Girl 3

Xi Jinping, Secretarg, Japanese singer

The first two girls commented on Craig's shirt, but Craig didn't know what they said. The third one simply said they spoke Korean, but she's Japanese. In the Forbidden City, a secretary tells Xi Jinping that there's a call from the US. He answers it and talks to Randy about yaoi. Jinping focuses on an injustice Japan committed on China 78 years ago. The Japanese karaoke singer rounds out the episode extolling the relationship between Tweek and Craig.

Man 1 and Man 2, Ruffians Bartender

The two men by the entrance to Ruffians wonder what Cartman is doing at this gay bar. Man 2 notes that Cartman is just talking to himself. The bartender comes up to Cartman and asks hiim what he's doing there.

Naughty Ninjas

1st Grade Boy, Agent, Bar Patron, Driver and Passenger, ISIS Leader

Barbrady shoots the first grader by accident after being struck by PC Principal's laser pointer. The agent interrogates Barbrady after Barbrady is dismissed for the secondn time from duty, and the first thing the agent asks about is Leslie. The bar patron tells Barkley to leave the bar. The couple in the truck flee when they see the ninja kids go through their eercises and confuses them for ISIS members. The ISIS Leader think the ninjas are ISIS recruits and plans to wire them some money.

Officer 1, Homeless Man 1, Homeless Man 2, Homeless Man 3

Homeless Man 4, Homeless Man 5, Homeless Man 6, Homeless Man 7

This officer leads a group of officers into the gym. The homeless men shown here were in SoDoSoPa until the ninjas came and chased them away. The third homeless man threatens to make Stuart his bitch. The fourth one tells his friend the abandoned mall is a good place to shoot up, but both of them flee when they see the ninjas. The fifth one asks for a dollar, but Randy gets away quickly. The sixth one tells Yates he can't arrest him for the hell of it. The seventh one leanrs that the boys were just ninjas and not ISIS recruits, and he finds that gay.

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Agent 2, Agent 3, Moderator, Geico Representative

Agents 2 and 3 join the lead agent in determining if Jimmy can tell ad from news, and eventually, ad from human. Jimmy passes with flying colors, but meets Leslie, who also passed with flying colors. He could tell she was an ad after a few moments, but is alarmed that she doesn't know this herself. The moderator doesm't do much but make sure things run smoothly in the Presidential debate. The Geico representative offers Jimmy $26 million to first put ads in the school paper, then to write news articles using Geico stats as source material. Jimmy rejects both options, and the rep plans to kill him, until Officer Barbrady kills the rep before Jimmy could be harmed.

PC Bro 10, PC Bro 11, PC Bro 14, PC Bro 16

PC Bro 18, PC Bro 19, Blonde, Two Ladies

More PC Bros, and their dates at PC Delta. Bro 10 asked what that paper was that landed on their front step. Bro 11 got lucky with a Filipino American and found out a bit of her family history, but also found out what Jimmy had written about the frat party he had attended with the other handicapped kids. He wasn't very happy with the article, and nor was PC Principal. Bro 14 got the blonde to sign an affirmative consent form before they went upstairs to have sex. Bro 16 is as angry as anyone else about being victimized. Bro 18 sees a silver lining behind the cloud of being victimized - more chicks. Bro 19 checks in on PC Principal to see what has him so traumatized at the end of the episode. Brad got to dance with two ladies at once and made out with the redhead, but ignored Jimmy and friends after a brief introduction.

Notes: PC Bro 7 is now Brad. PC Bros 12 abd 13 are just too far away (read: small) to get screencaps of, and one only gets a glimpse of PC Bro 15 and a side view of PC Bro 17.

Voice Only: McKinsey, Announcer, Computer

Truth And Advertising

Survey worker, Bill Keegan, Kevin Jarvis, Newsman Rick, Newsman 2

The survey worker asks about gay rights, which Mr. Garrison finds curious, since gay people have pretty much all the rights they could want, including same-sex marriage. Bill Keegan reports on the hunger strike the PC bros are holding until South Park's community leaders resign - the bros are not eating pussy. Kevin Jarvis reveals to Jimmy the identity of the GEICO sales rep who tried to kill him - Brian Bouyant. Rick expounds on what a douichebag Bill Keegan is. The second newsman is alarmed that Jimmy let Leslie out.

Leslie Meyers (redux)

She was introduced earlier this season, but only because PC Principal kept telling her to shut up. In "Sponsored Content" she finally spoke to someone - to Jimmy, who suspects her of being an ad. In this episode, Jimmy falls for her, ignoring his earlier suspicion, and helps her escape the newsmen who had secluded them both. She betrays him when they get to the school newsroom and promises to show Kyle what's really going on.

PC Principal: Final Justice

Classi, Johnson, Weathers, Russians 1, 2, 3

PC Principal finds himself in Moscow trudging through the snow. He enters a bar and tries to talk to the men there, but they're suspicious of him. They recognize him for whom he is, as Russians 1 and 2 point out. Other Russians begin to fight him, but he kills them all. Russian 3 swears he's not with the other Russians. PC Principal asks him something, but the Russian doesn't know how to respond, and PC Principal kills him too. He then walks out of the bar/
The U.S. Army finds PC Principal and flies him out to an aircraft carrier in the middle of the Pacific. Weathers interrogates him a bit, and Johnson tells Weathers that President Obama wants to talk to him about PC Principal. Weathers takes the phone and is told to release him without any questions and without believing anything he has to say. Classi is Nathan's latest girlfriend who likes the lifestyle Nathan is sharing with her. Jimmy talks to her about Nathan and the ads. When Classi suggests that the ads are playing Nathan for a fool, Nathan slaps her. She beats him up and helps Jimmy get the truth out.