The South Park Live Tweet - Franchise Prequel
By @SouthPark on Twitter, October 18, 2017

  1. Coon and Friends alert!!! The #SouthPark21 live tweet starts NOW!
    1. My name... is Jimmy Valmer - And I am very f-f-fast.
    2. Member when the boys held tryouts for replacing Kenny? I member!
    3. Season 14's "Mysterion Rises" featured the first superhero titlecard
    4. Cartman has changed his chalkboard ever so slightly since it was originally introduced in "The Fractured But Whole Trailer"
    5. Professor Chaos first appeared in season 6's "Professor Chaos"
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    7. Bebe's dad makes a rare appearance in this scene. His first speaking role was in "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset"
    8. Butters got a new suit! Check out this #BehindTheScenes art of his new threads
    9. This isn't Butters' first successful business enterprise. 'Member his kissing company?
    10. Mark Zuckerberg's character is inspired by the villains of old Kung Fu movies
    11. #BehindTheScenes This scene in the gym was the first one written and animated for this epsiode.
    12. Ever since he had "visions" of the semen and joke mines of Mars back in season 20, Cartman and Heidi have been in a weird spot
    13. We'd like to go right into six episodes with a pickup option at the end of three.
    14. According to the writers: They think that Mark Zuckerberg is ginger and dyes his hair.
    15. "Oh no, it's Coon and Friends!" Take a look at some of the BTS artwork from Chaos' business
    16. Sergeant Yates' last appearance was dealing with similar angry mob mad about their internet history back in season 20.
    17. #EasterEgg Did you notice the Coon offers tours of his lair for $5?
    18. #BehindTheScenes Trey's sketch of Mark Zuckerberg
    19. In an earlier version of this scene, both of Butters' parents showed up to confront him
    20. Putin's first appearance was all the way back in season 9's "Free Willzyx"
    21. #EasterEgg Did you notice the "Top Bad Guys" on the whiteboard in the Coon's lair? Take a closer look!
  2. Thanks for joining us for the live tweet of #FranchisePrequel.