South Park Biographies

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The Yearbook

The yearbook page for grades 3 and 4. You'll notice there are three Turners in class. Heidi is not related to Sally and Tommy, who are twins.

Bill Allen
Bradley Biggle
Token Black
Kyle Broflovski
Timmy Burch
Eric Cartman
Clyde Donovan
Leroy Jenkins
Stan Marsh
Kenny McCormick
Fosse McDonald
Terrence Mephesto
Dogpoo Petuski
Anne Polk
Jenny Simons
Bebe Stevens
Kevin Stoley
Butters Stotch
Wendy Testaburger
Craig Tucker
Heidi Turner
Sally Turner
Tommy Turner
Tweek Tweek
Jimmy Valmer
These kids don't have last names
Bertha / Rebecca / Red
Deaths in the class
Phillip Pirrup (RIP)

Below are the class pictures I've grabbed from the episodes and the movie, and of course, the one released by South Park Studios in 2001. There are other gatherings from which to gather the various background kids that have appeared with the boys. Those will be coming soon.

The Third Grade

The class with Jakovasaur students

Graduating Class

Craig and Clyde are not present for the class picture

The kids were in Third Grade form 1997 to 2000. From 2000 on they are in Fourth Garde, unless Trey and Matt decide to move them to Fifth Grade.

The Fourth Grade

Some of the boys are missing

Fourth Grade with future-immigrant students

The Kindergartners

The Kids
At The Movies

These are all the kids present at Asses of Fire. How many do you recognize?
(Note the visitor at screen left)
For those of you who read Fruitbowl's discussion on the fifty kids, the names he gives them are here, with an * before them

Clyde Craig Token Pip * Bushy Jordan Dog Poo
Visitor * Carrot * Hazel Kelly Tommy Jake * Rufus
---------- Bradley * Curly Marcy Sally * Cinnamon * Tripply Terrance ----------
---------- Bill Kevin Red Bebe * Bluecap Millie * Brimmy ----------
---------- ---------- * Glassy Damien Stan Kyle Cartman Kenny * Dubbly Butters ---------- ----------

Fruitbowl's Gallery

Here are 15 incidental characters Fruitbowl found. Originally there were 21, but six of them eventually got official names.
- and some more kids he named: Redcap, Sandy, Spike, Rosie, Tails, Goldie, Bubbles, and Wytoc (White Token).