The South Park Live Tweet - Holiday Special
By @SouthPark on Twitter, October 11, 2017

  1. Wouldn't you like to know the story of YOU? What makes you- YOU? The #SouthPark Live Tweet starts now!
    1. Early draft titles for this episode included "Drunk and Indigenous", "Completely Self-Indigenous", and "Indigenous Peoples" #SouthPark21
    2. Due to the quick turnaround of the show, assets are often recycled. A similar floor can be seen at the end of Season 20's "Skank Hunt"
    3. Welcome to #SouthPark Peter Galtman. Check out some #BTS artwork on his design
    4. "Tear it down! Tear it down!"
    5. In the past, Kyle's mom almost got Terrance and Phillip cancelled and even started a war against Canada.
    6. You live in Columbus, Ohio is that correct?
    7. Take a look at these #BTS designs for Randy's New York shirt, including a sketch from Trey.
    8. We gave away these shirts and #memberberries last week at #NYCC2017.
    9. In Fourteen hundred ninety-two Columbus got us a day off school... That's what matters
    10. Randy is caught here... Take a look at the Instagram evidence
    11. Yellowhawk is another new character added in this episode. Check out some of his #BTS art
    12. Now you listen here Mr. Man, the Galtman's do not believe in social media OR the internet. It's all fake news.
    13. The sequence with Randy gathering Columbus themed items was the first part written and animated for this episode
    14. EVERYONE was excited about Columbus! For some reason people are just pointing fingers at ME!
    15. Don't post that!
    16. Cartman has a knack for rallying the kids. He almost wiped out all-non gingers in season 9's "Ginger Kids"
    17. Member when you had to buckle up or face the TSA to use the bathroom in "Reverse Cowgirl" I member!
    18. Mr. Marsh we were hoping to do a more PRECISE test. It's better for harder cases like this, but it is an ANAL swab this time
    19. Member when Stan broke into Denkins' barn to save the baby cattle? Like father like son
    20. Cross Breeding. You mean RAPE? You're telling me that my ancestors were RAPED and then ERADICATED by you...
    21. The speech randy gives in front of the school was originally planned for City Hall but the writers thought the school was a better venue
    22. Happy #IndigenousPeoplesDay everybody, suck my asshole!