The South Park Live Tweet - Sons A Witches
By @SouthPark on Twitter, November 8, 2017

  1. S'up Witches!!! -- the #SouthPark Live Tweet starts now!
    1. This new intro first appeared in season 17, but was made spookier for this Halloween themed episode!
    2. "Sons A Witches" marks the 7th Halloween themed episode of #SouthPark
    3. Mr. McCormick and Mr. Broflovski have been friends since they were teenagers as explained in season 2's "Chickenpox"
    4. Check out this #BTS artwork of Heidi's outfit
    5. Heidi's dad first appeared way back in season 9's Marjorine.
    6. Put a spell on our bosses put a spell on our wives. A hex on the Patriots let's fuck up their lives!
    7. Wanna see some real witchcraft?
    8. Okay Chip, you might need to ease up on the crack there buddy.
    9. #BehindTheScenes The writers wrestled with the idea of making one of the dads the bad witch, but ultimately went with a new character, Chip Duncan.
    10. This was one of the first scenes animated for this episode. Check out some of this #BTS storyboard art
    11. Did you notice the Marsh's kitchen is... open concept
    12. Did you notice Peter Mullen get snatched up? He first appeared in season 10's "Mystery Of The Urinal Deuce"
    13. #Member Cartman's plan for getting revenge on Scott Tenorman?
    14. Let's not turn this into a witch pursuit thing
    15. I'll explain later, just get everyone together. ...And maybe bring just a little bit of crack.
    16. Take a look at the #BTS artwork for Heidi and Eric's Hansel and Gretel outfits
    17. This is the first time we've actually seen Garrison since the season 20 finale.
    18. Comin' after all witches? Oh Jeez!
    19. This is the first time in the series we've seen this parking lot. Check out this #BTS storyboard art for the location.
    20. There's witches everywhere!
    21. "Take the shot"
    22. Everybody follow me! I've got tons of Jack, tons of crack, AND A JET!
    Thanks for joining us for the live-tweet of "Sons A Witches."